Joel hurts my feelings

I feel snubbed

Locally, an iron triangle of left interest groups (e.g. NARAL) liberal media (The Stranger, PubliCola) and the labor left (SEIU) seek to impose ideological requirements while slamming any Democrat who hints at moderation.

What am I… chopped liver?

Other than that, I kinda agree with Joel.


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    rhp6033 spews:

    Don’t be so sad. The Seattle Weekly has you near the top of their online edition…

    “- Goldy at HorsesAss pats himself on the back for predicting a Senate run for former King County Executive Candidate Susan Hutchison. “

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    rhp @1,

    Really? You’d think I’d see some traffic from the link. Are you sure there still is a Seattle Weekly?

  3. 9


    @8: Food!

    But, really, Joel’s idea of left and right is skewed–from my viewpoint, most of us are quite moderate, perhaps a hair to the left of the national center.

  4. 10

    Mark1 spews:

    Poor little Goldy and his growing inferiority complex….wwwwaaahhhh!!! Starting to realize how minute and irrelevant you are Goldy? About time.

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    FakeDavidGoldsteinHA spews:

    My dominant emotions are envy and resentment. They define who I am and are the basis of my politics. A strong third, although I don’t know for certain, is schadenfreude.

  6. 13

    Empty Suit Obama spews:

    What am I… chopped liver?

    actually, I’d classify you as chopped kidney.

    I agree with David Goldstain @ 12