It’s because you’re Nazi communists

The reason the BIAW campaign Dino Rossi campaign for governor didn’t let Goldy and Josh in to cover their press conference yesterday is because Goldy and Josh are probably Nazi communists. Who can forget this gem from the March issue of the BIAW newsletter, which Goldy had a great deal of fun with?

What environmentalists offer today, instead of the racist German National Socialism that defined the Nazi party, is an international environmental socialism, an amalgam of Nazism and communism—an international environmental socialism with a centralized planning scheme. But this amalgam is increasingly at odds with itself, causing a rift within the environmental lobby, with builders caught in the middle.

The issue really isn’t about name-calling, it’s about the constant inaccuracy of the right wing. Nobody with an ounce of common sense would try to shoehorn mainstream environmentalism into a made-up box called “an amalgam of Nazism and communism.” But they do it anyway, with any idea that strikes them as even faintly liberal, from tax policy to social policy to foreign policy, from the BIAW to the RNC to Sam the Non-Plumber.

I can never decide if it’s entirely deliberate, or if these people are just so profoundly ignorant of history they simply cannot express themselves clearly. At any rate, a vote for Dino Rossi is an endorsement of the inaccurate and inflammatory baloney being peddled at all levels of the Republican Party right now. It’s all they have left, you Swedish Islamo-Nazi-Liberal-Fascist Meatballs.


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    Meatballs? Meatballs!?! Hey…now you’re hittin’ Rossi with an ethnic slur.

    The wrath of Wingding outrage will now descend upon you like…like, a swarm of, um… like those helicopter thingies that drop from trees.

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    Jeremy spews:

    In just two years both Dick Sanders and Jim Johnson will be up for reelection to try holding onto their Supreme Court seats. They are the BIAW’s boys, and they need to go down hard. The BIAW has had great success on the Supreme Court, and we must not allow the third leg of our government to continue to rot with BIAWitis.

    We’ve got a good candidate about to announce as a challenger to Sanders in 2010 (sorry, can’t ruin the suspense yet), and we’ve had some nibbles from several qualified progressives who may take a shot at J. Johnson.

    Good times ahead!

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    palamedes spews:

    Aren’t we being called the Meatballs?

    Actually, after being called Islamo-Nazi-Communists and DFH’s, Meatballs almost sounds….friendly.

    At least we wouldn’t have to deal with the constant “throw it against the wall and hope someone shows the Depends they’re wearing weren’t struggled on in vain” malarkey.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Here is what you said about yourself a week ago or so:

    I myself have been called a partisan hack, and maybe it’s true, but the difference is, I’m not the largest newspaper in the state. I’m not Washington’s self-proclaimed paper of record. And I’ve never pretended to be impartial, balanced or objective. No, I’m just a partisan, foul-mouthed, dirty fucking blogger, but with its latest NRCC press release cum front page story, the Times has proven itself to be less credible than even me.

    You should be happy Goldy….at least they admitted they believed you on something for a change!

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    Steve spews:

    Ranching in Montana is such easy work. It affords Cynical the time to post morning to night on a Western Washington political blog. He also has plenty of time to dine at his favorite cafe in Lacey, just a short hop from the BIAW headquarters in Olympia. Yes, ranching in Montana is such easy work.

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    slingshot spews:

    Rossi is from the Gestapo wing of the Rove party. The politicization and corruption of the justice department which led to the firing of US Attorneys, John McKay here in Wa. is just the can of snakes the Dino would love to open. He’ll turn Washington State’s election system into a Florida/Ohio one-party-rule cluster fuck….a race to the bottom.

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    Michael spews:

    The funny thing about the enviro’s are commie nazi is that many of the founders of the environmental movement were Republicans and most environmentalism is, in the classical sense of the word, conservative.

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    Michael spews:

    Um… Yeah #10 should read:

    The funny thing about the enviro’s are commie-nazi’s meme is that many…

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    Blaine spews:

    David Postman did a great job of deconstructing the BIAW’s distortions and lies regarding their “enviros = Nazis” charade.


    Short version: Postman contacted all the sources the BIAW cites to make these ridiculous claims. Each and every source told Postman that the BIAW not only got it wrong, but had twisted the conclusions of their research to reflect an outcome totally opposite from the results of their research.

    Luckily, the end of the Rovian era is near.

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    Dr Barry Napier spews:

    Sadly, my friend, the environmental movement DOES have its roots in both Marxism and Fascism. My own recent book proves it beyond doubt. It is also the view shared by Dr Klaus, President of the Czech Republic. This has nothing to do with trite dislike of anything new! It is a fact of history. Environmentalism will destroy economies around the world and get rid of freedoms. Look behind the falsity of green claims.