Imagine a kick-ass playground

Imagine on a beautiful day like today, taking your kids to play in an amazing playground like the one highlighted above. Or, imagine taking your kids to a glass museum.

You choose.

Oh, and by the way, NYC’s Imagination Playground also serves to illustrate how ridiculous and unfair the Seattle Center’s “process” really is. The Chihuly proposers had a year and a half to put together the details of their project, while every else had just a few weeks. The Imagination Playground took five years from conception to completion.


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    I said it before but I’ll say it again… Chihuly can contribute to the Kick Ass Playground by making the most KICK ASS glass slide on the planet. Imagine it!… well… Probably would have to put it someplace it wouldn’t get broken. LOL

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    Chuck spews:

    No such thing as a kick ass playground anymore. No decent monkey bars, no good high swings that you can jump out of, no place to play dodge ball, not allowed to play smear the queer anymore. If I was a kid these days I woul just spend my lunch in the library…at least you can still play checkers.

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    manoftruth spews:

    this is the second photo you’ve shown and neither one has any white people. so, either you’re a racist and purposely left white kids out, or the cities are segregated, in which case your liberal 60 years of great society is a flop.

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    Adam spews:

    First, lots of people of all races in the video.
    Second, are we saying conservatives hate playgrounds because they don’t maim kids anymore? I wonder if anyone is running on that platform in November?
    As somebody who grew up going to the Seattle Center nearly every weekend as a child, I’m sad that something as un-fun-for-kids as a museum seems doomed to replace the (admittedly lackluster) Fun Forest.

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    uptown spews:


    It’s a video with plenty of pale faces. Of course they have sun in NYC and so you might not recognize all the whities with their tans.

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    doggril spews:

    I can understand lamenting a number of things in this troubled day and age; but lamenting the fact that Seattle is not likely to see a $7 million dollar playground (that would also require expensive on-going maintenance and a full-time attendant) is not one of them.
    Also, it’s not really fair to compare the 5 year soup-to-nuts process for that playground to the Seattle Center’s planning process timeframe.