John Edwards endorses Obama

At a rally in Michigan this afternoon, Barack Obama surprised the crowd by introducing John Edwards, who proceeded to endorse Obama for the Democratic nomination.

Michigan Messenger was there live blogging, and has an unedited transcript online.

Again, as demonstrated by NARAL earlier today, the Democratic Party and its constituent organizations are rallying together around Obama.  This thing is over.


  1. 1

    GBS spews:

    President Obama.

    Has a nice ring to it.

    Of course, anything other than McBush, McSame, McSlimy is better.

  2. 2

    Edward Prentice spews:

    First of all Goldy,congrats on your Anniversary – you really have a great Blog.Now having said that I am a conservative Democrat -so my question to you is what do you think of a Conservative Democrat as a VP for Obama?I believe this would really unite the party and bring over all the working class whites that have supported Hilary.

  3. 5

    michael spews:


    Richardson! A VP with a track record of being able to get conservative Dems and Republican votes would be a good move and show that the Obama ticket really is about moving the country forward.

  4. 6

    Tommy Tompson spews:

    Goldy, we all know that a liberal is someone with no values, morals or standards, and weak at the knees. And a Conservative is a patriot with family values who never lies, cheats or steals. Exactly how it is written in the Bible.

    The Tommy

  5. 7


    to Edward Prentice…

    my question to you is what do you think of a Conservative Democrat as a VP for Obama?I believe this would really unite the party and bring over all the working class whites that have supported Hilary.

    Who did you have in mind? I don’t think he’ll choose another Senator, which would exclude Evan Bayh and Jim Webb. I’d like to see someone with foreign policy cred, like Wes Clark.

    My other question for you is whether you can/do back Obama.

  6. 8

    My Left Foot spews:


    Vito Fossella,Republican from NY, great family values guy, he had two at the same time. Great liar, “I am separated from my wife”. Great on the no cheating too, since he admitted the baby is his.

  7. 9

    GBS spews:

    Jack Abramoff
    Bob Ney
    Duke Cunningham
    Scooter Libby
    Tom DeLay
    Larry Craig

    These men represent The Tommy boy’s values and patriotism — if you’re with al Qeada that is.

  8. 10

    GBS spews:

    But, then again, The Tom-Boy, is irrelevant like the rest of his conservative ilk.

    You losers make me laugh.

  9. 12

    What'sittoya spews:

    I think Obama is better off with Edwards than Hillary as Veep. If he picked Hillary, he’d have to hire a food-taster for sure.

    I’m no Obama admirer, but even I would advise him to stay far, far away from the Clintons.

  10. 13

    Edward Prentice spews:

    Goldy,I’m a Scoop Jackson Democrat-I am pro-life,I am for a small government (which means low taxes),huge supporter of the second amendment,very much pro-military (having been in for 12 years.Currently I think it is being abused by bush and his cronies).I am the owner of a small business so I am very much in favor of policies that help small businesses as we create over 75% of the jobs in this state.By the way your advertising rates are very reasonable!!

  11. 15

    Edward Prentice spews:

    To N in Seattle, as of now I cannot vote for Obama-so it really really depends who he chooses for VP.Now as to who-I would feel comfortable with someone like Sam Nunn or various other Blue Dog Democrats.

  12. 16

    ArtFart spews:

    13 It’s seemed to be something of a challenge, at least for the last half century, to reconcile “small government” with “pro-military”.

    Not to say that BushCo hasn’t talked both, while walking neither.

  13. 18

    Roger Maggot spews:

    “John Edwards really knows how to pick those winners.”

    Actually, we had it won when, about the day before yesterday, Limbaugh said it was a 70% or 80% slam dunk that Hillary would be our next president. Rush has been infallible since 1995: 100% wrong about everything.

    Today he attributed GOP meltdown to maverick McCain moderates (you think Limbaugh’s been dumping on Democrats for the last decade? He’s been dumping on McCain), but most of us know better. Republican conservatism has been trashed by Limbaugh and Bush.

    Somebody smart said that it took 30 years to build Reagan’s winning coalition. It took GWB less than two years to destroy it.

  14. 20

    GBS spews:

    18 & 19:

    Obama could run no one on the VP ticket and still SMACK DOWN McCain’s old sorry ass right to the ground.

  15. 22

    GBS spews:

    It’s a fact: 10 out of 10 terrorists support George W. McCain for president.

    Nothing pumps up recruitment in the ranks of al Qeada like a failed Republisame president.

  16. 23

    Veep Hillary spews:

    Roger “Chimp Face” Rabbit has redeeming social value: he points the way to an exit strategy you desperately need. How do you get Clueless Clinton out of the way? To use Rabbit’s word, “rapture” the bad bitch to Methodist Heaven. Problem solved.

  17. 24

    Just Another Terrorist 4 Geriatric John spews:

    “‘We like Mr. Obama, and we hope that he will win the elections,’ Ahmed Yousuf, Hamas’ top political adviser in the Gaza Strip, said in an exclusive interview with WND and with the John Batchelor Show on WABC Radio in New York.”

  18. 25

    'Crat Math: 2025 = 2209 = $20,000,000 spews:

    Goldy’s Death March To Denver: Now that Hillary’s moved your goalposts by a few hundred delegates, give or take, you’ve got to do the math: Does she add to her self-esteem by gracefully going away? By settling for sloppy seconds on a ticket with Obama in the top spot?

    Or by making deals on her $20-million deficit and debt? Is it worth $20 mil to Donkeycrats to get her gone? Can she play the game like Kaka Maria Cantwell (who got that “sweet”heart deal from U.S. Bank) and treat herself to enough fundraisers to pay off her creditors (Bill & Hill) with interest?

    Or will all those Criminal McDermott fundraisers drain your swamp? What’s a jackass to do?

    (Debt stuff here: Bill & Hill repay themselves with interest, if they play it right.)

  19. 26

    proud leftist spews:

    We don’t need Ohio if we can take the Mountain West. How about Brian Schweitzer, Montana’s governor, or Bill Richardson for VP? I also like the Kansas governor, Kathleen Sebelius, though Kansas is a bit shy on mountains. In any event, a governor from a rural state would not be a bad choice.

  20. 27

    Ecumenical NoDak Joke spews:

    Obama-Racicot ’08?

    But seriously … CO is more in play and more important to Goldycrats than is MT. The Democrat Denver Death March is a baby step in the right direction of displacing Ohio in your pantheon, but better cover your bets: Is Ben Nighthorse Campbell still breathing? Can he be induced to re-switch and run with your man?

  21. 28

    SeattleJew spews:


    Obama is a fifty state candidate. The Christian Broadcasting Network ran a pro Obama piece today!

    Yeh, SJ has hero worship. BUT I AM NOT ALONE. BO is a once in a lifetime candidate and he has a basic appeal that all Americans can respond to.

    McCain’s best chance .. ask BHO if he will take the old mean on as a VEEP!

  22. 29

    Swiftboat Vets for Universal Healthcare spews:

    @ 13

    You can’t be for small government and call yourself a Scoop Jackson Democrat. Scoop was big everything: big govmint healthcare, big govmint wars in SE Asia, big govmint environmental protection, big govmint union supporter, and big govmint price controls on crude during the late 70’s…

    Scoop was not a small govmint guy in the slightest. Even when he was conservative, he was big government.

  23. 31

    Swiftboated Scoop Jackson Vanick spews:

    Jackson was a paleo-neo-con big-government compassionate liberal conservative.

  24. 32

    Senator Kleagle (D-WV) spews:

    “We don’t need Ohio …”

    But you may need almost-heaven West Virginia, since Hillary notes that no ‘Crat’s won without it since 1916.

    So … Obama-Kleagle Byrd ’08? How’s that for post-racial politics?

  25. 34

    Tommy Tompson spews:

    We don’t even have a Democrat as President yet and you can already here the crying, what loosers. After all the smart things GW has said, all you got is a 57 state blunder. At least GW acknowledges Global Warming, right PuddyDickforBrains! Giveeeeeeeeeeeee Meeeeeeeeeee A Breaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.

  26. 35

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:


    It’s more like laughing. Every four years you donks always say the same thing and in the end you get beat. But hey at least you can pretend.

  27. 36

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    The 57 state blunder is worse than the potatoe incident and the real campaign hasn’t even started yet. This will be easy. heheehe

  28. 39

    cmiklich spews:

    Why did Obama bother going to church all those years other than it was to join the “black Klan”?

    It certainly wasn’t to be *any* kind of Christian. No one who has an abortion or advocates abortions without repenting it as a sin before death will ever see the Kingdom of Heaven. God will NOT allow unrepentant sinners into his presence.

  29. 40

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @5 Richardson sandbagged us in 2004. He cared more about his faction of New Mexico’s Democratic Party winning their internecine brawl than whether Kerry knocked Bush out of the White House. After reading about what Richardson did in Greg Palast’s book “Armed Madhouse,” I have no use for him.

  30. 41

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Obama and Edwards appeal to the same demographic — high-brow, educated, higher-income, progressive Democrats — so I don’t think this changes the dynamics of the remaining primaries or does anything to hasten Hillary’s departure from the race.

  31. 42

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @11 Nah, you had ‘em fooled for a minute. But I know you’re one of ours. I’m laughing.


  32. 43

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @26 “I also like the Kansas governor, Kathleen Sebelius”

    Bingo! She tops the Beltway pundits’ list of Obama veep prospects. Why? Because she’s (a) a governor (b) and a woman (c) from a GOP heartland state. Plus, she’s a smart and capable politician. Damn good odds she’ll be on the ticket. Almost no chance Hillary will be.

  33. 44

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @23 Sorry, the rapture bus is full. Too many Republicans to get rid of. Hillary isn’t priority.

  34. 46

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @32 There’s a first time for everything, but I have a feeling this year you Repubs will have to take whatever states you can get — if any.

  35. 47

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @34 G. W. Bush — Global Warming Bush. I like it! Has just the right “ring” to it. (Visualize coal-fired power plant belching smoke into atmosphere and white flaky ashes raining down over thousands of square miles.)

  36. 49

    Puddybud spews:

    Hey TommySmallDickForHisThompson vomited:

    At least GW acknowledges Global Warming, right PuddyDickforBrains!

    PuddyFact #5: Global Warming is identified in the Bible in Revelation. I realize you’ve never cracked open the Bible…otherwise you’d know this fact.

    Thanks for playing Tommy. It’s great you show your ignorance and stupidity…

  37. 50

    YLB spews:

    49 –

    Let us pray,

    Dear God, Stupes supposedly has a direct connection to you. For the love of you and the humble benefit of all us non-believers please rapture this insufferable know-it-all up just like it says in all those stupid “left behind” books.


  38. 51

    Puddybud spews:

    clueless idiot@50: Since now you are praying to one who’s Son you reject, please demonstrate your innate intelligence and show us where in the Bible rapture is.

    Tick tock….