David Irons: 25 years 2.5 years of executive experience

In touting his qualifications to manage King County’s $3.4 billion budget, David Irons Jr. likes to talk up his “25 years of successful small business experience,” even bragging to Northwest News that he “formed three start-up companies.”

Thus it was with some disappointment that I found the Seattle Times’ profile of Irons’ business background to contain nary a word explaining, um, exactly what it was he actually did at any of these “start-ups”… you know, his responsibilities, duties, accomplishments… the actual executive experience that allegedly prepares him to manage a county government larger than that of thirteen states.

Well, there’s apparently a good reason why the Times’ failed to detail Irons’ day-to-day management responsibilities at All Points Cable TV, Brigadoon.com and CCPI… according to sources at all three companies, Irons didn’t really have any. Indeed, a close examination of his resume reveals that far from the “25 years of executive experience” he claimed on Up Front with Robert Mak, Irons really only has maybe 3 or 4 years to his credit… and even that is suspect.

Let’s start with his parent’s company, All Points Cable TV. In a 1997 resume, Irons made some truly impressive claims:

Irons Resume

Wow. That’s quite some resume. On paper, this guy sounds like a can-do, jack of all trades. Of course, a 1999 resume from his first Council run was slightly less effusive:

Irons Resume

But under the scrutiny of a high-profile campaign, Irons’ 2005 website is cautiously more concise, reducing his tenure at the family company to a single bullet point: “VP & co-owner All Points Cable TV – 1982 to 1995.”

Okay, let’s forget for a moment the question of whether Irons actually lied on his resume, for this isn’t really about lying on his resume, no matter how much of a lie his resume apparently is. This is about what he actually did at All Points Cable TV (as opposed to the lies on his resume), and whether it gave him any of the vaunted management experience Irons claims to possess. For example, I mentioned to his sister Di that “VP & co-owner” made it sound like her brother had a significant role running the place… and she actually laughed. “David…?” she chuckled, “he fixed the trucks.”

Hmm. That seemed odd.

So when I talked to Irons’ mother, I made a point of reading to her the rather effusive prose on her son’s 1997 resume, and… well… she laughed. “99 percent of what he wrote, there’s not one bit of truth to it,” Janet C. Irons told me. According to his mother, David occasionally went out on construction jobs, but mostly worked alone in the garage, maintaining vehicles and equipment. He was “an excellent mechanic” his mother told me, but didn’t get along very well with people.

I didn’t talk directly with Irons’ father, but the Times reporter did. And what did David Sr. have to say about his son’s role at the company?

David Irons Sr., while acknowledging that his son had the title of vice president, said he was a co-owner only in the sense that he held company stock. He said his son’s role was limited mostly to construction work and maintaining the company’s trucks. “He did a lot of welding,” Irons Sr. said.

A lot of welding. Uh-huh. Perhaps that’s Irons’ plan to fix the Viaduct should I-912 pass?

The real owners of All Points Cable TV, Irons’ own parents, insist that during his 13-year tenure, he was not involved with the management and operations of the company… at all… and that he didn’t even have an office. (On the radio last week, Irons’ mom referred to her son as a “grease monkey.” ) And Irons has presented absolutely no evidence to the contrary.

Furthermore, the timeline makes it indisputably clear that Irons could not possibly have “formed” the start-up as he claimed; his parents started the company in the late 1970’s while David Jr. was still up in Alaska working on the pipeline — you know… welding. The Irons did not bring their son into the family business until 1982, and didn’t start compensating him with stock until several years after that.

But once again, this is not really about Irons’ completely bogus resume, and how he bogusly lied on it. This is about whether his tenure at the family business gave him any of the management experience he boastfully touts. And the answer must be no, for even at its height the company never employed more than a dozen people, none of whom reported to David Jr… a fact he has never disputed.

Thus from the 25 years of successful small business experience and 3 startups Irons claims to have formed, we must subtract 13 and 1 respectively… so we’re down to 12 years and 2 startups. Still, not too shabby, but not at all what Irons claims.

On to Brigadoon…

On all of his resumes, Irons claims to have served as Chief Operating Officer of Brigadoon.com from 1995 to 1997… which I suppose he credits for 3 of his 25 12 years of successful small business experience, and 1 of his 3 2 vaunted startups. In fact, while I couldn’t pinpoint his actual start date, it appears his entire tenure at Brigadoon was only about 15 months, less than a year of which he served as COO. Furthermore, it was far from “successful”, unless of course, you measure success by how many millions of dollars your company ends up owing investors, vendors and employees when it finally goes belly-up… in which case Brigadoon could be described as an enviable triumph of free market capitalism.

So, how did a grease monkey like David Jr. end up as COO of a multimillion dollar dot.com bust like Brigadoon? The same way the cussing, wrench-throwing welder earned himself the title of “VP” at a local, cable TV company: daddy.

After the sale of his cable business, David Sr. had a few million dollars burning a hole in his pocket, and what better way to multiply his fortune than to invest in a company with the brilliant business plan of giving away free internet service to schools in a risky gambit to dominate a saturated dial-up market on the cusp of being decimated by broadband? (Yeah, yeah, I know… I have the benefit of hindsight… but I’m on a roll here, so bear with me.) As nutty as the entire Irons clan might now seem, David Sr. was a fairly well known and respected Eastside figure back then. A self-made millionaire and a former US Coast Guard Commander and Chief of Aviation — who Jr. himself used to refer to as “a hero” — David Sr. could not only bring a desperately needed cash infusion into the ambitious company, but also provide the credibility necessary to lure in other investors.

And so when Brigadoon’s predecessor started into negotiations with David Sr. in the latter half of 1995, one of the first things they did was offer a sales/marketing position to his recently unemployed son, David Jr…. despite the fact that the marketing department had few if any trucks to maintain. (On the other hand, there weren’t many loose wrenches lying around either, so it was a relatively safe hire.) And so at the age of 43, David Jr. finally got his first office. Or… maybe it was cubicle. Either way, it wasn’t in a garage. Um… I don’t think.

By February of 1996, David Sr. had invested over $400,000 and loaned Brigadoon an additional $100,000, controlling 23% of the outstanding shares, and earning himself a seat on the Board. Shortly thereafter, David Jr. was promoted to COO, a meteoric rise for a mediocre man, who up until that point barely had any experience managing his own anger, let alone a staff.

At this point the Irons family and my sources at Brigadoon tell starkly different tales of what was really happening at the company, but from both accounts one gets a pretty clear picture of COO David Jr.’s initial role: he was a mole installed to protect the family’s interests. Irons’ parents claim that they soon discovered Brigadoon to be under-capitalized, vastly mismanaged, and rife with illegal and ethically questionable accounting and stock maneuvers. However, my Brigadoon sources cite frequent, harassing letters from the Irons’ attorney-daughter Janet A. as evidence that the family was merely flinging trumped up accusations in an effort to seize control of the company. By June 5, 1996, after weeks of negotiating and angry letter writing, Brigadoon bought out David Sr.’s stake in the company… but as noted in a timeline provided by the Irons family: “DWI Jr. remains an officer.”

It was a month later that David Jr. sent a letter to Brigadoon’s board, which the Times’ article attempted to spin into a noble display of business ethics.

By July 1996, David Irons was just about fed up with Brigadoon.com, the Internet startup where he was chief operating officer.

He typed a letter to the board of directors, warning of “irregularities” including questionable stock sales and “manipulation of numbers” to boost the company’s image for investors.

Unless the company hired a securities expert to correct the problems, Irons feared, he could be held personally liable. Though he wanted to stay, Irons wrote, “my family and my personal integrity must come first.” He’d resign if the problems were not fixed.

Let’s be clear. By July 1996, David Jr. had only been COO for a few months, and not only didn’t he “type the letter”, he didn’t even compose it. As an accompanying cover letter explains, this letter, like all those associated with the Irons-Brigadoon disputes, was written by attorney-daughter Janet A., and in such context appears to be more of a mild blackmail note than an effort to genuinely fix problems at the company. Indeed, the letter closes with the following threat:

I will keep the contents of this letter confidential if the Board acts, however it is bound to become a topic of discussion within the company if I am forced to resign on August 15. I desperately hope that will not be necessary.

The letter alleges serious irregularities and securities violations “too numerous to list in their entirety”… but apparently not so serious or numerous that he ever bothered to notify authorities or warn other investors. In fact, David Jr. stayed on at Brigadoon, despite the alleged irregularities, profligate spending and shaky finances until February 1997… at which time he exited with the plum rights to one of the company’s only profitable assets.

How did David Jr. manage this little business coup?

In a July 2000 expose of the financial chaos that was Brigadoon, the Times mentions a little episode that David Jr. likes to spin into a tale of his own selfless, Christmas spirit:

Before Christmas 1996, Hansen promised employees they’d be paid, but he failed to follow through when an investor backed out. Irons said he was furious and put $50,000 on his credit card to make payroll.

But the truth behind this incident is much more Dickensian than David Jr. lets on, for it was good old-fashioned greed rather than holiday goodwill that prompted Jr. to whip out his credit card. COO David Jr. was intimately aware of the company’s precarious financial straights, and as Randy Fink, a former vice president at Brigadoon put it, this was an opportunity to “get out of there with some skin.” David Jr. had the company over a barrel, and so he collateralized his $50,000 emergency loan with the rights to one of Brigadoon’s only profitable assets: the convention center contracts that now form the basis of David Jr.’s current company, CCPI. When merely two months later David Jr. called in the loan, he knew that Brigadoon could not pay… and so he resigned as COO in February 1997, taking with him the lucrative contracts, and most of the employees from the business unit that served them. That, and $100,000 from his parents, put him in business on his own.

“He took advantage of a situation there and obviously feathered his bed at the expense of the Brigadoon shareholders,” Fink said. “It was one of the last major assets that was available and he ended up with it.

Brian Nelson, Brigadoon’s former general counsel is even more blunt in his assessment, characterizing the transaction as “loansharking” terms. “David was an officer, and he had a fiduciary responsibility to do what was best for all the shareholders, not just himself,” Nelson told me. “This deal did not appear to meet those obligations.”

The incident raises a number of unsettling questions in addition to that of whether David Jr., as COO, violated his fiduciary responsibility to shareholders… the most obvious being whether he received better treatment than Brigadoon’s many other creditors — most of whom came away with nothing — and if so… why? One can only speculate, but it seems reasonable to wonder if the spectacularly one-sided deal that put the company’s last major asset in the hands of an unhappy ex-COO had anything to do with his threatening letter from July 1996? Whatever the merits of the family’s allegations, Brigadoon saw fit to first buy out David Sr.’s shares (plus interest), and then eventually buy out David Jr. as well, giving him a sweetheart of a deal that apparently satisfied him enough to keep him quiet on his charges of wrongdoing.

And while Brigadoon wasn’t forced into bankruptcy until a little more than a year after David Jr.’s departure, it is also fair to question his claim that he had no role in the company’s failure. Surely, the loss of the lucrative convention center business must have exacerbated Brigadoon’s faltering bottom line. And if we are to believe that David Jr.’s own mismanagement didn’t contribute to the company’s well documented problems, one must ask… what exactly is it that Jr. did there during his brief tenure anyway?

Well, don’t look to his resume for answers, for according to Nelson and others, David Jr.’s Brigadoon blurb is just as self-aggrandizing as his fantastic tales of his years at All Points Cable TV. For example, the 1997 resume specifically names a number of corporations and organizations in which David Jr. claims “personal negotiation of Internet service contracts”… claims refuted by some of the people who actually did the negotiation. David Jr. did in fact attend some of these meetings, but according to one source, he was told to “sit in the corner and keep his mouth shout.”

So how thin is David Jr.’s Brigadoon resume? Well, one of my favorite bullet points is particularly telling:

Publications; Determined time-line to profitability was beyond resources of company and crafted elimination of department and reallocation of staff;

Um… so… in talking about his role in the Publications Department, he’s actually filling space on his resume by telling us what he didn’t do. (And by the way, the department he eliminated and staff he reallocated…? It consisted of a single person.)

The problem for David Jr. is that when it comes to Brigadoon, he tries to have it both ways. He wants to point to his brief tenure as COO as evidence of his management prowess, yet he refuses to take responsibility for any of the company’s problems. He tries to claim that the company slipped into bankruptcy only after he left, yet in internal documents and interviews with reporters he paints a picture of a company that was dramatically mismanaged and financially shaky from the day he arrived to the day he left. It may in fact be true that apart from stealing away one of Brigadoon’s only profitable assets, David Jr. did not contribute directly to the company’s eventual failure… but it is hard to argue that he did anything to help prevent it either. Far from fixing the company’s problems like the hands-on, can-do executive he pretends to be, David Jr. simply up and quit.

Former Brigadoon employees and officers describe him as anything from a “dangerous mole” to a “harmless figurehead”, and while some avoided him as a “bully”, others seemed to genuinely like him. But nobody, on or off the record, could recount to me a single accomplishment… which I suppose explains why the Times’ profile is equally thin in reporting his actual role at the company, beyond his title.

In fact, Irons held the title of COO for less than year, at a company that in no way could be described as “successful.” By his own account, he was not a founder, and did not “form” the startup. He was just a manager, hired and promoted at his father’s behest, with no prior qualifications to recommend him for the position, and no pertinent educational preparation. (It’s not like he was one of those snotty, newly-minted MBAs that started to infest the dot.com world during the mid 90’s… he never even graduated from college.) Finally, it is not at all clear what, if anything, David Jr. actually did at Brigadoon during his very brief tenure, other than sign his name to all those threatening letters penned by his sister Janet.

So from his alleged 25 12 years of successful small business experience, and 3 2 startups he supposedly formed, we must subtract 3 and 1 respectively, for a new total of 9 years of “executive experience” and 1 remaining startup. That brings us to CCPI, a company that rents temporary internet access to exhibitors displaying at Seattle’s WA State Convention Center, and several other venues.

I could only find a single CCPI employee willing to speak to me, and very off the the record, so I can’t really add much new information to what little has already been written about the company in the mainstream press. But I can tie up a few loose strings.

As has previously been noted, CCPI was not your typical “startup”, having essentially sprung fully formed from Zeus’s head at the time David Jr. left Brigadoon, convention center contracts and staffers in hand. Thus, with CCPI, David Jr. didn’t so much “form a startup” as he did purchase a fully functional business unit, and then slap a new name on it.

Having neither the technical expertise nor the managerial experience to operate a “high-tech” company, David Jr. has reportedly been a hands off CEO since the company’s founding, leaving the day to day operations in the hands of the managers who ran the business unit for Brigadoon… perhaps the wisest executive decision Jr. has made during his 25 12 9 years of “successful small business experience.” CCPI employees consider David Jr. to be an “absentee owner”, rarely seeing him at the company’s Bremerton offices… a long commute from his Sammamish home. And David Jr. himself has admitted to reporters that he has spent no more than 4 to 6 hours a week on the business since choosing to run for County Council in 1999.

Instead, David Jr. claims that he is responsible for the company’s “vision”, telling the Times that he’s learned a lesson from the high-flying, nose-diving Brigadoon, preferring a slow growth strategy for CCPI that may not be sexy, but is guaranteed to last. To which I respond with one cautionary word of free consulting advice: “WiMAX.”

Unlike David Jr., I have actually formed a technology startup with nothing but an idea, some credit cards, and a foolish dream, and thus I’ve had the opportunity to be personally reamed by vendors like CCPI while exhibiting at various convention centers around the nation. When an ethernet cable and three days of spotty internet service costs more than a year of residential DSL, you can be sure that exhibitors are searching for an alternative. So far, CCPI has resisted the trend to move its convention centers from hardwired ethernet to wireless WiFI networking, and over the next few years, as broadband WiMAX networks become established nationwide, CCPI’s business model will go the way of the dinosaurs… just like Brigadoon’s dial-up market.

So much for the vision thing.

Still, despite hiring a former pizza salesman with no technical experience to run his company in his absence, CCPI has managed to stay in business since 1997… so I suppose David Jr. deserves a little credit for that. So lets charitably give him two years of successful executive experience from 1997 to 1999, plus maybe half a year of experience for his 5-hour work-weeks since then.

So if you’re hiring David Irons Jr. based on his claim of 25 years of successful executive experience, here’s a more realistic assessment of his resume:

All Points Cable TV: 0 years of executive experience
Brigadoon.com: less than 1 year of unsuccessful executive experience
CCPI: 2.5 years of successful executive experience. (Maybe.)

As to the number of startups he’s formed, I’d say the answer is none… though I suppose an argument could be made that CCPI vaguely fits the description. But however you add up the numbers, there is no doubt that Irons has vastly less executive experience than he boastfully claims on any of his resumes.

Irons likes to point out that by comparison, Ron Sims has no private sector experience… but what Sims does have is nine years as executive of one of the largest county governments in the nation, managing a $3.4 billion budget while earning triple-A ratings from all three top credit agencies, even as many other municipal governments around the state teeter on the edge of insolvency.

While the Seattle Times may have failed to sufficiently dissect Irons’ resume for its readers, there’s a reason why its normally Republican-leaning, strongly pro-business editorial board enthusiastically endorses Ron Sims, and soundly rejects the candidacy of his overmatched opponent. Of David Irons Jr. they write: “his resume and leadership skills pale in comparison.”

And that’s putting it charitably.


  1. 1

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Typical Goldy the Clown tactics.
    You are good at picking flyshit outta pepper Goldy the Clown.
    Goldy the Clown and the LEFTIST PINHEAD cult are so desperate about this election, they will attempt to make anything and everything look horrible by ranting and raving.
    Goldy the Clown screams IRONS TIE DOESN’T GO WITH HIS SUIT!!!!!!!!!!
    Goldythe Clown fails to disclose that Ron Sims has NEVER had a job in the real world. NEVER!
    And Goldy’s source once again is the bitter old BATTLE-AX of a mother who hates her son.

    It won’t work Goldy the Clown……it’s too late.
    Irons was awesome in last nights debate.
    Sims looked disoriented, confused and babbled incoherently.
    Sims was on the defensive for 30 minutes./
    Sims underestimated IRONS.
    There is nothing your SHITSQUAD last minute TACTICS can do to change the momentum. Obviously you waiting until the end of the campaign where Irons has virtually no time to answer your allegations. SHITSQUAD, low-level tactics.
    Grow-up Goldy the Clown!!!!!

  2. 4

    IDGAF spews:

    Hey Goldy you forgot the disclaimer: This outright mudslinging and distortion of fact and reality bought and paid for by Ron Sims, democrat.
    You must have seen your buddy get taken apart on the KING5 debate.

  3. 5

    GBS spews:

    He beat his mother according to her polygraph statements. Why would you vote for someone who commits Domestic Violence?

    Puddybud, what time did Carlson say one of us would be on his show on Monday, Nov. 7th?


  4. 6

    ItTakesaVillageIdiotToBelieveInUniversalHealthCare spews:

    that STILL makes him more qualified than Sims.

  5. 7

    GS spews:

    You must be getting desperate Goldy, after Sim’s defeat in the ring yesterday, I know why most of rural King county does not believe he could manage raking leaves. And I certainly have my votes going towards him retiring to his property, which was not lost to his CAO Land Theft project. Imagine that! It is right to steal from everyone else, but not from Sims!

  6. 8

    windie spews:

    Well, I was agonized about what to do… now its easy.

    I don’t particularly like Sims, but didn’t want to throw the election to a hack like Irons. At the same time, ‘tactical voting’ is bad and should be discouraged…

    I feel pretty safe that Irons is hosed now tho, so I don’t have to worry ’bout it ;)

  7. 9

    Goldy spews:

    righties @1-7,

    So… no refutation? Aren’t you going to defend Irons, and explain how he really did form three start-ups and really has 25 years of executive experience at successful small businesses?

    Aren’t you going to dispute me on the facts? Nah, that would take some effort… and even worse, thinking.

  8. 10

    Goldy spews:

    windie @8

    It is not safe to make “tactical vote.” Most voters have no idea how much Irons has been lying about his resume and his record. This election will be much closer than it should be, and a lot of that will be due to Democrats and other progressives wrongly believing they can throw away a vote on the Green Party candidate, Gentry Lang.

    There is no way Irons breaks 44% of the vote. But if you’re not careful, that still could be enough to win.

  9. 11

    proud leftist spews:

    The only thing David Irons appears to have done well is having been born well. He is the beneficiary of affirmative action for rich, white, well-connected males; he would have gone nowhere without his parents’ assistance. Come to think of it, Irons’ path to political power tracks that of GW. Maybe that’s the Republican model.

  10. 12


    This is once again Goldy doing Ron Sims’ dirty work. There is a filthy word w/ racist connotations that I would use if the racist connotations could be taken out of its usage, but David Goldstein hits new lows here.

    All he wants is more Ron Sims.

    All he does is get more Gentry Lange votes.

    All he gets is… up to you. Let’s hope it’s David Irons, Jr. who will fire Dean Logan, restore the rule of law to our elections, take charge and realize that if he screws up – it’s his fault.

    Oh and David Irons, Jr. had the balls to oppose 912 on KVI-AM no less than twice. Now, stop picking on him.

  11. 13

    GBS spews:

    A vote for any Libertarian candidate is a vote for the Republicans. Don’t make a protest vote with your votes unless you want, or dont care, if Republicans win.

    That’s for 195,000 Nader votes in Florida in 2000.

    You vote does count, despite what the extreme right wing elements in King County would have you believe.

    Trust your own eyes people. We are not better of than we were under Clinton, and we certainly won’t be better off with someone whose mentality is to beat his mother and support Bush and his wild ass economic policies. Birds of a feather. . .

  12. 14

    dj spews:


    Wow, VERY interesting piece. Judging by the apoplectic reaction from Mr. Cynical, it looks like you have hit a real nerve!

    I suspect you will not win over many of the wingnuts that post here–I mean, pathological lying, motherbeating, and minimal executive experience just isn’t serious enough for them to give up on their boy. But, you have nicely dissected Iron’s “management experience” claim in a way that will give pause to reasonable voters.

  13. 15

    windie spews:


    I really don’t want to derail this discussion from Irons’ incompetence, because its important…

    But you’re getting me backwards. I tend to think that Lang would do well, so voting for Sims would be the ‘tactical vote’. I want to vote for the person I want to win. We’ll see tho’. The idea of Irons winning terrifies me.

    @12 well, I’m glad that someone has gained some sensitivity ;P

  14. 16

    yearight spews:

    Goldy-9 ‘So… no refutation? ‘

    No need to. You and the Sims campaign have become the story. And in Sims’ own words about your antics – “It offends me”, when referring to Goldy’s blog.

  15. 17

    Goldy spews:

    Josef @12,

    Exactly how is this “dirty”…? Irons claims he formed three start-ups. Irons claims he has 25 years of executive experience at successful small businesses. And I explained how this just isn’t true.

    If you think I have any of my facts wrong, by all means, let me know. But to dismiss this as “dirty”, because you don’t like the truth, is just plain silly.

    Irons has made extravagant claims on his resume, and he simply can’t back them up. Perhaps the Times was shy about exposing Irons’ lies, but read the Sims endorsement and it is clear they do not believe he has the experience necessary for the job.

  16. 18

    Goldy spews:

    yearight @16…

    Okay… if you want to be an intellectual coward, I guess that’s fine by me.

  17. 19

    Janet S spews:

    Given that you have no editors or fact checkers, I’m not sure what to believe of what you write. You rely a lot on his parents, who have already made it abundantly clear that they do not like their son and wish him to fail miserably. Whatever they can do to help that situation will bring them great happiness. Otherwise, no one is on record as a source.

    So, did you call the Ron Sims campaiagn, again, and get permission to publish? Or ask if they would get mad? I’m waiting to see what job or contract you get from King County after the election.

  18. 20

    dj spews:

    Yearight @ 16

    Sims may have been offended by and unwilling to talk about Irons’ family feud, but are you saying that Goldy’s dissection of Irons’ record is unfair?

    Aside from a bit of editoralizing, this piece is almost entirely a factual dissection of Irons’ major claim to why he should be KC Exec. And, I should hope the Sims campaign would feel free to discuss this analysis, since this is about Irons’ record (or lack thereof).

  19. 22


    Well done, Goldy. I think righties would be wise to stick avoid facts, because facts are troublesome things for David Irons Jr.
    Goldy’s independant, perhaps more so than he lets on in his writing. But whatever. Most of you just come here to shit on his pancakes.

  20. 23

    dj spews:

    Janet S @ 19

    I know you have some “memory” issues, or some other problems in keeping facts straight, but Goldy never said he asked Sims campaign for “permission” to post his article or anything else.

  21. 24

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    The LEFTIST PINHEADS are desperately trying to deflect attention away from Sims track record on Transportation Gridlock, Elections, CAP, SWA and other issues important to people. Sims has had 9 years to correct problems and provide leadership.
    Sims has failed miserable.
    For Sims, like most LEFTIST PINHEADS, they desperately want to be “IN-CHARGE”. Predictably, once in charge, they are completely clueless on what to do. LEFTIST PINHEADS love the high of running for office and garnering a Title and fat public trough salary and benefits.
    SIMS has never even worked in the private sector. This is why Sims supports every single tax and fee increase that comes along.
    Goldy the Clown and his sidekick dj are wise in trying to deflect attention away from Sims and onto some mobius loop of a sideshow……since that is all they have.
    Momentum in all polls is trending toward Irons.
    The election will be decided by Green Party voters who talk about their ideas (some good by the way) and then are gutless with their votes by supporting some loser like Sims instead of the candidate of their choice.
    I voted for Perot….twice. I knew that vote would help Clinton. But I voted for Perot simply because I felt he was the best candidate. Greenies talk big…..then sell their souls rather than voting for who they believe in. That’s why I believe the Green Party is probably 50% bigger than they usually show. That 50% cave in….every time which is why they get such little respect.

  22. 25

    Janet S spews:

    DJ – all we have is Goldy’s word on what was said in conversations HE ADMITS HAVING with the Sims campaign. He talked to them, we just don’t have any proof of what was said.

    There is explicit and implicit approval. The fact that he called them meant he didn’t care which one he got, he knew they were clued in. This is called campaign coordination, and should be covered by campaign finance rules.

  23. 26

    wayne spews:

    Janet S – so since Goldy also e-mailed Irons’ campaign, that means he was collaborating with them too?

  24. 27

    Richard Pope spews:


    I haven’t read your posting in full, nor have I read any of the comments. But I think I caught the gist of things.

    BIG QUESTION: Let’s assume that David Irons Jr is an ill-tempered son-of-a-bitch who clocked the hell out of his mother without any justification in 1994, pissed off his father when he did it, and is almost completely lacking in any managerial or executive competence.

    If all of this is TRUE, then why in the hell did David Irons Sr invest at least a half a million dollars of his own hard-earned money in Brigadoon.Com, and insist that David Irons Jr be appointed to run the company in 1995 or 1996?

  25. 29

    Janet S spews:

    N in Seattle – Huh? I just re-read Goldy’s own post, and he says he contacted the Sims campaign on Oct 18 to tell them he was almost done with his story.

  26. 30

    smoke spews:

    A lot of folks won’t vote FOR Irons, they will vote AGAINST Sims

    Please note this important difference.

  27. 31

    dj spews:

    Janet S @ 25

    “All we have is Goldy’s word on what was said in conversations HE ADMITS HAVING with the Sims campaign. He talked to them, we just don’t have any proof of what was said.”

    Ummmm… We know about the fact that Goldy had limited communications with the Sims campaing BECAUSE GOLDY TOLD US SO, you dope! If you don’t believe Goldy’s account, then why do you even believe he was ever in contact?

    I guess you didn’t read Goldy’s post on it very well, so I’ll repeat the relevant section for ya:

    I received a brief email from Christian (my first since May) titled “how are you?” It was a brief catch-up note; he asked me about the Mike Brown story and another unrelated matter… and he also mentioned that he heard I had talked to Di. I replied to all aspects of the email, but on the subject at hand I wrote:

    “My conversations with the Irons family continue. Yes… an amazingly screwed up family… and I can’t believe the MSM has no interest. David Irons is a pathological liar with a violent temper, but apparently, real journalists like Joni Balter don’t feel this addresses his character sufficiently that voters should be made aware.”

    To this I got no reply.

    How did Christian know I had talked to Di? A lot of people knew I had talked to Di. I was asking around, looking for others to corroborate Irons reputation as a raging bullshitter… you know, interviewing people and stuff… what all you reporters do. And I’m sure I blabbed at the last two Drinking Liberally gatherings, so a bunch of other bloggers and politicos knew what was coming too.

    Not much to it really. And, as someone who discussed the story with Goldy at Drinking Liberally over several weeks, this account is completely consistent with my own observations.

    “There is explicit and implicit approval. The fact that he called them meant he didn’t care which one he got, he knew they were clued in. This is called campaign coordination, and should be covered by campaign finance rules.”

    Don’t be a moron. Goldy did not call them. He briefly responded to an email piece stating things that had previously been published in the Seattle Times or the Seattle PI (even if Goldy didn’t know that at the time).

    Furthermore, given that Goldy is not being paid to blog your “campaign coordination” statement is fucking stoooopid.

  28. 32

    dj spews:

    Janet S @ 29

    “I just re-read Goldy’s own post, and he says he contacted the Sims campaign on Oct 18 to tell them he was almost done with his story.”

    So? Goldy stated exactly why he contacted them–to ask for information about an Eastside developer. Is THAT what you think constitutes “campaign coordination” and “implicit permission?”

    Shit! I asked Ron Sims some tougher questions than that on Oct 4 when Sims showed up for Drinking Liberally. Does that make my postings on Goldy’s blogs part of a “campaign coordination”?

    Get a grip!

  29. 34

    windie spews:

    silly righties.

    What you want doesn’t make reality! How many times do we need to tell you that?

    Just because it would be convenient to you for Goldy to be on Sims’ payroll, doesn’t make it true!

  30. 35

    dj spews:

    Momus @ 33

    “Stop making excuses for Goldy. “

    Fuck you, punk!

    “Quite Frankly, Goldy is Ron Simms’ Bitch”

    Fuck you, you homophobic asshole.

  31. 36

    Chimp Patrol spews:

    Really it all boils down to SOP (standard operating procedure) for the current batch of Repub Neocons. They were brought up by their ‘culture of corruption’ parents to lie, steal, cheat etc to get what you want. This just follows a long list of wingnut ‘outings’ on their resumes, military service records, university degrees. To be part of the current wingnut brigade all you have to do is pass a test for a ‘habitual liar’ and you could probably end up as President of the United States…..OOPS, already happened!!!!!!!!!

  32. 37

    dj spews:

    Windie @ 34

    “Just because it would be convenient to you for Goldy to be on Sims’ payroll, doesn’t make it true! “


    I think Goldy SHOULD be on Sims payroll, but he ain’t.

    Even so, Goldy has made it exceedingly clear that David Irons has only about 10% of the executive experience he claims. At the very least, Irons is guilty of massively exaggerating the experience that he believes makes him eligible to be KC Exec.

  33. 38

    righton spews:

    Better Iron’s was a crummy businessman than Sims an intentionally poor vote counter (or good i guess if you like his vote counting system)

  34. 39

    dj spews:

    righton @ 38

    “Sims an intentionally poor vote counter (or good i guess if you like his vote counting system) “

    I doubt Sims counted any votes himself. But, as you are well aware, the error rate in King County was pretty low compared to other similar-sized and scrutenized elections.

  35. 40

    Larry the Urbanite spews:

    I love these posts about Goldy “cooperating” with Sim’s campaign or even better yet “geting paid”. What a laugh! If Goldy were getting paid he’d be doing it much, much more often abd with even more vitriol and malice. It’s a formula that has been proven to work Rush, Carlson, et al. And it’s legal!

    As to cooperating, I’m sure the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth didn’t bend or break any laws in doing what they did. Just honest citizens voicing thier opinions. So, where, exactly, did the rules change for bloggers? Oh, I see, IOKIYR, right?

    Finally, as to him “admitting” he did it, wingnuts love to repeat what they WANT to be true, in the hopes that it will become so. It has worked in the past, u know. But with the Federal R’s in disarray, those Tammany Hall organizers are a little disorganized. And, besides, much of the populous is seeing behind the curtain of propaganda (“Clean Skies”, “family values”, “I’ll fire anyone connected with leaking”, etc) and is re-evaluating if they really want to be associated with these people, regardless of what thier minister/reverend/preacher/child molestor/thought-control-agent is telling them to do.

    Finally, Goldy’s post offend Mr. Irons? Good job Goldy! Mission Accomplished!

    Wake up people. Irons is baaaaaaad news, and not fit for office. If he does get elected, I can’t wait for the scandal. What’ll it be, employee verbal/physical abuse, sexual misconduct, financial irregularities or voter fraud. Hmmm, so many choices, but I’ll have to go for abuse for $500 Alex.

  36. 41

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Goldy, what’s wrong with being a good mechanic? It’s honorable work. That is, if you can find one who doesn’t charge $783.46 for a repair job that should cost $147.89.

  37. 42

    Jon spews:

    Chimp Patrol @ 36: “They were brought up by their ‘culture of corruption’ parents to lie, steal, cheat etc to get what you want.”

    Yes, Ted Kennedy is a great example of that, thank you.

  38. 44

    Jon spews:

    dj: You’ve provided some good analysis on this continuing story, but what’s your take on Richard Pope’s observation @ 27? Or why his folks did support his 1995 run for school board?

    I agree with you; trying to tie Goldy to the Sims campaign is counter-productive, as a guy with a computer and a phone can do what Goldy as done, but I’m still trying to figure out why his folks supported him for around 5 years after this alleged abuse incident.

  39. 45

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I wonder if Harriet Miers was just a stalking horse for Alito, and Rove scripted her nomination and withdrawal?

  40. 46

    Goldy spews:

    Jon @44, Richard @27…

    His parents supported him because they love him. Perhaps they do a shitty job of showing it, and they certainly don’t seem to respect him… but they love him nonetheless. That shouldn’t be too difficult to understand.

    But it’s a very dysfunctional relationship, coming from both sides. Think about it… at the time of Brigadoon, Jr. has just spent the last 13 years working for his parents, living two doors away in a house they built for him. He was 43, and had been totally dependent on his parents. It looks to me like by shoving him into Brigadoon, they were trying to keep him dependent on them.

    Remember… his mother wanted to fire David after the the incident, but his father insisted on keeping the family together. I see nothing contradictory with his father bringing him into Brigadoon, as their relationship was slowly falling apart.

    But more importantly, whatever the motives, the timeline totally supports the facts as I presented them, and as were represented to me by both the Irons family and by Brigadoon people. Jr. was brought in by Sr. That’s the only way a guy with his experience and education gets to be COO of a high-flying dot.com. It certainly wasn’t on merit.

  41. 47

    yearight spews:

    Roger Rabbit-45 ‘I wonder if Harriet Miers was just a stalking horse for Alito, and Rove scripted her nomination and withdrawal?

    Bingo. That prediction was made by both lefties and righties two days after Miers was nominated. The only part of the prediction that did not come to pass was Fitzgerald for SCOTUS, before last Friday.

  42. 48

    Reporterward spews:

    An interesting example of mathematics. Haven’t seen its like since the Marx Brothers did their schtick back in the 1930’s.

    By deconstructing the arguments in your post a person can toss aside most of the paragraphs in your article. Simply by saying something is so doesn’t mean that it is factual. You have to have evidence which you haven’t produced yet, long rambling diatribes to the contrary.

    You yourself maintain that Irons was a VP at his parents company for thirteen years. You have your pet theory about what his exact duties were but you have yet to produce any evidence to controvert Irons’ resume claims other than a sad little game of he-said she-said that is twelve years out of date. Your entire argument is based around the recollections of one source who is biased and appears to be singularly unreliable. It is particularly telling that neither the Seattle PI or the Times nor even the Sims campaign, from what I’ve seen, has sunken to these depths of taking these sources of yours seriously.

    Best of luck in your mudslinging though. I have to warn you, however, that the more negative you go the more turned off the average voter will get and the more it will help Irons in the end.

  43. 49


    Janet S. @ 19 wrote, “Given that you have no editors or fact checkers, I’m not sure what to believe of what you write.”

    Janet, let me introduce you to something called the blogosphere. Credibility is earned from past writings proven to be factual. Factual errors are there for all to dispute. Facts are put out there to stand up to in depth scrutiny.

    Goldy has certainly proven that what he writes about should be given consideration. If people can disprove his findings then bring it on.

  44. 50

    GBS spews:

    Puddybud, where are you???

    One week to go before either you or I speak on John Carlson’s show to either denounce David Irons if you lose the bet or I have to apologize to David Irons if you win.

    Remember, you said you knew John personally from a previous iniative drive and that you could set this up?

    I just want to scheudle my time to either be available to apologize, or more likely, hear you say nobody should vote for David Irons because of his history of domestic violence.

    Please post the time for John’s show on Nov 7th. that’s a work day for folks like me so the earlier I know what you’ve set up the better for me.

    OK, that’s all for now just reminding you for the third or fourth time on this blog and haven’t heard from you. Although I’ve seen you post after my question a few times but haven’t seen your response.

  45. 51


    @ 48

    Well said. Goldy doesn’t have an interest in being full of shit. If you are a full of shit blogger, the MSM will stop listening to you. You know, sorta like those ass-ferrats at uSP.

  46. 52


    I don’t see how being a functionary (if we accept his resume as merely padded instead of erroneous) at a couple of insignificant, two-bit just-above-mom-n-pop private companies is evidence of qualifications for running a $3.4 billion public works, social services, public safety, public transit organization like King County. Has Irons supervised 10 people — total — in his life?

    OTOH, Ron Sims has guided the county through very difficult financial straits (engineered in large part by the horrid policies of the kleptocrat-in-chief in DC), maintaining essential services while controlling expenditures and actually raising the county’s bond rating at the same time.

  47. 53

    Puddybud spews:

    Sorry GBS, I am working in LA the next two weeks and just got back to the hotel.

    I wrote this to John Carlson.

    John, I have a bet with an Animal Hind Parts (horsesass) regular GBS over the Janet Irons Sr. lie detector test. I proposed that David take the same test from the same testor. I haven’t seen him saying he would do the same to shut up the moonbat donks on the left. Anyway next Monday afternoon, one of us will call in to the show. I am working in LA for the next two weeks but I can call in at a specific time after 5 PM.

    The bet is this. If Irons Jr. takes and passes the LDT, GBS will call in and apologize to Irons Jr and say he’s not a mother beater. If he doesn’t, I have to call in and say I could not support Irons Jr, because he would not stand up and refute the charges in the court of public opinion. When can this be done next Monday after 5 PM?


    The always right thinking animal hind parts blogger Puddybud!

  48. 54


    Comment by Goldy — 10/31/05 @ 2:21 pm

    They are because:

    a) “A lot of welding. Uh-huh. Perhaps that’s Irons’ plan to fix the Viaduct should I-912 pass?” when Irons opposes 912.

    b) Your sources lack full credibility.

    c) This is a late hit.

    d) You have little to nothing – albeit something – as to the case FOR Ron Sims

    e) His campaign has stood by what is on their website, and there’s little dispute this is true.

    f) You want Mr. Fraud… oops, Dean Logan running King County Elections.

  49. 55

    Delbert spews:


    a. The King County budget is required by law to be balanced.

    b. The bond rating for King County is based on ability to pay off bonds. The real estate boom has put property values into the stratosphere. Higher property values means more tax revenues, thus more ability to cover bonds.

    Ron Sims had nothing to do with either a. or b., he is merely the beneficiary.

    Ron Sims is still unqualified to be dog catcher in this town. Vote for Lange or Irons, but not Sims.

  50. 56

    Another TJ spews:

    d) You have little to nothing – albeit something – as to the case FOR Ron Sims

    I’m not in King County, so I’ve been mainly just watching this one, but I’m struck by the utter lack of arguments made for Irons. Why should anyone vote FOR Irons?

  51. 57

    isueu spews:

    The only part of the inflated experience missing is Mr. Irons experience as a Real Estate Agent, (which must not have been successful or he sure didn’t last long), but I’m uncertain if that counts as a start-up or should be added to the 25, now 2.5 years, of small business management experience.
    Does anyone have any facts on this?

    But it looks like this:
    Alaskan Pipeline Welder + All Points Cable Welder + Real Estate Agent + interent salesman + COO (one year) + plus limited CEO (4/6 hours per week) = 25 years of management expereince.
    Do your sums?
    We’ll at least anyone over 45 can claim “25 years of experience”, but the quetion remain the quality of that experience to make important business decisions. It just is not their.

  52. 58

    sick viscious spews:

    Oooohhh! Vision. I am so not impressed with mr. Iron’s self serving justification here.

    “I got vision….
    I got money..
    I got what I want
    by any means necessary…

    who could ask for anything more?”

  53. 59

    snfrk spews:

    Go add questions to pose to Mssrs. Irons and Sims @ here. Flood them with ??? about management experience. It might be revealing if they ask some of them… and they might if there are numerous requests for this information.

  54. 60

    dj spews:

    Yearight @ 43

    “Sims said that he was offended by horsesass.org, not the topic of the story. Ouch! “

    No. He did not say that he was offended by Horsesass.org.

    Here is a word for word transcript of what Mr. Sims said:

    No one associated with my campaign or who is a friend of mine would ever do this and we did not. I think Mr. Goldstein laid out in detail how he got his story and why he did what he did. But, we were not involved. I do not…I have never, in all the years that I have been in office, ever, ever done this. And I won’t. It offends me religiously, and it offends me in terms of my principles.

    When Mr. Sims stated “I have never, in all the years that I have been in office, ever, ever done this,” what was the object of the sentence? Is he talking about the content of Goldy’s post. This is possible–he may well have been offended by a particular post. Is he talking about a secret campaign to release damaging information at the 11th hour? That seems possible that he would find doing such a thing offensive. But, did he saying that he is offended by horsesass.org, as you claim? Nope, not in any general sense.

    Mr. Sims may be offended by particular posts and (almost certainly) particular comments in the comment threads. But that is very different than claiming that Mr. Sims is offended by horsesass.org.

    Of course, if he found Goldy’s “Raging Bullshitter” post offensive, he likely found the 2003 Seattle Times article and the 2005 Seattle PI article offensive, as well.

  55. 61

    dj spews:

    Jon @ 44

    “You’ve provided some good analysis on this continuing story, but what’s your take on Richard Pope’s observation @ 27? Or why his folks did support his 1995 run for school board?”

    I don’t know the answer, and it would seem easy enough to ask David’s mother and father for a definitive answer.

    I can speculate that the mother-hitting incident was one of many events that led very slowly to nearly complete estrangement.

    An analogy might be a marriage where the husband hit his wife once early in the relationship, but the couple tries to keep it together. When the marriage falls apart (say, 5 years after the last hitting incidence) as the culmination of other (non-violent) problems in the relationship, the hitting incident gets raised again as part of the divorce proceedings.

    Clearly, until 1999, David Jr.’s family supported him in a variety of ways. David Jr.’s decision to run for office against a family friend was, clearly, the last straw that brought out past grievances.

    So, this would be like the wife finding her husband fooling around—the past hitting incident gets dragged out into the open.

    But, someone should ask the David Sr. and Janet C Irons.

  56. 63

    DamnageD spews:

    Nice folks in rural KingCo could be pro Irons because of Sims CAO diaster…just to support a new freeway in our backyards? Maybe all those blackberries, vine maple and cedar will make a nice sound barrier.

    So again, it looks like were back to the shit slinging that puncuated the GregiorRossiplooza. Still no GOOD reason to elect a new canidate….with the exception of the dislike of the old one. I’d LOVE to see a valid reason Irons is MORE man for the job. EXACTLY WHERE does he excell Sims abilities (open season on that thought).

    Even if this were a used car I was interested in buying,I would balk from it. I’ve seen more shit AGAINST Irons than any reason FOR him being the better canidate. I’ve seen Rossi sized shit balls flung just because Irons isnt Sims, and therefore hes the better canidate.


    Please…just provide a VALID FUCKING REASON Irons deserves my support. I double dirty dog dare you!

    Mr, CynIrr…???
    Mark the Loudmouth…???

    and any of the rest that have a PRO IRONS stance…sell this fool! Come on! Heres your chance to convert a fence walker!

    Bring it!

  57. 64

    yearight spews:

    dj-59 ‘I do not…I have never, in all the years that I have been in office, ever, ever done this. And I won’t. It offends me religiously, and it offends me in terms of my principles.’

    OK. Sims is only deeply offended by what Goldy did.

  58. 65

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Once again, the LEFTIST PINHEADS continue to desperately re-focus the last week of the campaign to an 11-year-old allegation by a hateful mother who disagrees with her son politically. Mrs. Irons is an old, pathetic BATTLE-AX.
    Ron Sims has NEVER had a legitimate job. Always sucking off the system. Career bureaucrat.
    Irons is a threat to the bureaucracy…..same as Rossi was.
    Sims is Mr. Go along-Get along. Sims wants every County employee to LOVE him.
    Irons is much more interested in doing what is best for the TAXPAYERS. And Irons has plenty of knowledge on how to do just that. It’s called accountability LEFTIST PINHEADS. Something you CLOWNS know nothing about!

    Let’s focus on Sims track record and qualifications, shall we.
    9 years in office and we still have a disasterous Election Dept., Gridlock in transportation getting worse every day, and a proven track record of ZERO respect for individual Property Rights (i.e. CAO).

    Goldy the CLOWN will continue to try and create a meaningless sideshow so folks won’t ask about Sims. Fine….bad try.
    Just because Goldy pretends Sims is ok, doesn’t mean Sims is.
    It’s high time for a FRESH START!!
    Make Sims go try and find a REAL job….he is a career bureaucrat who votes for every single tax and fee increase that comes across his desk!!!!

  59. 66

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Let’s focus on Sims track record as the incumbent, shall we???
    Goldy the Clown has avoided that like the plague!
    CLOWNS are into make believe aren’t they!

  60. 67

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Reply to 62

    No, let’s focus on Irons lying about his job experience, and beating the crap out of his mother!

  61. 68

    Jon spews:

    dj @ 60, Goldy @ 46: Thanks for the responses!

    I do agree with dj, I would be curious to see what the response would be in asking why was all the support given to Irons before 1999.

    Factually, Goldy, you’re on more solid footing here than the abuse allegation as you have different sources and can document your story, so there’s not a lot to argue about over this story, except a lot politicans do resume pad and use family/friend connections to get ahead.

    All that said, since there has been a 5% or so polling swing in Sims’ favor since you’ve posted on these Irons stories, how much credit are you going to take if Sims wins a squeaker?

  62. 69

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    KING 5 POLL: SIMS 48%, IRONS 41%, LANGE 8%

    Stick a fork in it, pubbies! Your guy is done! Toast! Kaput!

    “SEATTLE – A new KING 5 poll shows Democrat Ron Sims has recaptured the lead in the race for king county executive.

    “For the past couple weeks the big news in this race was David Irons’ mother, accused her son of hitting her to the ground.

    “Now, in the first poll since that allegation surfaced, Irons’ support has dropped.

    “(He) swung around and hit me and I … fell flat on my back,” said Irons’ mother, Janet Irons.

    “Two weeks ago, Irons was ahead in our KING 5 poll, with 46 percent. But on Monday SurveyUSA finds Irons has dropped five percentage points to 41 percent.


    (For complete story see http://www.king5.com/localnews.....7e89d.html)

  63. 70

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hey rightys — how do you like this new thing called “negative campaigning?” Isn’t it great? Practically overnight, your guy goes from the lead into the cellar! Attack ads work!!

    Of course, you already know that, because you guys have been doing it for a long time — McCain, Cleland, Kerry, Dean, Hillary, etc.

    The difference is, when we call a Republican a lying, mother-beating, sack of shit — it’s true.

  64. 72

    chuck spews:

    This is just another game of “choose the lesser evil”. I’ve never been a big fan of Sims, but I can’t see a reason to vote for Irons. I just hope that people vote for the person they honestly believe will be the better leader. Unfortunately, I expect that the majority of people will vote along party lines because they’ve always done so, or vote against some candidate because they rabidly hate that person.

  65. 74

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Hey yeawrong — somebody’s gotta do the dirty work. If Sims won’t, then Goldy and Roger Rabbit will — because you wingnuts have it coming!!!


  66. 75

    HowcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS? spews:

    Too bad the election wasn’t held today… all of us grown ups had to get the 2nd half of our massive property tax bills in to King Ron of Corrupt Sims County…

  67. 76

    dj spews:

    yearight @ 61

    “dj-59 ‘I do not…I have never, in all the years that I have been in office, ever, ever done this. And I won’t. It offends me religiously, and it offends me in terms of my principles.’

    OK. Sims is only deeply offended by what Goldy did. “

    The same comment applies to the object of the sentence you quote. But, you may be right…Ron Sims may have been offended by the content of Goldy’s post (or was it the timing? Or both?).

    I suspect Mr. Sims would be deeply offended by a number of posts on Goldy’s blog. For example, I think we can count on Mr. Sims being offended by Goldys “The Aristocrats” posts here and here. BFD.

    If someone is looking for sanguine reading, this ain’t the place to be check out http://WallpaperingStories.Blogspot.com/ instead.

  68. 77

    John McDonald spews:

    First of all, the polls don’t mean squat. Almost every poll in the nation had Kerry leading last year going into and coming out of the weekend before the election. We know what happened. The polls are invariably skewed to the left.

    Seconds, if I had a dollar for every incompetent leader in every company that didn’t deserve his management position, etc. I’d be able to retire. People get positions they don’t deserve all the time. Let’s assume that Irons did not deserve any of the positions he had. That doesn’t mean he won’t be a better leader than Sims. There are a lot of citizens in King County that don’t like the job Sims is doing. But you would think Sims was perfect if you read this blog.

    Third, there are all kinds of people with no experience doing an amazing job. I don’t know if Irons will do an amazing job as King County exec any more than I knoew any challenger in any past election would rise to the occasion having won a race for a new and different position. That’s the whole point. People elect the person for the job that they feel will best represent them on the issues that are important to their views. If keeping the staus quo Democrat machine running is more important to the majority, then Sims will be elected, otherwise, it will be Irons. It doesn’t have a whole lot to do with experience, although Goldstein really wishes that were so.

    Look no further than this blog. Goldstein has very little experience, and zero qualifications as a writer. Does that mean someone won’t value what he has to say, and possibly lead to a role for him to rise into in the future?

    Goldstein is clearly grasping at straws here. After he drug the Sims campaign through the mud with the Irons family feud, you can be sure that Ron’s instructions to the media this week will be to steer clear of Goldstein.

    One thing is for sure, Goldstein is not a tactician. It would have made a lot more sense to run this piece last week, instead of the personal mudslinging mess with Irons mom. Especially when she got on the radio and opened her mouth and appeared to have some serious issues. But now, Goldstein is just the little boy who cried wolf.

  69. 78

    righton spews:

    Goldy, i read your article, but puked when i read this LIE…

    While the Seattle Times may have failed to sufficiently dissect Irons’ resume for its readers, there’s a reason why its normally Republican-leaning, strongly pro-business editorial board enthusiastically endorses Ron Sims

    (Times, news or editorial is NOT pro GOP, strongly pro business)

    (they are pro downtown, which is different than gop or business)

  70. 79

    John spews:

    Ron Sims doesn’t need to beat Irons thru his mother. Irons is doing that all by himself. I knew about the issue before it was mentioned in this blog. I was always surprised that David Irons ever won an eastside race. But there is no telling with people. Derdowski was such a snot, maybe he is a rebound winner.

    I always measure county council peoples by how they treat their staff and the staff of the other people running around there. We have a few bad eggs in the council. They aren’t specific to one political party.

  71. 80

    isueu spews:

    Interesting President of CCPI:
    Nelson, Scott (CCPI/President), (Zip code: 98312) $250 to DNC SERVICES CORPORATION/DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE on 08/31/04

  72. 81

    klake@ spews:

    Goldy you and the Wabbit must have for got your med’s today. You two don’t worry Dean Logan got a backup plan. It work the last time and like in Chicago it will work again. He has stuffing the Ballot down to a fine art. Take a few deep breaths and smell the roses.

  73. 82

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Isn’t that just like a Republican? Trying to weasel out of paying his fair share of property taxes. Fucking freeloaders.

    F R E E L O A D E R

  74. 83

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Checking Sucky Politics, I see that Stefan filed a lawsuit against Roger Rabbit.

    No, he’s not suing me for eating his garden and shitting on his lawn. He’s suing me for allegedly violating the Public Disclosure Act.

    Actually, he’s suing Dean Logan, but since Stefan thinks Roger Rabbit is Dean Logan blogging on a King County computer,* in Stefan’s mind he’s suing yours truly.

    Disclaimer: This is bullshit, but telling Stefan will only confuse him, as Stefan is impervious to all known facts.

    He’s doing it with OPM (other people’s money), of course. I mean, you don’t think he’d spend his OWN money on a piece of crap lawsuit, do you?

    According to the legal filings in the case, Dean … er, I … have given Stefan access to hundreds of thousands of documents, and Stefan has spent weeks poring over them. Which makes me wonder how the guy pays the mortgage on his $800,000 Green Lake house. He doesn’t seem to work – how can he, when he’s a full-time public records hobbyist?

    Well, Stefan apparently wants to become a King County employee. That is, he wants the taxpayers to PAY him for sifting through KCRE records. In his lawsuit, he’s asking for MONEY. Taxpayer money. Your money. My money. He wants US to pay HIM for the time he spends on his hobby. Bleccchhhh … excuse me a minute, I’m gonna throw up, he must have snuck some tainted lettuce into his garden or sumpin’.


  75. 85

    isueu spews:

    Convention Communications Provisioners, Inc. (CCPI), a telecommunications, Internet, and networking company serving convention centers, hotels, and other hospitality venues, today announced that the company has hired Dan Dobson as the site manager

    BREMERTON, Washington / PR FREE / Apr 14 2005 —
    Convention Communications Provisioners, Inc. (CCPI), a telecommunications, Internet, Wi-Fi, and networking company serving convention centers, hotels, and other hospitality venues, today announced that the company has hired Dan Dobson as the site manager for the Kentucky Exposition Center and Kentucky International Convention Center. Assisting Dobson at the sites will be Mitchell Hughes and Wesley Priddy, providing on-site technical customer support.

    Dobson has over 15 years of extensive experience in marketing, sales, and management, with most of his time spent in the hospitality industry. He has strong relationships with numerous vendors throughout the city, as well as the staff of many local venues.

    “Dobson’s background in the trade show and hospitality industry, along with his knowledge of advertising, business-to-business sales, and direct customer relations gives Dan the insight he will need to be successful as our Site Manager in Louisville,” said Scott Nelson, president of CCPI. “We know that clients visiting the KEC and KICC will enjoy Dan’s enthusiasm and appreciate his focus on customer service.”

    CCPI is the exclusive advanced telecommunications and Internet provider for the two centers. Recently CCPI designed and installed an advanced telecommunications system consisting of voice and data communications, Internet, WiFi, and internal networking for convention and exposition centers in Louisville. For more information about CCPI’s services provided at the Kentucky Exposition Center and at the Kentucky International Convention Center, contact Dan Dobson 502-773-4446, or via e-mail, ddobson@ccpi.net.

    The Kentucky International Convention Center provides a beautiful and functional convention facility spanning two city blocks in the heart of downtown Louisville. It offers 300,000 square feet of space, a 30,000 square foot ballroom and 52 meeting rooms. The Kentucky Exposition Center is one of the top 10 largest public facilities of its kind in the United States and features large facilities with diverse capabilities. The 500-acre property offers more than one million square feet of indoor space including Freedom Hall, an indoor arena that seats over 19,000 people.

    Currently, CCPI provides advanced telecommunications, Internet, and networking solutions to more than ten of the country’s premier convention centers and hotels including facilities in Seattle, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville, and Riverside, California.

    About Convention Communications Provisioners, Inc.
    Convention Communications Provisioners, Inc. (CCPI) is a leading provider of advanced voice, data, wireless, and video telecommunications, high speed and WiFi Internet, and comprehensive networking solutions, serving convention centers, hotels, and other hospitality venues across North America. With a team of highly experienced professionals, CCPI provides additional on-site services, including technical support and equipment rental. The company also offers facility planning services such as online ordering and reporting, consulting services, training, and marketing support. For more information on CCPI’s services and solutions visit the company online at http://www.ccpi.net or call 866-471-6219.

    Press Inquiries:
    Sherri Cochran
    Email: sherricochran@earthlink.net

  76. 88

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Public Notice: Roger Rabbit is NOT dead!! Some bastard tried to poison me, but I’m okay now.

  77. 89

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Where was I? Oh yes … Stefan wants King County taxpayers to pay him for sitting in the King County archives room for weeks at a time, flipping over ballot envelopes, one by one. Don’t be surprised if he files for L & I benefits too, claiming repetitive motion injuries.

  78. 90

    Richard Pope spews:

    Isueu @ 73

    The same Scott Nelson of CCPI gave $1,000 to David W Irons Jr on 10/15/2005. Can’t find any other political contributions for that Scott Nelson.

  79. 91

    isueu spews:

    Let’s learn more about Scott Nelson, President of CCPI.
    Does he represent David Irons’s hring policies of best and brightest? Well let see?

  80. 92

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Of course, Stefan is already a King County employee — a $9-an-hour temporary elections worker, to be exact — you’d think he’d be happy with that but noooooooo he wants MORE and MORE and MORE. Greedy fuck. Must be tough making the mortgage payments on an $800,000 house. I’m a Democrat, so I don’t know anything about living in 800K houses or 4-digit (5-digit?) mortgage payments.

    Sooooo … if Stefan gets some $$$ from King County taxpayers, do ya think he’s gonna SHARE with the people who paid for his lawsuit? I’ll give you 3 guesses, and if you get the first guess wrong, you don’t deserve 2 more, so as a practical matter you get only 1 guess. We Democrats are thrifty, you know. We’re not like those borrow-and-spend or sue-and-spend Republicans. We’re different from them. In a lot of ways.

    Speaking of which, 7 more young Americans lost their lives today in Bush’s military adventure in Iraq. What are we up to now? Has the mortality roll hit 2,100 yet? But I digress. We were talking about Stefan’s public disclosure lawsuit against King County taxpayers.

    Well, all I can say is, Dean … um, I … let Stefan look at 600,000 documents. You’d think he’d be satisfied with that — hell, he hasn’t even looked at all the documents Dean … um, I … gave him access to — but nooooooooo, he wants 600,091 documents!

    What the fuck difference does 91 pieces of paper out of 600,000 make?? I mean, what’s give or take 91? Huh? 600,000 out of 600,091 is 99.98% compliance, well within my department’s usual and customary error rate. So what is he bitching about?

    Frankly, I think he’s just a gold digger.

  81. 93

    Goldy spews:

    Jon @68,

    I’ll take as much credit as people give me. That doesn’t necessarily make it true, but I’d be stupid to refute it. Part of what makes me influential is that people think I’m influential. It’s very meta.

    But the only poll I care about is the one that takes place on election day.

  82. 94


    You know wabbit I think your right. I think that Irons will have a tough time overcoming this. The only hope for him is either to get something on Sims or vindicate himself from these charges. The battle may be lost but the war is not over.

  83. 95

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Stefan spends all his time criticizing King County, but can’t wait to get on the King County payroll! In fact, he’s already on it — as a $9-an-hour temporary elections worker. Now he’s going to court to get a promotion to a $100-a-day paperflinger, although if he proves his case, the judge might give him only $5-a-day. That’s about what amateur paperflingers are worth. If that.

  84. 96

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    So, Stefan wants to be a government employee. It figures. He’s spent his whole life criticizing government. In the end, all he really wanted was a seat on the county gravy train for himself.

  85. 99

    Carl spews:

    I don’t think your information is factual… I also think you are too involved and slanted to have an honest opinion about either Sims or Irons… You might consider focusing on a different topic.

  86. 101

    isueu spews:

    Well, we should look into David Irons current direct reports using his “25 years of small business experience” and investigate why Scott Nelson was chosen as the President of CCPI. Was it management experience, technical know how, or chance?
    This is the only record we have of Dave’s recent pratices?
    So what would we learn?

  87. 102

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    WTF? What do you think Goldy is, a newspaper? Of course he’s slanted! This is a LIBERAL BLOG, dummy! You wanna read an “honest” opinion* go read Sucky Politics or Freep.

    * “Honest” = Republican euphemism for bullshit

  88. 104

    Thomas Trainwinder spews:



  89. 105

    Goldy spews:

    Carl @99,

    That’s the great thing about blogging. I wear my bias on my sleeve, cite my sources as best I can, and then let my readers judge what I write in that context. Everybody knows I am a liberal, progressive Democrat. But the facts stand for themselves.

    isueu @101,

    My understanding is that Scott Nelson used to sell pizza to public schools, and that Irons may have known him from his days on the school board. How this qualifies him to run a high tech company I don’t know… I’m told he doesn’t really understand the technology he sells. But perhaps he’s just one of those natural born managers? (Or maybe one of those natural born salesmen.)

  90. 106

    Richard Pope spews:

    Wabbit @ 92

    What is so big about a four digit mortgage payment? Mine is $1,286.95 per month (including taxes and insurance) and I owe only $180,000 — house is worth about twice that much, fortunately :) Unless someone puts a hell of a lot of money down — or buys a really cheap condo — practically every mortgage payment in King County is over $1,000 per month, and therefore a four digit mortgage payment. Maybe lots of Democrats like you don’t know anything about four digit mortgage payments because they don’t own their own homes.

  91. 107

    DamnageD spews:


    3 hours and +30 entries later and NO-ONE can support Irons?

    Not even Mr. CynIrr? Wow! Nice case you argue for your man(?), guys.

    I may not respond to every piece of poo flung here, but surely someone can explain to me SOME reason the “right” is so hot for this guy.

  92. 108

    Carl spews:

    Roger Rabbit… you are filled with profane anger and hate. I would suggest you finding a more happy place to be. Try some relaxation methods and calm your anger.

    I just see things the way they are. People put there own slants on things and Goldstein is hurt from last nights debate situation.

  93. 109

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Under RCW 42.17.340(4), if Stefan proves KCRE violated the Public Disclosure Act, the judge in his discretion can award him a penalty of “not less than five dollars and not to exceed one hundred dollars for each day that he or she was denied the right to inspect or copy said public record.”

    That’s where the $5-a-day (or $100-a-day) salary schedule for paperflingers comes from. It’s called “prevailing wage” and you have to belong to the Paperflingers Union to get it.

    Having myself been a public disclosure attorney for a public agency, I can tell you from my personal experience there are plenty of people who are trying to make a living off the government as amateur paperflingers.

    Most of them belong to militia groups.

    Hey, you RCW groupies may be interested to know that as of July 11, 2006, all the public records stuff is being moved out of Chapter 42.17 RCW into new Chapter RCW 42.56 RCW. For you paperflinger-wanna-bes hoping to suck $$$ from the public tit (like Stefan is trying to do), RCW 42.17.340(4) will become RCW 42.56.550(4). Your lawyer is supposed to know this. If he doesn’t, fire him and get someone who knows what the fuck he’s doing.

    I notice Stefan didn’t hire the guys who represented Rossi in the Wenatchee sex trial. Ooops, wrong trial. I mean, represented Rossi in the Wenatchee election contest trial. They spent $2 million of their client’s money to lose 4 more votes to Gregoire. At that rate, Stefan would end up owing them $45.5 million for 91 documents — and he wouldn’t even get the documents! Stefan may be stupid, but he’s not THAT stupid. At least, let’s hope not, for his sake.

  94. 110

    isueu spews:

    We need a response:

    2138 Madrona Point Drive, Bremerton, WA 98312
    Scott Nelson (President, Ccpi) $250 DNC

  95. 111

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Reply to 106

    I don’t have a 4-digit mortgage payment … I don’t even have a 3-digit mortgage payment. But then, my frame of reference is a hole in the ground. How expensive can a hole in the ground be?

    (Hmmmm, well, actually, pretty expensive if it happens to be a missile silo.)

  96. 112

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Now there’s an idea! Roger Rabbit living in a missile silo! No longer would I have to wait for this clunky old computer (circa 1978) to warm up. I’d just push a button — voila — Roger Rabbit is launched into orbit! Or at least, launched into HorsesAss, which is just as good.

    Missile silos are kinda spendy, though, so I’m gonna need some help with fundraising. I wonder if Stefan would let me use his web site to raise some cash? He seems to have a lot of fools with fat wallets reading his web site. Well, launching Roger Rabbit into HorsesAss is a worthy cause, maybe they’ll contribute to me, too!

  97. 113

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Ooops, typo, that date should be July 1, 2006. Not July 11. My bad. Hell, it’s tough trying to type with rabbit paws, with all that fur and claws getting in the way.

  98. 114

    Jon spews:

    Goldy @ 93: “Part of what makes me influential is that people think I’m influential. It’s very meta.”

    Well, that is certainly true for both sides of the aisle.

    I’m sure your influence in the left around Seattle has risen considerably in the last few months. Maybe you’ll get that radio gig after all… :)

  99. 115

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Speaking of militia groups — and the freaks who belong to them — here’s a great web site that’s a Mother Lode about militia groups and other right-wing wackos of all stripes:


    Of special interest to you government attorneys out there, is this link to the “Idiot Legal Arguments: A Casebook for Dealing with Extremist Legal Arguments” archive, which gives you resources and cites for dealing with wackos who claim the court has no jurisdiction because they refuse to use ZIP codes on their mail, or assert the fringe on the flag limits the court’s jurisdiction to admiralty cases, or claim your service of process on them was no good, etc. ad naus.:


    Personally, I think there’s an easier way to deal with militia wackos: Shoot the bastards.

  100. 117

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I work the night shift, and it’s time for me to hop up the hill from Green Lake Park to Keystone Place and eat Stefan’s garden and shit on his lawn, so I’ll see you trolls again tomorrow!! Ta-ta … don’t let the bedbugs bite!!!

    (hopping noises)

  101. 118

    Ezkémo spews:

    Stefan’s sensationalistic headlines for his newsless posts are beginning to look like headlines from the old “CONFIDENTIAL!!!” gossip magazine—- followed by about 27 lame dittohead comments that if ONE dissenting thought appears in the thread they start squealing like stuck pigs.

  102. 119

    DamnageD spews:

    KING5 has a nice little article about Irons waning support…


    But I especially found this interesting; Now, in the first poll since that allegation surfaced, Irons’ support has dropped.

    “(He) swung around and hit me and I … fell flat on my back,” said Irons’ mother, Janet Irons.
    What should voters make of the Irons family feud, a mother calling her own son a volatile man?
    Republican David Irons flatly denies the charge saying his mother has problems with her memory.
    “My mother’s a diabetic, she had a diabetic reaction,” said Irons.

    Two things here, his family hasn’t been very vocal about this “illness”…is it an old woman with a crappy cranium, or low blood sugar? And what about the phone being pulled from the wall as she suggests? Is the phone diabetic too?

    You righties better get your boys story straight…sounds MIGHTY fishy.

  103. 120

    Aaron spews:

    Carl @ 108:
    Carl you arrogant ass! You “see things the way they are”? Give me a break.

    Roger Rabbit is damned amusing; I read all of his posts while skipping past the righty trolls like Cynical, Puddy, xmasgoat, dumbon, etc.

    Oh, and while I’m at it, Libertarian you can kiss my ass, you moron.

    Jeez, I’m getting all worked up. I guess I better go meditate some now.

  104. 121

    dj spews:

    John McDonald @ 77

    “First of all, the polls don’t mean squat.”

    Ummm…yes they do. They are highly correlated with election results.

    “Almost every poll in the nation had Kerry leading last year going into and coming out of the weekend before the election. We know what happened. The polls are invariably skewed to the left.”

    You are dead wrong. For the last couple of months before the election, the popular vote polls were either a tie or showed Bush slightly ahead. The electoral college polls showed Bush leading for three months before the election. Here is a link from a conservative site (scroll to the bottom).

    Here is a Liberal site showing (electorial college) Bush ahead in September and a tie in October).

    “Let’s assume that Irons did not deserve any of the positions he had. That doesn’t mean he won’t be a better leader than Sims. There are a lot of citizens in King County that don’t like the job Sims is doing. But you would think Sims was perfect if you read this blog.”

    Definitely not perfect, but I’ve been very satisfied with the overall job he has been doing. Irons scares the hell out of me.

    “It doesn’t have a whole lot to do with experience, although Goldstein really wishes that were so.”

    Oh? It seems to me that many times the challenger can provide a record of substance either in government or the private sector. What is very troubling here is that Irons has greatly exaggerating his business experience. Sure, you can chalk it up to “he is a politician, of course he is going to lie,” but I don’t buy that shit. Oh…and, his KC Council record is pretty unimpressive.

    “Look no further than this blog. Goldstein has very little experience, and zero qualifications as a writer. Does that mean someone won’t value what he has to say, and possibly lead to a role for him to rise into in the future?”

    WTF? I believe Goldy has been a professional writer for a number of years.

    “Goldstein is clearly grasping at straws here.”

    What the fuck????? Do you have specific facts you quibble with? Or is this just some irrational emotional response?

    “After he drug the Sims campaign through the mud with the Irons family feud, you can be sure that Ron’s instructions to the media this week will be to steer clear of Goldstein. “

    Ummmm…Ron give the Media instructions? What have you been smoking?

    “One thing is for sure, Goldstein is not a tactician. It would have made a lot more sense to run this piece last week, instead of the personal mudslinging mess with Irons mom. Especially when she got on the radio and opened her mouth and appeared to have some serious issues. But now, Goldstein is just the little boy who cried wolf.”

    Oh? I wouldn’t call that a sure thing. The KING 5 poll article seems to credit the stories about Irons flattening his mother with Irons drop in the poll. Here is the temporal sequence: Irons is leading (Oct 17th) Goldy publishes big story about mom abuse (Oct 22) Irons is trailing (Oct 31–very next poll).

    I suppose it could be a coincedence … I guess….

  105. 122

    dj spews:

    Klake @ 81

    “You two don’t worry Dean Logan got a backup plan. It work the last time and like in Chicago it will work again. He has stuffing the Ballot down to a fine art. Take a few deep breaths and smell the roses.”

    Read your own crazy rant, Klake, and seek professional help.

    The “fraud” story is a myth pushed by talk radio and uSP. Try to cut back, dude … I mean, for your own health.

  106. 123

    dj spews:

    Roger Rabbit,

    [Stefan is] a full-time public records hobbyist.

    Beautiful expression, Rabbit!

  107. 124

    Ezkémo spews:

    Our current awareness of the depth of the corruption in the Republican fold does not explain the silence of the Democrats as this whole sorry story has unfolded on the national as well as in the state scene. We ordinary citizens must carefully craft our argument that “when the walls come crumblin’ down” it was the top 1% of the American economy and the American corporate world that owned and paid for our government and directed its policy and it’s they who should pay the damages as far as debt is concerned. It is easily demonstrable that the U.S. government is and always has been beholden to money and influence.

    When the world begins to demand repayment of our debts in EUROS we need to point them in the direction where all the dollars have gone. They can “trickle” their wealth away permanently — the bloodsucking bastards.

  108. 125

    dj spews:

    Carl @ 108

    “People put there own slants on things and Goldstein is hurt from last nights debate situation. “

    WTF???? I congratulated Goldy today over the debate. After all the “family matter” was, once again, brought up in a fairly high-profile public debate.

    The gulf between your opinion that Goldy was hurt and my opinion that Goldy scored big-time reflects, I believe, a misunderstanding on your part of what Goldy wants.

    Did you think Goldy was trying to win a fucking popularity contest? No, stupid…Goldy has been transparent about his goals: he wants to WIN.

  109. 127

    Ezkémo spews:

    Winning is the “prime directive”!!! Look what happened to uSP when they banned dissent. It just SUCKS NAILS now— and there is no way to repair it! We won the blog war. We won the governorship. We won the indictment war. You neo-poops look so shabby now!

  110. 128

    Karmalyzed spews:

    a county government larger than that of thirteen states.

    It’s way past time to break up King County.

  111. 130

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Goldy@ 105 sez
    “That’s the great thing about blogging. I wear my bias on my sleeve, cite my sources as best I can, and then let my readers judge what I write in that context. Everybody knows I am a liberal, progressive Democrat.”

    Sorry Goldy….not EVERYBODY.
    I, for one, believe you to be a CLOWN!
    Fortunately for you, you live in the CIRCUS of KingCo with mucho other clowns!
    Here is another simple equation:
    Liberal, Progressive Democrat=========CLOWN

  112. 131

    Puddybud spews:

    Ezkémo said: Terrorism is the privatisation of war. Wow, you be da genius of the day. Tell that to Putin on the school kids bombing and to the Chinese in Western China. And I’m not talking about the “Falon Gong” either. In America we use the letter “zed” instead of “s”. Your “UK Guardian” bias is amply displayed here. U R such an ass, you are the definitive person ProudAss describes in his moniker!

    Aaron: NOTHING, repeat NOTHING you write has any educational benefit! We ignore your shit too. Only Dr E. and GBS mentally challenge me. You are on the same cognitive skill level of windbag, JustDumbBozo, stuckonstupiddon and the leader of the pack rugrat602!!!

  113. 132

    Kevster spews:

    It is odd that most of the bluster about Goldy’s article revolves around the non issue of whether Sims endorses/supports/pays for this reporting. I would think of Goldy more as a lone 527 who gets no funding. I do not believe there is any collusion with the campaign. Goldy likes to agitate, especially when he is right. He won’t seek anyone’s approval to write what he thinks is true even if it were Ron Sims. It is clear that Goldy has touched a nerve among the right wing partisans yet they blather on making no sense and nver engaging on the facts themselves. They resort to infantile name-calling instead of making logical arguments. I believe Goldy’s motivation here is to expose imcompetence and fraud. Why isn’t the focus more on what a loser Irons obviously is?

    Does the King County Republican party really believe that Irons is their best candidate? If so, they are in one helluva sorry state. It is unfortunate that the Greens are splitting the progressive vote but it is likely on election day enough of them will veer toward Sims to prevent Irons from winning. Even the Greens learned something from the 2000 presidential election.

    Hey Mr. Cynical: it doesn’t apppear that you have a real job based upon the many hours you spend blogging on this site. As an angry (almost certainly white) male, it must kill you to live in the bluest county in the bluest state on the left coast. Your health would undoubtedly be better served by finding a more comfortable red state, or failing that, Spokane county.

  114. 133

    Ezkémo spews:

    Mr. Cynical= Homophobic Homo like Spokane Mayor
    Milk preference= Homo milk
    Mr Cynical’s wife= Unsatisfied Female
    Mr, Cynical’s car= 1980’s K-car with lots of stickers
    Mr. Cynical’s investment partner= Charles Schwab
    Mr. Cynicals political preferences= retarded Republican crooks

  115. 134


    Another Brick Through Irons’ Window
    Intrepid blogger David Goldy Goldstein continues his pleasing habit of piling on David Irons, who clearly not only has an anger management problem, but a basic problem with telling the truth about his rather pathetic career history. In this most recent…

  116. 137

    Puddybud spews:

    Ezkémo: Since he received better grades at Yale than Kerry did, what does that make Kerry?

  117. 138

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Why would I be angry about a 2-digit mortgage payment? Because it’s not a 1-digit payment? not a 0-digit payment? Hmmm …

  118. 140

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Comment on 121

    “Ron’s instructions to the media” … “Ummmm…Ron give the Media instructions? What have you been smoking?”

    Clearly, dj, you missed the Freudian slip here. John MacDonald is a Republican. Republicans think the media are propagandists, and they should control the propaganda. Ergo, McDonald sees the world in terms of instructing the media what to say. Not so people get news, or truth, but so they get Republican propaganda, and nothing but Republican propaganda. This also explains why McDonald is down on Goldy’s blog. Of course he doesn’t like HorsesAss — it’s not part of the GOP propaganda mill, and doesn’t parrot GOP propaganda, like good little boys and girls are supposed to.

    Fuck you, McDonald. Go back to bed, and take your Goebbels doll with you.

  119. 141

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Gee thanks Aaron! Furry little 8 5/8-lb. bunnies like to get their fur stroked and their ears scratched!

    Attention wingnut trolls: Whatever you do, don’t — DON’T — pick up Roger Rabbit by the ears!!! If you do, I’ll rip you a new belly button with my powerful hind feet and razor-sharp claws, and your intestines, liver, kidneys, and other guts will be hanging out of your new belly button!

    Aaron, what’s there to meditate? It’s normal to get worked up over these fascist, neo-nazi, America-hating, traitorous, trolls!! If you don’t something is wrong with either your cognitive functions or your moral values, or both. You’re SUPPOSED to get mad at these dickheads!!

    Note to Carl: Anger is a normal human reaction to pricks like you. However, you are mistaken to conclude that Roger Rabbit is “angry.” You are presumptive to attribute human emotions and characteristics to RR, who is merely a cute fluffy bunny operating on instinct. For example, when RR is hopping across Green Lake Way on his way up the hill to eat Stefan’s garden and shit on his lawn, and a speeding SUV tries to flatten RR, the bunny instinctively realizes the bastard driving it must be a Republican! So, Carl … go fuck yourself, and fuck the armadillo you rode in on, too.

  120. 142

    Ezkémo spews:

    “Josef for Elections that Republicans Always Win”. We’re not children here ,Josef.

  121. 144

    klake@ spews:

    Mr. Cynical= Homophobic Homo like Spokane Mayor
    Milk preference= Homo milk
    Mr Cynical’s wife= Unsatisfied Female
    Mr, Cynical’s car= 1980’s K-car with lots of stickers
    Mr. Cynical’s investment partner= Charles Schwab
    Mr. Cynicals political preferences= retarded Republican crooks

    Comment by Ezkémo— 11/1/05 @ 7:15 am

    Ezkemo you must be jealous of Mr Cynical and his great success. Please give us an acute assessment of yourself and no cheating. I would do it but my mind isn’t that far in the gutter.

  122. 146

    Felix Fermin spews:

    Candidate R: prone to violence, little experience managing large organizations, favors unfettered development and despoilment of our environment, unsupported by his own family

    Candidate D: cut and balanced the budget, wall street bigwigs think he’s doing a great job and award the highest possible bond rating, owns up to mistakes and fixes them, protects the environment and looks out for the little guy …

    Such a difficult decision …

  123. 147

    Puddybud spews:

    Ezkémo: WHat does skull and bones have to do with it. Anyone with money and connections gets into skull and bones. If GWB is a short bus rider, what does that make Kerry?

  124. 148

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Yeah, makes you wonder what the 41% are thinking … hmmm … you have to ALWAYS wonder what R voters are thinking … the stupid bastards.

    Republicans are proof that humans evolved from apes.

  125. 149

    Thomas Trainwinder spews:


    The 41% minority is thinking how they get to shape the supreme court for the next 40 years…what a great system we have…power to the people who represent the severe minority

  126. 150

    GBS spews:

    Puddybud @ 53

    Well, OK, it’s not exactly the wording I proposed, but I’ll accept your counter offer.

    Nov. 7th after 5pm one of us will be on Carlson’s show.


  127. 151

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Nice try at numbers spinning……using Poll numbers to desperately try to paint those currently in power as the “minority”. The fact is, the Republicans are in control and this is there decision to make. The Dems using the fillibuster to try and stop and up or down vote is just as much BS as the Reps. voting to end the fillibuster.

    I think the LEFTIST PINHEADED CLOWNS expect Bush to appoint and the Senate to confirm a LEFTIST PINHEADED CLOWN!!!
    Why don’t we carry it to your LEFTIST PINHEADED CLOWN conclusion….
    Bush should appoint Barney “Bozo” Frank or Baghdad Jim McDermott as the COURT JESTER!!! Will that make you CLOWNS happy??

  128. 152

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Bush should appoint Barney “Bozo” Frank or Baghdad Jim McDermott as the COURT JESTER!!! Will that make you CLOWNS happy?? -Comment by Mr. Cynical— 11/1/05 @ 9:35 am

    Nope it won’t because it’s not about “the pick” it’s about unadulerated hatred for the guy that gets to make the pick.

    These fringie fruitcakes are nothing if not predictable and irrelevant.

    YOOHOOO fringies, call all your dim lib senators and tell em to BRING ON the filibuster… it’s what we ( you know, that evil Karl Rove we) absolutely want!

  129. 153

    Thomas Trainwinder spews:


    Of course they are in power. This is their last hurrah (with 41% approval rating, the future is bleak indeed). It’s the way our system works…get power…get corrupted…make bad decisions that affect generations to come….reset with other party

  130. 154

    Puddybud spews:

    Thomas Train: You forget that the poll said most people like their congressman and senator eventhough the president’s numbers are down.

  131. 155

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    The last time this crowd got in power, they held kangaroo trials and hanged “witches” from trees.

  132. 157

    yearight spews:

    Thomas Trainwinder-153 ‘..(with 41% approval rating, the future is bleak indeed).’

    Who was talking about Gregoire?

  133. 158

    Donnageddon spews:

    Great job Goldy!

    The sound of the squeeling Neo-Cons must be music to your ears! Better than any applause!

  134. 160

    Danno spews:


    He is Sim’s little suckling pig, and I don’t mean he has an apple in his mouth.

  135. 161

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    What success are you talking about? What is Mr. Cynical successful at — other than being a mindless GOP shill and asswipe?

  136. 162

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    No, but if I screwed yours I might get a terrible disease. What the hell, I’m gonna screw her anyway. She’s loose.

  137. 163

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Roger @ 161—
    I’ve been successful at many things but the one that tops my list is I don’t hesitate to call a CLOWN a CLOWN!!!

  138. 164

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    WOW!!! What an accomplishment!!

    fyi, Roger Rabbit does not hesitate to call a wingnut a wingnut, or a Republican a greedy, unpatriotic, America-hating, fascist warmonger!!!

    I play that game, too! :D

  139. 166



    I am with you wabbit. Give it to those Supreme court selecting, lying memo dodging, UN ambasodor appointing, Presidential office holding, senate majority grubbing, house majority taking, Fox news (ratings leader) watching, Texas donk judge kicking assholes.

  140. 168

    DamnageD spews:

    24 hours later and the trolls have not risen to the defense of their beloved Irons. Boy, like I didn’t see that coming. Thanks for being predictable! It’s something the Repubs definitely have going for themselves.

    Mr. CynIrr…?

    Any new insulting tags to replace your faded LEFIST PINHEAD label?
    I’m counting on you to freshen up this election season with SOMETHING creative.

  141. 172

    harry poon spews:

    Jerkoff! You never got to sleep with a cheerleader. What do you really know about being elite?

  142. 173

    harry poon spews:

    JERKOFF is not a metaphor. It’s who you really are. The “hand-lotion kid”. That’s you!

  143. 175

    greeseyparrot spews:

    Take a break “Mr. Cynical” I’ll cover for you, Leftist, Liberal pinhead, Liberal pinhead, clown, Leftist, clown, Liberal pinhead, clown…
    Seriously though, I figure there are two possibilities with you.
    One: You are absolutely in earnest, in which case you deserve our pity and as a good Liberal I promise that I will assist you in obtaining help when you get to the point you’re able to ask for it.
    Two: You truly are a cynic and a propagandist who knowingly distorts the truth and spew your invective and mischaracterizations in an attempt to obfuscate. In which case you’ve my undying contempt.

  144. 176

    PacMan - The Best Game Ever spews:

    Greeseyparrot: Man another wonderful chosen moniker. Are you greasy so no one can catch you when you tell still lies? It is your side who “spews their invective and mischaracterizations in an attempt to obfuscate”. Look at the latest Italian racist commentary over Judge Alito calling him a mafia lover. At least Chris Matthews was upset. Your side has no ideas but invective! What a donk you are parrot.

    Harry Poon, the only thing you sleep with is rosy palm, her four cousins and Vaseline Intensive Care lotion.

  145. 177

    Chimp Patrol spews:

    PuddyButt @ 147, it makes Kerry 500% more honest than our ‘resident idiot’ that has kidnapped this great nation.

  146. 180

    DamnageD spews:


    How about for a fucking change you ANSWER THE QUESTION? Or is throwing stones the best you can offer now?

    I asked a REAL EASY ONE for you righties, and have gotten as much back as I anticipated.


    So if looking for validity in Irons as a QUALITY replacement makes me a sleeping clown….then a bad case of narcolepsy is what i’m guilty of. Especially since the support coming from Irons supporters couldn’t wake a new born!

    I suppose if I fed into your BS then what? I suppose you consider Goldys offence as much a “Stunt” as the lefties locking the Repukes in a room to force them to keep their word on the 2004 Intel Committee follow-up.

    Just the facts mam’…just the facts.

  147. 181

    christmasghost spews:

    goldy…just a thought. did you ever wonder what kind of mother would say these things about her own son? i think you better take a good look at the source here.
    and gee….you sure sound like an elitist jerk with your “grease monkey” comments. is there something about knowing how to fix things that are mechanical that makes a person inferior somehow?
    somehow i can’t imagine you knowing how to fix your own car…but i sure hope your mechanic reads your comments before he does. LOL.
    i wonder if we might not find someone in your own circle of family and friends that would have similar things to say about you?
    and they would probably be just as wrong, and have just as much of an ax to grind.

  148. 182

    greeseyparrot spews:

    PacMan, re: “…wonderful [sic] choosen moniker.”, “…tell still lies[sic].”
    Before I write anything even more unkind, tell me, is English not your native tongue?

  149. 183

    christmasghost spews:

    useless excuse for a human being@179…..it’s sad to note that the lefties are as racist as ever…..

    ******”PacMan–the most deluded and docile Negro ever

    Comment by harry poon— 11/2/05 @ 6:54 am”******
    what an eye opener that is. maybe goldy should rethink his filter. forget soc ial ist…………