Insider info from the 41st LD

Hey Erica… I have it from a very reliable source that you can add the name of my ex-wife, Maureen Judge, to the list of candidates jockeying to replace state Sen. Fred Jarrett in the 41st Legislative District after he steps down to take the number two position in the King County Executive’s office.

“Mo” is a King County Conservation Voters board member and the executive director of the Washington Toxics Coalition, environmental credentials that never hurt in Puget Sound area elections, and as a former manager at Real Networks and Expedia (as well as our own, lesser known, mom & pop software startup), she’s got high-tech/business bona fides to boot. And as my loyal readers might remember, she’s well known to 41st LD regulars from her hotly contested 2007 race for Mercer Island City Council… a race, by the way, in which she earned a rare double endorsement from both HA and the Seattle Times (although I at least managed to get her first name right).

The inside line is that once Jarrett officially steps down, freshman Rep. Marcie Maxwell will seek the appointment to his seat, leaving her House seat open to Mo and the other contenders. 41st LD Democratic PCO’s will nominate three candidates, ranked by preference, from which the King County Council will appoint a successor.

If I had to wager, I’d guess Mo, Vicky Oricco and Randy Gordon have the inside track right now, if in no particular order.


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    sarge spews:

    I can corroborate this report, Goldy. In an email to me Friday, Maureen wrote: “I am indeed seeking the appointment.”

    I talked to Marcie this morning. She has not made up her mind, and won’t until Fred resigns.

    The appointment is hers if she wants it, and there is no advantage gained to either her or the 41stDD by committing earlier than necessary.

    I would be surprised if she declines, however.

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    sarge spews:

    Oops, posted twice!

    I’d like to correct my previous post, Marcie didn’t tell me she wouldn’t commit before Fred resigns, that was merely my guess reading between the lines. She did say she hasn’t decided, which is not new information.

    @2) What’s wrong with Randy?

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    mr. smitty spews:

    I’d prefer Aaron Belenky getting the spot over Vikki or Randy. The guy is a policy wonk in every way.

    While I love Vikki she’s already lost two elections for Bellevue City Council, and candidates who “fail upwards” typically don’t last long. And Randy…just no. He’s better served on the activist side, not as an elected.

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    sarge spews:

    @5) I agree Aaron would be great on the job, but the question is who will be the strongest candidate next November.

    None of the prospects have ever been elected to anything, so far as I can tell, which makes answering that question pretty difficult.

    Vicki lost in Bellevue, to another Bellevue-ite (Bellevuian?), a well-known and well-financed incumbent. Don’t know how a Mercer Island activist (Gordon), or 41DD wonk (Belenky) is going to get more votes than Vicki, who ran as an independent.

    Right now I’m leaning towards Vicki as the strongest candidate, but I haven’t made up my mind. I like all of them (Vicki, Randy, Maureen, Aaron).

    Not so sure about Pieper, who seems like a nice guy. I’ve also heard James Morrison is in the hunt. Don’t know anything about him.

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    mr. smitty spews:

    @ sarge – You get props for taking the choice seriously and giving each candidate a fair shake. I’m rooting for Aaron, but it’s a good problem to have when choosing between multiple quality candidates.

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    notaboomer spews:

    why don’t you write a story about how the 41LD chair and the party insiders will try to dilute the votes of the pcos or change the rules instead of diving into the usual beauty contest punditry?

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    mr. smitty spews:

    @8: very true. Is Jeff Smith still the chair? He’s not exactly known for supporting an open and fair process, is he?

    A lot of people have been questioning his actions this year, this is his chance to prove them all wrong.

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    ivan spews:

    @ 8:

    Why don’t you read the law instead of boring us with your ignorance? Appointment processes are not conducted by LD organizations, but by the county party organizations in strict accordance with Amendment 52 of the State Constitution. So Jeff has nothing to do with this process.