It’s a one-man race King County Democratic Chair

There won’t be much suspense this Saturday when King County Democratic PCO’s vote for a new chair, now that labor activist Karl de Jong has dropped out of the race due to health reasons. That leaves longtime activist Steve Zemke as the only candidate, for what really can be a very time consuming and thankless job.

Steve isn’t exactly charismatic, but he knows the nuts and bolts of grassroots politics like nobody else, and he’s not afraid to do the necessary, but boring stuff. In fact, he seems to relish in it. So I have high hopes for his administration.


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    notaboomer spews:

    so what happened in the goldy-tsa showdown on the way back from thanksgiving? did you represent or not?

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Do you think the real reason the Labor guy pulled out is because of the huge deficit for the next Budget and that there will be a war between the Labor Unions and the taxpayer representatives?
    Health reasons??
    I doubt it.
    Think of it this way Goldy…
    Democrat elected officials responsible for negotiating with the people that elected them and a Party Chair who is also a Union Guy.
    Wouldn’t work very well, would it?

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    TacomaGuy spews:

    Mr. Cynical,

    Certainly live up to your screen name.

    It is as Goldy stated.


    Sometimes it’s good to not let the inside voices speak online.

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    tienle spews:

    Have the State Dems decided yet if there are going to be Caucuses in 2012? Or does that decision get made after the reorganization? I’ve been through the website and can’t find an answer.

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    tienle @5:

    Have the State Dems decided yet if there are going to be Caucuses in 2012? Or does that decision get made after the reorganization? I’ve been through the website and can’t find an answer.

    Can’t imagine that we’ll go without caucuses. That’s the way we choose a large portion of our delegates to the national convention.

    It would go against everything the state party stands for to select the CD-level delegates in any way other than bottom-up, and that process almost guarantees holding precinct, LD, and CD caucuses.

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    ivan spews:

    N @ 7:

    If redistricting is done in a timely fashion, all Legislative District party organizations will have to reorganize and elect new officers, because their boundaries all will have changed, and they all will be, in effect, new Districts.

    If this conflicts with precinct caucuses, the precinct caucuses will get pitched. Reorganization is required by state law. Precinct caucuses aren’t.

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    How, then, will we choose our DNC delegates? I assume that elected PCOs will remain in place, even if they’re now in different LDs than they used to be, so perhaps the PCOs will become the equivalent of “precinct delegates” at an LD caucus.

    (Maybe I should ask David McDonald, the fount of all politico-legal knowledge.)

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    enough is enough spews:

    why dont they just call the position what it really is:

    The Ron Sims Memorial King Crook of King County position.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @6 Geez, Goldy, being an asshole and not knowing what he’s talking about define his whole persona; so, if you take that away from him, he’d be nothing but an empty shell.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @11 Sims was a big spender who never met a tax he didn’t like, but he was above-board about it, and the money didn’t go into his own pockets. I can’t say the same for all the crooked Republican ex-congressmen now doing time in federal penal institutions.

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    Perfect Voter spews:

    Dems have held precinct caucuses every 2 years like, forever, up until this year, which was skipped only because it was an “off” year, a non-presidential year. Damn right they will hold them in a presidential year — they are the ground level of the process for selecting our state delegates to the national convention.

    Redistricting will be decided by January; the R’s will have an interest in the process also, so redistricting commissioners will have their deals cut on time.

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    Dave spews:

    Ivan, N

    Final Bouundaries after redistricting will be Jan 2012 at earliest, late April at the latest. There is no way reorganizations can occur in that time frame and what is the RCW that calls for reorg’s any time except January of odd numbered years??

  13. 18

    Dave spews:

    April isn’t. And that’s more likely. And it’s easier over there where it’s crowded :)

    For better or worse, much of the organization for 2012 takes place this January in Oly.