by Goldy, 06/30/2010, 8:43 AM

I’ve blogged in the past about the important difference between being serious and being solemn. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing?

10 Responses to “Makes me proud to be a Jew…”

1. demo kid spews:

Damn… makes Roberts and Alito look like real dickwads.

2. demo kid spews:

(Like they needed help, of course.)

3. YLB spews:

She’s sailing through..

The committee at least. But unlike the lockstep obstruction on economic issues, some Republicans like the ladies from Maine will vote for cloture.

4. YLB spews:


Damn! Something about Chrome on Windows.

5. proud leftist spews:

I think Obama did good on this one. She’s got political skills that just might move one of the rightist troglodytes on the Court over to the side of truth, justice, and the American Way every once in awhile.

6. Derek Young spews:

At the beginning of the admin a friend who is former colleague of Kagan, mentioned her as someone who he thought Obama would nominate right away. He noted that she would kill in the hearings because she’s so disarmingly charming.

Guess he was right.

7. howie in seattle spews:

Let’s hope you’ll still be proud once she renders a few decisions.

8. God spews:

Now you understand what it means to be chosen.

I am that I am.

9. cracked spews:

Holy shit! Those are the people running the country?! It’s the B-side of “get off my lawn”.

10. If you're not Dutch, then you're not much spews:


no shit.

just think, some people want to give these fools even more power and money…