KTTH kicks Siegel out of the nest

The shoes continue to drop at Entercom, and BlatherWatch has the scoop: KTTH has apparently axed conservative talk-radio host Mike Siegel. Siegel will be replaced by his former producer, Dave Boze and Michael Medved’s producer, Dan Sytman. Siegel’s other listener was unavailable for comment.

Just a note to those of you trashing BlatherWatch’s reputation as a source, KTTH has now updated their home page to announce their new morning show with Dan Sytman and Dave Boze.


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    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    WOW breaking news from a reliable source…another irreverant blog.

    Yessirreeeebob, beerbeeggar that investigative stuff you do sure will get you that column in a paper and I’m sure that Pulitzer is on its way.

    Wait for it.

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    Unkl Witz spews:

    Didn’t Siegel get fired from KVI a few years back for some of his delusional on-air rants about Norm Rice?

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    You pathetic Liberal Losers may call me Sir! spews:

    Thank for pointing out that typo, It does take away from the message

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    Richard Pope spews:

    Goldy, you sure have a real credible source. BlatherWatch sounds like a bunch of wackos. Here is the headline from their story on Mike Siegel:

    “KTTH takes a holiday: mike siegel is a negro, dan sytman is a comedian, michael medved wears a lampshade, atheists are assuaged, and the round yon virgin gets it on”


    I guess racist talk is acceptable, so long as it comes from the left. But if someone on the right called Ron Sims or Dean Logan a “negro”, they would be immediately and vociferously condemned as a racist.

    Similarly, if someone said “David Goldstein wears a lampshade”, they would be strongly condemned as a anti-Semite, especially if these remarks were made in the context of hateful personal attacks made against other Jewish people.

    Good job Goldy! You are well on your way to irrelevance.

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    Richard Pope spews:

    Wow — Goldy’s PC spam filter blocked my post. But here is the headline from the BlatherWatch article of today December 2, 2005 — judge its “credibility” for yourself.

    “KTTH takes a holiday: mike siegel is a negro, dan sytman is a comedian, michael medved wears a lampshade, atheists are assuaged, and the round yon virgin gets it on”


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    righton spews:

    Yawn, more jealosy from Goldy.

    Siegal had more listeners than you ever will.

    I Thought you wanted a job on radio…..

  7. 14

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Mike Siegal is a very passionate, extremely intelligent lawyer who is not afraid to challenge the status quo.
    Goldy, on the other hand, is simply very passionate!

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    Nindid spews:

    Pope @11 you should really stop whining about the filter. It catches everyone.

    As for blatherwatch, it has some good stuff. And as for credibility, he is a t least on par with Siegal who apparently describes himself:

    “as a “reverse Oreo, white on the outside, black on the inside,” he launched into James Brown’s “Uptight,” with his “hair” flying, and all the little hunch-fisted shoulder shimmy shrugs and “Yows!” you’d ever want. He wasn’t bad at it, and was definitely a credit to his race- which is white and Jewish- and the only black man in the crowd pretended he didn’t see it. Mike’s a sex machine and the Godfather of Talk, as Sytman described him, but after all these years, we think he maybe oughta give it up or turn it loose, as we used to say in 1969.”

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    JDB spews:

    @ 12: He is just some junkie.

    Richard Pope:

    First of all, blatherwatch tends to be very accurate in its coverage of talk radio. One of the best sites around.

    Second, have you posted against the minnow’s use of racist remarks on his site against Ron Sims? I thought not (and at least Blatherwatch’s is totally done in humor, not blantant racism like Mr. Sharansky’s.

  10. 18

    JDB spews:

    Ms Chickenhawk:

    Yes, announcing to the world that Norm Rice had been shot by his wife while he was buggering an aid is both very intelligent and passionate and a wonderful challange to the staus quo. We wouldn’t want something like the truth to get in the way of that, would we?

  11. 19

    Left is Right spews:


    when has “the Truth” KTTH ever been worried about speaking the truth? The repeat it every time they say their name. Isn’t that enough?

  12. 20

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    What is the deal with Entercom? Are they run by complete idiots? Why would they take THE TOP RATED program in afternoon drive (Leykis) and put it on in the middle of the night? I don’t get it. Ratings = money and that’s what it’s all about. Did the girlz who run the Feminist Utopia of Washington get to Entercom and tell them they don’t like the content? And is that what happened (if it did) to Siegel?

    Andybody out there know the inside story?

  13. 21

    Richard Pope spews:

    Robert @ 14

    They did remove the link to Mike Siegel’s website on their home page.

    But Mike Siegel is still listed as a host in their schedule line-up on the KTTH homepage:

    David Boze, 5am- 6am
    Mike Siegel, 6am-9am
    Rush Limbaugh, 9am-12noon
    Michael Medved, 12noon-3pm
    Michael Savage, 3pm-6pm
    Bill O’Reilly, 6pm-8pm
    Laura Ingraham, 8pm-11pm
    Lars Larson, 11pm- 2am
    Bill Bennett, 3am- 5am


    And Siegel is also listed on their “M-F Hosts” page as doing Monday through Friday from 6 am to 9 am, with a link to his website, and also his e-mail at Entercom:


    Like I say, BlatherWatch is not a credible source.

  14. 22

    windie spews:

    MTR: Just about everyone in the radio industry has been wondering the same thing for the last year. Blind monkeys could do better.

    RP: I thought you guys were supposed to be the ones with a fine-tuned sense of irony and humor

  15. 23

    christmasghost spews:

    richard…goldy passed “irrelevance”….about a dozen posts ago.
    anyone that spends all their time gloating about the losses of others is a loser.especially when they are just transparently jealous. if goldy really wanted to write something…why not write about the union thugs being paid back by gregoire for all their “work”……..???

  16. 24

    The Phantom spews:

    Indeed. Rush Limbaugh, imagine that. The leader of the modern American Neo Conservative movement and defacto leader of the nation: A five-time divorced junior college drop out draft-dodging junkie who has gobbled down so much hillbilly heroine that it has left him deaf and brain dead and suffering from terminal psychosis.

    Rush lives alone in a mansion on the Florida coast where it’s rumored he wanders naked nights with a loaded Army Colt .45 automatic in one hand and a quart of Chivas Regal in the other giving George W. Bush instructions on national policy over a secure satellite phone while swallowing fistfuls of Oxycontin, Nembutal and Demerol. The man is a genuine dangerous drunken junky and he’s running the country. He’s a true madman whose madness outstrips even that of his predecessor, the King of Neocon, Ronald Reagan.

    The King is dead. Long live the King.

  17. 25

    christmasghost spews:

    The Phantom..my ass! god goldy, can’t you even make up better names?
    but here is a classic HA post……….someone[guess who?] gloating about the misery of someone else.now that’s just sad….and it says volumes about the lack of character of the author.
    rush should be pitied.
    however, is the description of his life very different from say ,teddy kennedy’s or ,hmm, goldy’s?

  18. 27

    christmasghost spews:

    richard….classic jab. ;)
    and goldy…rumor has it that you are presently getting your wee little ass kicked over at SP over your big mouth. is this true?
    master sims will not be pleased with you…there goes that government/radio/newspaper job you have been so desperately pimping for.

  19. 29

    christmasghost spews:

    well goldy, it will be interesting to see if you let that post go through……..

  20. 31

    christmasghost spews:

    i didn’t think you would let that post through. so much for free speech you chicken….;)

  21. 32

    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    When ratings drop, Entercom quickly lets a host go, look at Allan Prell who had been on for months on KIRO, and then suddenly in September, he was gone. John Procaciono is doing a good job in that slot right now, but it is only temporary. I noticed that the D and D boys are still on, so is Mike Webb and Lou Pate.

  22. 33

    jaybo spews:

    Can we celebrate here also when “Air-America” finally goes bankrupt?

    I’m sure that it wont be long till it runs out of George Soros’ money and can find no more “Boys & Girls Clubs” funds to rob.

    I’ll make sure to post here in celebration if Goldy doesn’t.

  23. 34

    JDB spews:

    Richard Pope:

    Medved just use his last segment of his national show to promote Sytman’s now job starting Monday Morning, 5am.

    Ready to appolgise to blatherwatch yet? On talk radio, he might be oppinionated, but he is accurate.

  24. 36

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    I agree the Buzz lineup was awful except for Leykis. Shea won’t last long in the morning; he’s the worst of the worst. I’m glad R & M are gone; their schtick got old years ago.

    Stoopid people who run stoopid companies like Entercom are going to hasten the demise of commercial radio. Satellite is taking over. I have XM in the SUV and listen to it almost exclusively now. I did tune in The Professor, but now that he’s gone I’ll check Carlson and then go to the satellite.

  25. 37

    christmasghost spews:

    “Hillbilly heroin is a slang nickname for the prescription painkiller OxyContin..”
    we know that….it was the spelling of heroin [as in ‘heroine] that made it funny.

  26. 39

    Robert spews:

    I wonder if “Richard Pope” will come back and admit he was wrong?

    And Richard, as a FYI, it’s not uncommon for website to get upaded in parts. Often they are made up of bit parts that have to be updated in stages – which is when the left side nav changed it was obvious something was up even though some of the content still referred to Siegel.

  27. 40

    JCH spews:

    We need more “Air America”!!! Maybe AA could steal [borrow] another 850 grand from poor kids in NYC. Democrats: social parasites!!

  28. 41

    JDB spews:

    And Richard (and everyone else for that matter), go read Blathering Michael before you judge:


    You might not like his sense of humor, but he knows local talk as well as anyone. And really, if you take the likes of Mike Siegle, Kirby Wilbur, Dori Modson and John Carlson to seriously, you have serious problems.

  29. 43

    Richard Pope spews:

    Well, I guess it official. Au revoir, Mike.

    And I don’t take ANYONE on talk radio too seriously, regardless of what political perspective they are coming from. Frankly, I rarely ever listen to it.

  30. 44


    Any of the right wing radio personalities can find work easily. The market is huge for conservative talk. Siegal can easily command a market way larger than any lefty could ever dream of. No one wants to listen to leftist drivel spewing out the airwaves.

  31. 45

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    If Mike Siegal has left KTTH, have any of you wonderfringies considered that it might have been HIS DECISION for greener pastures?

    Nah of course not, that would ruin all your hate filled, name calling fun.

  32. 46

    JDB spews:


    I am amazed at your abilities to be so self-delusional. Or to talk when obviously you know nothing. Siegel’s ratings have been in the tank at KTTH for years. Heck, he has even dragged Limbaugh into the toliet. His removal has long been rumored.

    Why is it so hard for you to accept the truth? Is it that hard for your little mind to accept the fact that conservatives can fail? It does explain your support of the GOP though.

  33. 48

    John McDonald spews:

    I don’t think Siegel resonates too well with most people today. He’s not all that eloquent and his product endorsements come across as phony. But, contrary to the shoes dropping here in Goldstein’s post, there’s nothing to read into this other than how Siegel was perceived by his audience. It’s not like Medved, or Limbaugh or in KVI’s case, Wilbur or Carlson are going anywhere.

    Here’s a concept for you liberals. Unlike the skewed fantasy world in which Air America broadcasts, in the real world, what matters is the ability of a talk show host to gather listeners and provide a forum for (gasp) advertising of products. When the Air America affiliates actually start to demand revenue, AA will go by the wayside as well.

    If you want to understand talk radio, just look at the ratings. Air America is not a viable product.

  34. 49

    Boeing Bob spews:

    Siegel has taken heat over the years for not being a total foaming homophobe.

    No expert on the trash mash these people spew – haven’t turned them on in years.

    Voices from the aslyum. Who from the left gives any sliver of shit?

  35. 50

    headless lucy spews:

    re 14: How can you be “passionate” about giving rich people tax breaks? I’d be careful of the stains on the scripts!

  36. 51

    JDB spews:

    Wow, ProudToBeAnAss, touche. It is intelligence and wit like that which clearly shows that Conservatives are not all mindless morons.

    There must be an exception to the rule, right?

  37. 52

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    Loocy – Who else should be allowed to keep more of THIER MONEY???? The poor already get a free ride.