iPhoneless in Seattle

My old cell phone is slowly dying, I’m already an AT&T customer, and (usable) mobile Internet anywhere is almost a must have feature for somebody who does what I do.  So I really want an iPhone.

But I’m not crazy.

There was no way I was going to wait in a line on Friday for something I could walk right in and purchase the next day, but the lines at the various Seattle area Apple stores don’t seem to have shortened over the weekend, even as they’ve gradually run out of the most popular models.  New supplies are scheduled to arrive daily, but in calling around to the various stores they all seem to expect the current iPhone mania to continue unabated for days to come.  Supply is apparently not an issue; they simply cannot sell and activate the phones fast enough to keep up with demand.


I suppose I’ll just have to make due for now with a phone that’s just phone.  But if any of you have scored a new iPhone please feel free to taunt me in the comment threads.


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    Daddy Love spews:

    It’s kind of ridiculous. The first iPhone should have been 3G. I mean, it’s not like it’s a brand new thing. But then again, the chumps who bought the original s-l-o-o-o-w iPhone are like the chumps who are buying this one. If I were you, I’d wait until they put one out that has a decent amount of storage. 16 GB is pathetic.

  2. 2

    Adrian Constant spews:

    (Incest is best, apparently.)

    I don’t see why anybody cares about what Apple does. They’ve been going out of business for decades (you could look it up). Ipods and Iphones are just a small diversion on the way to bankruptcy. Nobody uses Macs because nobody can afford them, they just wear them around their necks to show how cool they are, because they’re gay.

    SteveB, can I has my chek now?!

  3. 4

    Lauren Berkowitz spews:

    I don’t know, Adrian, I’ve been waiting and saving to afford both a Mac and an Iphone for years (still not there yet). I’ve got an IBM Thinkpad T series, which is supposedly so well-made and indestructible. Let me tell you, my computer is a piece of shit. I’m dying to upgrade to a Mac so I can actually have a usable computer. I do not intend to wear it around my neck, and I’m not gay – not that it’s your business. It’s discouraging to find you using the word “gay” derogatively on what claims to be a progressive site – not very progressive of you, is it? I suggest you be more open-minded toward both Apple and people. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t make them fruits, if you will.

  4. 5


    I have absolutely no problems with a phone that’s just a phone.

    I have several co-workers who have iPhones and I’ve played around with them, but honestly I don’t see why it’s so nice.

    I want a phone that will both send and receive phone calls. Text messaging is nice, but not necessary.

    Why on earth would I want to carry around something the size of a small brick in my pocket?

  5. 7

    Daddy Love spews:

    5 LO

    I tend to agree with you. I’ve used mobile devices powered by Windows Mobile and the iPhone, and most of the stuff they do is really cool except that they are shitty phones. But I could see carrying both.

  6. 8

    Adrian Constant spews:

    Lauren (what a gay name): It’s people like you who killed irony and left sarcasm spitting up blood. Try looking up when you don’t understand something, it might be going over your head.

    As for the “progressiveness” of this site (itself a open question), you must be new here, or at least you never read the comments. Mark the Redneck and Puddybuddy and their ilk are hardly progressives, or even human beyond their anger at existing.

    Only a troll, an operative or an oaf would suggest that a weblog should be judged by the purposefully outrageous comments of a commenter the hosts wouldn’t know from Adam. It’s your choice which of these you are, but I’m leaning towards the last, though the first is possible… Aw heck, maybe both.

  7. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    What’s an iPhone? All I have in my burrow is a good ol’ reliable Ma Bell phone. It’s damp underground, and all that newfangled stuff corrodes down here.

  8. 10

    Lauren Berkowitz spews:

    Sorry, all, I tend to disagree. I recognize that Adrian wasn’t serious, but it wasn’t funny. No, this is nothing new. I get told frequently I “have no sense of humor” for not finding your jokes funny. I hope I never will; I’m quite happy with my sense of humor. Not to worry, I’m happy disagreeing with what I consider your bad taste. Irony, sarcasm, and name-calling aside, it is labeling that I think has killed our society. Can’t you find a better use for irony, sarcasm, and humor than words that carry a large dose of real, daily, not-so-funny prejudice and institutionalized race, sex, age, etc.-isms for a lot of us who are struggling to change such things? If you’re so arrogant as to think you’re intelligent enough to post things over my head, I challenge you to be both a little more creative and to contribute to change rather than perpetuation of stereotypes. In the meantime, I refuse to acknowledge your “humor” as such, and you can think I’m as dumb as you want – I will continue to object strenuously to what I see as your negative contributions to change every time I see them.

  9. 11

    Stephen Schwartz spews:

    Obviously we need a national program to provide American made iPhones to everyone.

    There is an obvious way to accomplish this. In bulk iPhones can be purchased for $25. The US government should buy 300,000,000 of these instead of another stimulus package of say $400/citizen.

    The saving of $325/citizen could be used to make digital converter boxes for each of us and whatever is left over could be used to subsidize the cost of gasoline.

    The net result of every American having his own iPhone would be a massive burst of creativity, more than paying for the original cost of the phones. The entire world would be jealous of Americans!

    The one wrinkle I can not figure out is whether we also give phones to illegal aliens and prisoners at Gitmo?

  10. 13

    pu spews:

    A cell phone is something that byebyegop puts on vibrate then sticks it up his ass then has his mother dial his number

  11. 14

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    How is the coverage area of the I-phone? Does it cover all 57 states? Just axing. roof roof.

  12. 15

    ArtFart spews:

    Kind of amazing that AT&T and Apple screwed the same pooch twice. Too bad it wasn’t Jane’s mutt.

  13. 16

    Adrian Constant spews:

    “If you’re so arrogant as to think you’re intelligent enough to post things over my head, I challenge you to be both a little more creative and to contribute to change rather than perpetuation of stereotypes. In the meantime, I refuse to acknowledge your “humor” as such, and you can think I’m as dumb as you want – I will continue to object strenuously to what I see as your negative contributions to change every time I see them.”

    Lauren, I accept your challenge. However, I won it a while back when we finally got a gay rights bill passed — you might remember that. I also won it when I worked on the project that brought the Dalai Lama to town.

    –Oh, and I won when I threw enough anti-Apple BS into this thread that the usual anti-Apple trolls didn’t crap all over it as usual. (Even Mr Schwartz seems to have sobered up and tried to make a funny, which is a creative act that far out-classes your diatribe.) You see, they didn’t want to look as crazy as me.

    And the only collateral damage was a purposefully-humorless fundamentalist twit. Now that’s targeting I can respect. (Btw, I don’t care what religion you may or may not have, you seem to have the same approach to life as the Taliban, or their American arm as represented by Pat Robertson, James Dobson, et-ick-cetera. Brothers under the skin…)

    Now Lauren, go and sin no more. And keep looking up!

  14. 17

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    6. Daddy Love spews:
    4 LB
    Um, I think that Adrian’s post was tongue-in-cheek.

    Why do you think that? Because he took a shot at your name and wrote “(Incest is best, apparently.)”

  15. 18

    typical white person (rob) spews:

    This is such a terrible recesssion what with people in line ups around the block waiting to by a $300 toy phone that will cost them another $1,600 a year to use it.


  16. 19

    typical white person (rob) spews:

    WOW! this is news. Evidently since the left couldn’t find anyone on the right being you know…RACIST OR FEAR MONGERING regarding MessiahObama. One of the most left leaning magaizines in the US decided to do it themselves! Thanks moonbats, it is now on the front page of every blog both left and right in the US.

    ‘Scare tactic’ — Obama slams Muslim portrayal


    Michelle looks sexy with the Afro, AK 47 and combat boots and Obama looks like he was made for Muslim dress. They even threw in an American flag in the fireplace and a portrait of Osama Obama on the wall. Nice job New Yorker!

  17. 20

    gs spews:

    Just enjoing watching Obama’s numbers going down by the day. Keep hanging your hat on this dude while Jessie and Hillary are choppin his Nu@’s off is pure fun.

    You all F’d up big time, he may think be can vote movin to the right, but he has his ass so far to the left that he makes Jimmy Carter look like a conservative.

    If you liked Carter’s gas lines, wait until you hear Obama’s energy plan. He loves the fact that it is near $5 F’n idiot does not have an answer anywhere, but jack the shit out out your taxes…

    Just what the F this economy needs (democrats have had the house and senate and a big f’n 9% approval rate for all their do nothing antics, and not an answer anywhere.

    Socialist Bastards suckin up Hind TIT

  18. 21

    Tizzle spews:

    I wouldn’t make fun of you. I’m in the same boat. In fact, I DID have the iPhone, but lost it, cause I’m a loser — while my roommate, who has insomnia, got up Saturday at 6am to wait in line, and got the last 16g one. I would boycott the stupid thing, but well, I already had one. I love it!

  19. 22

    michael spews:

    @ whomever,

    I thought #2 was a riot.

    Sad to see in post #10 that post #4 was done in jest as well. Or was it?

  20. 23

    michael spews:



    For me it would almost double my cellphone bill and be another way for my boss to track me down. Totally not worth it.

    Seeing that the personal savings rate has been in the shitter for quite some time, bankruptcies are at an all time high, debit levels are at an all time high and gas and food costs are though the roof most people buying a $200 dollar phone when cell phone companies will give you one for free are probably being quite stupid.

  21. 24

    michael spews:

    #22 should read:

    Sad to see in post #10 that post #4 wasn’t done in jest as well. Or was it?

  22. 26

    Russert's Potatoes spews:

    Re whether #2 was a jest — I’d’ve thought that final sentence in LOLcat asking Steve Ballmer (head of Microsoft) for a check would be a giveaway. Where’s Paul Andrews when you really need him?

  23. 27

    Broadway Joe spews:

    There is a term out there for those who want a phone like that:


    And then there’s the box they send your bill in………

  24. 28

    No-CAPS spews:

    Substitute penis, brick, chump-magnet, call it what you will but they sold a MILLION of them in three days. I hope your failures are as successful.

  25. 29

    Bananaphone spews:

    My husband has an iPhone and, while I am not fond of AT&T, I can’t wait until 8/8/08 until I can get my own. His phone is so much fun (and yes, you can make calls on it too) :)

    One bad thing about the iPhone to consider: something inside of it causes some electronics to emit a quiet but nonetheless audible jittery noise. So far, our alarm clock, cable box, radio MP3 car kit and LCD projector make noises whenever the phone is within 5 feet of it.