John McCain: where men are men, and Pat Buchanan is nervous

Jesus… if John McCain makes Pat Buchanan “nervous”, the rest of us should be shitting bricks.

Presidential candidate John McCain shocked observers on Sunday when he told a crowd of supporters, "There’s going to be other wars. … I’m sorry to tell you, there’s going to be other wars. We will never surrender but there will be other wars."

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough asked old-line conservative Pat Buchanan about McCain’s remarks, saying, "He talked about promising that more wars were coming. … Is he so desperate to get off the economic issue?"

Pat Buchanan replied that McCain never used the word "promise" but simply said there would be more wars, and that from McCain’s point of view, "that is straight talk. … You get John McCain in the White House, and I do believe we will be at war with Iran."

"That’s one of the things that makes me very nervous about him," Buchanan went on. "There’s no doubt John McCain is going to be a war president. … His whole career is wrapped up in the military, national security. He’s in Putin’s face, he’s threatening the Iranians, we’re going to be in Iraq a hundred years."

I’m pretty sure that Pat Buchanan and I agreeing on stuff was prophesied as a sign of the impending End Times. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if John McCain wins the Republican nomination, this election won’t be about the war in Iraq, it will be about war with Iran.


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    YLB spews:

    People should remember that the neo-cons originally supported McCain over Bush in 2000.

    Rudy is the one candidate who has embraced them the most this time around (particulary the most bat shit insane ones like Pipes and Podhoretz).

    But McCain will probably employ the more sober and behind the scenes neo-cons like Abrams and Hadley to support his war policies.

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    I-Burn spews:

    I’d like to see a successful write-in campaign for “None of the Above”, for president.

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    ArtFart spews:

    3 So would the people who brought us eight years of Bush.

    Admittedly, I’m torn about this. I’ve already told the Democratic party I’m not giving them a dime (although I may contribute to specific candidates) after watching Congress kiss Bush’s ass for the last two years. I haven’t really been all that interested in who’s ahead in what primary caucus since Kucinich, Paul and Richardson dropped out–or should I say, were declared out of the race by the media.

    Nonetheless, we all know that the lower the turnout on election day, the better the GOP seems to do. That was the case even before they developed the ability to have large numbers of “Christian” soldiers march to the polls on cue.

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    Reformed republican spews:

    @3: When people of conscience don’t vote, we end of with elected officials with no conscience.

    It should not be a hard choice – both Hilary and Obama want to get us out of Iraq as soon as possible. Romney and McCain want to be in Iraq for 100 years and to try to attack Iran.

    Huckabee supposedly wants us out of Iraq – but he has more in common with the Iranian mullahs than with the american people on science, evolution and religion.

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    Buchanan is a paleoncon. He was against the war; hates the neocons, can’t stand George Bush I or II; and is an old-fashioned isolationist. He’s also freakish about the borders and losing our judeo-christian culture and identities to the little brown people. McCain sponsored the “amnesty’ bill, which to him is akin to the Munich Agreement.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Roger Rabbit Fucked Up

    Okay, I admit it, I’ve made mistakes. This time, I fucked up big time.

    I’m referring to a comment I posted in a previous thread in which I pointed out that all of the Democratic delegates will be chosen in the Feb. 9 caucuses, but Republicans have allocated half of their delegates to the winner of the Feb. 19 primary, so it’s pointless to vote in the Democratic primary and we may as well use our votes to help the Republicans choose THEIR candidate. After all, they need all the help they can get, because there isn’t a prayer of them doing this right by themselves.

    For some time, I suggested that I might vote for Huckabee when I temporarily become a Republican on Feb. 19. But recently, I announced that I plan to “do the responsible thing” and vote for McCain.

    Boy, did I ever fuck that up!

    Fortunately, there’s still time to rectify my mistake. By Feb. 19, we’ll have the Super Tuesday results, and it’ll probably have narrowed to a two-man race between Romney and McCain by then. It’ll still mighty tempting to vote for The Huck just to embarrass the GOPers. And, I actually AGREE with Huck’s economic populism and immigration stance, to a point. The rest of his agenda sucks, but why should anyone give a shit if he’s out of the running? So, maybe I’m back to Huckabee. Otherwise, Romney is the default choice. There’s absolutely nothing there to vote FOR; that would have to be understood as a vote AGAINST McCain, and nothing else. I’ll let you know what I finally decide to do, when I know myself.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I should have said the Republicans will choose half of their delegates in the primary. My understanding is they will be divided proportionally and I misspoke in making it sound like a winner-take-all primary. I don’t believe that’s the case, but anyone who’s on top of this should feel free to clarify this point for the rest of us.

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    Jerry spews:

    no votes for any F$%&@G R’s here, not once, not ever, So McCain is a war nut? Big surprise? Probably still thinks he’s fighting HO Chi Minh. We got what we got and now we got to get the bloody D elected no matter what. Otherwise eight more years of this crap is gonna send me to New Zealand, with or without the wife, it’s not gonna matter at that point…

    So Obama or your Mama, don’t matter just so long as they got that D!

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    Jack Flanders spews:

    Hmmm….is it 1996 all over again? The young(ish) Democrat against the “maybe too old” long term Republican Senator.

    Is it TOO much to ask to just get a ‘normal’ Republican…an old fashioned small business, small government, fiscal conservative who doesn’t pander to the nutball religious right…versus a constructive government, pro-union, environmental centered Democrat who isn’t sold out to the major corporations. That would be nice. I almost wouldn’t care who wins. I hate having to vote for who’s LESS crazy, rather than who’s really representative of my needs.

    I’m a gay fiscally conservative Midwest environmental activist gun owner with my own business. Who the [BLEEP] am I supposed to vote for!?

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    So who would you rather have as the Republican nominee, Mitt (The Rat) Romney. The race looks like it’s between those two, and I sure has hell would rather see McCain.

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    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    ArtFart: “both Hilary and Obama want to get us out of Iraq as soon as possible.”

    Really? I remember Heilary saying… 2013. is that as soon as possible?

    Google Hillary Out of Iraq 2013.

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    Why would anybody listen to Pat Buchanan? Come on… isn’t it obvious that he’s just trying to bolster Huckabee?

    Based on Roger Rabbit’s comments, I think that it is obvious why the blanket primary was abandoned. Party nuts set out to destroy the process so that they can shut out moderate voters from the process.

    I hope that you guys don’t live in the 2nd district. You have to see what party Tom Campbell is running under this year to decide if he’s a good guy this time around or not.

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    Dr. Wag spews:

    McCain is a disaster waiting to happen. Enough of the old guard! He can’t hold a candle to Romney but you can bet McCain is calling in his dirty chips one by one; watch them crawl out of the rat holes. Bill Clinton campaigning without his wife present is getting more media coverage than the majority of real candidates running. Shame on the political meatgrinders! The Clinton Duo’s willingness to double-dip, place other Democrate candidates at a grave disadvantage, is historical and shamefull. That is why Obama has my vote. Plus, he is a cut above. Hillary screeching like a banshy is not what I want to hear for four years. Bet former Clinton political advisor got a screech or two when he revealed she had traveled to San Francisco after her graduation and spent a year internship with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist Party. For all the Repers in Reper Land Party, ixnay McCain. For all the Demos in Demo Land, ixnay Clinton.

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    Dr. Wag spews:

    Another wag that gives me a burr in my tail is this: Bill & Hillary’s sweetheart uranium deal;transaction worth tens of millions of dollars to a Mr. Giustra.
    Very shortly after the Kazakh pact was solidified. Odd as it does not seem, Mr.Clinton got a $31.3 million donation from Giustra. In addition, Giustra pledged an additional $100 million to the William J. Clinton Foundation. No surprise that with the Clintons,secret inner circles and secret special privilege are synonymous.