Irons violates county ethics code?

Well, credit where credit is due. Apparently, King County Councilman and executive-wannabe David Irons Jr. is such a commanding leader, that he’s managed to cajole his council staff into performing two distinct jobs on a single county paycheck.

A quick look at Irons’ campaign website finds that over half the press releases on his press page were written by council staffers, with links going directly back to his official council web page. And he’s sure kept his staffers on their heels during this busy campaign season: since officially announcing his candidacy for county executive on March 14, 2005, his staff has written 28 press releases, compared to only 19 during the same period last year, and only 16 in 2003, when he was running for reelection to the council.

Of course, both the King County Ethics Code and Washington State laws expressly prohibit the the use of public resources to support political campaigns, but it is hard not to conclude that Irons is in effect using county staff to produce campaign website content on the taxpayers’ dime.

Hmm. I suppose if I were a litigious prick like some right-wing bloggers I know, I might be tempted to file an ethics complaint. (Oops… I just did.)


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    christmasghost spews:

    hey goldy…i hate to burst your little AH-HA bubble here but gregoire was getting an entire top floor in the capitol to run her campaign and when anyone called to talk to the attorney general’s office about the election problems they were switched over to gregoire’s campaign headquarters…..even though what the caller was looking for was an attorney. as in attorney general.
    so you should really right a post smacking her around too.

  2. 2

    Mark1 spews:

    I look forward to the day if it comes Goldy, of your dumbass running for public office. You seem to have an answer for everything. When that time comes, the personal attacks, dirty-campaigning, smear-tactics, scare-tactics, and rumors based on unproven accusations will return and blow up in your whiney lil face.

  3. 3

    Mark1 spews:


    He won’t. Dems. can do no wrong at all remember; just R’s. Angels falling from the sky…..

  4. 4

    Janet S spews:

    Didn’t Sims send out a multi-page campaign flier to select Seattle residents touting his wonderous accomplishments, all at taxpayer expense?

    Did you get mad about that? It is your money! I guess it is okay if it a dem who is doing it.

  5. 7

    Thomas Trainwinder spews:

    Stefan will be all over this.

    He HATES this stuff…even reporting postings on comment threads that come from government IP addresses.

    Oh wait…Irons is a republican….never mind. Stefan will ignore this as will all his lemmings….no they won’t…they’ll talk about Clinton being a LIAR!

  6. 8

    Goldy spews:

    Hey trolls, if you’ve got something on a Democrat… file your own damn complaints!

    All I did was point out to the ethics board some questionable activity. If what he did meets code, he has nothing to worry about. If not, he’ll get the typical slap on the wrist.

    The facts are the facts, and the ethics board will interpret them.

  7. 9

    windie spews:

    the rightie trolls don’t want to file complaints… they don’t really even want to fix things. They just want to “Win the argument”.


  8. 11

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Nah, Stefan is too busy suing Roger Rabbit.*

    (* Stefan is actually suing Dean Logan, but Stefan thinks Roger Rabbit is Dean Logan blogging on a King County computer. This is bullshit, but it’s useless to point this out to Stefan, who is impervious to all known facts. As diligent as Stefan is about “outing” government employees blogging on official computers, it’s kind of interesting that he hasn’t caught Roger Rabbit blogging on a government computer. That’s because Roger Rabbit is a private citizen blogging on his own private computer — i.e., Roger Rabbit is NOT Dean Logan — but Stefan hasn’t connected the dots yet.)

  9. 13

    VR spews:

    All I see is that the campaign site press page links to what appear to be council related press releases. It looks like the council staff issued reasonable council related press releases and the campaign site leads you to them. Am I missing something?

  10. 14

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Stefan is suing Roger Rabbit, but not for eating his garden and shitting on his lawn. He doesn’t seem to care very much about that, because he only shoots at me with his 12-gauge when I’m in his yard. No, he’s suing me for allegedly violating the Public Disclosure Act.

    He’s actually suing Dean Logan, but since Stefan thinks I’m Dean Logan blogging on a King County computer, in Stefan’s mind he’s suing yours truly — Roger Rabbit.

    Needless to say, Stefan is using OPM (other people’s money) to sue Roger Rabbit. You don’t think he’d waste his OWN money on such a foolish endeavor, do you? Of course not. Stefan didn’t get to live in his $800,000 house on Keystone Place up the hill from Green Lake Park, where I live, by being totally stupid. To live in an $800,000 house, you have to be smart enough to get enough money from enough people to make a four (five?) figure mortgage payment. Apparently there’s a lot of stupid people out there.

    According to the legal filings in the case, Logan, uh, I … have let Stefan look at 600,000 documents maintained by his, er, my … office and Stefan has spent weeks poring over them. Don’t you wonder how he pays the mortgage on his $800,000 house, given that he doesn’t work? How does one hold a job, when one is busy being a full-time public records hobbyist?

    Stefan’s only employment that I’m aware of is as a $9-an-hour temporary King County elections worker. He works maybe 30 or 60 hours a year. Pretty good deal, living in an $800,000 house on an income of $540 a year. Maybe there’s hope for people in Bangladesh, India, China, or anywhere Wal-Mart buys merchandise from, where that’s a typical annual income.

    But it appears that Stefan isn’t satisfied with his $540 a year income from King County taxpayers, because in his lawsuit, he’s asking the judge to give him more of King County taxpayers’ money. He wants the taxpayers to pay him for sifting through KCRE records. He wants to upgrade to a fancier burrow, or remodel, or something. You’d think anyone making $540 a year would be happy to live in an $800,000 house, but Republicans are greedy fucks.

    So, what Stefan’s lawsuit is about is MONEY. That’s not surprising; that’s what people who sue usually want — MONEY. In this case, taxpayers’ money. Your money, my money, our money — he wants it to be HIS money. He wants US to pay HIM for his hobby. I wish he’d pay ME for MY hobby, which is blogging on I SHOULD get paid for this, because Republicans lie so much HA is virtually a full-time job. But I digress.

    The real question is, if the judge gives Stefan the taxpayers’ money, is Stefan going to share the money with the fools who paid for his lawsuit? I asked him several days ago, but still no answer.

    Day 4 – the Vigil continues.

  11. 15

    JC Bob spews:

    Well, I have not visited Goldy’s fountian of civil political discorse for some time. Sure is too bad the that all that came out of two years of investigations is that Scooter Libby couldn’t keep his story straight. By the way, who did out Valarie Plame? Joe Wilson? He and she have certainly been eating up the publicity since then. Almost would make a conspiracy theroist think that Wilson’s trip to Niger was a setup deal. Book and movie deals make so much more money than dead end civil service jobs.

    Could one of you fine people point me to a MSM article attacking Patrick Fitzgerald in the same manner that Kenneth Starr was attacked by you most civil Liberals, Progressives or whatever you want to be called today.

    By the way, do you know who Scooter got $2 million in legal fees from? No one other than Marc Rich. Yah, the same Marc Rich who fled to Switzerland upon indictment for income tax evasion and was pardoned by BJ Clinton. You know, the same Marc Rich who was instrumental in the Oil-for-Food UN bribery program. The same Marc Rich who is accused of selling weapons to Iran for oil at the same time American hostages were held by Iran.

    Wye, certainly, such a prince of a fellow should have received a presidental pardon long before BJ’s last day in office.

    PS: Get your mind out of the gutter. BJ stands for Bill Jefferson.

  12. 16

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    So, Stefan — if the judge awards you penalties and attorney fees under RCW 42.17.340(4) against King County for Public Disclosure Act violations, are you going to SHARE the money with the generous donors who paid for your lawsuit, or keep it all for yourself?

  13. 18

    JC Bob spews:

    So, what was that horse pucky Goldy wrote about not blocking comments. Just got blocked again. This time I think it was the word Li****l.

  14. 19

    fire_one spews:

    This Irons is a real piece of work. I find it hard to believe that this is the best the Republicans could come up with to run for this position. I know a lot of smart, hard working, and public spirited Republicans who would be much better suited. Why are they running him?

  15. 20




    Line 3 “Total Number of Mail Ballots Tabulated” = 245,641
    Line 7 “Total Mail Ballots Accounted for and Valid to Count” = 246,031

    Gary Locke: “We need to be confident that all legitimate votes were counted.”

    Paul Berendt: “We will always be proud to stand up for people’s votes. …”; “These are the kinds of mistakes that need to be corrected in order to count every vote. As is clear in the King County case, errors have been made and those errors should be corrected to allow these votes – and voters – to be included in the process.”; “These are the legal votes of registered voters. To let them be thrown away because of a government mistake would be criminal.”


  16. 24

    fire_one spews:

    JFHEN-CELV @ 20 Tell me, as a Republican, is that a good enough reason for you? Because it seems a bit silly to me…

  17. 26

    Reporterward spews:

    After some investigation a person can find that everyone of the County Councilmembers put out press releases. It’s kind of one of those perks of office. You do something, so you fax all of the media a release telling them what a good job you do that way the editors in the news room can spend time recycling the press releases unread into the trash can.

    With a little bit of training Mr. Goldstein will eventual learn that most government staff personnel participate in election campaigns. The standard operating procedure though is for them to do so on their time off.
    So there isn’t anything to this post. Kind of petty… but a sad kind of petty.

  18. 29

    windie spews:

    you’re jumping the gun a bit, aren’t you Josef?

    Anyways… nobody said elections were perfect, or ever could be. Compare the other counties to me, if your’e trying to make this case.

    KC myopia is kinda sad.

  19. 30

    Janet S spews:

    Oops! Wrong democrat using public funds. Sorry, it was Nickels who sent out the flyer, not Sims. Thanks for graciously catching my error.

    Sims doesn’t need to use public funds to campaign, since he has an election department and county permit office to assure his win.

  20. 34

    Another TJ spews:

    You seem to have an answer for everything.

    Yes, damn you and your comprehensiveness and intellect!

  21. 36

    Mark spews:

    Hmmm… I wonder if Sims trading campaign donations for political favors would be considered an ethics violation or…

    Sims campaign shakes down county permit applicant:
    Ron Sims’ campaign folks have said that if Pacific Raceways can host a successful fundraising function for Mr. Sims, then somehow the permit reviewer might be convinced of the silliness of his position, and the permit can be issued. (I hate this stuff).

    Goldy, IIRC, you posted e-mails as proof of your allegations against people.

  22. 37

    fire_one spews:

    Marky Mark @ 33 — when I try to open that link with the email, it just comes up garbage. Whats up with that?

  23. 38

    Mark spews:

    fire_one @ 34

    I presume you’re getting to the post itself and it is just the “Read the whole thing” link that isn’t coming through??

    The link is to a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) document. Do you have Acrobat Reader on your computer?

  24. 39

    GBS spews:

    Does anyone know if David Irons has taken, or is scheduled to take, a polygraph exam to counter his mother’s polygraph that demonstrated she was telling the truth about him hitting her?

    I’m interested because Puddybud and I have a bet. If Irons’ takes a polygraph test and passes, then I have to go on John Carlson’s show on Nov 7th in the 5 o’clock hour and apologize to David Irons.

    If David Irons fails to take within 48 hours of election day, or does not pass the polygraph test, then Puddybud has to go on Carlson’s show in my place and denounce Irons’

    For those of you who don’t know it, according to Puddybud, he knows Carlson personally and Puddybud said he could make the arrangements. In fact, he posted his email to Carlson on HA.

    Should be interesting.

  25. 41

    fire_one spews:

    Mark – I am on now on a computer with Adobe and can read it, but all I see is that someone “said” that Ron Sims said that. Just because someone says that, doesn’t make it so. Sounds like hearsay to me….

  26. 42

    fire_one spews:

    Mark – and the other thing is that classifying removal of 20 foot of land as “mining” is pretty ridiculous, don’t you think?

  27. 43

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    We didn’t miss you, so feel free to go back to FreeRepublic or whatever rightwing sewer you crawled out of, you fucking apologist for perjury and obstruction.

  28. 44

    righton spews:

    Fire one; baloney; on your #41

    You guys wouldn’t believe Sims was soliciting, even if you had video. Shoot, you had a stained blue dress w/ DNA of that other guy and didn’t believe that one…

  29. 45

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Could one of you fine people point me to a MSM article attacking Patrick Fitzgerald in the same manner that Kenneth Starr was attacked by you most civil Liberals, Progressives or whatever you want to be called today.”

    No, that’s not possible, because Fitzgerald is a straight shooter (even though he’s a Republican), whereas Starr is a shameless partisan operative who broke federal laws by allowing his office to leak information about secret grand jury proceedings to the press.

  30. 46


    Josef…you are such a stupid sophomoric little prick.

    Probably a lot like puddingbrains was when he was your age.

    Completely earnest and completely stupid.

  31. 47

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    In other words, there’s no reason for the MSM (or anyone else) to attack Fitzgerald, whereas Starr is an unethical GOP hack.

  32. 48

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @15 (continued)

    Gee — are you mean say Republicans take dirty money from Marc Rich? Thanx for the heads-up.

  33. 49

    fire_one spews:

    wrong @ 44 I am perfectly will to believe evidence. I am willing to believe a polygraph, if Irons were to take one. I am willing to believe WMDs exist, if you can show them to me. I am willing to believe that you can not argue with a Republican about ANYTHING, with them bringing up President Clinton. And trust me, you don’t want to compare President Clinton to your Chimpanzee in Chief…

  34. 50

    Mark spews:

    fire_one @ 41

    Yes, it isn’t the strongest proof. But that doesn’t stop Goldy from posting e-mails as proof, either, and many on HA just accept it as such. (See Goldy’s original “Raging” attack on Irons as an example)

    I think the more interesting and damning proof is the timing between the permit process and the donations. The initial permit application is back in March and drags on for months. The donations (see PDC link in SP post) happen on 10/6 and SHAZAM! the final permit is approved on 10/20.

  35. 51

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Patience, dickhead, your post eventually will appear. The filter works automatically without Goldy’s personal touch. One of mine got caught in the filter this morning too, so you’re not being singled out for special treatment, you fucking crybaby.

    But … I guess that’s what Republicans want, isn’t it? Special treatment. They want to be special people. They want everyone else to kiss their asses. They take what they want, and fuck everbody else. They throw temper tantrums and smash things if they don’t get their way. If you don’t believe me, just ask David Irons’ mother.

    Fuck you, Bob, and fuck your armadillo.

  36. 52

    Mark1 spews:

    @21 Josef:

    Good comment. I’m with ya brother. Damn Dems. cannot have their cake and eat it too, I’m afraid.

  37. 53

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Because smart, hard working, public spirited people (whether Democrat or Republican) don’t want to be associated with the GOP brand name these days.

  38. 54

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Josef the Marummystalker @20


    Where? How does the inadvertent counting and reconcilation errors that occur in virtually all elections translate into an “ethics” problem?

    Things must be tough for you and Stefan nowadays, Joe, because you guys are scraping the bottom of the barrel. It’s really discouraging to realize that of 100,000,000 spermatozoa, you were the fastest swimmer.

  39. 55

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Kind of petty… but a sad kind of petty.”

    Yep, that’s what one could say about Brett Bader’s complaint to the PDC against the WSDOT — which is probably where Goldy got the idea for his stunt.

    Or is it a stunt? Maybe the PDC will find that Irons really did misuse public resources for political campaigning. Fit that mother beater for a pinstripe suit! He and Scooter Libby can share the same cell and whack each other’s puds for the next 10 years.

  40. 56

    Mark spews:

    fire_one @ 42: “classifying removal of 20 foot of land as ‘mining’ is pretty ridiculous, don’t you think?”

    Ridiculous? Probably.
    Suprising coming from a government agency? No.

    In defense of the description, they’re talking about lowering the area by 20 feet — 1.2 million tons of gravel. Technically, that does kinda sound “sand & gravel” mining-esque, even if that isn’t the ultimate purpose of the activity.

    But the magnitude of the project makes the timing of the donations and the final approval all the more suspect.

  41. 57

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Roger Rabbit is Harry Poon”

    No, I’m not — it’s sad that you’re so ignorant you can’t even get THAT right.

  42. 58

    fire_one spews:

    Mark – Okay, so go get Halliburton to quit giving to the GOP so they can start wars so Halliburton can get rich so they can give to the GOP so they can start wars so …..

  43. 61

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Wonder how Sims is going to explain THIS one.”

    First he’ll ask you who Paul Zalud is, then he’ll tell you to ask the permit department who approved the variance, because he doesn’t know.

    Do you really think the County Executive has time to keep track of every rezone or variance application, or gets personally involved in land use decisions, you fucking dolt?

  44. 62

    fire_one spews:

    Mark – To be serious, the bottom line IS the “ultimate purpose of the activity”. And no, I am not surprised a government agency did this either…

  45. 63

    Apache Fog spews:

    Puddybud is the Rev. Ken Hutchinson and I’m Dr. Wayne Dyers. I’m OK! How ’bout you???!!!???

  46. 64

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Yes, it isn’t the strongest proof.”

    Wait a minute — somebody merely said something about Ron Sims, and you call that “proof”?

    Okay, if that’s how it works, then how about this:


    Now, if someone asks me what proof I have that Mark is an idiot, I’ll just say, “Roger Rabbit said so.”

  47. 65

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Lettuce, stupid, not cheese.

    Sheesh … another example of the GOP’s failing private school system …

  48. 66

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Rabbits eat lettuce. Mice eat cheese. I’m Roger Rabbit, not Roger Mouse. Comprende? No, you don’t comprende, you’re fucking hopeless … a basket case.

  49. 69

    christmasghost spews:

    goldy..trolls? so now you are also saying that anyone that disagrees with you is a troll?
    well, i thought you were above this, but i guess like any good little liberal you would rather[pun intended] be talking in your own echo chamber. i wonder what this site would be like if no one but you and the sock puppets commented?
    and @1 i meant to say ‘write’ of course…..freudian slip i guess……

  50. 72

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    This is yet another sideshow by David CLOWNstein in his tireless effort to deflect from the incompetence and moronocity of Ron Sims. The Legislature now REQUIRES the reconciliation you refer to. BOZOSIMS and LogaCLOWN have failed AGAIN!!!!
    If Sims loses==================Logan is FIRED!!!
    If Irons wins==================Logan is FIRED!!!!
    That’s good enough for me!

  51. 74

    windie spews:

    josef, you are hopeless.

    aside from all your blather…

    You claim that KC elections are so horrible, but ignore all the other counties?

    Its nice to chant the mantra “I WANT EVERY VOTE COUNTED!” Really, I want every legal vote counted too. But your taking the kind of error that happens in every election, pretending its only happening in KC, and implying that its fraud. The error exists, but points 2) and 3) are mainly either hallucinations of purposeful deceptions.

    Maybe they’re right and you’re just too dumb to know the difference… But I tend to think “better” of people, and that you’re just another congenitally dishonest hack.

  52. 75

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Getting back to that 360-vote discrepancy in the September primary alleged by GOP spinmeisters, today KING 5 news quoted Dean Logan as explaining these votes weren’t counted because these voters were ineligible to vote, or they didn’t sign their ballots, or there was no ballot in the envelope.

    Now wait for Josef the Marummystalker to call this an “ethics problem” or Chris Rants to scream “fraud!”

    BTW – at least one of those ballots was a double vote — you know, the double votes GOPers don’t want counted? – so now you GOPers want them counted? or not? which is it? Can you make up your minds, or are you guys hopelessly schizophrenic? Never mind, don’t answer that.

    Josef and Chris Rants – 2 more examples of the educational failure of the GOP’s private school system.

  53. 76

    Libertarian spews:

    Roger @ 57:

    I’m just trying to irritate you, Roger, because you’re so full of yourself. I particularly like your bit about the “adoring fans” whenever the Drink Liberally topic comes up.

    “Roger Rabbit never announces his visits to Drink Liberally to avoid the crush of his adoring fans.” Etc., etc.

    I dare you to NOT respod to this post. My bet is that you ego won’t allow it.

  54. 77

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    In other news today, the Associated Press reports the Transportation Security Agdministration (TSA) is rolling out a new “registered traveler” program:

    “The Transportation Security Administration plans to make a ‘registered traveler’ program available nationwide, agency chief Kip Hawley said Thursday …. The initial rollout is scheduled for June 20.

    “The program … allows people to avoid random pat-downs if they pay a fee ….”

    Yeah, and they sell your phone number to telemarketers, too.

  55. 78

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The TSA doesn’t compromise national security; they only compromise your personal security.

  56. 80

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Well it’s time for Bunny to hop up the hill to Keystone Place for lunch, so I’ll see you fucking trolls later. Don’t trip over your shoelaces while I’m gone.

  57. 81


    Comment by windie — 11/3/05 @ 12:18 pm

    “You claim that KC elections are so horrible, but ignore all the other counties?”
    Seems you are. I’m just dealing w/ the facts in front of my face.

    “Its nice to chant the mantra “I WANT EVERY VOTE COUNTED!” Really, I want every legal vote counted too. But your taking the kind of error that happens in every election, pretending its only happening in KC, and implying that its fraud. The error exists, but points 2) and 3) are mainly either hallucinations of purposeful deceptions.”
    My rebuttal is from Paul Berendt: “It is upsetting that a clerical mistake could have robbed hundreds of citizens of their right to vote.”

    Or former Governor Locke: “We need to be confident that all legitimate votes were counted.”

    HOW CAN WE BE?!?!?

  58. 82

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    Hey, rujax, that’s a mean thing to say about Josef. He’s PROUD to be living in his parents’ house, wasting his days away posting pointless drivel on this board. The highlight of Josef’s day: “Honey, can I get you some more cheerios?”

    This latest version of GOP corruption (where we taxpayers underwrite anti-government Republicans’ campaigns) reminds me of the extremely corrupt Rob McKenna, who had the gall to list his two publicly-paid staff members as co-chairs of his Attorney General campaign Think these two separated their publicly funded jobs from their campaign work 40 hours a week for an entire year?

    As those silly news investigations say: “you paid for it.”

  59. 83

    windie spews:


    Thats an ooooolld old internet chestnut. (I use it all the time ;) )

    You dare someone to not respond, then you win either way! If they do respond, you can just say “See?! I was right!” If they don’t respond you can either say “I knew I could make you do that” or you’ve successfully chased them away from the discussion…

    Its really win-win.

    (Sorry to pull away the curtain, :p)

  60. 84

    windie spews:


    You’ve chosen to not be beacuse it fits your preconceptions and prejudices.

    You just can’t accept that the majority of voters in WA state are smart enough to see throught the stupid crap the Reps are trying to pull, and vote against them anyways.

  61. 85


    Mail ballots counted = 246,031
    Mail Ballots tabulated = 245,641
    Mail Ballots invalid (not signed, ineligible, etc.) = 390

    Less than two-tenths of one percent of all mail ballots were invalid? That’s an astonishingly low percentage.

    It sounds to me as though King County Elections is doing an incredibly good job of accounting for voters and matching them with ballots. Kudos to Dean Logan and the KCRE staff! And congratulations to the County Executive — as I recall, his name is Sims — for taking strong steps, and expending appropriate resources, to enable Logan’s people to run such a flawless primary election!

    Josef, go crawl back into your little marummy-hole and stop bothering the adults.

  62. 86

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Until we get this Voting correct in KingCo, there will be no peace. Reconciliations are now REQUIRED!! It’s clear.
    Yet Logan continues to thumb his nose at it and blow it off as…”it must be something we can explain someday”.
    How arrogant!!!
    Yet Sims keeps his Butt-boy LoganCLOWN in the Captain VOTECOUNTER seat.
    Unbelievably arrogant!

  63. 88

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    christmas ghost: it’s pretty easy to distinguish the right wing anarchist trolls from the ernest conservatives.

    For one thing, the barely serious right wing trolls typically whine about troll persecution on the liberal boards, and then switch over and call anybody who hasn’t drunk the crazy Sharkansky kool-aid a “troll” on the SP threads.

    The only people who worry and whine about being called a troll are the trolls themselves.

  64. 90

    fire_one spews:

    Mark @ 50 – the thing is, I am disgusted when this happens in EITHER party. It just seems that it is a little thin, although I am disturbed by the timing thing. The old political machine in action, I guess…. As long as there is Money in Politics, Money will rule Politics.

  65. 91

    windie spews:


    YOu’re the one making unsubstantiated claims, and you’re the one who has the burdon of proof.

    Are you trying to convince us that theres a problem, or just shooting your mouth off?

    If you really want to convince people that there’s a specific problem in king county… support statements. Doing anything else leaves us with the idea that you can’t support your ideas and are trying to slip by with shoddy lies.

  66. 94

    windie spews:

    I’m not roger or harry..

    I lack the proper equipment, if ya know what I mean…


    You showed there was a discrepancy. I’m asking you to prove either a) its unique to KC or b) its actually based in fraud.

  67. 97

    Mr. X spews:

    Yo Jo-boy,

    And just what was the original topic of this post?

    Take that tired one-note bullshit back to unsoundpolishit where it belongs…

  68. 98

    windie spews:

    @94 I’ll reply now… Good luck with your powerline!

    I’m sorry for my part, I forgot c) prove that this discrepency is unusual in ‘well run elections’.

    Thats key. As I said before, no election is perfect… What level of error goes over the barrier from regrettable to misconduct?

  69. 99

    windie spews:

    @95 the funny thing is, he’s the one who changed the subject!

    I guess he’s just mad for us forcing him to define his terms :p

  70. 100

    windie spews:

    aww crap! The blinking text html flag doesn’t work! How dissapointing! (or maybe I have the command wrong :p)

  71. 101

    Mark spews:

    fire_one @ 88

    I agree with you there. Political corruption on either side is terrible — on a local or national level. I’m curious to know if anyone in the MSM will even look at this and, if confronted, if Sims will blame the stink on the family dog (not that any other politician of either party wouldn’t do the same thing).

  72. 102

    Mark spews:

    windie @ 98

    There are very few HTML format tags that work here. Bold, italics and strikethrough are the only ones I know of.

  73. 103

    Mark1 spews:

    @80 Rodent:

    Don’t get blown away by the storm on your way to cash that gov’t cheese/lettuce check loser.

  74. 104

    Hankerin Hank Haney spews:

    Thoms @ 7

    The day Stefan cares about integrity, ethics and honesty on his own republican side is the day Bush becomes our greatest president of all time! And the Mariners win the world series.

  75. 105

    LiberalRedneck spews:

    So David Irons is using our tax dollars to pay for his campaign?

    Just look at Rob McKenna’s 2004 Attorney General campaign. His top two campaign staffers also happened to be his top two publicly-paid county council aides. Think these guys spent 40 hours a week over the course of a one-year campaign doing only non-campaign work?

    No wonder all these right wingers are anti-government. They take a look at their own corrupt values, and say to themselves “since I’m corrupt, government must be the problem.” (that was Chuck Colson’s post-Watergate defense)

  76. 106

    Iwood h82bu spews:

    Hankerin Hank @ 102

    Aw, why did you have to bring the mariners into this, geez, don’t they have enough problems aready ?

  77. 107

    Thomas Trainwinder spews:

    Iwood @104

    True…why did they pick up the option on the closer? Don’t you need to be a team that has games that need closing before they need a closer?

  78. 108

    Iwood h82bu spews:

    Thomas @ 103

    Yeah, the point is when closing, you have to have a lead.
    Otherwise, you’re just throwing the last inning.

  79. 110

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Actually, “troll” is one of the nicer things we call these unpatriotic, America-hating, fascist fucks.

  80. 112

    Chimp Patrol spews:

    RR @14, Atleast if you are ‘shitting’ in his garden and lawn he will have something to look at. Not like his ‘empty and worthless’ spreadsheets and his idiotic perspective on anything political. uSP is definitely the graveyard of blogs. LMAO@Shark

  81. 113

    Chimp Patrol spews:

    fire_one @19. I agree, I would vote for our resident cynnicalidiot before even thinking of voting for Irons. There Idiot, I guess I do respect you……NOT

  82. 114

    Chimp Patrol spews:

    Deares Joseph @ 35, didn’t your mommy ever tell you not to waste hard earned money? Or to invest in ‘worthless’ causes? Back to your meds, little man.

  83. 117

    KS spews:

    That was a weak effort – it won’t fly. I and many others will vote for the alleged mother beater over the mother fornicator for KC Exec. in order to sharply reduce the sewer of corruption surrounding KCRE, then the $93M computer system debacle, the fascistic CAO land grab and the list goes on.

    If Sims gets re-elected, you Irons bashers deserve continued mediocrity, corruption, higher taxes, crumbling infrastructure, while the rest of us who want a change will press forward to form a new county. Cascade County will encompass King County east of Lake Washington and reduce King County to Seattle Proper and some neighboring communities that border Puget Sound. Watch for it coming in a petition next year – if the slick, but corrupt and incompetent incumbent is reelected. Also stay tuned for the possibility of a recall of Sims, similar to the recall of Gray Davis a few years back, if he gets back in. After all, Jim West is being recalled as mayor of Spokane in December.

  84. 118

    windie spews:

    josef thats massivly oversimplifying.

    In a perfect world, sure that would work… but this isn’t that. Show me an election that works out 100%, and I’ll show you a fraudulent one.

  85. 119



    Lets start emulating some third world countries first here in King County. At least our local elections would be more honest.

  86. 120

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Stefan is suing Roger Rabbit, didn’t you know?


  87. 121

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    BAM! BAM!

    He shoots at me, too, but he can’t hit rabbit shit let alone a live rabbit.

  88. 122

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    You? A patriot? How is that possible? According to Einstein, a Republican and a patriot can’t occupy the same space at the same time.

  89. 127



    Well of course. That is how fair elections work. The guy with the most votes win!!! Why should we have fraudulent elections just for the sake of getting donks in office?

  90. 130

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I presume you are a guy….which if the case means you are probably in luck and have a great chance to consummate that love. Remember the Captain & Tenille’s song Muskrat Love???
    For the cost of a microbrew, you can probably experience a little
    CLOWNstein Love!!

  91. 132


    Councilmembers Concerned about Elections Credibility

    Several officials today expressed serious dissatisfaction with King County’s explanation of 390 missing ballots from the September primary election. It was revealed yesterday that the county’s Mail Ballot Summary Report listed 246,031 valid absentee ballots returned for the primary, but only 245,641 actually were counted.

    “I can understand human error being responsible for three or four missing or miscounted ballots, but not for nearly 400,” said King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert, who is running for reelection in next Tuesday’s general election. “That number represents a large boxful of missing ballots. After the numerous tabulation errors documented in last year’s election, and the county’s expenditure of great amounts of time and money to fix them, this discrepancy is not acceptable.”

    Councilmember Lambert added that she has heard from numerous constituents who are angry about elections errors, and she is concerned about the public credibility of results from next week’s general election.

    “What is most disconcerting is the claim from the Elections administration and the Executive’s office that an error of 390 votes is normal and expected,” said Lambert. “When we have a governor’s race that was decided by 133 votes and a primary race for sheriff that was separated by only 62 votes, then this error is much more significant. It indicates a flagrant disregard for the will of the voters.”

    Also expressing bi-partisan dismay at the new ballot-counting errors, even after oversight by several groups, was Democrat Karen Rispoli, who ran against Executive Ron Sims in the primary.

    “This has been going on too long,” Rispoli said. “The right to vote is fundamental to being an American. It has nothing to do with being a Democrat or Republican. Whenever you have to hire outside consultants and teams, it just shows a lack of leadership. A good leader appoints people who are competent in their work. King County taxpayers can’t afford any more of this incompetence.”

    To identify how the error occurred this time, King County Councilmember David Irons said he would request The Elections Center, which recently conducted an outside independent audit of the King County Elections Office, to review and report about the Mail Ballot Summary and certification of the primary election. The audit report was released Oct. 3, which was too early to include a review of the Sept. 20 primary election.

    “This is one of many problems we continue to see in the Elections Department that must be fixed immediately,” said Councilmember Reagan Dunn. “Executive Sims and his staff have had ample time to fix these errors. The fact that they continue is very disappointing.”

  92. 133

    windie spews:

    josef: Sounds like Irons is getting the propaganda ready for his upcoming loss. Don’t blame him, look how much damage Dino “The wuss” Rossi did…

    The only tool you Republicans have left is spreading cynicism and distrust.

  93. 134

    Puddybud spews:

    windbag: Cynicism and distrust over a still broke elections department! You can’t stand the truth. Do YOU agree that 390 votes went POOF? Do YOU agree that this is a still broke problem? Do YOU agree that there are problems? But then again you are a windbag. Maybe you need a fresh air change!

  94. 135

    Andy Simon spews:

    I believe the the key phrase here would be “Glass Houses” here.

    Ron Sims has been driving a county owned car to campaign events.

    Ron Sims has had his chief of staff make campaign speaches on his behalf.

    Ron Sims has had King County TV acting as a nearly non-stop infomercial for Sims.

    Ron Sims has been caught red handed feeding you lies about the Irons family.

    Ron Sims has been caught red handed in MANY instances of using his power as executive to blackmail business’s into supporting his causes.

    All these are just as bad as what you talk about.

    Ron Sims is a man with ZERO integrity. You can tell he is lying because his lips are moving.

    Also, you might want to ask Mr. Sims to tell the whole story about when his wife shot him because he was having a homosexual affair. This has been verified by nurses and medics who treated him at the time.

    So, if you are going to talk David Irons ethics you best be sure that Ron Sims isn’t setting the trend for illicit activity.

  95. 136

    klake@ spews:

    Paul Berendt: “We will always be proud to stand up for people’s votes. …”; “These are the kinds of mistakes that need to be corrected in order to count every vote. As is clear in the King County case, errors have been made and those errors should be corrected to allow these votes – and voters – to be included in the process.”; “These are the legal votes of registered voters. To let them be thrown away because of a government mistake would be criminal.”


    Comment by Josef for Honest Elections NOW – COUNT EVERY LEGAL VOTE— 11/3/05 @ 10:15 am

    Josef did you get a French Key board for your computer? I’m having trouble reading your posts, it could be that French filter Goldy’s using. Talking about the French, you see that rebellion over there in Paris. You think they will chop off heads like they did back in the old days? CNN isn’t talking much about what’s going on? Hell I better pack my bag, may have to rescue John Kerry’s friends from Paris. I can leave the weapons at home, I hear the French meet you with both hands in the Air. My Grandfather said to only let the women kiss you on both cheeks, but watch the French men and where they put their hands. What’s your opinion on the subject? Should I take the Wabbit along to cover my back or not? Hell Headless Lucy might find her head over there and find a new boy friend as well.

  96. 137

    klake@ spews:

    Rabbits eat lettuce. Mice eat cheese. I’m Roger Rabbit, not Roger Mouse. Comprende? No, you don’t comprende, you’re fucking hopeless … a basket case.

    Comment by Roger Rabbit— 11/3/05 @ 12:04 pm

    Wabbit he went to public schools like the rest of us and the programing didn’t work. But in Seattle rabbits could eat cheese and mice force to eat lettuce, the source of the problem could be in the coffee. You know Social Engineering by a bunch of Left Wing Lawyers they have been doing miracles in Seattle for years.