If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going (to be water-boarded)

The Boeing Corporation is a Seattle icon, an integral part of the region’s economy and identity. So I found it a bit disturbing to read the following tidbit in the October 30 edition of the New Yorker, about Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen International Trip Planning, and its lucrative contract as the CIA’s torture travel agent:

Boeing does not mention, either on its Web site or in its annual report, that Jeppesen’s clients include the C.I.A., and that among the international trips that the company plans for the agency are secret “extraordinary rendition” flights for terrorism suspects. Most of the planes used in rendition flights are owned and operated by tiny charter airlines that function as C.I.A. front companies, but it is not widely known that the agency has turned to a division of Boeing, the publicly traded blue-chip behemoth, to handle many of the logistical and navigational details for these trips, including flight plans, clearance to fly over other countries, hotel reservations, and ground-crew arrangements.

[…] A former Jeppesen employee, who asked not to be identified, said recently that he had been startled to learn, during an internal corporate meeting, about the company’s involvement with the rendition flights. At the meeting, he recalled, Bob Overby, the managing director of Jeppesen International Trip Planning, said, “We do all of the extraordinary rendition flights


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    americawas1st spews:

    ‘his rabbit dick’ is probably being from the bestiality twins, Pudnutz and mwsuxpuddy

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    For the Clueless spews:

    let’s be grownups here.

    Ghost? A grownup? What a laugh. A whiny spoiled brat is more like it.

    And who was the last Democrat you voted for? Zell Miller?

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    Puddybud spews:

    9, 10 You got something against a hard-working writer trying to earn an honest living? Commentby Roger Rabbit— 10/26/06@ 6:04 pm

    So Pelletizer: You think a man who thinks like that is good for America? Then why did your ilk kick out Mark Foley?

    Moonbat logic at it’s best from the man who thinks like an animal!

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    ArtFart spews:


    Jeppeson provides flight plan charts and all kinds of stuff for just about anybody who flies.

    This is like saying Nordstrom (horrors!) supplies shirts to Mike Brown.

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    Mike Webb Sucks spews:

    We’re getting word that Puddybutt is a rapist. Figures. Solid republican values. Commentby LauraBushKilledAGuy— 10/26/06@ 10:39 pm

    Did he rape you with his big black cock? Please tell us about it. Regale us with your “story”.

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    christmasghost spews:

    and roger….you should throw out your birkenstocks then because they were very much involved with the nazis.

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    GBS spews:

    Sooooooooo, ChristmasGhost, who are you voting for this November?

    Are you voting your “values” this time?

    Do your “values” include voting for a majority that would protect a pedophile in their midst to maintain power?

    So your choices are to vote Democrat or not at all, huh?

    That must suck. But since you’re a principled voter I’m suuuuure you won’t vote pedophile, I mean corruption, errrr. . I mean conservative, of course.

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    Truth spews:

    It’s not anti-science to be against embryonic stem cell research (and cloning), it IS ANTI-science to hold it above ADULT stem cell research, which involves NO destruction of human life, either. Adult stem cell methods hold all the promise for treatment and have shown the successes in studies. The cloning/create-life-and-kill-it embryonic approach has yielded—tumors. That’s what happened when they injected rats with it. Not a good deal. It doesn’t show any of the promise of stem cell research. To say that it does is to lie and hold out false hope to sick people. What’s the point of misleading people about where the promising results lie? Why the need to create human life to kill it? That’s why embryonic stem cells won’t work–the cost is egregious and success can’t come out of that. Too long to explain the why’s of that here, but that’s the underlying reason for the embryonic failures. repeat: All the promise and success of stem cell research is coming from the adult stem cells and cord samples. They don’t have the ethical baggage of the embryonic and they are where the results will come from. It’s clear. Now don’t be fooled by lies and people who have some wierd need to create embryos that they want to kill. That’s a dead end.

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    RUFUS Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    Multiplication enabled

    Not only are the cover-ups morally repugnant, but as they say, “You pay for it.” We the public pay $700,000 cash settlements such as this one [in the Northshore School District]. Plus, who’s to say that throwing big money at the problem makes it better? Does money and complete destruction of court documents show genuine consideration for the rights of citizens and constituents?

    Count me amazed that administrative cover-ups of this type go on despite years of related articles in the news, and teacher and administrator training that I know is very explicit.

    — Lee James, Coupeville

    It is real simple Lee. It is called liberals covering for liberals.

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    Mike Webb Sucks spews:

    Speaking of thinking Pedophile:

    – Lost Soldiers: “A shirtless man walked toward them along a mud pathway. His muscles were young and hard, but his face was devastated with wrinkles. His eyes were so red that they appeared to be burned by fire. A naked boy ran happily toward him from a little plot of dirt. The man grabbed his young son in his arms, turned him upside down, and put the boy’s penis in his mouth.”

    James Webb Candidate for VA US Senator

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    James S. spews:

    About the Boeing going to foriegn countries is true. I’m currently working on the flight control electronics design for the dream liner. It’s designed in WA. state but is going to be built in Taiwan. It’s funny how the union starves out jobs and they blame it on Bush. They have to lower cost of the parts by buying the labor in foriegn countries. Even Boeings insulation blankets for thier current planes are made in Mexico. They are getting rid of the Blanket shop in Everett right now. The shop fixed all the mistakes that were made on the insulation blankets when they got here. This is all from first hand knowledge.

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    Puddybud spews:

    Cluelessness: That’s your problem. I can move on. You still live in Kos’ asshole buddy! BTW how is Randi Rhodes?

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    RUFUS Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    We’re getting word that Puddybutt is a rapist. Figures. Solid republican values.

    Commentby LauraBushKilledAGuy— 10/26/06@ 10:39 pm

    Puddy is not running as the democrat nominee for President. I dont believe it.

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    Puddybud spews:

    google a creep named rocky rhoades…. Funny fascination you have there ghost with creeps and religious nuts. As they say, it takes one to know one. Commentby For the Clueless— 10/26/06@ 8:14 pm

    Cluelessness – Google a creep named Randi Rhodes – I called her Four Shot Rhodes

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    For the Clueless spews:

    google a creep named rocky rhoades….

    Funny fascination you have there ghost with creeps and religious nuts. As they say, it takes one to know one.

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    Puddybud spews:

    Chuck@52: You are right about tax and spend and Boeing. One buddy there said it ain’t over yet either. Watch how much of the 787 Dreamliner is pre-fabbed in other locatins.

    Funny how that is when the donk surely can find tax breaks for the rch when it benefits them and nary a peep, nary a peep from the ASSWipes when their guvnur Locke gave Boeing 3 BILLION smacks tax break.

    ROTFLMAO OAO STFU with Tax Breaks for the rich. Donk do it all the time to save their political asswipes!

    Cluelessness you’re still an IDIOT! You put the cream in the condoms for Mt Rainier to suck dry!

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    stedman spews:

    Did Rick Santorum bring the banana home for his kids to bond with?

    Did they bond with the whole banana?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Maybe you wingnuts also would like to explain why you haven’t donated $99 to http://www.operation-helmet.org/ ? I did! If I can do it, so can you! Don’t say you “support the troops” when you’re doing nothing for the troops. You’re only blowing smoke out of your asses.

  19. 26

    Puddybud spews:

    ChristmasGhost@Everywhere. You’re right about KKK Byrd and the ever loving support the moonbats give him. Can you say stovepipe up the ASS?

    MWS: You are right about thinking people. Moonbats can’t think unless Kos does it for them in the morning.

    Cluelessness you’re STILL and IDIOT!

  20. 27

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    G.I.s in Vietnam had to be careful where they went to get laid because some of the Viet Cong whores put razor blades up their you-know-what.

  21. 28

    For the Clueless spews:

    WOS – Nice try. Been reading FR lately? Of course you have – you’re a child.

    This detailed, lovingly drawn portrait of Vietnam reveals a sad, tortured country that has never recovered from the horrifying events of a quarter-century ago. Major print and radio advertising. (Sept. 4)Forecast: Webb (Fields of Fire) is no stranger to the bestseller lists; endorsements from heavy hitters like Sen. John McCain will help put him there once again.

    Poor WOS…

  22. 30

    For the Clueless spews:

    Puddybud: one thing you may not know about Markos (since your so willfully ignorant) – he was a FORMER Republican!

    Yep, Markos indeed MOVED ON…

    We’ll see if the country is ready to do the same come November.

    Hey WOS – how about some more of that Gorelick wall bullshit!

  23. 31

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    I think it’s great that Goldy gives the trolls a forum to show the world their true colors!

    Now that Aryan Nations has been sued to oblivion and its founder has gone to his reward in Hell, the GOP is picking up the Nazi torch.

  24. 32

    christmasghost spews:

    you just have to wonder if maybe goldy spends too much time “ruminating” and too little time working to come up with these zingers………..

  25. 33

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    It more likely came from his experiences in Vietnam. A place George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Don Rumsfelt never went to.

  26. 34

    Yer Killin Me spews:

    Boy, you said it SeattleDan. This board is crawling with spam and Rethug trolls. Actually I find it hard to tell the difference.

  27. 35

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    War is still hell. Always has been, always will be. That’s something I wish more politicians would think about before rushing pell-mell into it. One thing we as voters can do is elect people from military families like Darcy Burner who have some inkling of an idea of what war is like, what it takes to fight one, what they need from the stupid old men who send them, and what it really means to “support the troops.”

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    Chuck spews:

    Seattle icon? HELLO Goldy, liberal policies and taxes chased Boeing pretty much out of this state. Want to talk to the head man you go to Chitown. Get real Boeing is no more than a ghost in this state now. Spokane belongs to Triump industries, the Auburn Fab plant is a Safeway distrubution point. One Renton site is now a Frys superstore (can you say mimimum wage?). The Renton Boeing plant is now a joke compare to a few years ago when I worked there. Your liberal policies are really helping us well. Boeing is now in the buisiness of putting parts from Indonisia, China, And Korea into a plane. Much as AMC before Chrysler bought them out. That is until they move all operations overseas. Then it will become Boeing of (put in your choice of oriental cities). And then we will still have liberal tax and spend policies to thank. By the way I went looking for a can opener made here tonite…went to Kmart Walmart Fred Meyer, Home Depot, Lowes…not a chance….

  29. 38

    christmasghost spews:

    OH NO! NOT THAT! the CIA is a client of boeing.
    god, are you really this stupid?
    of course they are you tool.and the only thing boeing is an icon of is the permanently brain damaged far left…in other words…..you.
    aren’t they a giant corporation? aren’t all you useless fools against ALL giant corporations?
    or is it …as it becomes increasingly more obvious to more people…that you are really only against the ones you don’t think are run by “progressives”?

  30. 39

    SeattleDan spews:

    Goldy, at some point you are going to have to moderate your board. Between the porn ads and fascisti diatribes like this:

    Do whatever the fuck it takes to get information out of these cowardly assholes. If they don’t talk, throw ‘em out the back of the airplane. Make crab food out of ‘em.

    I don’t think you have much choice.Sure there’s a first amendment. Let them start their own blogs, the little bunidsts should.

  31. 40

    Mike Webb Sucks spews:

    Speaking of Perverted:

    – Something to Die For: “Fogarty . . . watch[ed] a naked young stripper do the splits over a banana. She stood back up, her face smiling proudly and her round breasts glistening from a spotlight in the dim bar, and left the banana on the bar, cut in four equal sections by the muscles of her vagina.”

    James Webb Candidate for VA US Senator

    Right up your “alley” huh GBS?

  32. 41

    stedman spews:

    re 10: Had she been intimate with Ron Popeil?

    Wow!! That’s some kinda banana seat that chick has on her Schwinn!!

  33. 42

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    A couple days ago, Mark1 called me “juvenile and immature.” (pause) (snicker) See #60.

  34. 43

    christmasghost spews:

    and i have to admit that i love zell miller. he is an american before he’s any party affiliation.
    you should try it sometime………….

  35. 45

    Mike Webb Sucks spews:

    SeattleDan: How do you think Furball gets his jollies. He’s on this blog all day posting and surfing the spam. I bet he told Goldy to turn off his filters so he could find his “rabbit” dick!

  36. 49

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    1, 2

    Wait a minute, you two! Jeppesen isn’t just selling flight charts here. It sounds like they have (no-bid?) CIA contracts to handle specific trip planning for spiriting terror “suspects” (i.e., anyone fingered by God-knows-who, with no due process whatsoever) to Bush’s foreign torture factories.

    I.G. Fargen knew who they were selling cyanide to, and what it was being used for. Don’t tell me a company working for the S.S. didn’t know what they were dipping their fingers in. And don’t tell me Jeppesen a.k.a. Boeing doesn’t know what they’re dipping THEIR fingers in — the whole point of Goldy’s article is they DO know.

    There’s no such thing as a “giant corporation.” That’s just a convenient concept to describe a legal form of organizing a large group of people to engage in business activities. It isn’t “Boeing” or “a corporation” that negotiates, accepts, and performs these CIA contracts but specific people — who evidently know exactly who they’re working for and what they’re doing.

    It would be ridiculous to suggest ordinary Boeing workers are responsible for what their employer does. But top management is. And the people directly involved in the work are. As in “personally responsible.” After World War 2, the Allies tried and executed two company directors involved in supplying Zyklon B to the Nazis – Bruno Tesch and Karl Weinbacher. Maybe that the “former Jeppesen employee” was thinking about that when he resigned — or maybe he’s just a person with something our wingnuts lack … a conscience and ethical judgment.

    In any case, Boeing officers and directors ought to read their insurance policies … and hire defense lawyers. And Boeing shareholders ought to think about what the potential liability claims might do to Boeing’s future profits … and stock price.

    In case you’re wondering about what happened to I.G. Farben, here’s what Wikipedia says:

    “ue to the severity of the war crimes committed by IG Farben during World War II, the company was considered to be too corrupt to be allowed to continue to exist, and the allies considered confiscating all of its assets and putting it out of business. Instead, in 1951, the company was split up into the original constituent companies. The four largest quickly bought the smaller ones, and today only Agfa, BASF, and Bayer remain, while Hoechst merged with the French Rhône-Poulenc Rorer to form Aventis, now based in Strasbourg, France.”

    Think about THAT the next time you buy Agfa film, BASF recording tape, or Bayer aspirin.

  37. 50

    Daddy Love spews:

    54 Truth

    Gosh, truth, how can I help but believe your unsupported word? Surely you would never exaggerate, lie, be misinformed or ignorant, or just pull stuff out of your ass to tell us.

    So don’t bother with frills like links to credible supporting materials. After all, that kind of thing is for the little people who do not have your powers of persuasion, encyclopedic knowledge, and analytical depth.

  38. 51

    RUFUS Fitzgerald Kennedy spews:

    The Times centered its focus on a principal. But he reported to people who undoubtedly told him what to do. As a parent of three in the Northshore School District, I hope the following are held accountable:

    • The union leaders who protected an abusive and predatory teacher.

    • The School District leadership who spent our tax dollars on hush money (the “settlement,” which settles nothing).

    • The district’s attorney(s) who put a gag order on the victims’ families, and the court officials who unlawfully hid the case.

    School authorities’ primary responsibility, in loco parentis, is to protect children, not teachers. The way some of these young children had to try to protect themselves, while grown-ups dithered, is appalling.

    Public servants who lack the courage to remove predators from our schools, and then try to cover their tracks, are a menace to society. Thank you for uncovering their filthy deeds.

    — David Lund, Kirkland

    Well if the union leaders (liberals),district attorney(s) (liberals)and School District leadership (more liberals) are all under the juristiction of democrat King County your fucked on the accountability issue.

  39. 52

    Dengle spews:

    #7… how’s the glass house on pedophiles? Dems keep them in power as we learned again after the media coverage of what that sick pig Foley did. He’s out and gone and that’s great. However, the dems that have actually had sex with minors never were dealt with…..so let it go

  40. 53

    For the Clueless spews:

    Why are you answering for WOS Puddybud? You mean it’s only been zero days since you’ve been to FR?

    I’m not surprised. You’ll swallow any right-wing bullshit.

    C’mon Puddybud. Give us some of that Gorelick wall and Able Danger bullshit! That old crapola makes me laugh!

  41. 56

    christmasghost spews:

    this is what the liberals want to protect mark……
    “SYDNEY, Australia – Australia’s most prominent Islamic cleric vowed Thursday to stand strong against widespread outrage over his description of women who don’t wear head scarfs as “uncovered meat” who invite rape.”
    wow….so enlightened huh?

  42. 57

    Daddy Love spews:

    43 Puddybud

    Hmm, on the one hand I have a guy who writes a story that contains a stripper.

    On the other I have a guy who, during the course of his life, has
    – hid his Jewish heritage (during the campaign)
    – Called blacks “niggers” on numerous occasions
    – Displayed the Confederate flag in his car and house
    – hung a noose from a tree in his law office
    – referred to a Virginian of Indian descent as a monkey (during the campaign)
    – opposed the 1991 Civil Rights Act in Congress
    – opposed creating a (state) holiday for Martin Luther King
    – voted against changing the racially offensive state song

    Which man should be the next Senator from his state?

  43. 58

    stedman spews:

    Re 10: Were they quartered lengthwise or just lopped off in four pieces. It makes a huge difference.

  44. 59

    GBS spews:

    “Cluelessness: That’s your problem. I can move on. You still live in Kos’ asshole buddy! BTW how is Randi Rhodes?

    Commentby Puddybud— 10/26/06@ 9:22 pm”

    You suurrrrrrre can, Puddybud. Like making a bet, losing that bet and just “move on” like nothing happened.

    Do you realize that it’s been nearly a year since you made the bet you never paid up on?

    But, for moving on from the Gorelick wall and Able Danger acusations, uhhh, no Puddybud. We’re not going let you go around around making wild ass, unsubstantiated claims blaming President Clinton for 9/11 and giving a pass to the fact that George W. Bush was included in all the war plans President Clinton was making against al Qaeda for the USS Cole attack and

  45. 60

    christmasghost spews:

    foolio @32……..the last democrat i voted for was worth dikeman. a very good man that lost, unfortunately to a “progressive”.the idiot he lost to is so progresive that he decided that animal cruelty wasn’t a big deal. he is the very poster child of progressive losers everywhere. he just gets PROGRESSIVELY WORSE day by day……..
    i also would vote for lieberman for president. let’s hope he runs…….
    and whiney spoiled brat? where on earth do you come up with this stuff? it’s so creative…my god, you could be writing for the times!!!!! very impressive.

  46. 62

    GBS spews:

    “Cluelessness: That’s your problem. I can move on. You still live in Kos’ asshole buddy! BTW how is Randi Rhodes?

    Commentby Puddybud— 10/26/06@ 9:22 pm”

    Oh you sure can, Puddybud. Like making a bet, losing that bet and you just “move on” not paying your debt like nothing happened.

    But, for moving on from the Gorelick wall and Able Danger accusations, uhhh, no Puddybud. We’re not going let you go around making wild ass, unsubstantiated claims that President Clinton was responsible for 9/11 and giving a pass to George W. Bush for allowing the 9/11 attacks to occur on his watch. During the disputed outcome of the election Bush was kept fully apprised of the of the situation and knew that President Clinton put the White House on a war footing to attack al Qaeda once Tenet at the CIA confirmed that bin Laden was behind the USS Cole attack.

    On Jan. 26th, 2001, 6 days after Bush became Commander in Chief that confirmation finally arrived. What did Bush do? He fucked up and ignored our nations security and nearly 3,000 Americans were slaughtered on September 11th.

    So, no, Puddybud, just saying you’ve “moved on” isn’t going to cut the mustard. This isn’t some high school break up, this is about the mass murder Bush let happen through his arrogance in doing the opposite of anything President Clinton was doing.

    Able Danger. You should be ashamed of yourself, your party, and your leaders for ignoring the facts being presented to them. Unfortunately for thousands of American’s that day, Republican partisanship cost them their lives.

  47. 63

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Won’t be long now before Iraq veterans begin publishing memoirs, novels, and oral histories.

  48. 68

    christmasghost spews:

    GBS……. last time i checked the GOP was not protecting pedophiles.by your line of “reasoning” 2 people can contaminate a whole group of people? right?
    well, in that case then i guess the democrats are all racist KKK members [byrd] with a penchant for murder and alcoholism [kennedy], right? and black people must all be murderers [tookie]…ad nauseum. don’t be so bigoted.
    i am voting for who i think the best person is.
    let’s be grownups here.
    very few people become politicians because they want to make a positive difference. most of them are just power hungry swine with dreams of control. with that in mind i do double and triple check what a person says and what they do against…once again…..what they are telling you.then i make my choices. it has very little to do with party affiliation. i realize this must disappoint you…but oh well.
    anyone that votes for someone based entirely on what the letter is after their name shouldn’t ever be allowed to vote. i have had two politicians in my immediate family…one was a governor and the other a senator…and both were very good men.
    and as for goldy’s naivete’……for someone that wants to tell everyone how to think he sure is a naive little bugger, don’t you think?
    the CIA….god…i am still laughing………..

  49. 70

    Mark The Redneck KENNEDY spews:

    Do whatever the fuck it takes to get information out of these cowardly assholes. If they don’t talk, throw ‘em out the back of the airplane. Make crab food out of ‘em.

  50. 71

    christmasghost spews:

    mark…an interesting point.
    if, here at home, murderers were killed in exactly the same way that THEY killed….do you think the murder rate would go down…or would the “methods” killers use be less vile?
    google a creep named rocky rhoades….

  51. 72

    americawas1st spews:

    truthfully, the spammers usually make more sense than the likes of puddyfudgepacker, mtr, noCAPSxmasGOAT and MWSfudgepackersSONS