Mark Wilson: the 10 percent solution

Hmm. If I ran a futile, joke campaign for the US Senate, would The Olympian cover it? Probably… yeah… because my futile, joke campaigns tend to be kinda funny, as opposed to Mark Wilson, whose campaigns tend to be just, um… futile.

Still, The Olympian apparently took Wilson seriously enough to give him some ink today for his campaign against Sen. Maria Cantwell in the Democratic primary, so I suppose it’s only fair to read what he has to say, and take him at his word.

A perennial fringe candidate who is running primarily on an anti-war theme, Wilson previously ran as a Libertarian against Rep. Jay Inslee and as a Green against Sen. Patty Murray.

Wilson said his criticism of the war has spurred all of his runs at office.

The run against Inslee as a Libertarian “was an opportunity to direct the conversation about the war,” he said. […] He cited similar reasons for his Senate run against Murray…

Yeah, that’s right… Wilson ran as the anti-war candidate against Murray, who not only voted against the war authorization, but who gave perhaps the second-most eloquent speech that day on the floor of the US Senate.

Whatever. While Cantwell is certainly more vulnerable on the war than either Inslee or Murray, I think what we learn from Wilson’s history is that his campaigns are more about Wilson than they are about any particular opponent. I don’t mean to knock him personally or anything — his behavior is pretty typical of politicians, and when I met him, he seemed like a nice enough guy — but it seems pretty clear that Wilson would be challenging Cantwell (from one party or another) regardless of her authorization vote.

And I certainly don’t mean to dismiss the genuine and passionate opposition to the war held by many of Cantwell’s critics. I was strongly opposed to a “preemptive” invasion of Iraq, and all of my fears and concerns have certainly been borne out in the war’s execution.

But… there’s more to being a senator than just this one issue, and before rank and file Democrats buy into Wilson’s hoo-hah about being the “populist voice” of the party, they might want to look a little closer at where this “populist” Libertarian Green Democrat actually stands on the issues.

Wilson said “90 percent” of his platform is unchanged from 2002, when he first ran for Congress as a Libertarian in the 1st Congressional District, which was won by Democrat Rep. Jay Inslee.

Uh-huh. “90 percent.” That means that on issue after issue, Wilson is not a progressive Democrat… he’s a Libertarian. For example, on health care, where Progressive Punch scores Cantwell at a perfect 100% (better than both Patty Murray and Jim McDermott,) Wilson had this to say on his 2002 campaign website.

2. What, if anything, should Congress do to expand health-care coverage?

Every attack on private health insurance markets should be resisted. A genuine free market in health care will encourage competition and help reduce costs. Comprehensive Tort Reform would take the bite out of insurance premiums and promote personal responsibility. Insane lawsuits awarding multimillions, punch taxpayers right in the fries.

That’s nearly a direct quote from the Cato Institute, the libertarian standard bearer whose Cato Handbook for Congress states the following conclusion in their chapter on health care:

Every calculated attack on private health insurance markets should be resisted […] Health care costs will remain too high and the value of health care insurance too inadequate until we restore a genuine free market in health care…

Unfettered private health insurance markets and tort reform? That’s not the platform of a progressive candidate… that’s the platform of insurance industry lobbyist/CEO/GOP candidate Mike McGavick.

All those self-proclaimed progressives who say they simply can’t vote for Cantwell because of her Iraq war vote are missing the bigger picture. Yes, the war was ill conceived, immoral, and incompetently executed by the politicians in charge. But it is also draining our nation of the resources necessary to adequately address health care, education, the environment, alternative energy and a host of other issues that form the core of the progressive agenda… issues on which Cantwell has not only been a reliable vote, but often, an outstanding leader.

Wilson on the other hand… as a Democrat, he’s at best a 10 percent solution, and if you want to know where he stands on the other 90 percent of the issues, you better read the Cato Handbook.

That said, go ahead and cast your protest vote for Mark Wilson if that’s what you really want to do. No harm done, I guess, as Wilson can’t win, and Cantwell won’t waste any time or energy campaigning against him. But anything you do to undermine Cantwell’s prospects in the general election is nothing more than a contribution to the McGavick campaign and the Republican Party that got us into Iraq in the first place.


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    Harry Tuttle spews:

    Democrats will hold their noses and vote for Maria in the general election, Goldy.

    There’ll be some protest votes for Wilson in the primary, futile though they’ll be. Futile, because Maria won’t think she needs those votes.

    Maybe she won’t

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    dlaw spews:

    RonK @ 44

    Yeah, S. 333 is the first step towards a Bush war with Iran. That’s why Santorum put it forward. It is a finding of the Senate listing Iran’s sins in an effort to develop a causus belli.

    No Democrat should sponsor it. It’s insane. You can’t possibly sponsor a bill like that while this Administration is in office.

  3. 3

    dlaw spews:

    RonkK @ 45

    But you would not hold the leadership of the Democratic Party responsible AT ALL for their miserable failure over the past 20 years. The fault, RonK, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.

    Gore sucked. Kerry sucked. Cantwell sucks and for the same reason. They are all convinced that the only thing to do is run and hide from right-wing criticism. They do not have the courage of theiur convictions and that’s why they are unpersuasive politicians.

    And, since the ONLY job of a politician is to persuade, I think that’s a huge problem.

    Perot’s importance should have been enough of a warning. That Nader’s percentage threatened Gore should have been even more of a warning. 2002 should have been a warning. Kerry should definitely have been a warning.

    If your guys keep acting like the other guys are right, people are just going to start to believe that the other guys are right.

    It’s really that simple.

    Principles are over-arching narratives that make smaller positions resonate with people. They are not niceties, they are the fundament of political positions.

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    dlaw spews:

    Votes have consequences.

    When politicians vote the wrong way for the wrong reasons too many times, they should get fired or at least resources should be diverted away from them and towards other candidates.

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    Erna spews:

    Oh, and Maria Cantwell is also supporting with Rick Senator Rick Santorum Iran Freedom and Support Act (S. 333)In other words, a war with Iran great that will start World war III. Besides, Rick Rick Santorum has the lowest rating even as a republican in congress, and she would like to be associated with these Neo/cons??? Or is Maria Cantwell in bed with AIPAC I will vote and work and vote in the 2006 primaries for Mark Wilson and then maybe decide between the lesser of Two Evils.

  6. 6

    dlaw spews:

    RonK @ 28

    Just completely dishonest, Ron.

    Forget that crap.

    You never seem to hold the Dem leadership responsible for anything.

    If the guy who wanted to be “The Environmental President” lost because of the Green Party vote in **Florida**, then he sucked.

    Why not blame the independents who voted for Bush?

    Why is it always the Left?

    Ignoring your base has consequences, too, as it rightly should.

  7. 7

    RonK, Seattle spews:

    Erna @ 42 — Do you have a clue what S. 333 actually does or does not do?

    Is it your opinion that Barbara Boxer (for instance) is also trying to start WW III?

    And would you like to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

  8. 8

    RonK, Seattle spews:

    dlaw @ 43 — Your Naderite natterings remind us why we discourage children from driving, handling firearms, having children or leading political movements: they are unable or unwilling to appreciate the consequenes of their choices.

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    LiberalRedneck spews:

    And don’t forget all the Green Party clowns who made one of two claims during their suicide mission against Gore:

    1) Bush and Gore are the same politicians, and it doesn’t matter who wins – the results will basically be the same

    2) Even if Bush wins, things need to get worse before they get better.

    oh yeah – I forgot #3: “vote your dreams.” Now, if this wasn’t the perfect example of how silly the Greens have become in the US, I don’t know what is. I’ve met elected Green Party reps in Europe – they are badasses, and know how to get the job done. Here in the states, it’s just a pathetic band of victims, who couldn’t figure out how to form a coalition if they had guns pointed at their heads.

  10. 10

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    -If the guy who wanted to be “The Environmental President” lost because of the Green Party vote in **Florida**, then he sucked. –

    Has a lot more to do with the fact the Green Party could care less about environmental issues. The way these idiotic fringe lefties think, you don’t even pay attention to policy issues until AFTER you eliminate capitalism. Which is what makes their whole “movement” (more like budge) so damn pointless. Why do Greens always drive around in old, polluting cars.

    Yeah, dlaw – we all know what a raving anti-environmentalist Al Gore was, what with that book Earth in the Balance, and all.

    It’s tough to decide who’s the biggest idiot here – dlaw, or our band of right wing trolls. They all seem to want the same thing, afterall.

  11. 11

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    And let me guess, dlaw, you’re the fringe guy (who represents probably 3-5% of the population) who gets to decide what the “wrong votes” and the “wrong reasons” are. Makes perfect sense.

  12. 12


    Hey liberal redneck:

    Don’t try to trash Wilson for hanging out with conspiracy researchers. 9/11 was an inside job and the evidence is mounting every day. This President is the king of an organized crime empire. He can do things his father would have never dared to, precisely because people don’t take him seriously. They’d never believe that he is so without morals that he would engineer an attack on his own citizens.

    It’s called a false-flag operation, and it isn’t the first time it’s happened. Personally I think Wilson should come out and be up front about his belief on this score, I think it would give him credibility with a lot of people who don’t vote because they think all politicians are in on it.

    I urge everyone here to go to,, or to see the research and to learn all about this terrible crime against our country. Please don’t believe everything the antis tell you without going and seeing what’s there. Ed Schultz may not believe that “we did it to ourselves”, but Ed Schultz is just as much a part of the big money club as anyone. He’s not going to upset the apple cart.

    And to anyone who plans to watch United 93, I urge you to check out these sites and find out what the unanswered questions are. As far as anyone in the 9/11 Truth Movement can tell, that plane was shot down. Maybe because the passengers revolted and the secret of the hijacking would have come out, or maybe because the timing got screwed up and they didn’t have time to hit the capital without people wondering why it wasn’t shot down by missile defenses.

    Ask yourselves this question: how do four jetliners fly around off-course for over an hour and not one fighter plane meets them in the air?

    Ask yourself this next question: how is it that everyone who let this happen got promoted? Gen Myers of the Air Force got promoted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs even though it was his fighter planes that dropped the ball. How can that be, unless Bush wanted this to happen? You don’t promote people that screw up; you fire them. And Condee Rice got the best promotion of all: the Secretary of State! This woman lets four planes be hijacked and lets the WTC collapse and yet she becomes our chief diplomat? It’s obvious what happened – it’s just going to take people a while to accept the painful reality.

    We can run from this truth or we can face it. I for one am glad that Mark Wilson is smart enough to learn new ideas and change his philosophy to meet the changing times. To me that’s what leaders do. Cantwell is the one who is still playing business-as-eusual. There’s no f-ing way I’m going to vote for a woman who couldn’t even get a friggin memorial together for Rachel Corrie, even though Rachel was murdered by the Israeli military. There should have been an investigation, but Cantwell did nothing. Same goes for CAFTA. We all deserve real representation in Washington, and I think Wilson would give it to us.

  13. 13

    Donebe spews:

    Thanks for the post. I was involved in an interview with Mark Wilson and even though he says many things that I wanted to hear, he is not a winner. Maybe a protest vote against Maria in the primary will get her attention. I don’t expect Mark to do well in the primary so will definitly vote for Cantwell in the general.

  14. 14


    Hey Goldy, You still selling swamp land on the moon? The only whack job on this post is the one who pushes candidates who continually crap on their base and spits on the platform. Try reading the voting record and look at the special interest groups who curry favor with elected officials by bribing them with campaign donations and gifts.

    Look at the facts and quit upchucking the Neocon propaganda.

    The field is set, the war is on and the elitists are yesterday’s news! Republicon or Democrat they are accountable for their actions! The progressives will take the Democratic Party and make real progress by bringing the government back to the people it’s mandated to serve.” We the People!”

    Here’s my Black Eye for you!

    I am so sick of being goaded into sending senators to D.C. who don’t focus on the big issues. Senators who play it safe? Senators like Maria Cantwell who abdicated their constitutional responsibility giving one man the power to declare War on my behalf!
    That’s just Bull! I say fire anyone who fails so miserably in the responsibility as my senator. It’s the big stuff that’s important. Wake up Washington!

    A Democratic Black Eye

    It’s time my fellow Democrats to take a stand! The Washington primary in September will give us an important choice of who will represent us in the United States Senate. Mark Wilson or Maria Cantwell is our choice.

    Some say the incumbent (Cantwell) has done this, that and raised so much money. I say “So What!” I want a Senator Like Mark Wilson who will represent the issues that are most important to “We the People!” Elections have been all about money for years and it’s damn well time to change that!

    This is “ All well and Good” but if we do not get our representatives in office who will bring public financing to the table and jam it through it will continue to be the vicious cycle which has been going on for years!

    Lobbyists and special interests have corrupted the majority of our Congress with money and gifts which shows these recipients to be sellouts to the American people no matter what their party affiliation!

    Sure, they make the excuse that they have to fundraise everyday to stay in office to do the public’s business but the reality is most of these public servants never bring up legislation to switch to public financing nor do they promote the idea to their base.

    I encourage all who think their patriotism is unquestionable to get involved in the election process in all facets. Look at the Voting records, bills and legislation that they support.
    It is your duty as an American Citizen to get involved and become educated in the political process. Knowing how your government works is vital in understanding how laws and legislation help or hurt you as citizens.

    An informed public may stop voting for candidates who continuously work for corporations and special interest groups.

    An example of what Public Financing can do for you is systemic. Take away the big corporate money and lobbyists then you will have honest Government working for the public, as they should! To hell with lobbying reform just eliminate it period. Lobbying is just another word for bribery! In that case I would consider that practice treason.

    I live in Washington State. My United States senators are Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. Both of these Senators are progressive in their voting. Murray at about 87% and Cantwell about 80%. Those are not bad percentages. When you look at the votes and legislation coming from these two senators you might say at election time, “I would vote for them again”.“ Good incumbents are hard to find”. Well you are partially right! Ask yourself the question “Did these two bring legislation to the table and vote for the best interests of the state and country every time?” The answer is no! Shocked, I’m not. We can’t have our way all the time now can we? We can do better!

    The Washington State primary is in September in which Maria Cantwell is running against Mark Wilson. Cantwell has raised almost 7 million dollars for her campaign.
    I am sure she wont bother to worry about Mark Wilson because she may feel her incumbency trumps Mark or anyone else who may challenge her. Corporate donations and special interest money seem to be what drives Cantwells Campaign. Then of course, she is proud of her voting record. I am not so proud of her record or the fact she is obligated to these corporations and special interests for their huge donations.

    Primary elections are to make changes in representation and Washington State should Elect Mark Wilson and send Maria back to school.

    Mark Wilson is the person who will represent the average-working citizens of Washington State. Mark is concerned with big issues most important to the citizens of our state:
    · Bring an immediate end to our nation’s ill conceived war
    · Protect Social Security
    · Oppose: NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO.
    · Direct spending to conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energy
    · Refocus our troops on national defense
    · Enforce air and water quality standards
    · Establish a National Peace Academy
    · Support basic education, kindergarten through age 20
    · Make sure health care becomes the right of all Americans

    It’s an easy choice for me. I want a person to speak for me who knows what its like to survive in today’s world. Mark Wilson is that choice! I don’t believe for one minute that a millionaire like Maria Cantwell can relate to me or my needs much less speak on the behalf of the average citizen like Mark can.

    Maria Cantwell Voted for the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, NAFTAand CAFTA.
    She also voted for confirmation of Condoleeza Rice and John Negroponte and the destructive Bush energy bill and to move class-action lawsuits from state to federal courts.

    One of Cantwell’s most heinous actions was to NOT supporting the Democratic filibuster of Samuel Alito then she turned around and took credit for voting against Alito’s confirmation as Supreme Court justice. If that’s not enough to make you gag then I will offer a few more items to induce vomiting. Cantwell voted not to repeal oil and gas tax breaks from the energy bill. To enable the President to place International trade agreements above worker and environmental protections, against a repeal of tax breaks which reward U.S. companies for moving their manufacturing plants overseas!

    Is that how you want to be represented? The democratic voters are not behind these positions Cantwell has taken on these issues. She has failed her base and the citizens of Washington State. In fairness to Maria Cantwell, on other issues she has voted progressively. When you weigh the importance of her votes, I would say that the Issues which are getting troops killed, outsourcing jobs, changing the shape of the courts for decades and kicking the rotten Washington Lobbyists out on their butts. Maria fails miserably for the voters of Washington State!

    Some have said we need winners in government and I agree. Mark Wilson is the winner we need in Washington who will support the big issues and the Democratic Party! On issues like filibusters, outsourcing of jobs and healthcare for all Mark is who I want standing up for me in Washington. Mark Wilson will not vote out of both sides of his mouth just to please special interests or big corporate campaign donors.

    I am sure when we send Maria Cantwell back to the private sector she will be courageous in her support of Mark Wilson and transfer those democratic donations from her campaign to Mark Wilson against Mike McGavick.

    Mark Wilson speaks for the Washington citizens and me!

    Public Financing will bring real REPRESENTATION to our government.
    Lets send all the Washington lobbyists packing back to Exxon, Enron, and the Drug lobby. Et al.

    Washington State is a Progressive State. Let’s start voting that way and elect Mark Wilson to show our state is ready to bring the country back to the American People!

    Ferndale, WA
    42nd district

  15. 15

    Puddybud spews:

    18 – Another left wing traitor fired.

    Mary McCarthy, now-fired CIA bureaucrat who leaked the story to Washington Post’s Dana Priest was a Democratic Party activist who gave $7700 to John Kerry. Dana Priest who’s husband is William Goodfellow, executive director of Center for International Policy: “Promoting a foreign policy based on cooperation, demilitarization and human rights”,, lovers of Cuba. Cuba: bringing about a more sensible U.S. policy toward Cuba. – Why do you donks love Cuba?

    Joe Wilson, disgraced by the Italian media this week as a liar over the Yellow Cake in Niger. The Senate report says fairly bluntly that Wilson lied to the media. Why do donks lie?

    Richard Clarke, singlehandly ordered the Bin Laden family out of the US without higher up superiors approval then lied about it. Why do donks lie?

    Why do donks lie: Pretty easy. They have been doing it from the 60s so why change now!!!

  16. 16

    Puddybud spews:

    RonK – If Gore won Tennessee you’d be looking at President Gore. What did the Tennesseeians know about Al Gore you donks in WA didn’t want to know?

  17. 17

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    Your rhetoric would be slightly relevant, Puddy, had Tennessee not shifted heavily into the Red State column during the 8 years Gore was Vice President. And for the record, Gore didn’t live in Tennessee when he was Veep. He lived in DC. But, of course, since you’re a rocket surgeon, you know that.

    What the Tennesseeans knew was that Gore wrote a book about conserving the environment – a concept the modern “conservative” seems to have lost track of.

  18. 18

    Goldy spews:

    rmdSeaBos @23,

    Lazy short cuts, that’s what you want. You want it to happen over night. You “real” progressives to control the Senate and the House, and you are too pure to vote for the Democrats who can actually win.

    Well, this race is between Cantwell and McGavick — you’ve got no other fucking choice — and if you work against McGavick then you are working to keep Republican control of the Senate. You don’t have to like it, but that’s reality.

    Me, I’ve decided to work with what I’ve got, make myself an essential part of achieving a Democratic majority, and in the process change the party from within. Once the netroots have a couple of wins under our belts and have become an indispensable part of the Democratic message machine, we’ll start controlling the message.

    Or we could do it your way, and shoot ourselves in the foot every two years.

  19. 19

    Puddybud spews:

    Ah yes LibrulRedNeck, native son Gore was REJECTED! Yes those Clinton/Gore Administration policies in the 90s and the Love Story and Internet comments by the Gore’s really endeared them to their home state peeps. Did he even campaign in his home state? Maybe that’s why they rejected him! Remember his father was a BIG TIME racist, or did you forget that?

  20. 20

    Puddybud spews:

    Goldy: You and your Northwest Division of Lunatic Moonbats vote for (D) no matter how distasteful. Yet your Northwest Division of Lunatic Moonbats decry any Republican who chooses to support somewhat questionable conservative. Why is that?

    Don’t worry I know you won’t answer me. I just wanted to get it on the record!

  21. 23

    harry poon spews:

    re 11: A lot of responsible and intelligent people who have occupied high positions think 9/11, if not engineered by this administration, was certainly allowed to happen — much like Pearl Harbor.

  22. 24

    harry poon spews:

    re 12: The “damn fish” are the proverbial canary in a coal mine. Saving them is saving ourselves.

  23. 25

    dlaw spews:

    It’s simple for me:

    Maria Cantwell is currently a co-sponsor of Rick Santorum’s S.333 which is the first step towards a Bush war with Iran. I won’t vote for ANYONE who would co-sponsor that legislation.

  24. 26

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “Wilson previously ran as a Libertarian … and as a Green ….”

    If he can’t decide what party he belongs to, he probably doesn’t know what he believes, either.

  25. 27

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Re – pub – li – cans: A U.S.-based gang of armed looters notorious for leaving its graffitti in other countries.

  26. 28

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Wilson is really an anti-war conservative Republican. Glad to see the GOP has one. Maybe it’ll start a trend.

  27. 29

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Furthermore, if Richard Poop endorses him as a “Democrat,” that’s a sure indication of Wilson’s Republican credentials.

  28. 30

    RonK, Seattle spews:

    Chad, rmm — Elections have consequences.

    You want to punish Cantwell for a string of distasteful votes? None of those bills or nominees would have come to a vote, except for a few thousand like you who chose to punish Gore for running too close to the center.

    No puritan politics, no Bush. No Rovian manipulation of the Homeland Security issue, and no loss of the Senate. No Iraq war. No CAFTA. No Alito. You get my drift … and you know it’s true.

    And by the way, elections have consequences.

  29. 31


    Nice Job Goldy, Nothing like a bit of bait and switch to get the blood boiling.
    Now for some relevant content:
    Here is the 90% you don’t want people to see. The following is from Mark’s 2002 Libertarian website “Issues” (or platform) Page:
    Slash Corporate Welfare:
    One of the greatest injustices in our country today is when the tax money of hard working Americans finds its way into the bank accounts of for-profit corporations. It happens in a million ways; from tax write-offs for foreign advertising and oil exploration to outright payments to huge agricultural conglomerates. Often, these corporations won their special subsidies after making large campaign finance contributions. Let’s call these what they really are: bribes. This is the largest corruption scandal of our times. Vote for Mark Wilson, who will make eliminating corporate welfare a top priority in Washington DC.

    Legally Manage Marijuana:
    The second greatest government perpetrated injustice of our time comes as a result of the honorable desire to reduce mind-altering drug use in America. Though a reduction in drug abuse would be a great benefit to our country, prohibition just does not work. Even worse, prohibition increases violence, creates disincentives to seek treatment, increases temptation and corruption of our police, and destroys civil liberties. Buying, selling or growing marijuana is, after all a non-violent act. Another cost to our society comes from the huge costs of incarceration. Over a quarter of the inmates of our countries prisons and jails were put there for non-violent drug offenses. This not only represents a huge financial burden on taxpayers, but destroys the lives and the productivity of the “offenders.” Have you ever heard of anyone dying of marijuana abuse? The statistics show that it is far safer than alcohol. It is time to legally manage marijuana.

    Repeal the USA Patriot Act:
    Mark Wilson will also work to repeal the USA Patriot Act which nullifies our right to be free from warrentless search and seizure and allows the executive branch to violate our privacy without probable cause.

    Prevent Terrorism:
    Aren’t the Saudis wealthy enough to pay for their own defense? The US’s interests in stability in the Persian Gulf region primarily come from oil companies’ desire to preserve their existing contracts and relationships there. But whoever owns the oil will want to sell it, if not to us, then to the world market from which we buy. Propping up an unpopular, undemocratic, totalitarian government because it is friendly to US oil interests is another form of corporate welfare as well as a violation of the principles of individual liberty that make America great. Bin Laden’s primary reason for attacking on 9/11/01 was the presence of “infidel soldiers” in the land of Mecca and Medina. The Saudis should buy their own tanks and aircraft, and hire mercenaries if they need to. Though internal security of Israel is a just cause, involuntarily taxing anti-Israeli US citizens to support the military of Israel is immoral. Instead we should reduce income taxes and allow the friends of Israel in this country to solicit and send money voluntarily to help this worthy cause.

    Enhance our National Defense and Security:
    While we are at it, after we bring Bin Laden and his top lieutenants to justice, let’s gradually bring nearly all our troops home, and deploy them in a defensive configuration on US soil. Let’s use our electronic surveillance technology on satellites and in aircraft to keep tabs on foreign troop and missile deployment. Let’s make much of that data available to the public of all nations. We will be able to enhance our national defense, reduce our profile as a target, improve our security and safety from international threats, further the spread of democracy and international sovereignty, increase international stability and reduce US defense spending all at the same time. We can keep our military all-volunteer and the best in the world, while spending more money per soldier (including increasing their pay) and save taxpayer money all at the same time through refocusing our military priorities on defense instead of offense.

    Preserve Privacy:
    The federal government is forcing drivers’ license standards on the States that would make the drivers’ license a de-facto national identification card. The requirement of showing “government issued ID” at the airport is another trend in that direction. Soon you may have to show your identification papers on demand of a government official at any time. Video surveillance cameras are now installed at most major intersections and on some public streets and sports venues. These are often connected to software that can “recognize” faces and read license plates. This can allow people to know your comings and goings around town and to know when you are not home. In the name of keeping track of health statistics, the government has acquired the right to all of your medical information that is on file with your doctor. Government employees do not need to get your signed permission, or even inform you that they have opened your file. Do you want strangers (or even acquaintances in your community) in government to know if you are taking estrogen or anti-depressants? So far, public libraries and bookstores have defended your right to privacy by refusing to divulge lists of books you have checked out or bought, even if you are not under suspicion of having committed any crime. But the government is working to gain access to this information. Without a sense of privacy, people will fear getting the knowledge and information they need to fight entrenched interests that are contrary to the public good. The government has fought your right to use encryption software for your use of the internet and has reserved special “keys” so that it can read your e-mail without a warrant. Does this concern you even a little bit? What if this trend continues? Mark Wilson will defend your right to privacy in Congress.

    Get Government out of Marriage:
    Marriage is that most beautiful of contracts between individuals to love and be faithful. This contract is voluntarily chosen and negotiated. Any two individuals should be free to enter in to this kind of contract. The government has no business regulating who may or may not enter in to these kinds of agreements. Gays and lesbians must be free to marry anyone they choose. Tax laws must not discriminate against either married or single people. Furthermore, the rights of any two consenting adults to do whatever they want in the privacy of their own bedrooms must be preserved. Archaic and backward laws to the contrary must be repealed.

    Preserve Freedom of Speech, Religion and of the Press:
    Freedom of speech requires that the government not engage in censorship. Freedom of religion requires that the government not create any advantages or disadvantages for any particular religion in our society and no special subsidies for religious or anti-religious activity. The government must remain “religion neutral,” even if our elected officials make decisions based on personal moral values. Freedom of the press requires an independent and non-intimidated media that maintains objectivity and reports facts without bias towards the interests of government officials.

    Protect the Environment:
    The organization that is the largest polluter in America is the government. The Department of Defense the Department of Energy and other state and federal agencies created the largest share of polluted sites in our nation. It is time that the government was required to obey they same environmental laws that corporations do. No longer should government be able to exclude itself from environmental legislation. The federal government pays to build roads into national forests so that contract loggers can remove the wood. These roads are expensive and are just another form of corporate welfare. Government mismanagement of national forests has lead to forest fire disasters and poor stewardship of our natural environment. The subsidies of oil and fossil fuel based transportation have lead to too much burning of fossil fuels and under-investment in alternative, clean energy sources such as solar and wind power. If we stop subsidizing oil, there will be an incentive in private industry to develop these other energy sources. With a record like this, how can we trust the government to protect the environment? Individual initiative, private, non-profit land trusts and local non-governmental organizations do a much better job. I encourage you to contribute to one and to preserve any natural areas you may own.

    Which of these platform issues are not Progressive or Democratic?


    Chad (The Left) Shue

  30. 32

    rmdSeaBos spews:

    AFTER the primary,

    IF I do NOT do what the party tells me to do,

    THEN I am supporting McGavick.

    drop dead goldy. 40% of the eligible voters don’t show up in presidential years, and a significant reason they don’t participate is who wants to support real and wanna be insiders with their condescending conventional wisdom ?

    I do not agree with their decision, but, I understand it.

    the Democrats are in the position we are in because for over 20 years we’ve had candidates and elected officials who will NOT fight 24*7*356, and

    we have those candidates and officials cuz of this toxic “obey smart insider me OR you are voting for fascists” meme.

    whatever about Mark, which page of the DLC songbook are you singing from ?


  31. 33

    sgmmac spews:

    “Achieve an immediate orderly end to the occupation of Iraq. We need to clean up our mess and withdraw our troops now. We must demand our resources be directed to meeting human needs.”

    Iraqi people aren’t human? What human needs are we talking about here? If this state would STOP wasting billions on saving damn fish, they would have the money for human needs……..

  32. 34

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    -I think what we learn from Wilson’s history is that his campaigns are more about Wilson than they are about any particular opponent.-

    They are also about an apparent mental illness. Wilson surrounds himself with a bunch of conspiracy theory whack-jobs who think 9-11 was engineered by George Bush.

    I mean, even Richard “Moonbeam” Pope defends him.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re running from the left or right one year or another – if you’re whacked in the head, it’s all the same conspiracy, right?

  33. 36

    sgmmac spews:

    I wonder what truth about 9/11 he is looking for?

    Maybe he wants someone from the government to say that a small commuter plane crashed into the Pentagon instead of a passenger jet!

    Or could it be that he believes that flight 93 was shot down by our Air Force jets or maybe it was aliens from Roswell!

  34. 37

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    -Isn’t Cantwell the reason I am paying 3 bucks a gallon for gasoline-

    In a word – “no” smegmmac.

  35. 40

    sgmmac spews:

    Same difference……… the money is being robbed from Washington State residents via Bonneville is it not? Wasted water, less power, higher rates……..

    The state wastes millions on fish in other areas too, other than the one Judge who loves Salmon……….

  36. 41

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    -If this state would STOP wasting billions on saving damn fish, they would have the money for human needs…….. –

    Boy are you clueless, dude. That was a FEDERAL salmon listing which forced the state to protect those fish.

  37. 42

    sgmmac spews:

    she doesn’t want drilling, she doesn’t want refineries, she doesn’t want tankers……..

    What does she want other than for everyone to sign up for Real Music?

  38. 44

    mortgage calculators spews:

    The $633 monthly payment is an interest-only payment for five years, based on a $160,000 loan amount with a buydown at the cost of 3.125 points for a 30-year, five-year Adjustable Rate Mortgage at 4.75% and 6.155% Annual Percentage Rate. Following the five-year fixed-rate period, the rate will adjust annually. The principal and interest payment after the initial seven-year interest only period is $822.53. These terms are available for first loans. To qualify for this monthly payment, borrower must meet minimum credit qualifications and the loan-to-value ratio must not exceed 80%. mortgage calculator Rate is variable and subject to change daily without notice

  39. 45

    Nindid spews:

    Well that about sums it up… when we have the Kool-Aid Republicans pushing Wilson as a good alternative for the Democrats, you know it is the wrong thing to do.

  40. 46

    sgmmac spews:

    Isn’t Cantwell the reason I am paying 3 bucks a gallon for gasoline, or is it the Democratic Washington legislature and their taxes upon taxes? I will vote for the candidate who will lower my taxes and spend the governments money like it’s their money, instead of spending until they drop!

  41. 48

    clay shaw spews:

    If the American citizen is the consumer of private health insurance then wouldn’t it benefit health carriers to bid against one another in their attempts to get our collective business? They’d end up being more “competitve” — and according to their own propaganda — competition improves everyone’s performance!


  42. 49

    sgmmac spews:

    Hey Jax! The Republicans have been on a spending frenzy in Washington DC and the Democrats are spending like drunken whores here in Washington state……..

    The only people winning are special interest groups and people who don’t need any more money.

  43. 51

    spitintheocean spews:

    Hey Maria gonna whine about the high price of gas and “demand ” some answers , yeah right . Maria is not pro war but she will be for the war funding supplementary because the Senate refuses to put it in the budget . Maria is not pro-war but Iran sabre rattling continues even in her replies to constituents who are concerned about the War Party’s next sortie .
    Maria is applying a bait & switch as she waffles on the war party’s agenda , the Democrat’s plan to make this a debate on strategy , on how to run a war is nonsense . Goldy , I agree that there is more than the war on a Senator’s plate , but until we stop dumping money and blood on the sands of Iraq , there will be no progressive agenda , there is no money left . If it was such a concern to take back the majority why does she vote like a Republican ?
    Mark Wilson may be a voice in the wilderness and a long shot, but he has his priorities for the nation right and if you can’t stand up for what you believe in , then what good is a democracy. 100,000 dead Iraqi’s , killed by their liberator’s , Trillions wasted that could have bought viaducts, solar technology , hybrid cars …wasted . 2500 U S soldiers spent their lives for absolutely nothing other than Senate & Presedential pride , “heck of a job,Maria ”
    You’ve got it turned around, Goldy , Maria Cantwell works for the people of Washington state , we don’t have to swallow her bad behavior and obedience to the DLC . Tell her to stop funding a lost cause and get on with a true progressive agenda .

  44. 53

    Richard Pope spews:

    Mark Wilson looks like a genuine Democrat to me. Here is what his platform says on the home page of his campaign website:

    Dear Washington Voter:

    The results of Bush foreign, economic, and social policies have been tragic for the people of Washington State. The grassroots absolutely must be completely engaged to defeat the Republican opponent. Now you have a real choice. I want to go to Washington, D.C. on your behalf to:

    · Achieve an immediate orderly end to the occupation of Iraq. We need to clean up our mess and withdraw our troops now. We must demand our resources be directed to meeting human needs.

    · Defend Freedom-Repeal the USA PATRIOT Act. The so-called PATRIOT Act is a travesty. Americans can be trusted. In fact, there have been no convictions on charges of terrorism as a result of the PATRIOT Act. There has instead been an extraordinary waste of time, money, energy, and personnel in eavesdropping on ordinary citizens – and everyone’s privacy is now in jeopardy.

    · Begin a national “back-to-work” program to promote sustainable energy. Our nuclear, coal-fired, and hydro-electric energy generation grid is obsolete, vulnerable, and polluting. We must replace these with region-specific, community-based, renewable energy projects. These will reduce—or even eliminate—the need to secure energy assets around the world by force. It will preserve our fragile environment while building bridges to lasting peace.

    · Revitalize and celebrate the American middle class. Corporations that refuse to pay a living wage to hard-working Americans, forcing them and their families onto publicly-funded programs such as welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid undermine our communities. We must insist they pay livable wages and their fair share of taxes.

    · Protect true equality for women. This is about privacy and choice, pure and simple.

    · Restore the trust of the people. Hold our government accountable for its actions and its words. End war profiteering. Stop lobbyists from writing legislation. Drive corruption out of the halls of government. Reveal the complete truth about 911.

    As a former Teamster, my blue-collar background appeals to working families. As an ex-Marine and a founding member of our Veterans For Peace chapter, I can speak out to military families and their supporters, the peace and justice community, and labor with a real understanding of their issues.

    I am committed to bringing the voice of everyday people to congress.

    The Democratic Party is the party of working Americans. It is the party of civil rights, social advancements and real national security. In this time of out-of-control corruption, corporate plundering and privatization of the commons, the American working people need a strong, energized Democratic Party that stands firmly in support of their interests. I believe in a political party that holds true hope and real meaning for the future – for your children and for mine. That is why I am running to become your Senator.


    Mark Wilson

  45. 54

    dlaw spews:

    Oh and by the way, I didn’t vote for Nader because I’m an environmentalist. I voted for Nader so exactly what happened could happen. Of course I did have a notion that the Democrats would WAKE THE FUCK UP before things got really bad, but I didn’t know as much about the Democratic party then as I do now.

  46. 55

    dlaw spews:

    Liberal Redneck,

    Selling out – “triangulation” – whatever you want to call it, is a short-term-win/long-term-loss strategy. Sun Tzu tells us to “be weak where they are strong and strong where they are weak”. Triangulation is about being weak where they are strong. But the Democrats forgot the “strong where they are weak” part, thank largely to the attitudes which pervaded and informed the Clinton presidency and which the Gore campaign personified.

    In short, he sucked. You can blame the Green Party all you like. It just makes you look stupid. If a party as small and insignificant as the Greens in Florida can fuck up your plans, your plans were no good in the first place.

    I have absolutely no sympathy with the PATENTLY IDIOTIC idea that the Greens are to blame for Gore’s defeat. Gore is to blame. It’s just that simple.

  47. 56


    This is my first visit here. IT SEEMS that there is a reasonably good congruence between the positions of most people, on most issues. Of course there is never perfect congruence. But we are told, under this marvelous constitution, we must choose one set of positions, out of the countless combinations, and furthermore it is up to us to wager what the candidate’s positions are, on issues from war to religion. And they don’t have to tell us–they can remain silent or they can lie, and do the opposite, and we have no remedy.

    I understand that two cats, hung over a clothesline by their tails, fight and slash each other because of their circumstances.

    I think we need major, major constitutional reform. We’re wasting our time here. Yes, we will participate. Yes, we will vote. Yes, nurse ratchett.