I’m confused….

Speaking of elections, I’m a touch confused by (un)Sound Politics apparent dismay that (gasp!) a candidate for office is counting ballots in Pierce County. Aren’t these the same folks who vehemently argue that King County should have an elected auditor?

Um… I’m not particularly passionate about this issue one way or the other, but I’ve never quite understood the argument that the only way to take politics out of the elections department is to elect the guy running it. And… uh… doesn’t Stefan’s latest dig argue against having candidates working in the elections office?

Unless, of course, the unsound folk simply support an elected auditor because it would be perceived as a slap in the face of Ron Sims? Nah… that would be cynical.


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    Goldy spews:

    I don’t know Josef, but regardless, he hires all the people counting the ballots, and their jobs depend on him.

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    Comment by Goldy— 9/26/05 @ 5:26 pm

    I’ll find out before I hit the sack tonight. But considering that Dean Logan is toast if Irons wins and the biases of the King County Elections department, it doesn’t really matter.

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    Mountain Man spews:

    Stephan taking a swipe at Ron Sims, how could that be?

    Where could he have learned such behavior? It’s hard to imagine anyone taking a swipe after swipe after swipe at a candidate for King County Executive.

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    Donnageddon spews:

    Joseph @ 3 “I’ll find out before I hit the sack tonight. But considering that Dean Logan is toast if Irons wins and the biases of the King County Elections department, it doesn’t really matter.”

    Let’s break that down:

    1. “I’ll find out before I hit the sack tonight.” – Statement

    2. “But considering that Dean Logan is toast if Irons wins” – Conjecture i.e Irons wins = Sims (toast)

    3. “and the biases of the King County Elections department” – Incomplete statement i.e. makes no sense.

    4. “it doesn’t really matter.” – first acurate thought in post.

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    Donnageddon spews:

    above; restatment

    Irons wins = Sims (toast)

    should read : Irons wins = Logan (toast)

    Donnageddon (mea culpa)

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    C spews:

    Donnageddon – while Sims would be toast if Irons wins, that is obvious. Josef’s point is that Logan would be toast too. If you take two seconds and use your brain, you’ll see Josef’s points make a lot of sense. Don’t get upset when Goldy has to eat shit for lying, it happens every day.

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    The Notorius P.I.E. spews:

    Oh Screw It;

    Lets just write of this whole democracy deal as a failure. Appoint Goldy and Stefan to rotate 12 hours on 12 hours off as Master and Commander of the Universe. Put the whole thing on pay-per-view at $45 a day, and watch the good times role!!!

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    Swift Boat Vets For Universal Healthcare spews:

    I saw Dean Logan today while I was on the bus. He was walking west out of the King County building on his way to the ferry (I guess). I was gonna holler at my boy, but I bet he’s packin’ these days, considering all the nut jobs out there. I don’t know why anyone would want his job, because some guy in Duvall is squaring his gunsights with some untreated mental illness.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Josef has got it right.
    If Sims loses Logan is shitcanned.
    If Irons wins Logan is shitcanned.
    If Sims loses Logan is shitcanned.
    If Sims loses Logan is shitcanned.
    Shitcan Logan===Vote for Irons
    Shitcan Logan===Don’t vote for Sims, vote for Irons.
    This makes perfect sense to anyone with a brain.

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    Mark1 spews:

    As long as Dean Logan is gone, anything goes……..Perhaps a more fitting profession for him would be the guy that cleans up the peep-show booths at the end of the night.

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    Donnageddon spews:

    Sorry C, Mr. Irrelevant, and Josef, But Josef’s comment makes absolutely NO SENSE!. Although I do get his jist. and his jest.

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    Curtis Love spews:

    What I worry about is that the dead certainty of the Right that rampant coruption exists in KingCo elections will lead them, if the GOP ever takes power in KingCo, to merely work to rig elections their way instead of ensuring fair contests.

    Of course, I’ve ALWAYS thought that their accusations were 99 parts projection to one part conviction. For the Republicans out there, that means I think that you accuse people of doing what YOU would do in their place.

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    Comment by Puddybud— 9/27/05 @ 1:26 pm

    Thanks so much.

    Comment by Curtis Love— 9/27/05 @ 1:49 pm

    Well, a good King County Elections Director would make many things unnecessary. Like today’s motion by Councilmembers Lambert & Hague to ensure the full, legal poll judge’s oath is given, among other things (see IslandRepublican.blogspot.com for more). Like erring on the side of NOT playing God and divining voter intent. Like ensuring # of votes = # of legal voters = # of legal votes.

    I could go on. This has been my rock-solid position, as has been Reagan Dunn’s, too.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    CurtisZero(Love=Zero in tennis)–
    Your denial of any accountability for what happened last November in KingCo is astounding.
    The Sec. of State sent out an e-mail on Sept. 2nd with a Certification OATH and Reconciliation Forms REQUIRED for this Primary Election. These things should have been done in November too.
    If they are done in KingCo this time, the question is why weren’t they done last November??? We were told reconciliation was impossible.
    If they are not done, then Logan once again proves incompetent.
    Logan cannot win.
    Logan should have reconciled Votes and Voters last time. He chose to say it’s not possible when a number of other County’s did it.
    CurtisZero is a partisan putz.
    We’ll let the voters decide how accountable Don Ron Sims King is for Logan’s performance. To me, Sims is 100% accoutable since SIMS chose to keep Logan on staff.
    So in November, Sims has his little BUTTBOY Logan counting and overseeing the counting of SIMS votes KNOWING full well that if Sims loses, Logan loses his job.
    How will moderate voters respond?
    I know how the LEFTIST PINHEADS will respond.

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    Puddybud spews:

    No Josef, you just don’t bring up voterless ballots vs. ballotless voters. MTR and I will go back into our database thing. You are wrong, wrong, wrong per HA lefties!!!

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    Bobblehead spews:

    Problem being with the whole Logan is gone if Irons wins is the whole ‘if Irons wins’ part… Republicans make a big thing about Sims only get 43% of the county’s primary vote, but fail to mention that it’s a partisan race where 36.5% of people chose a Republican ballot and Irons ran uncontested so *gasp* he got 99% of the Republican votes.

    They also seem to be making the assumption that a majority of the people that voted for the Democratic challengers did so simply because of Sims and will thus be voting for Irons come November and that all of the Irons’ voters in the primary will be doing likewise. Hate to break it to ya, but that’s about as moronic as it gets. I voted for Dean in last year’s presidential primary ’cause I thought Kerry was a stick in the mud, but come November, I voted Kerry.;) I also know several Sims supporters that voted Republican in the primary because they either didn’t have a Dem in the other election, the Dem was uncontested, or they are Republican, but like Sims.

    The only thing the Irons campaign can say is that they’ve got a long row to plow. Irons is going against an incumbent Democrat that got 70% of the Democrat vote in a 60%-ish Democrat county. Irons is going to need to convince almost all of the ‘swing’ voters to vote for him in order to overcome that deficit.

    Using the Republican logic, Sims only needs to convince 27% of the people that didn’t vote for him to do so, while Irons needs to convince 73%.

    Unless the Republicans can do A LOT more damage to Sims than they’ve already done, it’s not looking very likely for a Republican win come November. Which brings to mind, what does a Dem have to do to lose in King County?

    Long live, King Ron. ;)