Join me at the “Send a Message” Town Hall

I’ve devoted a lot of bytes the past couple days to the Burn Bush for Burner online fund drive, because, well, the sad truth about politics is that money talks. And believe me, hitting our ambitious $100,000 target will be heard loud and clear in both Washingtons, so if you haven’t already given, please give now.

Help Darcy Burn Bush: $

That said, this ambitious netroots fund drive was really only an afterthought a few of us bloggers put together around the Darcy Burner campaign’s ambitious plans to hold a virtual town hall on Iraq to coincide with President Bush’s $10,000/person funder for Dave Reichert. And I haven’t written nearly enough about the town hall itself.

The “Send a Message” Town Hall will be held Monday afternoon at 3pm PST at the Bellevue Westin, just three blocks from the Hyatt where Reichert and Bush will be holding their exclusive high-donor affair. Space is very limited, but don’t you worry because that’s where the word “virtual” comes in. The entire event will be streamed live a, throughout Washington’s 8th Congressional District, the nation and the world. You are all invited to sign up, submit your questions, and then watch the town hall from the comfort of your own computer.

In addition to Burner, panelists will include:

    Moderator Joan McCarter — Writing under the pseudonym “mcjoan” at DailyKos, where she is also a fellow, Joan is one of the best known and respected voices in the blogosphere. She writes regularly about the Iraq War, campaign strategy and other issues, and recently co-moderated the YearlyKos presidential candidates’ debate in Chicago. She is currently working on a book about the politics of the American West.

    Jon Soltz — the co-founder and chairman of, Jon is a veteran of the Iraq War, where he served as a captain with the 1st Armored Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is considered one of the country’s most authoritative voices on veterans and military issues and is a regular contributor to the MSNBC program “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann. He also blogs on military and veterans issues at the Huffington Post.

    Navy Capt. Larry Seaquist (ret.) — a former US naval officer, Captain Seaquist commanded a number of warships including the battleship USS IOWA during his distinguished 32-year career. He also served as a senior security strategist in the Pentagon including an appointment as the Director of Policy Research in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. During the period leading up to the Gulf War he was Acting Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Planning. He currently serves in the Washington State legislature and writes regularly for major newspapers and defense journals.

    Lorin Walker — serves as vice-president of VetPac, a political action committee dedicated to electing candidates who preserve the values for which veterans have served, fought and died. She is the daughter of Captain Bruce C. Walker USAF, MIA 1972. A resident of Washington State, she is active in veterans affairs and Democratic politics and works at Microsoft.

    Professor Clark Lombardi — teaches comparative law at the University of Washington and is an expert on Islamic legal systems. He recently returned from a trip to Iraq, and speaks knowledgably about the difficulties the United States faces in Iraq in creating functioning civil institutions that are critical to the functioning of a stable and effective democracy.

Major General Paul D. Eaton (ret.), who went to Iraq in 2003 to lead the effort to recreate the Iraqi military from scratch, and who since his retirement has stepped forward to speak plainly about the Bush administration’s incompetence in conducting the Iraq War and callousness in treating its active duty forces and veterans, is unable to attend in person but has submitted a video statement for the “Send a Message” virtual town hall. The same is true of Ambassador Joe Wilson, who exposed the administration’s efforts to falsely hype the Iraqi regime’s efforts to acquire nuclear materials from Niger in the run-up to the war and has been forthright ever since in .

The participants will answer questions submitted over the web or via Youtube video clips and will offer their expertise on our current dilemma in Iraq and the impact it is having on our nation, our military, and our reputation in the world.

This first-of-its-kind forum promises to be as innovative and ground breaking as the netroots fund drive that sprang up around it. For further details about how you can participate, visit today, and check regularly between now and Monday for updates.

And oh yeah… be sure to go to Burn Bush Act Blue page, and give whatever you can.


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    Hmm. My recollection is that it is scheduled to last an hour. I can only assume that it will be made available afterward online for viewing.

  2. 4

    Dan Rather spews:

    hehehehe How cute. The left got a bunch of retired cowards to form a front group to show they are for the military. hahahaha

  3. 5

    michael spews:


    You might want to check your facts before you go spouting off.

    On second thought, please don’t check your facts. Every time you spout off you drive more people away from the Republican party. Keep up the good work Dan!

  4. 7

    Dan Rather spews:


    Boy, I cant wait to see you dems campaign at a military base. hehehehehe That would be fun to watch.

  5. 8

    michael spews:


    I watched Rep. Seaquist do just that in the ’06 election. Not only was Capt. Seaquist extremely well received he beat the tail off the Republican in the precincts where those folks live.

  6. 9

    Mark spews:

    Roger Rabbit says:

    @4 What war did you fight, Rambo?

    RR – go hump your pet rabbit and shut the fuck up!!!!

  7. 10

    michael spews:

    @9 It’s a pretty simple question really, no need to swear.

    Me, I didn’t fight in any wars. Too many of my relatives came home screwed up from Viet Nam and Korea for me to join the service.

  8. 11

    Mark1 spews:

    Goldy and his merry band of poor dumb liberals would be hard pressed to get 1K let alone 100K. Keep dreaming fools.

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    Here is a letter I recently wrote to Ms Burner. I have not recieved a response so I am hoping maybe some of her supporters can help me out.

    Ms Burner,

    I have recently become active in politics because of Ron Pauls campaign for president. I am doing what I can to help him win the primary. I am also thinking I should be spending time helping a congressional campaign at the same time.

    I see you have at the top of your issues page ( that you “I will do everything in my power to fulfill that oath[to uphold the constitution].” This really excites me and is the reason I am behind Ron Paul. He however has 20 years of congressional records showing that he truly means that. All I have to go off for you is the web page above. Unfortunately I am finding many parts contradictory with your determination to uphold the constitution.

    Please give me the articles/sections of the constitution that authorize the federal government and specifically congress to do the things you suggest for the following issues…

    1. Education
    2. Health Care
    3. Stem Cell Research
    4. Transportation

    If you can reconcile this in a satisfactory way I will definitly do what I can to help you get elected.

    Also what are your thoughts on Ron Pauls campaign for President?

  10. 17

    Daddy Love spews:

    4 DR

    And the Right got a bunch of you guys to call them “cowards” to show exactly how you support the miltary. It’s brilliant. I’m sure all our active-duty soldiers who feel like they are fighting for their own right to free speech (and yours) will support your side all the more as you smear their service if they dare to exercise it.

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    Me, the original and only spews:

    I have a message I’d like to send to darcy.

    Darcy, you are a useless twat that needs to get (and KEEP) a job in the real world, you need to volunteer for anything other than something that serves your interests. You need to grow up and stop depending on the adulation of immature pricks like goldstein and his ilk. Find something to actually offer us than your BDS and mocling of people WE CHOSE over you.