King certifies, Gregoire wins by 130

King County has certified the results of the manual recount: Gregoire +358, Rossi +179. That means Gregoire picked up net 179 votes in King County, giving her a commanding 130-vote lead statewide.

Of the 735 misfiled ballots, the canvassing board counted only 566 of them. Those ballots went 311 for Gregoire, 191 for Rossi, 26 for Bennett, 2 write-ins, 35 under-votes and one over-vote.


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    Karen spews:


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    Jenny spews:

    Rossi should concede immediately. This from Ken Schram:

    As one who voted for Dino Rossi, I think it’s time for the Republicans to pack up and move on.

    Chris Vance needs to put a cork in his verbal tirades and quit beating a political horse that is now dead.

    Perpetuating the notion that this election was somehow stolen from Rossi, Vance is still insisting that he’ll pursue every course possible, thereby dragging the whole process on further.

    Vance should know that casting about with flimsy claims that military voters were somehow aced out, or that canvassing boards can stuff the genie back in the bottle, does nothing but further alienate people who are already fed up with how this whole election mess evolved.

    The system worked the way it’s supposed to, no matter how many are upset by the final results.

    Dino Rossi should concede and Chris Vance should find a way to stifle himself.

    It’s over.

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    Brent spews:

    All the Republicans’ talk about having more ballots re-canvassed is a moot point. it will not happen, according to the Associated Press and King staff:

    ‘ Secretary of State Sam Reed is set to certify the election Dec. 30.

    Republican officials say they will blanket the state over the next week looking for Rossi voters whose ballots were mistakenly disqualified, and will ask county canvassing boards to reconsider those ballots. Reed, however, has said state law allows such recanvassing only before counties certify their results.

    No other counties in Washington planned to recanvass ballots from their certified election results.

    The president of the Washington State Association of County Auditors, Corky Mattingly—the Yakima County auditor—said Thursday auditors statewide have agreed they will not grant any requests to recanvass.

    She said everyone agreed with Secretary of State Sam Reed’s interpretation of the law—that counties don’t have the legal authority to recanvass after their results have already been certified.’

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    Goldy spews:

    NPI beat you this time, Goldy. They posted a blog about thirteen minutes ago.

    Yeah, well if NPI beat me, that’s because Andrew had me on the phone as I was trying to type in my blog entry.

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    Bob from Boeing spews:

    Thanks Brent – that is very good news for some finality to this whole saga.

    Reed should have been as forthright in the beginning. Very strong opinions to the countes and center stage player. Glad he found his mantle, national media on this story. Good for Sam

    Those sho have the stomach- go to the whinningSound blog and tell them what to do. I have to go Christmas shopping.

    When and Where the party?

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    Brent spews:

    With emotions running high recently, I would like to point out a few things. It’s understandable and unfortunate that people got at each other’s throats as we saw happen. I would like to apologize for having taken things to the extremes which I have on occasion, excluding any and all incidents involving Joseph. Jim King, let’s try to get along now. I would like to point out that while I have been passionate about my views, I have also been quite accurate. I predicted that the Supreme Court would rule in the exact way in which it did yesterday, and my projections were correct. I guessed that Gregoire would win by 80 votes without the 732, and 200 if the 732 are added. In both cases, I was off by exactly 70 votes. Now that all counties have certified their results, it’s over. It’s time for all of us, regardless of our political affiliation, to begin to try to work together. It’s time for Gregoire to claim victory and for Rossi to concede defeat.

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    Bob from Boeing spews:

    MY GOD BRENT – you were guessing… at the totals, well, it could have been worse.

    Good olive branch. I apolgize too, and will get some spell checker system, New Year res.

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    Brent spews:

    I looked at Goldy’s data and all the other data I could find. I was off by 70 total, but my projection as to how many extra votes she would receive from the 732 was exactly right, 200 – 80 = 120.

    I use Yahoo! mail’s spell checker.

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    Bob from Boeing spews:

    GOLDY – you miss few of the good ones – why is this blog not dealing with what seems the
    BIG story of the moment, less breast copping/feeling at airports…must have heard the story 80 times now starting yesterday…..there seems to be a sense of the bad Grinch here….will be far fewer stories carred to the beer joint after work, to say nothing of a stifiled fantasy life…

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    AKinCA spews:

    Right on, Ken Schram! If Dino concedes, we can all bury the hatchet. Otherwise, he’ll need to be visited by three ghosts during the night of Christmas Eve. :-)

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    Bob from Boeing spews:

    Adding to my previous post – will the female checkers at Airports have to do less caressing too? Not my imagination as several times I have ben nicley patted and patted, some skilled caressing on the chest, down the inside leg, with a smiling lady…I think I blushed and said thanks both times….

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    Josef spews:

    Brendt, I guess you still hate me. Well, since you can’t spell my name right – I won’t you. In fact, I’ll call you Baghdad Bob Brendt.

    Don’t worry, Rossifarian lawyers will hit back. We have your GPS coordinates. Besides, Marummy Lane has according to UNCONFIRMED reports taking over campaign HQ and is on the phone with her grandfather Donald asking to borrow some JAGs and the fleet!

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    Brent spews:

    Josef, you pointed out how I accidentally misspelled your name and then misspelled my name twice. You’re an incompetent hypocrite. Lawyers can’t do anything in this case. The Supreme Court and the Secretary of State have made it clear that canvassing boards do not have the authority to recanvass after they have already certified their results. In addition, all of the county auditors have agreed not to recanvass. It’s over. Stop acting like a whiny little cry-baby.

  14. 18

    Josef spews:


    BTW: I just got a call from Whiteman AFB: The B-2s are being loaded, Baghdad Bob Berendt with the J-DAMns and the Litigator bombs! We’re fighting for the military vote. This is not OVER. NO CONCESSION. MARUMMY is in command, Dino Rossi is at an undisclosed location, I am her second-in-command and have requested the MOAB of Ken Starr…

    (Okay enough fun with you all. You get the idea.)

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    Josef spews:

    Comment by Brent— 12/23/04 @ 5:06 pm

    As I typed my Part II, you were replying to Part I. Let me reply to you:

    a) Turnabout is fair play. Unless you’re a hypocrite!!!

    b) “Lawyers can’t do anything in this case” – oh, we can. And we shall.

    c) “In addition, all of the county auditors have agreed not to recanvass. It’s over.” That’s a violation of Bush v. Gore!

    d) “Stop acting like a whiny little cry-baby.” SHUT UP. I’M NOT CRYING. I’M FIGHTING BACK. BIG DIFFERENCE!

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    Brent spews:

    The Supreme Court has ruled that canvassing boards cannot be forced to recanvass under any circumstances. The Secretary of State has made it clear that state law strictly prohibits canvassing boards from changing their results after certification. All 39 county auditors have decided not to grant any requests to recanvass. What, exactly, is your legal strategy, Josef? Whine and cry hold your breath until they change their minds?

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    Josef spews:

    Comment by Brent— 12/23/04 @ 5:11 pm

    Our legal strategy is twofold at this point (to be fleshed out in the hours, days and weeks ahead):

    1) Copycat what happened in King County in all 38 other counties…
    2) Contest the election

    More later!

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    Josef spews:

    “Whine and cry hold your breath until they change their minds?”

    Oh, please. I’m not crying. I’m not whining. My Marummy is leading me in battle.

  19. 24

    Brent spews:

    In order to successfully contest the election, you will have to prove that AT LEAST 130 individual votes were fraudulently added, since the amount of fraudulent votes is required to be enough to change the outcome of the election. You still haven’t explained how you intend to deal with the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled that canvassing boards cannot be forced to recanvass, state law strictly prohibits counties from amending their results after they certify their results, and all 39 county auditors have decided not to grant any requests to recanvass.

  20. 25

    It aint over yet..LOL spews:

    oh really?
    All’s one needs to do to contest the election is to be a registred WA Voter,and I just heard on the news that the Republicans are going to contest along with 4 voters. aint over yet.
    If at first you dont win the first two elections, stuff the box or say you “Found” some ballots till you get it right.

  21. 26

    Brent spews:

    I said “In order to successfully contest the election”. The key word there is SUCCESSFULLY. Anyone can contest the election, but if they cannot prove that enough fraudulent ballots were added to change the outcome of the election, they will fail in their efforts.

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    Erik spews:

    Sam Reed and all of the auditors, Democratic and Republican agree that there will be no further re-canvassing. It’s over.

    All there is left is weird rantings about MARUMMY and Ukraine.

    Wait, let me guess all of these Republicans are in on this conspiracy as well.

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    Jenny spews:

    Josef sounds like a little child who just lost a big argument with his sibling, and now he’s threatening to call the police.

    Stop embarrassing yourself, Josef.

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    chuck spews:

    Rossi should concede immediately. This from Ken Schram:

    As one who voted for Dino Rossi, I think it’s time for the Republicans to pack up and move on.

    If you belive Shram voted for ossi, Ive got a new almost complete bridge to sell you located towards Gig Harbor. Ken is just a has been trying to pump up publicity for himself. He wouldnt even sit beside Rossi in church, much less vote fo him
    Ken, you are a

  25. 30

    Brent spews:

    Before the election, Ken Schram endorsed Rossi and claimed he would vote for Rossi. This is consistent with him saying now that he voted for him. Of course, he could still be lying about for whom he voted, but his statements are consistent.

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    bj spews:

    As I occasionally do, I checked in to talk radio to see what the right wing is ranting about today. And, as expected, it’s more entertaining than at any time in recent memory. From Dori Monsen on KIRO to whomever’s filling in at KVI this afternoon (unfortunately, John Carlson’s not there), they’re GOING NUTS!

    They’re talking about storming the canvassing boards, about contesting, about going to the US Supreme Court, about impeachment (even for poor Sam), about civil disobedience, blah blah blah. And they’re talking about homeless people voting (!), and the disenfranchised military vote, and Larry Phillips being part of some sinister evil plot, and blah blah blah some more…

    Savor it.

  27. 33

    Brent spews:

    You’re not too bright, are you, Chuck? You didn’t notice (or chose not to notice) that I simply pointed out what he said before the election and that it is consistent with what he is saying now. On top of that, I also pointed out that he could always be lying, but his statements have been consistent. I didn’t even speculate as to how he voted. I simply pointed out the facts. Learn comprehend what you read, Chuck, or don’t bother responding to anything you read because anything you say will simply make you look stupid.

  28. 34

    chuck spews:

    Chuck, or don’t bother responding to anything you read because anything you say will simply make you look stupid.>>>>

    One thing I just cannot stand is a person that is too thin skinned to take a joke…so Brent I guess I will no longer respond to your post, because when you take things too seriously it is you that looks stupid

  29. 35

    Brent spews:

    Your reply of “That bridge could be yours cheaper than you think Brent…” implies that you believe that I believe that he voted for Rossi, when in reality, I did not speculate about the issue.

  30. 38

    Brent spews:

    Chuck, I realized it’s a joke. The reason I responded as I did is because your joke implies that I believe that he voted for Rossi. You know what? Let’s just drop it. Who cares?

  31. 39

    jcricket spews:

    I agree with all the calls for Rossi to concede. He lost a legal, transparently conducted, observed by 1000s hand recount. If Gregoire had conceded after the machine recount then Rossi would have legally been our governer, but she didn’t, and good for her.

    Republicans also keep talking about trying to get other counties to re-canvass votes. Several people here have argued why that won’t happen (for legal reasons). Another important thing to consider is that if the “universe” of rejected ballots is somehow re-opened for examination, it’s far more likely to benefit democrats. First, read the studies that show (historically) that Democrats (in both Democratic and Republican counties across the county) are far more likely to have their ballots rejected (for a variety of socio-economic reasons + intentional disenfranchisement). Second (as I keep pointing out) the 723 ballots the Supremes ruled should be included do not include the 1000-1500 actually rejected in King County ballots. If the Republicans where somehow successful in getting the county canvassing boards to re-canvass “signature mismatch” ballots (and other rejects), the Democrats would get KC to do the same. KC used stricter signature match guidelines, leading to more than their share of rejected votes (doesn’t include the 723 accidentally misfiled and now counted. So, based on how the counts have gone so far, if all previously rejected votes were “back on the table”, I have little doubt Christine would end up with an even bigger lead.

    So the law and the facts are on our side. Plus state law prohibits another count, and the Republicans have to contest in front of the D-controlled legislature and a court that clearly doesn’t believe their wild accusations without proof. The Rs had weeks to gather evidence of KC voter fraud or mishandling of the 723 ballots, and they sure talked as if they had the evidence. Yet the Supreme court took pains to point out that all the Republicans presented was speculation and accusations, no evidence. So I take all any Republican reports of voter fraud or disenfranchisement with a grain of salt.

    Again, the law, the Supremes, the SOS and now the county auditors are all siding with us, so Republicans can rage all they want. I don’t think they’ll get anywhere.

  32. 41

    chuck spews:

    Now what happened to the “everyones vote should count” slogan? You guys were claiming that was all this was about, sooo, you should back the republicans in making sure that everyones vote counts

  33. 42

    Rae spews:

    Very disappointed here. Sad that King County has pulled off the most obvious bunch of deceit imaginable. For crying out out, most parents can tell in a microsecond when their kids are trying to pull the wool over their eyes. Can the electorate not see what’s so blatant in KC? However, I think we should let it go, plan group buys in Oregon (no sales tax revenue); and concentrate in a big way on getting the election laws cleaned up. Start with KC since they are in the Cook County genre and above all, make the laws and procedures, uniform across the state.

  34. 43

    Brent spews:

    I refuse to back the position that state law should be violated. State law clearly states that canvassing boards do not have the authority to amend their results after they certify them. Every valid vote should count, but not if it would be a violation of state law. The argument that canvassing boards should violate state law is one that suggests we change the rules as we go along. Wasn’t it the Rossi supporters who were talking about how we can’t change the rules as we go along, and that state law should be followed for this election?

  35. 44

    Brent spews:

    Rae, intuition is not enough to convince either the courts or public opinion. You will need to have proof of your claims of fraud. Anyone can contest the election, so go right ahead.

  36. 45

    WesternFlyer spews:

    I heard Mary Lane (Rossi’s mouthpiece) on the news. What a crock. All this talk about going back to get the counties to again recertify misses the underlying statute:

    RCW 29A.64.070

    After the original count, canvass, and certification of results, the votes cast in any single precinct may not be recounted and the results recertified more than twice.

    [2003 c 111 § 1607. Prior: 2001 c 225 § 9; 1991 c 90 § 3. Formerly RCW 29.64.051.]

    They get to certify once after the canvass (which ended 11/17). They get to recertify based on the machine recount (that ended 11/30). They can recertify their second time after their hand recount. Then, that’s it.

    What the Rs seek in terms of getting ballots that were not counted is precisely what the Democrats sought in their first lawsuit the Washington Supreme Court. The Rs opposed what the Ds sought. All the hhandwringing over votes not counted is bunk.

    I firmly believe that Rossi is a tough cookie. I think he will contest the election.

    But, right now, there is no legal basis for what the Rs seek. Moreover, the stalwart auditors have done a magnificent job under tremendous presssure. The auditors want this over. Step back for a minute and look at the calender. Those of Christian faith want to celebrate the birth of our Redeemeer.

  37. 46

    jcricket spews:

    Hey Rae – as I pointed out on another thread, purchases made in non-tax states are subject to “Use Tax” in WA State. That is, you have to report them on your tax returns and pay WA state the appropriate taxes. Same is true of Internet or mail-order purchases where you don’t pay any state taxes.

    Yes, I know, none of us pays the Use Tax, but it’s still the law. So tell me again how advocating a large number of Rossi supporters/Republicans conspire together to break the law is an appropriate response to this situation?

  38. 47

    jcricket spews:

    I love the headline and “lede” on the PI

    Final state results: Gregoire by 130
    After a bruising election and two recounts, Democrat Christine Gregoire emerged as the winner by a 130-vote margin in Washington state’s astonishingly close governor’s race.

    Final… results… winner.

    I love it.

  39. 48

    Chuck spews:

    I refuse to back the position that state law should be violated. State law clearly states that canvassing boards do not have the authority to amend their results after they certify them>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

    The counties have already done this, ie Thurston County. A track record has been established AND accepted by Sam Reed. You cannot say well they can reasses a vote or two here but for this we have to strictly adhere to the law.

  40. 49

    Bob from Boeing spews:

    Sam Reed has indicated he will not accept the the amended certifiction from Thruston……found his club it seems….a bit late, but now he will fight and win with any renegade county….

    The election is over….the state court fights are over….not clear why he want to wait untill next Thrisday, but his call. Maybe that is the reason. It is his call. Sam Reed, expert of elections, is clearly in charge at this point. And the Courts across the state will back him – hey, handy case law, some recent precedents—Call UglyMotherHaterVance and remind him Sam is armed with all he needs, can shoot for bear and moose at the same time as the saying goes.

    Yes, are are savoring—- bj.

    Very astute Jenny and Brent, why is Sam waiting?. Or will he surprise us all on Tuesday and certifiy.

    Comment about the- bellowingSound- most of their posters are out of state rabble rousers. “can’t believe what is happening”, totally uninformed in any substance. I would not even begin to tell Democrats in Oregon or Montana what to do….so funny… pep rally of the ultra frustrated and parinoid.

  41. 50

    WesternFlyer spews:

    Sam Reed is waiting until December 30 to give a decent, Christmas hiatus from count, seeking a TRO, machine recount, Supreme Court I, hand recount, 39 counties report, Supreme Court II.. If he started tomorrow, the lawsuits would begin to fly on Christmas Ever. Remember, any svoter can contest the election.

    Those of the Christian faith should step back and take time to celebrate tthe coming of our hope of salvation. The KVI Rs will take time to launch their litigation avalanche, but not over Christmas, for crying out loud.

  42. 51

    Rae spews:

    And you’re supposed to report any bartering you do, too, but I’m sure few do. Reporting purchases in a non-tax state is the law, but it’s just been shown that the law only applies in certain cases, at certain times. And since you just said that nobody does it, then what’s the problem if half the 3 million votes choose not to do it? Maybe it’s not an appropriate response, but it’s a way I can fight back by NOT financing the increased taxes which are pretty much a done deal now.

  43. 52

    Goldy spews:

    Sam Reed is waiting to officially certify the election until… after he get’s back from vacation. He was out of the office today, and isn’t scheduled to return until the 30th.

  44. 53

    Bob from Boeing spews:

    Thanks, reasonable postition when you are in charge. Sam needed a break, we all do. Bet Sam has some nice grandkids somewhere. Rest up Sam. The best of the Seasons

  45. 55

    Chuck spews:

    Sam Reed has indicated he will not accept the the amended certifiction from Thruston>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Sorry to say but Sam already put the amended thurston county figure on his website, same thing as accepting it.

  46. 56

    jcricket spews:

    You’re kidding, right Chuck? Putting something on a web site is the same as legally accepting it? Courts have ruled that companies, for example, have the right to correct pricing “mistakes” on their web sites – so amazon doesn’t have to give people a TV for a $1 if they meant $100.

    I don’t know what Sam Reed’s stance is on the Thurston County ballot that’s supposedly now in question, but the web site is, frankly, not legally binding. There are other documents that are binding, but the web site isn’t yet one of them.

  47. 58

    Jim King spews:

    Brent- don’t try to coddle up to me while you keep being so ungraceful to Josef… No beer for YOU!

  48. 59

    Josef spews:

    Comment by Jim King— 12/23/04 @ 11:56 pm

    Thanks. To quote Tony Blair: “Backbone, not backdown is what” Washington State “needs”!

  49. 60

    David spews:

    Chuck: When it looked like Rossi would win the election, and Democrats demanded “count every vote,” you were dead-set against it (and in fact you were against counting any ballots with imperfections, folds or smudges on them that might confuse a machine). But apparently you’re not really a man of principle. How can you justify complaining “count every vote” now, now that every valid vote has been counted and it turns out Rossi lost? Now you want counties to un-reject invalid ballots, eh? Sorry — you can’t change the rules after the election’s over.

  50. 61

    David spews:

    Rae teaches us about moral values and being an upstanding citizen:

    Reporting purchases in a non-tax state is the law, but it’s just been shown that the law only applies in certain cases, at certain times. And since you just said that nobody does it, then what’s the problem . . . .?

    That’s right, Rae, the law applies to everybody *else* — but not you. And if he told you that everybody else jumped off a cliff, I guess you’d go right out and jump too. Sheesh.

    That’s two tax cheats just today. No wonder the Republicans are so distrustful and vitriolic . . . they think everyone else is as self-centered, untrustworthy and non-law-abiding as they are. Sad.

  51. 63

    Jim King spews:

    I get such a laugh out of the contortionists- the latest being the reversal by everyone over correcting Thurston County’s error (uh oh- can’t let that stand, or Rossi might have a leg to stand on in other counties…). What about Chelan’s amendment last a week ago Wednesday? What about correcting error, or making every vote count?

    Oh, NOW we need finality. NOW we have an unbreachable deadline. NOW we need to keep counting.

    I’ve been at this so long I do not expect consistency from ANY side in a political battle- but the stench coming from both sides as they try to claim that THEY smell sweet, it’s all them other guys stinkin’, is just too much…

  52. 64

    Brent spews:

    Jim King, we’re reiterating the sentiment of the REPUBLICAN Secretary of State. We are not in support of violating state law, but that’s an unreasonable position to you. You support violating state law and then attack us for defending state law and agreeing with the REPUBLICAN Secretary of State that this race is over and it would be a violation of state law for canvassing boards to amend their results after certification. That’s pathetic. The race is over. Grow up and stop being a sore loser.

  53. 65

    Brent spews:

    How partisan is it for Gregoire supporters to assert that state law states that canvassing boards do not have the legal right to amend their results after they certify? It’s SO partisan that it was originally pointed out by a REPUBLICAN. Jim King, your partisan spin is out of control. You pretend to be fair and reasonable, yet you attack Democratic supporters for supporting the position of the Republican Secretary of State. God I hate it when complete hypocrites accuse others of being hypocritical.

  54. 66

    Jim King spews:

    Brent- crawl back into your swamp- I was condemning both sides, but especially a hypocrite like you who regurgitates the party line of “COUNT All THE VOTES” then starts yelling “BUT STOP NOW- WE ARE AHEAD!!!!

    It is ther people like you- on both sides, that turn my stomach, and who are creating the stench I referred to. You aren’t aping the Republicans- you’ve been making a real ass of yourself from the start, then you try to pretend you are up on the high moral ground.

    It ain’t selling…

  55. 67

    Brent spews:

    You just referred to the Democratic party line as “Stop counting now.” This was first suggested by a Republican, who pointed out that state law states that canvassing boards do not have the legal right to amend their results after they certify them. I’m sick and tired of all of the people like you who chanted “Don’t change the rules!” who are now in favor of changing the rules and ignoring the REPUBLICAN SOS, who has said that this election is over and that any further actions by canvassing boards would be a violation of state law. It’s not like I’m just pulling this out of thin air or even simply pointing out state law. I’M REPEATING THE EXACT STATEMENTS AND SENTIMENTS OF THE REPUBLICAN SECRETARY OF STATE. If that’s following the Democratic party line, then I guess I’m guilty of doing so. I wasn’t aware that ignoring what the Democrats say and only agreeing with and repeating the sentiments of a Republican was along Democratic party lines. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind the next time a Republican wants me to take into consideration what they have to say. I’d better not listen to them or I’ll be labeled as following the Democratic party line.

  56. 68

    Chuck spews:

    Chuck: When it looked like Rossi would win the election, and Democrats demanded “count every vote,” you were dead-set against it>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    You are correct, when that happened I was against it, am still against it. But it was ruled by the courts as the correct thing to do, so now that we have such a ruling, the correct thing to do is count ALL of the votes in light of the new info…incedently you guys were hollering about every vote counting…what happened to that?

  57. 69

    David spews:

    Chuck replies: the correct thing to do is count ALL of the votes in light of the new info…

    In light of the new info? What info? The info that Rossi didn’t get the most votes after all? The Supreme Court didn’t add any new “info” to the race, other than holding that a canvassing board that failed to review and count (or review and reject) ballots could correct its own error under state law. No rules were changed. But your tune did!

    Chuck continues: incedently you guys were hollering about every vote counting…what happened to that?

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I DO believe every vote should be counted — and my understanding is that now every valid vote HAS been counted. Regrettably, not all ballots are valid ballots. Absentee ballots with no signature, or the wrong signature, were rejected. Ballots sent after election day were rejected. I think the 22 ballots found well after the election, unsecured, were rejected. Them’s the rules. I can understand how people whose ballots were rejected would want to appeal that — I would — but it’s a little late (nearly two months after the election, after three vote certifications) to start complaining now!

  58. 70

    jcricket spews:

    Chuck – What happened is that we tried that when we asked for a forced full re-canvassing and the Supreme court of WA state ruled against us. During the second case the Dems were only focused on the KC 735 mistakenly mis-filed and “not fully canvassed”. The Supreme’s agreed that those votes were in KC’s discretion to finish canvassing during the hand recount. The Dems gave up trying to get all the rejected votes reconsidered (there are a lot more in KC than those 735) because the Supremes ruled against them. As Goldy has said, I’m still in favor of counting every vote, as a matter of “good public policy”, but the Supremes have made it clear they don’t support forced re-canvassing.

    So the Republicans were “against the recanvass and now we’re for it. You see, it’s complicated”. They’re “against using the courts, but now we’re for it.” Flip-flop.

    The Supremes clarified their ruling (and the law) in the second ruling to say that counties could use their discretion, which many of them did, before certification, to selectively re-canvass to correct election worker error. Many of the affidavits I’ve heard Rossi’s been able to gather are voters that made errors (forgot to sign envelope, didn’t get their ballot in on time). That’s not the same as the KC 735. Note that during the counting of the 735 KC rejected the ballots with signature mismatches or other voter errors. So the affidavits that Rossi is gathering

    The Supreme’s decidely didn’t change the rules and/or say you must count all votes. So good luck getting the Supreme Court to change the rules now. You might say that Republicans want “activist judges” to change the law when the law doesn’t work the way they want it to.

  59. 71

    jcricket spews:

    (should read “So the affidavits Rossi has gathered are likely properly rejected ballots”)

  60. 72

    jcricket spews:

    David wrote –

    No wonder the Republicans are so distrustful and vitriolic . . . they think everyone else is as self-centered, untrustworthy and non-law-abiding as they are. Sad.

    It is sad, David, but it’s a well understood psychological defense mechanism known as “projection”. From a psychology web site:

    • “Attributing one’s own undesirabe traits to other people or agencies, e.g., an aggressive man accuses other people of being hostile.”
    • “The individual perceives in others the motive he denies having himself. Thus the cheat is sure that everyone else is dishonest. The would-be adulterer accuses his wife of infidelity.”
    • “Projection is the opposite defence mechanism to identification. We project our own unpleasant feelings onto someone else and blame them for having thoughts that we really have.”

    Seems to explain a lot of Republican behavior.

  61. 73

    David spews:

    Well, it explains a lot of human behavior, and particularly (in my opinion) the vitriol of the Republican right wing. But let’s not imply it to Republicans in general.

  62. 74

    David spews:

    Although on second thought, I’m not sure ‘projection’ is the right term. It’s more like failure of imagination: “I feel and act this way, so I assume everybody else does, too.”

  63. 75

    jcricket spews:

    To be fair, you’re right. It definitely applies to the right-wing(nut) faction of the Republicans. Not all of them.

  64. 76

    Bob from Boeing spews:

    Even Jim King is sounding like a sore looser – hard times for all Dino supportrs. Time will heal.

    Remember, Jim, many of us were really stongly saying Gregoire would win with out he contested ballots, she did. They e said she would bain 100 votes if the contested ballots cane in, hey did.

    She won by 130 votes. It is over.

    Do Rossi a favor, help him decide to throw in the towel.

  65. 77

    Jim King spews:

    Bob- I did not condemn Gregoire for seeking the manual recount- I will not condemn Rossi should he contest the election. The sore winners here are sounding like the previously sore winners elsewhere in the Matrices. All the arguments advanced as to why Dino should concede sound EXACTLY like the arguments advanced for why Christine should concede. THAT is the point I am making- left and right sounding so much alike… so hypocritical… so unprincipled. Yet each claims the high moral ground, while living in the swamp.

    I have done no checking on where the Rossi camp stands on grounds for a contest, or the chances of success. All I have done is point out what little it takes to succeed- but you need that little, in hard provable form.

    I have made no claims of fraud- at least not at the uppermost levels, and I am not going to make assertions about what every lowly vote counter may have done- that is not the point. You have never heard me refer to Ukraine County, and you should have noted my disdain for that ilk. I have consistently pointed out that Maleng’s representative sits on the King County Canvassing Board, and that no fraud would be allowed.

    The issue now is error, not fraud. And we will see Dino’s true hand only when it is played- if it is played. And that remains a big IF.

    Bob, I doubt you understand the depth of feeling in sectors of this state about current state government- about L&I inspectors and their guilty until proven innocent charges, of handing over $10,000 or spending $20,000 to prove your innocence. Of not being able to get health insurance for your family or your employees. And so on. Gregoire cannot heal most areas of mistrust, because she would have to turn on the Democratic base to do so.

    There is a very strong sentiment to carry on the fight- the only question is how- a contest, or a four year, hold her feet to the fire campaign, as in parliamentary countries. What choices are made will be most interesting, and I have no clue what they will be.

  66. 78

    Gary spews:

    With Gregoire and other sleasy Socialists, we will have a bigger bureaucracy that will perpetuate itself by creating division among us.

    We would have a real democracy if the government could not descriminate among us, treating us all equally. If government employees got the same as the general public, they would have no free parking space, no paid vacation, no paid holidays, no retirement, no per diem, no training junkets, no secure employment, no use of government parks and other facilities not available to the public, no health care, no big salaries that could never be earned in the real world by working people.

    Doctors trip over themselves to provide service with government health care; with a HMO you cannot expect to be diagnosed, treated, or referred to someone who will do so, even if you present another doctor’s diagnosis (from government care) but you can expect to receive some free samples from a drawer or a piece of paper that tells you to come back for another office call if you have the problem you have.

    How come we are always being frauded to pay for childrens’ education? If the children got all the money taxed for them, then they could support the rest of us. Don’t we have gambling in our state to pay for children’s education, or has the money collected been diverted to government (see government perks above).

    Democracy should allow vibrant business, but level the playing field with public facilities like free public libraries, museums, parks, parking and whatever the public votes crucial. In a democracy, our country would be owned by the people, not by the government.

    I will vote a straight republican ticket until the socialists become democrats again.

    Let us call ourselves the Soviet State of Washington, where did I hear that before.

  67. 79

    Merle Bush spews:

    I believe the voting is not over until all of the questions about the
    missing ballots has been proven as valid. Where did the
    Demos find “New” ballots?? Too many unanswered questions.
    I would help finance a recount.