Irons keeps powder dry in wake of scandal-less primary election

A week has passed since last Tuesday’s primary election, and still no scandalous mishaps in King County Elections to report.

“Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the huge effort they’ve taken to make things better,” said Sheryl Moss, a member of the Citizens Election Oversight Committee who observed the primary as a representative of the Secretary of State’s Office. “Only time will tell if they’ve gone far enough.”

Michael Sheridan, the state Republican Party designate on the committee, also said the primary looked good from what he saw — although he reserved final judgment until all the votes are counted and the numbers reconciled.

“It seemed like the knowledge base was a lot deeper than it had been,” Sheridan said. “The system seemed to be well thought out.”

David Irons could hardly contain his disappointment…

County Councilman David Irons of Sammamish, said he hopes the conduct of the primary is “stellar.”

Yeah… sure you do, Dave.

But the primary attracted only a third as many voters in King County as the 2004 general election, Irons pointed out.

“I don’t think this is necessarily a good test,” Irons said. “I’ll keep my powder dry.”

How about a countywide recount in the Sheriffs’ race? Is that a good enough test, Dave?

Hmm. If I were Irons, I wouldn’t worry so much about my powder… I’d be worried about keeping my pants dry after I get my ass whooped in the general election.


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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Lots of positive comments…however NO ONE has analyzed the source data. New reconciliations are required. Ballots envelopes need to be reviewed. How do you measure what a “GOOD JOB” is???
    No one could possibly do worse than KingCo Erections last November.
    And since when are bureaucrats to be complimented for merely doing the job they are hired and required to do???
    It’s like a Janitor being called out publicly because he never scrubbed the toilets. After awhile, the bathroom stunk to high heavens. So after being publicly chastised and embarrassed, KingCo spends $300,000 and forms committees to tell the Janitor how to scrub the toilet.
    The Janitor scrubs the toilet per his job description and gets publicly complimented for doing his job??? WTF?????
    The bottom-line here is a huge conflict of interest.
    If Don Ron Sims King wins===Logan saves his job.
    If Irons wins===============Logan is fired.
    The Primary doesn’t matter that much.
    Logan’s job is at stake in NOVEMBER.
    Oh, and Logan is counting the ballots on the race that decides HIS FATE!!
    I also find it interesting that Ferguson stretched his lead on Edmonds. Edmonds is the insider Sims supported. Yet in November, Greoire extended her lead in the final counts. Hmmmm?
    I doubt Sims is going to turn on the Cheatmachine for a Primary. In fact, it is too Sims benefit that everyone feel good. But look at the result. Ferguson beats Edmonds. Hmmmmmmm?

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    Swift Boat Vets For Universal Healthcare spews:

    David Irons Retirement Party @ my house, Nov 9th.

    RSVP to

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    Curious George spews:

    Message @ 2 –

    King county is already known as “The State of Seattle” by many in Olympia…

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    Okay, okay this is a bit premature.

    #1. Where’s the supposed turnaround team that Sims promised?
    #2. Where’s the compliance w/ state laws as to re ballot forwarding and the oaths of poll judges?
    #3. Where’s the removal of power from Dean Logan?
    #4. Where’s all of the above?

    Irons for Executive: Because you need one.

  5. 9

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    The Cheatmachine needs a little priming of the carburator (like Logan knowing he will be fired unless Sims wins).
    And The Cheatmachine runs on pure 100% HorseShit…right out of the HorsesAss!!! No refining necessary.
    Prime it, pull the starter cord and VROOOOOOOOOM!!! It takes off like a SOB!!
    I visualize Dean Logan steering this cheatmachine like the guy on the BrushCutter commercial. Nothing stops it!!
    Oh and it has a 25 HorsesAss Power engine too!!!

  6. 11

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    So YOU are Mr. Positive????
    My point is…this primary hasn’t been put under an independent review yet. Surface observations only.
    Why cheat during a primary??
    AND…Logan clearly has a vested interest in Sims winning in November.
    Hard to disagree with that dude!
    Are you now the civility patrol rujax???
    Opposing views may only be expressed in a form acceptable to rujax. Anything else is negative. Huhhhhh??
    You LEFTIST PINHEADS sure obsess over what I say and how I say it, dontcha?!!

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    Goldy spews:

    Cynical @11,

    That’s right, Republicans keep losing in King County because Democrats cheat. Sure. Keep falling back on that tired old excuse and the KCGOP is destined to become the Washington Generals of KC politics.

  8. 13

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I didn’t say that Goldy…but now that YOU mention it!
    The voters will decide on the SIMS-LOGAN ticket very soon.
    We’ll see how well it sells…..
    Sims should win….but it will be his toughest contest for sure.
    Sims should be able to win without cheating….but so would have Nixon. Sometimes these power dudes cannot help themselves.
    Ego dontchaknow!

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    Curtis Love spews:

    Libertarian @ 2
    Get used to it. King County is going to continue to be the economic driver and population magnet of this state. This effect is only going to become more pronounced over time. Have fun.

  10. 15

    Libertarian spews:

    Curious George @ 6:

    Thanks for the input. Maybe what’s need is for the rest of Wasington to leave King County and form a new state. That’s probably not practical, however, but I suspect the people living in places like Spokane and Walla Walla might support the idea.

  11. 16

    Curtis Love spews:

    josef @ 7

    The turnaround team?
    It’s here.

    “Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the huge effort they’ve taken to make things better,” said Sheryl Moss, a member of the Citizens Election Oversight Committee who observed the primary as a representative of the Secretary of State’s Office.

    Whoops, my mistake. He [Ron Sims] has done plenty so far:
    “The committee review is one of three investigations of the department initiated this year. The results of a $300,000 council-ordered management audit are expected next week. A Sims-appointed task force issued its report in July.

    But no ‘turnaround team’ as yet:
    “An effort to recruit the team in time for the primary failed, and a second attempt is under way. That team should be in place before the general election Nov. 8, officials have said.”

    So there you go. Ummm, to WHAT “removal from power” of Dean Logan do you refer? The one you wish for, or one Ron Sims said he would perform?

  12. 17

    Curtis Love spews:

    Libertarian @ 15
    It’s been proposed and forwrded through the legislature several times. Not bloody likely, I think, that. It would have one main result: we’d have another reliably Republican and educationally and economically backward state. it would be more evidence of “intelligent design.” Not.

  13. 18

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    CurtisZero(Love==Zero in tennis)–
    The $300,000 Audit turns out to be window-dressing for Logan and Sims you moron.
    Remember strategica specializes in “WIN-WIN” Audits.
    Whatever they mean by that.

  14. 19

    Puddybud spews:

    Rugrat602: You are jealous that Cynical the Libertarian can outwit, outshine, outdebate, and outthink (the best for last) you and your puny attempts to attack and impugn him. I crack up laughing at Cynical’s style and wit.

  15. 20

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Thanks Pudster—
    You are well-known for your good taste and discernment!
    Being a Perot advocate taught me some valuable lessons about the problems of ENTRENCHED GOVERMENT BUREAUCRACIES and BUREAUCRATS!
    The only solution is to take the friggin’ guv’mint money away from the useless assholes (like Roger Rabbit when he wasted 30 years as a DSHS Attorney). Hell, if Rog had been forced to make it in the real world, he’d be on our side today.
    As for twerps like rujax….they are so pathetic. It takes all the energy rujax can muster to even make a feable attempt at humor….and he usually strikes out.
    It’s pitiful!
    I also laugh out loud when these LEFTIST PINHEADS tangle themselves up in their mobius loop arguments.
    But, LEFTIST PINHEADS are an important part of the food chain. In fact, they are a MAJOR part of my emergency preparedness plan.
    You see, my emergency kit consists of a small bottle of water. Now you might consider that totally unprepared but………
    I also have plenty of guns and ammo. I only have the bottle of water in case I get thirsty on my way over to rujax’s house to take all his preparedness shit!!! LEFTIST PINHEADS are the absolute best source of food when the big one hits!!!!

  16. 21

    Curtis Love spews:

    “The $300,000 Audit turns out to be window-dressing for Logan and Sims you moron.”
    Oooh, good one. You are so clever! Funny, the results will be announced next week, but you somehow “know” this is window dressing. I share neither your inflated estimation of the value of your opinion nor your psychic abilities. When the report is issued, we’ll talk abut the facts as they are. Or I will. I expect that you will stick to your tried and true formula of vituperation and cliche.

  17. 23

    Libertarian spews:

    Curtis Love @ 17:

    I guess you must live in King County. The folks who live there tend to have an elitist attitude about them, as if King county were the center of the known universe. I suppose it’s not unlike the way the Northeastern part of our countyr feels superior to everyone else in the nation.

    I can’t understand the arrogance. I have friends who live in north Seattle. Their home was built about 1922 and doesn’t even have a decent bathroom. To top it off, the place is wickedly expensive, and their neighbors have a nice, clear view of the inside of their bathroom because homes are jammed together. Yet these people feel superior to the rest of the people of Washington? Give me a break!

    Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that Washington left King County and became a separate state. We would be just fine because there’s lots more to the state than KC. The real loser would be King county. So King County, get over yourself: you’re NOT the center of theknown universe!

  18. 24

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Actually Seattle is the center of the Universe….if you consider the ANAL CANAL to be the center!