In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion

With the possibility of snow this evening, I may not get out tomorrow to pollute the wooded areas of a small patch of Western Washington with poorly struck Titleists, but it also reminded me of a conversation I had with my wife earlier this month.

She mentioned that when she was in elementary school in South King County, she was taught the famous adage that March goes in like a Lion, out like a Lamb. I was taught that too in Elementary school (in Pennsylvania), but I was kind of surprised that it was an expression here too. After all, the weather doesn’t change all that much over the month of March here. So I just looked up some numbers.

If you look at the average temperatures between February and April in other American cities, the expression makes sense:

New York
February – [avg temp (F)=33.6, avg extreme weather days (< 32 F)=20] April - [avg temp (F)=52.5, avg extreme weather days (< 32 F)=1] Chicago
February – [avg temp (F)=25.4, avg extreme weather days (< 32 F)=25] April - [avg temp (F)=48.6, avg extreme weather days (< 32 F)=7] Atlanta
February – [avg temp (F)=44.8, avg extreme weather days (< 32 F)=11] April - [avg temp (F)=61.5, avg extreme weather days (< 32 F)=0]

The changes from February and April in all three places are only matched by the reverse changes in November. But here, the average weather changes between February and April are less pronounced than several other three month swings:

February – [avg temp (F)=44.3, avg extreme weather days (< 32 F)=4] April - [avg temp (F)=50.4, avg extreme weather days (< 32 F)=0]

So, I guess my question here is for the Seattle (and Washington State) natives. Is that a common expression here?


  1. 2

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    But I spent a lot of my youth all over the western US, and I heard the expression often.

    But here in the Puget Sound.


    March is wet. So is April. Ditto May.

    And June.

    And July.

    August and September are pretty sunny.

  2. 4

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:


    It’s snowing on earth day. That reminds me I have to turn on all my lights at eight PM. It just my patriotic duty.

    Hey is it warm enough for you donks…. hehehehehe Dumbasses.

  3. 5

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 4, leave it to a wingnut not to even know what day it is.

    Typical wingnut ignorance. There should be a law require ignorant wingnut spading and neutering.

  4. 6

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    In fact there should be a law requiring every person registering to be a Republican to be sterilized.

    We need to nip this plague in the bud.

  5. 7

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    C’mon Rufus, tell us all how it is snowing on “Earth Day”

    Just put your ignorance out there on display!

    Make us all bow yo your display of wingnut ignorance!

    Let us make this “Earth Day” special by proclaiming it “RUFUS has no idea what he is talking about day!”

    C’mon RUFUS!!!

    Claim your extra special pat on the head for being a good ignorant kool-aid drunk wingnut dog!


  6. 8

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    I really don’t give a shit what you call it. I just know that to be a patriot I am doing the opposite of what donks do.

  7. 9

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    Admit it, RUFUS, you were listening to a “Best of” Limbaugh show, and you forgot it was from another day. And your Leader who gives you everything you need to think told you it was “Earth Day” and Limbaugh told you how to make a stupid comment about it… but the show was from a week ago.

    There you are spouting wingnut talking points from a week ago, not realizing you are demonstrating that you have absolutely no original ideas. You just spout wingnut bullshit when you are told to.

    You and every other wingnut kool-aid drunk bullshit spouter are EXACTLY what is wrong with America.

    You don;t think for yourself, you don;t even think at all. You just spout what FOX and the hate radio tells you to.

    You are an umAmerican traitor.

    That is Blatantly Obvious.

  8. 10

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    Yes, I do have every fricken light on the house… even the lights in the lofts of the garage. The extra money I will be paying on my next light bill will be well worth it. In fact in make me proud. roof roof

  9. 11

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    You and every other wingnut kool-aid drunk bullshit spouter are EXACTLY what is wrong with America.

    You don;t think for yourself, you don;t even think at all. You just spout what FOX and the hate radio tells you to.

    You are an umAmerican traitor.

    Nay.. We’re just taking back the country from you commie lefties.

  10. 12

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 8

    I really don’t give a shit what you call it. I just know that to be a patriot I am doing the opposite of what donks do.

    You don’t care what I call it? Fuck RUFUS, EVERYONE with a brain knows last week was Earth Day! It has nothing to do with me, it has everything to do with you!

    You have no idea what day it is, what week it is, what year it is. You just know what you are told to know by the talking points you are sent.

    You are a perfect example of the disease of “wingnuttery”.

    You are a kool-aid drunk, bat shit crazy attack poodle of the neocon criminals that are destroying our country!

    You are an ignorant traitor to the USA!!

  11. 13

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    Yikes, it’s time to turn out most of the lights. This will take me a while. heheheehe

  12. 15

    Hannah spews:

    And Lights Out for Earth was an hour long of using the least amount of power from 8pm (across the world) for 1 hour….looks like you guys failed that miserably!

  13. 16

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    RUFUS, when the troops return from Iraq, the should find traitors like you tied spread eagle on the tarmac, just so they can walk up and kick you in the nuts!

  14. 17

    Hannah spews:

    @12 – “You don’t care what I call it? Fuck RUFUS, EVERYONE with a brain knows last week was Earth Day! It has nothing to do with me, it has everything to do with you.”

    Wrong…April 22, 2008 is Earth Day

  15. 18

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    I said “last week was Earth Day!”

    Today is the 29th, – 7 days = 22nd

    “Hannah” said “Wrong…April 22, 2008 is Earth Day”

    Your point was what, “Hannah”?

  16. 22

    Puddybud spews:

    Wait a minute. Didn’t Blatantly Obvious tell everyone Earth Day was last week?

    He yelled at JBD in post #12. But Wikipedia says Earth Day is April 22.

    So again, as I stated before, it’s very Blatantly Obvious Blatantly Obvious is a moron!

  17. 24

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 22 , evidence would seem to point to you being correct.

    I am a moron.

    Just this once.

  18. 25

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    I did this for the troops as well. I also honor them by voting republican. It is the least I can do since most soldiers votes are not counted by liberal voting districts. roof roof.

  19. 28

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 26 Buddypud, I disagree. And you have never been able to provide a lick of evidence to support that conclusion. In fact, the obverse is more correct.

    But, today.. I am a moron.

  20. 29

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    I am going to have to get gas tomorrow since I had to keep the car running while all its light are on for an hour. I must have wasted a couple gallons at least.

  21. 30

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 27, I had no idea “Lights Out for Earth” existed.

    They need to get a better press agent.

  22. 31

    Puddybud spews:

    Blatantly Obvious: You read Kos everyday. Too bad you can’t comprehend the letters which form the words.

  23. 32

    Hannah spews:

    @30 – It’s been all over the internet, MSN front page most the day and all over the news, it was started In Sydney, Australia

  24. 33

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 31 “Blatantly Obvious: You read Kos everyday.”

    No, actually I very rarely read that site.

    But don’t let that fact stop you from claiming the opposite.

  25. 34

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 32, I just turned on the internet @ 8 PM, just in time to verbally kick RUFUS in the nuts and make a fool of myself regarding Earth Day.

  26. 39

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “Katrina Victims May Have to Repay Money

    “By JOHN MORENO GONZALES,Associated Press

    “NEW ORLEANS (AP) – Imagine that your home was reduced to mold and wood framing by Hurricane Katrina … you engage in a frustrating bureaucratic process, and … finally win a federal grant.

    “Then a collector calls with the staggering news that you have to pay back thousands of dollars.

    “Thousands of Katrina victims may be in that situation. A private contractor under investigation for the compensation it received to run the Road Home grant program for Katrina victims says that in the rush to deliver aid to homeowners in need some people got too much. Now it wants to … collect millions in grant overpayments.

    “The contractor, ICF International of Fairfax, Va., … issued a … request for bids … to handle ‘approximately 1,000 to 5,000 cases that will necessitate collection effort.’ The bid invitation said: ‘The average amount to be collected is estimated to be approximately $35,000, but in some cases may be as high as $100,000 to $150,000.’ … [A]pplicants [may] have to pay back a total of $175 million. …

    “One-third of qualified applicants for Road Home help had yet to receive any rebuilding check as of this past week. The program, which has come to symbolize the lurching Katrina recovery effort, is financed by $11 billion in federal funds.

    “ICF spokeswoman Gentry Brann said in an e-mail Friday that … there was a sense of urgency in paying Road Home applicants, and ICF and the state knew applicants would have to return some money. …

    “Frank Silvestri, co-chair of the Citizen’s Road Home Action Team, a group that formed out of frustrations with ICF, sees it far differently. ‘They want people to pay for their incompetence and their mistakes. What they need to be is aggressive about finding the underpayments,’ he said. ‘People relied, to their detriment, on their (ICFs) expertise and rebuilt their houses and now they want to squeeze this money back out of them.’

    “Paul Rainwater, executive director of the Louisiana Recovery Authority, … acknowledged the collections could be painful for applicants, many of whom have used up their nest eggs to rebuild. ‘The state must walk a fine line of treating homeowners who have been overpaid with fairness and compassion and ensuring that all federal funds are used for their intended purpose,’ said Rainwater, an appointee of new Gov. Bobby Jindal.

    “Melanie Ehrlich, co-chair of Citizen’s Road Home Action Team, which has documented Road Home cases that appear littered with mistakes, said she had no confidence that ICF had correctly calculated overpayments. She charged that the company was more likely using collections as retribution against people who had appealed their award amounts in effort to get the aid they deserved.”

    Quoted under fair use; for complete story and/or copyright info see

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: This is a made-in-GOP clusterfuck at many levels. First and foremost, it once again demonstrates that, compared to experienced government employees, private contractors cost more and do a shitty job. And I don’t need to tell you that the assholes asking for this money back are Republicans; look up Bobby Jindal and see for yourself which party he belongs to.

    And it goes without saying that this collection scheme will turn into a massive employment program for lawyers. If ICF is as sloppy at calculating overpayments as they were in disbursing funds, the collection notices will be riddled with errors, and each and every one of them will have to be gone through with a fine-tooth comb and every single collection letter may contain dozens of disputed accounting items. And even if the recipients were overpaid, every single overpayment claim is vulnerable in court to an equitable estoppel defense. Since estoppel cases are fact-specific, and depend on judicial discretion, every individual case will require a separate hearing and determination before a judge. This should keep Louisiana courts busy for the next 25 years or so. And then, even if the government prevails, there is the problem of trying to collect the debt from people who are destitute.

    After all is said and done, very little of the taxpayers’ money will ever be recovered, but huge sums will be spent on fruitless collection efforts and gigantically expensive legal processes. In fact, it’s likely the cost of attempting to collect this money will greatly exceed the total error loss. Anyone with half a brain would write off these alleged overpayments en masse, as the least costly solution to the problem, and require the contractor to make at least partial restitution to the government. But these are Republicans we’re dealing with, so all we can expect is clusterfuck on top of clusterfuck adding up to yet another taxpayer gouge.

  27. 42

    michael spews:


    I heard that saying growing up here.

    I digitized a whole slew of old family photos about two years ago and from what I saw the south Puget Sound got a pretty good (a foot or so) dump of snow and lot of ice in Gig Harbor every third year or so from 1950 (1?) to the late 1980’s. The big snows have gone and freeze ups seem to have tapered way off since then.

  28. 43

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    Speaking of hurricanes where are the six the environmental wackos promised were going to hit the US back in 2006? Ah that’s right, that was just another liberal lie. Nevermind.

  29. 44

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @5 Spading is right! Forget the spayig operation and just hit that fucking dog over the head with a shovel!

  30. 45

    michael spews:

    42 continued…

    I found a few pics from I think ’50 or ’51 where there’s trucks driving on the ice covering Gig Harbor.

  31. 46

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 41, do you think a post regariding the old saying “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb” was intended to be anything but an invitation for random discussion?

    Back on topic: Are Lions more tame than Lambs? Why are lambs associated with better weather? Don’t lambs provide wool for winter coats? Don’t lions seem more like warm weather animals?


  32. 47

    Hannah spews:

    @ at the hijacked post…the ex governor of Louisiana has something to do with that investigation…and if people got money they shouldn’s have, as is quite frequent in government help, it should be paid back. But without lawyers and excessive cost. If I got gov money and knew they probably paid me too much or afterwards my insurance company stepped in to finally pay me, I would be saving it to be safe.

  33. 49

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @8 “I just know that to be a patriot I am doing the opposite of what donks do.”

    The last time a Republican did that, his obtuseness leveled 3 buildings and killed 3,000 Americans:

    “Bush’s approach in most situations seemed a reactive combination of calculations to … reject Clinton’s policies. This was especially clear in international affairs: in his first nine months he reversed Clinton’s policy toward China, proclaiming it no longer a ‘strategic partner’ but a ‘strategic competitor’; in the Middle East, by withdrawing U.S. involvement in the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians; toward Korea, by abandoning the negotiated accord that had frozen the North’s nuclear program and by humiliating President Kim of South Korea, who was promoting North-South reconciliation, during his March 2001 visit to the White House, contributing to a wave of anti-Americanism in a country that was among the staunchest American allies; by withdrawing U.S. support from the Kyoto treaty on global warming; AND BY FORSAKING CLINTON’S EFFORTS TO ADDRESS THE DANGERS OF INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM.

    “During the transition between administrations, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger arranged several extensive briefings on this last subject for Bush’s incoming national security adviser, Condoleeza Rice, and others on the Bush team, including Vice President Cheney. One briefing lasted half a day. Berger told them that Osama bin Laden was an ‘existential threat’ and told them that he wanted ‘to underscore how important this issue is.’ In another briefing, Richard Clarke, head of counterrorism in the NSC, the single most knowledgeable expert in the government, gave them a complete tutorial on the subject. In yet another briefing, CIA officials were brought in to go over all the intelligence available on terrorism.

    “Don Kerrick, a three-star general and outgoing deputy national security adviser, overlapped for four months with the new Bush people. He submitted a memo for the new National Security Council warning of the danger of terrorism. ‘We are going to be struck again,’ he wrote. But as Kerrick explained to me, he received no answer to his memo. ‘They didn’t respond,’ he said. ‘They never responded. It was not high on their priority list. I was never invited to one meeting. They never asked me to do anything. … They were concentrated on what they thought were higher priorities than terrorism.’ The Principals meeting of national security officials took up terrorism only once, after constant pressure from Clarke, on September 4, 2001, and at that meeting they discussed using unmanned Predator drone spy aircraft, but no decision was made. ‘Unfortunately,’ said Kerrick, ‘September 11 gave them something to focus on.’”

    Quoted under fair use from Sidney Blumenthal, “The Clinton Wars” (New York: Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, 2003), pp. 797-798 (emphasis added by Roger Rabbit).

  34. 52

    Hannah spews:

    @ 46 – I think its the winter is harsh like a lion

    And spring is calm and quite, like a lamb

  35. 53

    michael spews:

    From #45
    “pics from I think ‘50 or ‘51 where there’s trucks driving”

    That should be there are of course. I can’t even blame it on posting while drunk this time…

  36. 54

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @11 “You don;t think for yourself”

    And you do? Sounds like you let “donks” do your thinking for you.

  37. 56

    Hannah spews:

    Puddy – have you ever heard that saying? Is it an East Coast thing? I just have never heard it til today :) HA Learn something new every day!

  38. 57

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hey Rufus a/k/a Doofus a/k/a voting felon dog: I’m a DONK and I’m NOT going to jump off a cliff today!!! Now go and do the opposite. It’s your PATRIOTIC duty!!!


  39. 58

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @13 “Yikes, it’s time to turn out most of the lights. This will take me a while. heheheehe”

    Want to know a shortcut? Don’t pay your bill, and they’ll go off by themselves. All of them.

  40. 60

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    18, 19 — You’re both right, because two dates are recognized as “Earth Day”:

    “The United Nations celebrates Earth Day, which was founded by John McConnell in 1969, each year on the March equinox, while a global observance originated by Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in, and since January 1970 also called Earth Day, is celebrated in many countries each year on April 22.”

  41. 63

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @22 You really should have looked it up before making a public fool of yourself again, puddinghead. This seems to be a serial weakness of yours. Should we attribute your lack of fact-checking to laziness, lack of intellectual competency, or both?

  42. 64

    Hannah spews:

    @62 – we were talking about the recognized “Earth Day” around the world, the equinox Earth day is a differnet day every year and is not recognized world wide.

  43. 65

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @23 “Man, and I was just gaining steam. International EarthDay happens on the spring equinox No excuses. I was just blatantly Obviously wrong.”

    Let’s see, what’s the gentlest way to break this to BO, Hannah, and Pudwhacker — all of whom have royally fucked up on this topic? I know —

    Spring equinox is in MARCH. This year, it falls on March 20. If you don’t believe me, look it up.

  44. 66

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @26 “Puddybud says: Ummm… No Blatantly Obvious you’ve been a moron for a long long time.”

    Look who’s talking! See #65, then re-read #63.

  45. 67

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @64 I beg to differ with you. You’re the one who brought up the subject of “Earth Day,” and you put no qualifications on the term. There are, my dear, two Earth Days and it is your fault you did not specify which one you meant. I repeat, you did not say “International Earth Day,” you said “Earth Day.” Keep dancing around the maypole, honey! You got hoisted on your own petard this time.

  46. 68

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @27 I participate in lights out every day! Rabbits are nocturnal, so I sleep all day and feed at night.

  47. 70

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @29 “I am going to have to get gas tomorrow since I had to keep the car running while all its light are on for an hour. I must have wasted a couple gallons at least.”

    As a shareholder in half a dozen oil industry companies, I want to thank you for giving me your business. P.S., burn all my gas you want to! If supplies run short, I’ll simply raise the price again! I’ve got gas as long as you’ve got money!!!


  48. 71

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @37 “Damn… I am still turning off flashlights. heheheehe”

    Hey dog! When you toss all those dead batteries into the landfill, you should jump in after them! The landfill is a good place for you.

  49. 73

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    RR you are correct, and so is Hannah.

    The only fool who was completely wrong was RUFUS.

    And RUFUS is wrong on every level, every day.

    But I was thinking of the US Earthday, and I was a month off.

    So, for as long as this day lasts, I was a foolish as RUFUS.

    But tomorrow I will not be wrong, but RUFUS will be wrong again. And again. And again.

  50. 75

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    A landfill is exactly where that stupid dog is going to end up. The last thing he’ll ever see on this earth is a veterinarian snapping on a pair of rubber gloves and tapping the syringe. A moment later, he’ll briefly feel a sharp jab in his ass then LIGHTS OUT!!! I’m sure his owner is too cheap to pay for an individual cremation — after all, she’s a Republican — so Doofus will get the $25 Special which means they throw his dead body into the furnace along with the roadkill and euthanized shelter animals, and the mingled ashes end up in a garbage can, to be trucked out to Cedar Hills where they’re dumped on top of the dirty Pampers and rotting orange peels. Then gulls will pick at Stupid Dog’s charred mortal remains until there’s no meat left, and in a couple million years or the remaining bone fragments will turn to fossilized limestone; and waaaaay in the distant future some archaeologist will pick up Stupid Dog’s fossilized ashes and say, “Eureka! I’ve found 2 million year old fossilized seagull shit! Seagulls existed in 2008 after all! This proves it!”

  51. 76

    Puddybud spews:

    Blatantly Obvious: It was blatantly obvious you were blatantly and obviously wrong about the Obama passport files being rifled by GWB operatives.

    Yep, and that was just last week.

  52. 78

    Hannah spews:

    @77 – very much agreed here…recycle, conserve energy and gas…hopefully we will be around for another century!

  53. 79

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @72 Oooooh THIS.IS.GOING.TO.BE.GOOOOOD!!! Puttybutt has REEEEEALLY stepped in it this time!!!

    Step 1: Click on the link Putty cunningly provided in comment #72.

    Step 2: When the Wikipedia page opens read the very first sentence, to wit: “Earth Day is a name used for two different observances …”

    Step 3: Try not to crack too many ribs ROFLYAO!!!

  54. 81

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @73 You really should fact-check before getting carried away on this board. I think you’ll agree that just because Puddinghead doesn’t, is no excuse for you not to.

  55. 82

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hell, Pudwhacker is so fucking lame he doesn’t even read the stuff he links to for the purpose of lecturing others about reading …

  56. 84

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 76, I assume you have a citation where I claimed something about this topic?

    No? That is because you are completely full of shit.

  57. 86

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @76 It’s my understanding that clusterfuck, like the Katrina clusterfuck described @39, was the handiwork of a private contractor. And the Bush regime doesn’t exactly throw government contractors in the direction of Democrats, does it, so we may reasonably infer that the numbskulls behind the passport clusterfuck are Bush supporters.

  58. 88

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    Hey Rufus a/k/a Doofus a/k/a voting felon dog: I’m a DONK and I’m NOT going to jump off a cliff today!!! Now go and do the opposite. It’s your PATRIOTIC duty!!!

    Nay, I am going to wait for the train wreck your party will experience in November… of course I will be doing the opposite. heehe

  59. 89

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    Buddypud, I really must insist you provide a citation where I claimed that Bush operatives where involved in the pilfering of the candidate we both support, Obama’s passport file.

    Without that citation I must conclude you are a liar and a fool.

  60. 90

    Jane Balough's Dog spews:

    I’am all for the war on global warming just as long as it’s on a volunteer basis like the Iraq war. You donks can do all the fighting while we republicans laugh at you and pat each other on the back on how patriotic we are. And as always, we will leave the lights on for you. heheheehe

  61. 91

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 90, RUFUS, you can sit in the corner and lick your balls. But when it comes to volunteering, why are you not in Iraq fighting the Republican war?

  62. 92

    Puddybud spews:

    Goodness Pelletizer, you are stupid. I did read it. It was selection 3 from Google.

    BTW I thought you said you don’t look at my links.

    Hannah suggested EarthDay is April 22. Results 1 – 10 of about 23,800,000 for Earth Day.

    When you look at the links April 22 is the prevalent info.

    while a global observance originated by Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in, and since January 1970 also called Earth Day, is celebrated in many countries each year on April 22.

  63. 93

    Puddybud spews:

    Hey BO: The last time you asked for a citation I gave you two. Made you look real stupid. Do you want to go there again?

  64. 94

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    Buddypud, please read my post at 89, in regards to your post at 76, I would not like to think of you as a liar and a fool.

    Please prove me wrong by providing the citation.

  65. 100

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    LOL, Buddypud, I understand now. You don’t have a citation, and you are unable to admit you are wrong.

    You are a fool.

  66. 101

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @88 “I am going to wait for the train wreck your party will experience in November”

    If you believe this, can I interest you in buying some prime NY infrastructure for $50? This sort of “privatization” is right up you repubs’ alley! Click below for illustrated prospectus.

  67. 103

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @89 “Buddypud, … [w]ithout that citation I must conclude you are a liar and a fool.”

    It’s taken you this long?

  68. 104

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @92 “Puddybud says: Goodness Pelletizer, … I did read it.”

    Then how did you manage to conclude the exact opposite of what your own fucking link says? Should I chalk this up to the inherent stupidity of your species, of which you are a prime specimen?

  69. 105

    Puddybud spews:

    Blatantly Obvious I have the citation.

    I enjoy you spinning.

    Pelletizer once again you are ignorant. Remember Cuyohoga County? How about Haiti?

  70. 106

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @94 “Buddypud, … I would not like to think of you as a liar and a fool.”

    Why not? He is, you know. He’s a Republican, and that’s all you need to know about him.

  71. 109

    Puddybud spews:

    Another hint BO the link # is 4XXX and it happened in March.

    Typical 16%er liberal. Can’t remember what he writes. How cum Puddy can remember it?

  72. 112

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    I must now conclude that Buddypud, aka PuddyPrick, is a liar and a fool, without the ability to ever admit he is wrong.

    Congrats, Buddypud! You are officially a fool and a liar.

  73. 113

    Puddybud spews:

    I already concluded Blatantly Obvious is a moron. In fact he agreed above.

    Need to see that link too?

  74. 114

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    nother hint BO the link # is 4XXX and it happened in March.

    Typical 16%er liberal. Can’t remember what he writes. How cum Puddy can remember it?

    I believe “Puddy” can remember because he is batshit cray and remembers things that never happened.

  75. 115

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @105 “Remember Cuyohoga County?”

    Why stop with Cuyohoga County when the GOP corrupted the election process in the whole fucking state of Ohio (not to mention other states as well)?

    Instead of providing multiple links to on-line articles documenting the theft of the 2004 presidential election by Ken Blackwell and other GOP criminals, I’ll give you a single link to a whole fucking book on the subject.;sr=8-4

  76. 116

    Puddybud spews:

    Another hint for you BO then the wife has asked me to come to bed:
    you used “wingnut” in the same response.

  77. 118

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    Don’t feel too bad Buddypud, I am a moron for the next 25 minutes.

    But tomorrow you will still be a liar and a fool.

  78. 120

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Oh, and while we’re on this subject, let’s not forget that the GOP prevented soldiers from voting in Ohio and elsewhere.

    “The Republican National Committee has a special offer for African-American soldiers: Go to Baghdad, lose your vote.

    “A confidential campaign directed by GOP party chiefs in October 2004 sought to challenge the ballots of tens of thousands of voters in the last presidential election, virtually all of them cast by residents of Black-majority precincts.

    “Files from the secret vote-blocking campaign were obtained by BBC Television Newsnight, London. They were attached to emails accidentally sent by Republican operatives to a non-party website.

    “One group of voters wrongly identified by the Republicans as registering to vote from false addresses: servicemen and women sent overseas.

    “Here’s how the scheme worked: The RNC mailed these voters letters in envelopes marked, ‘Do not forward’, to be returned to the sender. These letters were mailed to servicemen and women, some stationed overseas, to their US home addresses. The letters then returned to the Bush-Cheney campaign as ‘undeliverable.’ The lists of soldiers of ‘undeliverable’ letters were transmitted from state headquarters … to the RNC in Washington. The party could then challenge the voters’ registration and thereby prevent their absentee ballots being counted.

    “One target list was comprised exclusively of voters registered at the Jacksonville, Florida, Naval Air Station. … [See this scrub sheet at;size=o ] …

    “A soldier returning home in time to vote in November 2004 could also be challenged on the basis of the returned envelope. Soldiers challenged would be required to vote by ‘provisional’ ballot. Over one million provisional ballots cast in the 2004 race were never counted; over half a million absentee ballots were also rejected. The extraordinary rise in the number of rejected ballots was the result of the widespread multi-state voter challenge campaign by the Republican Party. …

    “The BBC obtained several dozen confidential emails sent by the Republican’s national Research Director and Deputy Communications chief, Tim Griffin to GOP Florida campaign chairman Brett Doster and other party leaders. Attached were spreadsheets marked, ‘Caging.xls.’ Each of these contained several hundred to a few thousand voters and their addresses. A check of the demographics of the addresses on the ‘caging lists,’ as the GOP leaders called them indicated that most were in African-American majority zip codes.

    “Ion Sanco, the non-partisan elections supervisor of Leon County (Tallahassee) when shown the lists by this reporter said: ‘The only thing I can think of – African American voters listed like this – these might be individuals that will be challenged if they attempted to vote on Election Day.’ …

    “The Republican National Committee in Washington refused our several requests to respond to the BBC discovery. … The party has refused to say why it would mark soldiers as having ‘bad addresses’ subject to challenge when they had been assigned abroad. … Setting up such a challenge list would be a crime under federal law. … While the party insisted the lists were not created for the purpose to challenge Black voters, the GOP ultimately offered no other explanation for the mailings. …

    “Soldiers sending in their ballot from abroad would not know their vote was lost because of a challenge.”

    Quoted under Fair Use; for complete article and/or copyright info see

  79. 121

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Puttybutt got his ass kicked tonight and is fleeing from the scene of his abject humiliation.

  80. 122

    headless lucy spews:

    In Sierra Vista, AZ, March comes in like a black rhino and goes out like a 2 year-old golden retriever. At least, that’s what everyone says.

  81. 123

    Puddybud spews:

    Wrong Blatantly Obvious.

    I have the link. I have given you many hints and you can’t even fight your way out of a wet paper bag.

  82. 125

    Puddybud spews:

    Pelletizer: What butt kicking…? I gave Blatantly Obvious hints and he can figger it out. I know the link. In fact Hannah gave him the link to the real news and he questioned Hannah.

    Have YOU figgered out Haiti yet?

  83. 126

    Puddybud spews:

    @124: Do you remember what you wrote about Cuyahoga County? No you don’t. Hint – The county is run by Donkey…

  84. 127

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    So far you’ve lost every argument in this thread. That’s the butt-kicking I’m referring to.

  85. 128

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Unfortunately, like Jane’s idiotic dog, you’re too dumb to know when you’re being whupped.

  86. 130

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 116 “you used “wingnut” in the same response.”

    Ah, now I understand your confusion. You believe anyone who uses the term “wingnut” is:

    Headless Lucy
    the professor
    My Left Foot
    Generic Person Who Disagrees with Buddypud

    And any number of other posters.

    You see, Buddypud, that is your problem. You cannot only not admit you are ever wrong, but you feel everyone wo disagrees with your nonsense is the same person. You are paranoid, and deluded.

    I would call you a racist as well, but, I don’t really think you are a racist at heart. You are simply a confused and deluded fool. And you only seek out answers that are spoon fed to you by sources that do not respect you, and thereby feel no problem in lying to you.

    I have always hoped you would deny that part of your nature and seek out the light.

    But my hopes may be in vain.

  87. 133

    Puddybud spews:

    Yes, poor BO. Can’t remember what he writes so he calls his opponent a liar because he has memory issues.

  88. 135

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @130 I think he left. He said he was leaving.

    As there’s no trolls left here, I’m going to go and do some eating and fucking. Being a rabbit, I’m nocturnal, so I eat and fuck on the night shift.

    Hey trolls! I can’t wait to see your bruised asses back here tomorrow! Same time, same place, for another well-deserved beating.

  89. 137

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    Buddypud, provide the citation, quit “hinting” at the citation.

    You have no citation. You are a fool and a liar.

    And quit trying to bring Hannah into the equation. Hannah provided no link regarding your claim concerning me.

    You are blowing smoke, trying to cover up your lies.

    Provide the citation you claim to have.

    But you can’t. Why?

    Because you are lying.

    Plan and definitely Blatantly Obvious.

  90. 139

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    There is no citation. Just another wingnut smoke-and-mirrors act. Same bullshit used car salesmen try to pull.

  91. 140

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The Great Oz and his smoke machine, except pudwhacker isn’t nearly as entertaining as the original.

  92. 143

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 141, I believe you are correct. Just like Reagan “cut and ran” in Lebanon.

  93. 144

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Remember Bernanke’s $29 Billion ‘Loan’ to JP Morgan?

    “What the Fed is calling a $29 billion ‘loan’ to help finance JPMorgan Chase’s (JPM) purchase of Bear Stearns (BSC) looks much more like a $29 billion investment in securities owned by Bear. Although the Fed insists that it isn’t technically buying any assets, in practical terms it’s doing exactly that. …

    “Many economists and analysts are happy that the Fed stepped into the breach. Nevertheless, now that things have quieted down a bit, the Fed is likely to face some tough questions about the precise nature of its actions as well as the legal justification for them. …

    “So far, few people have focused on what exactly the Fed is getting in exchange for supplying $29 billion to JPMorgan Chase … whatever the deal is, it’s far from a standard loan. The strangest twist is that even though the money goes to JPMorgan, that firm isn’t the borrower. So the Fed can’t demand repayment from JPMorgan if the Bear assets turn out to be worth less than promised.

    “What’s also odd is that if there’s money left after loans are paid off, the Fed gets to keep the residual value for itself. That’s what one would expect if the Fed were buying the assets, not just treating them as collateral for a loan.

    “Vincent R. Reinhart, a former director of the Fed’s Division of Monetary Affairs and now a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, said in an interview on Mar. 26: ‘ … That doesn’t look to me like a loan. That looks like equity.'”

    Quoted under fair use; for complete article and/or copyright info see

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: The government is buying companies to save the capitalist economy! By God it’s SOCIALISM I tell you! No, it’s COMMUNISM!!! — the Republican kind of communism. That’s where the government uses your money to buy private companies to save capitalists from capitalism.

  94. 145

    FreedomLover spews:

    Why did i just KNOW that Goldy would try to debunk this 6cm of snow as an irrelevant data point, and that GLOBAL WARMING is a more dangerous threat then ever! Remember children, don’t actually follow all the data, just the convenient ones that convince 50.00000001% to agree to the new Communist dictatorship.

  95. 146

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    I just wish Bush had the brains, and integrity to “cut and run” from the costly disaster he created in Iraq.

    Jesus, what a fucking mess.

    Back on topic: Lambs are cute. And I like mutton!

  96. 147

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @145 Wanna suck a rabbit dick? For a good time, call 1-900-LICKROG. Proceeds go to the Help Roger Rabbit Live Like A Republican Fund.

  97. 149

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 145, keep clicking your heels and repeat three times “There is no climate change”

    Now, go kill yourself.

    BTW, you inbred illiterate. The post was not by Goldy.

    But you can always start a fan club for Buddypud. He is like you. He never lets facts get in his way.

  98. 150

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @145 Looks like some folks think the government buying private companies to save capitalism isn’t communism, but the government regulating pollution to save the planet is.

    You needn’t ask who will be first in line for government handouts when rising seawater inundates the spendy beachfront homes owned by Republican anti-communists. That’s already obvious.

  99. 152

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 145 “6cm of snow”

    6 centimeters? What are you? Canadian? A Canadian Neocon?

    I bet you a pretty lonely.

  100. 153

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    I bet you try to woo American women by telling them you have an 8 centimeter dick.

    Does that ever work, little dick?

  101. 156

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hey all you freedom-loving wingnuts: Why aren’t you calling for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics in response to the armed suppression of Tibet? Or is “freedom” just something you pay lip service to while conducting business-as-usual with our enemies? (Don’t answer that; you’ll only embarrass yourselves even worse.)

  102. 157

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    The Blatantly Obvious says:

    “There should be a law require ignorant wingnut spading and neutering.”

    Good idea. There should be a similar law for all the neo-socialist cocksuckers in the country, too.

  103. 158

    Puddybud spews:

    Blatantly Obvious: You are the one scurrying around calling me a liar. I have given you hint after hint. You still can’t find what you said. You are the idiot trying to call me a racist, now you are trying to call me a liar.

    You are another I’ll NOT break bread with…

    Last hint. Start your investigation with thread 4425 and keep increasing. Eventually you’ll find out what you said and who you agreed with.

    If you can’t remember what you type then maybe you should shut up and leave.

  104. 160

    Texpatriate spews:

    “Why aren’t you calling for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics in response to the armed suppression of Tibet?”

    Do me a lemon. The whole point of hand-wringing about Tibet is that you’ll never have to actually do anything about the repression there.

    Try this thought experiment:

    President Bush announces the Lord has spoken to his heart about the repression in Tibet, and that the 82nd Airborne will join the Indian Army in a balls-out invasion to liberate the Tibetans.

    You’d have the “Free Tibet” sticker off the back of your Subaru before the first shot was fired.

    We know this because it’s exactly how people who were anguishing about the sanctions in Iraq, reacted when Bush decided to end them by deposing Saddam.

  105. 161



    Why pretend? You know perfectly well why the saying is in like a lion, out like a lamb

    As Christians, you and I share the truth … in the spring, some 2000 years ago, Jesus was crucified to replace the evil law of the Jews. symbolized as the Judean Lion, as a a false chosen people, with the universal message form God,that all men are saved through the sacrifice of the lamb.

    When our Lord was reborn, the blood of the lamb washed away the fear of the lion from all of mankind.

    Why, a the buds emerge, and shoots of the new spring growth emerge from the blood red earth, why pretend at any other meaning?

    God damn those who wuld secularize God.

  106. 163


    @161 AntiChrist

    “The lion will lie down with the lamb, bit the lamb will get very little sleep.”

    Now you know why the Jews should not trust the gentiles? The Jesus story is a story of the lamb turning into the killer.

    As is written in the gnostic letters attributed to Judas:

    “And so it is said, that come the spring, flowers bloom, the lioness gives birth to the cub and the ewe to her lamb. For a short time, the cub and lamb play, even with each other. Yet soon will come summer, the time of the Ram and the Lion. And the Lion will hunt the Ram and Man will kill them both .. the Ram for its wool and meet, the lion for the glory of God.”

  107. 164

    Another TJ spews:

    So, I guess my question here is for the Seattle (and Washington State) natives. Is that a common expression here?

    Yep. Grew up in S.W. WA and it was common.

  108. 165

    YLB spews:

    Ok I am tired of seeing this war between you guys:

    Go over to (un)SP. They all agree with each other over there. The only fight they have is over who’s “more conservative”.

    Which is a great fight to have, because going further to right has worked just great for Republicans.

    And if someone from this side of the tracks shows up, they all start whining to Stefan to have him or her banned.

    You’ll fit in just fine over there.

  109. 168

    Puddybud spews:

    Everyone: Last night Blatantly Obvious called me a liar and other names because I wouldn’t post the link. He then said “Hannah provided no link regarding your claim concerning me.”

    Amazingly Hannah found the link while Blatantly Obvious proved again he is an anus sucka!

    Well you’ll read it for yourself.

  110. 169

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    Buddypud you moron, my statement was about holding back information concerning the crime for so many months. NOT the pilfering of the passport files.

    Buddyoud lied when he said “It was blatantly obvious you were blatantly and obviously wrong about the Obama passport files being rifled by GWB operatives.”

    And Hannah has just proven that I said NOTHING of the sort.

    Suck on that, Buddypud, you lying scum bag!

  111. 170

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    What is it like being such a public fool and liar, Buddypud?

    You even thanked the person who proved you a lying fool!!!

    HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  112. 171


    One wonders what my descendents have devolved too with alll this fighting here. It is enough to make one convinced there is a God, who else would protect such idiots?

  113. 172

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    SJ, I am sure when Buddypud makes up a lie regarding something you didn’t say, you just let it go, right?

  114. 173

    Puddybud spews:

    Blatantly Obvious, you agreed with ByeByeGOP. You linked into his stupid comment.

    Think stupid, you agreed and added to his comments. Just like you saying it.

  115. 174

    Puddybud spews:

    This is BO’s #7 comment: “@ 5, and”

    in agreement.

    Later BO said: “reeks of “political motivation”.”


  116. 176

    Puddybud spews:

    When Bo is caught he screams and shouts. But the facts (his typing) speak louder than any screaming on this blog.

  117. 177

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    “Just like you saying it.”

    Not at all, and not in any way.

    Buddypud, lets just lay it for anyone interested to see:

    You stated here

    Blatantly Obvious: It was blatantly obvious you were blatantly and obviously wrong about the Obama passport files being rifled by GWB operatives.

    But here is what I actually said on the topic:

    “not politically motivated” I think a full independent investigation is needed to draw that conclusion.

    And I also said:

    More important is the fact that this breach of a candidate’s passport file happened three times over a two month period.

    “not politically motivated” may be true, but the holding back of the information regarding these breaches reeks of “political motivation”.

    Nowhere did I state anything even resembling “Obama passport files being rifled by GWB operatives.”

    In fact I was saying the opposite, in that any connection to the Bush adminsistration required an investigation, and that the connection was not yet proved.

    Now Buddypud, I understand you are fat too less a man to admit you are wrong. I get that. But it is also completely obvious that you are a liar and a fool.

    The above quotes prove that.

    It is up to you, if you at long last want to admit that you were wrong. I, for one, am not going to hold my breathe waiting for you to do the honest thing. It just does not appear to be a part of your character.

  118. 178

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    erratum, when I said “you are fat” I meant to say “you are far”

    No implication on your body type was intended.

  119. 179

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    Why would I bother to call you fat, when I have already proven you are a liar? And too caught up in your lies to admit you are wrong.

  120. 180

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 175,

    Then BO after it comes out a Clinton appointee was the manager I said this: 92#comment-759745

    You mysteriously disappeared after the “real facts” appeared.

    Buddypud, my friend, I said absolutely nothing in that thread, because I was not in town. I was visiting my parents for Easter.

    How does a mind like yours see the fact that I did not respond to your post, when I had not even posted in the thread at all to be somehow a “mysterious disappearance”

    You really need some psychological help, my friend. Your delusional paranoia is really quite profound.

    And then, of course, there is your lying problem.

  121. 181

    Puddybud spews:

    Oh Blatantly Obvious: You were answering Hannah. You never reverted back to post #5 again. You answered Hannah’s post which you said earlier she never answered you, another lefty lie.

    Great spin job. Spin spin spin. Typical lefty.

    Is it my fault you were out of town. My comment still stands. You never went back to check the thread. That’s not my fault.

    Spin spin spin!

  122. 182

    Puddybud spews:

    And Obviously Blatant and Stupid: the name is Puddybud!

    This is BO’s #7 comment: “@ 5, and” doesn’t lie Obviously Blatant and Stupid

    Talk to the hand…

  123. 183

    YLB spews:

    Blatant –

    The “mysterious disappearance” remarks means Stupes is commanding you to respond (in a manner of his choosing) to his right wing bullshit (which he misnames “facts”).

    If you present a cogent counter-argument, he responds by screaming names at you.

    He will be flushed with Limpblows and the rest this November.

  124. 184

    Puddybud spews:

    Clueless Idiot: Why do you project your lunacy on others? You are the HA Clueless Idiot a well known fact.

  125. 185

    The Blatantly Obvious spews:

    @ 181 – You win Buudypud, I cannot overcome your ability to conflate your irrationality and ritalin induced mania.

    My clear, linear posting of the facts is smothered by your rabid luncay and wingnut frothing.