If health care reform is Armageddon, shouldn’t we be preparing ourselves for the Rapture?

John Boehner and Michael Steele should be a little more careful in their choice of words. As ridiculously hyperbolic as the assertion is, I understand what they’re trying to say when they describe health care reform as “Armageddon,” but if the Republicans’ far-right Evangelical base takes the word literally — as they are wont to do — the GOP could lose a big chunk of its support.

After all, there are a lot of Republican Christianists out there who would not only welcome the End Times, but are actively working toward it. So if they believe that health care reform really is Armageddon, won’t they just support it with open arms, and then ready themselves for the Rapture?


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    It’s only armageddon for health insurance industry profit margins, which means less political donations for the RNC & Steele’s salary. That’s the only thing they’re upset about.

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    Michael spews:

    Did I hear right, the reporters name is Shep?

    Anyway, It’s nice to see someone from Fox with at least a couple of functioning brain cells and someone who’s trying to tone down the rhetoric.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    I’ve been worried that the country might have been suffering from “health-care-debate” fatigue, which might have diminished chances of it ultimately passing.

    But now that it has passed and is signed into law, I wonder if that could work the other way now? Will Republican efforts to keep flogging this horse eventually cause even those who are inclined to support them say “Enough, already!”

    By late spring, people might want to focus only on the nice weather, baseball, and vacations – not replay the entire last year’s health care debate all over again.

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    Zotz spews:

    The tragedy of unfulfilled paranoia…

    It’s true what you posit, Goldy: I overheard a christian wingnut the other day whining about when the rapture would come and how come it was taking so long.

    As HCR rolls out, we should be taking every opportunity to point out the truth vice the lies and distortions we’ve heard the past 18 months from the Rs and the Tea Klux Klan. They are well and truly self-fucked.

    In fact I think we have an opportunity actually increase seats in Congress if we do this right (correctly, I mean).

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    Zotz spews:


    Shep Smith is the duty “occasionally rational person” on Faux.

    I’m surprised he’s lasted, this is definitely not the 1st time he’s asked actual questions of wingnut bigs on Faux.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    OK folks…it’s time for a little levity from the intensity of the HC debate–

    An elderly senior couple were invited to an old friends home for dinner one evening. She was impressed by the way her lady friend preceded every request to her husband with endearing terms such as: Honey, My Love, Darling, Sweetheart, Pumpkin, etc. The couple had been married almost 70 years and, clearly, they were still very much in love. While Roger Rabbit was in the living room, her lady friend leaned over to her host to say, ‘I think it’s wonderful that, after all these years, you still call your husband all those loving pet names’. The elderly lady hung her head. ‘I have to tell you the truth,’ Mrs. Rabbit said, ‘His name slipped my mind about 10 years ago, and I’m scared to death to ask the cranky old asshole what his name is.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    4. rhp6033 spews:

    I’ve been worried that the country might have been suffering from “health-care-debate” fatigue, which might have diminished chances of it ultimately passing.

    But now that it has passed and is signed into law, I wonder if that could work the other way now? Will Republican efforts to keep flogging this horse eventually cause even those who are inclined to support them say “Enough, already!”

    Interesting comment. Actually, it is Obam-Mao who is keeping the discussion going. He is headed to Iowa on Thursday to try and put a smiley face on this thing that few people truly understand.

    I think it is very important that this Senate Bill be publicly vetted and not swept under the rug. It is so monsterous, it will take many months to do so and will certainly be a huge part of the November election. This is why Obam-Mao is going to run around giving his spin.

    Do you really think it is good for America to allow Obam-Mao or any President to run around selling something he has already signed without anyone questioning or holding him accountable?? You folks sure questioned Bush about things that Congress voted on & he signed after it was done…and rightfully so.

    The day we stop questioning those in power is for decisions and there rhetoric…is the day America dies.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @7 Well, I see you’re in a good humor this morning, goatfucker. You should be, because the stock market is up again today — for the second day in a row — and assuming you picked your stocks wisely, you’re rolling in clover along with me.

    Despite the passage of health reform, the demise of capitalism had to be postponed again, because the capital markets are refusing to cooperate with the doomsayers.

    In fact, if money talks, then money is saying the screeching monkeys of the radical right were full of shit.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @8 “I think it is very important that this Senate Bill be publicly vetted and not swept under the rug.”

    Nah, we’re going to peremptorily shove it up your rightwing butts. You guys told us a year ago that you didn’t want to participate in this legislation, and we took your word for it. Too late to change your minds now.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The Seattle Times editorial board repeatedly screeched they want the legislature to lay off state workers, cut their pay, and make them pay for their own health benefits.

    Frank Blethen seems to believe that employment is a one-way street, that jobs are welfare, and therefore employees should gladly accept whatever the boss deigns to give them.

    It doesn’t work that way.

    I’ve made $400 in the stock market this morning, so far. Divide that by 8 hours and you come up with $50/hr. I don’t want my old job back. I just don’t feel like working for what the Seattle Times editorial board and Mr. Cynical think the taxpayers should pay me.

    My answer to their offer is, Get someone else. Wall Street made me a better offer. Nowadays, I sleep in until 10:00 AM, then go on coffee break until 1:00 PM, and make 50 bucks an hour by watching a computer screen and calling my broker once every six weeks or so.

    I’m just not interested in pushing state paperwork, managing programs, and solving problems for citizens, anymore. Of course, Frank and Goatfucker can always try making me a better offer.

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    Alki Postings spews:

    Listening to various Republican speeches on NPR about how they’re going to win back Congress and repeal this health care bill…not “parts” of it, the WHOLE THING, to cheering crowds. Really?

    You’re going to CAMPAIGN on removing a law that lets you keep your kids on your insurance (if you WANT) until they’re 26?

    You’re going to CAMPAIGN on removing a law that prevents insurance companies from dropping if you “use to much” insurance?

    You’re going to CAMPAIGN on removing a law that prevents insurance companies from denying you if you have pre-existing conditions?

    That takes balls.

    Look, I think parts of this bill are TOO much of corporate giveaways (the opposite of socialism) and there are definitely things to fix. But campaigning on repealing the ENTIRE package might be kinda like campaigning against Medicare. Did you know 99% of old angry Republican conservatives are ON MEDICARE! ROTFLMAO. Priceless!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The fishwrapper reported last week that 4 people were arrested for DUI during the Wednesday morning commute.


    That sort of tells you how much people love working, doesn’t it? When employers cut pay and take away benefits, reducing jobs to volunteer work, some folks apparently find it more enjoyable if they’re drunk or stoned.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @15 “parts of this bill are TOO much of corporate giveaways”

    Bingo! That’s why health care companies are leading the stock market higher. Hey wingnut fools, you didn’t really think Congress is capable of enacting socialism, did you? With 50 corporate lobbyists for every congressman prowling Capitol Hill? C’mon, get real! You shoulda bought stocks over the last few months. I did, and I don’t have to work anymore.

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    Max spews:

    John Boehner and Michael Steele are simply reflecting the ignorant backwoods clowns who now make up the base of their party.

    Majority of Republicans: Obama is a Muslim


    Mr. Klynical and Puddy may be complete psycho airheads who base their anarchist ideology on complete mythology. But….they are in good company these days.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Last week I heard someone from church repeating rumors she heard from some right-wing source that under the health-insurance reform, we will all be issued national identity cards which we will have to present before we can buy or sell anything.

    Of course, that’s ridiculous, there’s nothing remotely in the legislation that looks anything like it. But such a scenario fits in neatly with Bible prophesey for the end times, as only those accepting the “mark of the beast” (666) would be allowed to buy or sell. What the wingnuts are trying to do is equate any sort of national health care system, no matter how watered down, as being the “mark of the beast”, and using it to scare Evangelical Christians into rejecting any such plans. It’s one of the reasons why immigration reform is so difficult in the U.S. – we can’t require the issuance of national identity cards, as most other industrialized nations do. Even Social Security cards have been objected to for that same reason.

    But there’s an easy response to such arguments. Do you think that we can change the date of the Christ’s second coming by simply refusing to have identity cards of any type? The Bible teaches that God knows the day and hour when that will occur, the timing of which is not even known by the angels in heaven. If God wants the end times to begin, can we prevent it by not issuing a national health-care or identity card?

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    proud leftist spews:

    Of course, the Rs won’t refer to the bill’s specifics in calling for repeal; they will simply continue to reference the “socialist government healthcare takeover.” Lying is a strategy that the GOP is comfortable with. Dispassionate, reasoned policy debate? Uh, that isn’t something GOPers can do.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Rog spews–

    I’ve made $400 in the stock market this morning, so far.

    You made that money BY RISKING CAPITAL.
    Return on Capital is not the same as wages/benefits/paid time-off no matter how you twist it.

    Folks employed by the Government also could be making money by risking capital just like you.

    Bad try Rog==No Sale

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    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    I already posted this on the other blog. If Republicans run on this the left is in for a bad time in the Fall.

    Health care coverage won’t extend to the poor or working poor. The subsidy pays in the form of a tax credit. Meanwhile for 14 months premiums must be paid, or one is a criminal. The top subsidy is 80%, which means a borderline family must now find the other 20% somewhere, or again be a criminal.

    Health care subsidies on ‘Cadillac’ plans aren’t a high earner tax. They are an additional burden on what progressives continually call a struggling middle class. Most decent plans will fall into the Obamacare category of ‘Cadillac.’

    All premiums will rise at a higher rate than had Congress done nothing. This is a CBO forecast. So again, for your ’struggling middle class’ they’ll be caught between higher taxes and higher premiums.

    What taxation does affect the wealthy will be passed on in higher consumer costs, lower or stagnant wages, or other costs. They aren’t wealthy because they’re stupid.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    19. rhp6033 spews:

    Last week I heard someone from church repeating rumors she heard from some right-wing source that under the health-insurance reform, we will all be issued national identity cards which we will have to present before we can buy or sell anything.

    First I’ve heard that one.
    The internet is awesome…but one of the downsides is someone can start a rumor and blame others. Need to get to the original source which is pretty much impossible…know what I mean?

    I still believe Obam-MaoCare ought to stand Constitutional and all legal challenges. It is too important and the consequences too vast to just assume. Better to do it now than later. If Republicans were totally politically motivated, they would wait until August or so to launch lawsuits.
    These Constitutional questions should go directly to the Supreme Court and be ruled upon quickly & decisively.
    If I were in the progressives shoes..I would welcome the immediate challenge.
    Trying to stop the AG from challenging this plays right into the hands of the Republicans…especially if you lose.

    Can you imagine how things like Gregoire’s angry press release will be used against all Democrats if McKenna prevails??

    The time for politics is over.
    Now it’s Legal Time!
    Calling McKenna’s office to try and put political pressure on him not to challenge the Constitutionality when 9 other States are already doing so is politically unwise.
    You are essentially saying…”we don’t care if it’s Constitutional or legal…we just want our way”.

    That’s how you will be portrayed in November…in addition to lots of other accountability issues.

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    Unkl Witz spews:


    We can only hope the R’s will run on repeal of HCR this fall. Once the voting public realizes how overstated all the claims of hellfire and damnation if it pass are, they will continue to vote R’s out of office.

    Don’t ya think it’s time to lighten up a bit and just see how this is going to work? Or are you simply terrified that it will work and you side is out for a long time to come?

  21. 25

    Unkl Witz spews:

    By the way, I’m beginning to wonder if Michael Steele really does know what Armageddon means to Bible Thumpin’ Christians.

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    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 24

    Answer any one of my points about why it won’t.

    I’m actually very curious how the spin machine is turning this one.

  23. 27

    Unkl Witz spews:

    One more thing: Remember how confident all the SP crowd was that Dino would win his election contest over in Chelan County and be rightfully installed as our State Governor?

    Now these same legal geniuses are telling us how HCR is obviously unconstitutional because… because the want it to be.

  24. 28

    Unkl Witz spews:

    None of your “points” make any sense to me Lost. You just come across sounding like a whining loser.

  25. 29

    Unkl Witz spews:

    Lost says: “They aren’t wealthy because they’re stupid.”

    Correct! They are wealthy because of their good fortune.

    Some of them are stupid, some of them aren’t. But it doesn’t have much to do with why they are wealthy.

  26. 30

    Unkl Witz spews:

    I still think the “Repeal HCR” platform is going to have a rough go of it:

    “Americans by 9 percentage points have a favorable view of the health care overhaul that President Obama signed into law Tuesday, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, a notable turnaround from surveys before the vote that showed a plurality against it.” D-Kos

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    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 29

    An investor was talking to a journalist once. The journalist asked how it feels to be that lucky to pick good companies to invest in. The investor told him that because he thought it was luck he would never understand.

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    Ekim spews:

    23. Pycho MrC spews:
    Need to get to the original source which is pretty much impossible…know what I mean?

    This has bothered you when you were posting…when?

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    Ekim spews:

    22. lost spews:
    I already posted this on the other blog. If Republicans run on this the left is in for a bad time in the Fall.

    And be sure to toss in the repeal of Medicare and Medicaid for good measure while you’re at it.

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    GBS spews:

    8. Mr. Cynical spews:

    “. . . The day we stop questioning those in power is for decisions and there rhetoric…is the day America dies.”

    Truer words were never spoken. Which is why after nearly 30 years of the radical, right-wing, Reagan Revolution the American People questioned the decisions of Republicans and their over-heated rhetoric, like “pulling the plug on Grandma” and “Death Camps” and voted them out of office precisely so AMERICA WOULDN’T DIE!!!!

    Well, we finally agree on something. Reaganism was killing America and today President Barak Obama slayed the last and final stand of Reagan Republicans.

    Ya’ll went all in on a bluff and we were holding the Royal Flush.

    How’s that werkin’ out fer ya fellas?

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    proud leftist spews:

    You still haven’t explained to me how you can reconcile favoring the privatization of Social Security, which is a mandated benefits program, with doubting the constitutionality of the healthcare bill. You might ask that congressman on whom you have a man-crush, Paul Ryan, how he reconciles his positions.

  32. 38

    GBS spews:

    Lesson for conservatives;

    Ya’ll ought to go do so community organizing so you can figure out how the Hell President Barak Obama keeps extending the proverbial olive branch and the hand of friendship while you get your face SLAPPED with the other hand.

    “Hey, let’s be friends, OK?”

    **SLAP, SLAP, SLAP**

    Funniest part? The American People view President Obama as the one who’s trying to be bipartisan while Republicans get their heads chewed off by this guy.

    President Obama; a great president or the GREATEST president.

    God Damn, you don’t know if you should shit or go blind now.

  33. 39

    Ekim spews:

    37. lost spews:
    Re 34
    Oh, if only I could, and Social Security while I was at it.

    I have to say this much, you are at least consistent. You do know, though, we on the left would truly love for the right to run on that platform.

  34. 40

    rhp6033 spews:

    Unkl @ 29:

    Yep, the right-wing has been trying to sell that bill of goods since the “Divine Right of Kings” was the underlying authority for government rule. Plato’s “Republic” has a chapter where Socrates discusses how important it is for there to be a legend or illusion of divine greatness of rulers in order for them to command the proper respect from the governed.

    In it’s modern version, they try to convince everyone that a person is wealthy because they are more moral/intelligent/hard-working/thrifty than the rest of us, and it’s not up to us to question how that came to pass.

    This became enshrined in U.S. theory (and theology) as Calvinistic doctrine which came across on the Mayflower with the Pilgrims – they taught that the “elect” were distinguished by God’s blessings of prosperity upon their lives, and if a person was not so blessed, well, it was their own damn fault. Ironically, the Puritan preachings of hard work, temperence, thrift, etc. did indeed help people as a whole lead more prosperous lives. But they left out the whole part about how taking the land of the Native Americans with little more than token compensation had something to do with it, as well.

    In modern times we see this all played out in the re-telling of Horatio Algiers stories, how men of modest means rose to become rich by “pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps”. But real instances of that happening are few and far between, certainly when compared with the number of hard-working, temperate, moral, and thrifty people in America. In most cases people who tell those stories, or who believe they themselves fit into that category, leave out important parts of that story. Bill Gates and Paul Allen certainly worked hard to become America’s richest men, but no harder than many other Americans who have achieved much less in life. In their case, they would be the first to acknowledge that they had an early leg up in the process, attending a prestigious private high school which gave them access to mainframe computers to learn programming which, at the time, wasn’t available even to undergraduates in college at the time.

    And you have George W. Bush, who devoutly believed that his hard work was responsible for his success in life, forgetting entirely the benefits he received as the grandson of a rich New England senator, the son of a Senator, CIA Director, Republican Party Head, Vice-President, and later President. What other person with no better than average grades could attend Yale as an undergraduate, and Harvard Business School for graduate school, never getting above a “C” average in any level of study? What other failed oil-lease man could slip unscathed into a management position running a baseball team heavily subsidized by taxpayer dollars and with other people’s investment money?

    There are certainly tens of thousands of stories of people who are quite wealthy for achieving little more than accident of birth. Intelligence, hard-work, temprence and morals have nothing to do with it. Paris Hilton may have made something of a celebrity of herself, but gained distinction from the average post-teen partier with bad morals only by her last name.

    In contrast, there are unnamed multitudes of reasonably intelligent, moral, and temperate people in this country who work hard every day (often in two jobs), make just enough money to keep food on the table, are one paycheck away from homelessness, and who will, if they continue to save and nothing else bad happens to them, might be able to achieve their dreams of dying without suffering from a long and debilitating illness, thereby being able to leave their home and a modest savings to their children.

  35. 41

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 39

    It wouldn’t work for precisely the same reason conservatives in Brittain don’t try to remove socialized medicine. They know it’s a stupid idea which doesn’t work well. But it is much easier not to give ice cream to a spoiled child than to take it away.

  36. 42

    Chris Stefan spews:

    Proof that lost is just as fucking crazy as Cynical and the rest of the right wing trolls.

  37. 43

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 40

    What you’re talking about is the propagandist version the left tells itself.

    A wealthy person is no more moral, necessarily, than his fellow citizen in a housing project. He may not be harder working. He is almost certainly more thrifty, and almost certainly has a goal he has set himself to build a better bicycle, or computer program or whatever.

    I know you deal with smart, moral hardworking people in financial trouble. I know you see bad luck impacting people randomly without regard to these qualities.

    But ask yourself- Why does an immigrant family who comes here expecting to work and sacrifice and deal with the unexpected often do better than their native born American peers? Why does a wealthy person sometimes come from a desperately poor community? This isn’t luck. This is the values you disparage at work.

  38. 44

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 42

    Social Security pays at a rate barely acceptable in any private investment vehicle. I would do better by a factor of 2 to 10 times investing privately than in that Ponzi scheme, according to my investment broker.

    Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are uncontitutional taking under that clause regarding taxation. They assume Americans to be so stupid, improvident and incompetent that they need a nanny managing their money. I happen to disagree.

    And you have a pleasant day as well.

  39. 45

    GBS spews:

    In 2004 George W. Bush spent all the political capital of his re-election saying he was going to reform Social Security and toss it into the Wall Street Casino machine.

    The People rejected Bush’s efforts and pushed back – pushed back very hard against Republicans. That was one of the grains of sand that created the tipping point in which Republicans would not recover from politically.

    As a Liberal Democrat I PROMISE to donate money to any Republican candidate who runs on the platform of repealing HCR and/or Social Security.

    That is a sure bet to get a losing candidate matched up against a Democrat who will easily win over that kind of “I’m running to take good law away from you!”

    Oh, God, please, PLEASE, PLEASE let the RNC adopt that political strategy.

    Good thing we didn’t pass HCR last year because it would be out of most American’s minds come this fall.

    But, with the campaign season getting ready to kickoff in a couple of months, the bullshit the right’s been selling for the last 14 months will be fresh in the minds of moderates, independents and Republicans who would rather keep the good law just handed to them by Democrats.

    The only segment of the population that will turn out for the Republicans are the hard core right and Teabaggers.

    That is not even close to 50% + 1, and that won’t win you any national elections. Let alone a veto proof majority in both houses of congress. If Republicans don’t believe they could be out of power in congress for 40 years, hehehehe, they don’t know their history, do they???

    Plain and simple Republicans are on the wrong side of history and clearly they are whiners. Americans don’t tolerate whiners and losers. You can’t be a winner if you’re a whiner, wiener.

  40. 46

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Hello boys and girls…

    1) If HCR is so great why is Odumba’s bill forcing 180,000 Americans to die without health care until 2014? That’s around 127 people who will continue to die a day because they don’t have health insurance. Don’t trust Puddy on this… Ask the moronic checksez who recently brought the Harvard study here and was cheered on by correctnotright? Don’t believe me… ask the arschloch for the original URL date and time from his personal home backup of Goldy’s HA Libtardos! Where is the compassion for those 127 poor peeps who will die each day until this “law” kicks in? Why not start their health insurance now?

    2) If HCR is so great why are the deficit reductions going to only happen in 2019? Why not start it now?

    3) If HCR is so great why is the bill keeping 30+ million uninsured from being covered by the start of next week?

    4) If HCR is so great why not take the $500 Billion from Medicare now and start the program activities now?

    5) If HCR is so great why not implement the immediate reduction in insurance premiums now? Why will it take four years?

    6) If HCR is so great why not start the free preventive care now? Free breast exams for men and women? Free prostate exams for men. This excludes some of the dumb bricks here on HA Libtardos who weren’t blessed with huevos. Free pap smears for women? Why the delay? How many will die because it’s not immediately implemented?

    7) If HCR is so great why not place all those single young adults 23 and older on their parents’ policies now instead of waiting until 27 starting in 2014? How do those who are at home without a job or health insurance who could be insured not qualify? Isn’t that age discrimination?

    8) If HCR is so great why wasn’t preexisting condition insurance changed so that it happened right now instead of waiting for 90 days? Think about all those who will be kicked off until then?

  41. 47

    rhp6033 spews:

    Lost @ 44: “…according to my investment broker.”

    There’s your problem right now. You are taking advice from a person who (a) is comparing a government benefits & taxing program with an investment program, and (b) would personally benefit if the program were privatized.

    Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid were never set up to be investment vehicles. They paid benefits long before there were enough money to pay for them on an actuarial basis. If you had died only a few years after starting your career leaving young children behind, Social Security would have stepped in to make sure that your children had at least a minimal level of support until they turned 18. The same if you became disabled and unable to work. The system has always relied on current payments to support current beneficiaries, it was only due to the heavy outflow required by the baby boomer generation that we started trying to store money ahead of time for those projected withdrawals.

    The biggest problem facing Social Security (and retirement accounts in general) is that nobody really knows if accumulated cash savings can really be stored and then disbursed in such huge sums as will be required to support the latter half of the baby-boomer generation. Wall Street brokers like to argue that the street averages 10% per year in returns (not true over the last decade), but with millions of Americans parking their 401(K) money in mutual funds, how much are those funds going to be worth after a couple of decades of steady withdrawals from those funds to pay the living expenses of the retired?

    Are boomers who were born on the “back side” of the baby boom (after 1957) going to see their investment returns evaporate year after year, until they are left with less money in their retirement savings than if they took the cash and stuffed it under the mattress? Remember that money itself has no intrinsic value, and what we are really talking about is products or services, some of which cease to exist shortly after delivery, and defy transfer from one generation to the next.

    But as bad as these problems might be, they are nothing compared to the problems which would be caused by allowing Social Security to invest in the stock market, or privatizing Social Security entirely.

    The Social Security administration has never been allowed to invest in anything other than the government itself. This doesn’t give a very big rate of return, and has some inherent risk in that it simply passes obligations back upon whatever taxpayers exist when the notes become due. But it at least protects the Social Security Administration from the type of financial collapse which Wall Street suffered in the fall of 2008 (or 2001, or 1991, or 1988, or 1979, or 1977, or 1973, etc.)

    If you want to imagine a reall disaster, take the fall of 2008 with the impending collapse of both Wall Street and the Banking system, and add to that the inability of the Social Security Administration to cut checks to retirees and disabled Americans at the very time when their other retirement savings had circled down the toilet. Grocers would find their customers couldn’t pay, landlords would be facing massive defaults, etc., in a frightening ripple effect.

    So, Thank God this nation finally started to second-guess George W. Bush and his cronies before they bought into his Social Security privatization campaign.

  42. 50

    rhp6033 spews:

    “Dad, the unfinished business is done.”

    “WASHINGTON – The political odyssey of health care reform in many ways is the story of Ted Kennedy, and as President Obama signed the historic bill into law Tuesday, Kennedy’s gravesite was a place of quiet celebration and poignant reflection.

    The late senator’s widow, Vicki Reggie Kennedy, spent hours on Sunday at the simple white cross at Arlington National Cemetery marking where her husband was laid to rest only seven months ago. Ted Kennedy’s youngest son, Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (D-R.I.), visited on Monday morning and left a hand-written note that read: “Dad, the unfinished business is done.”

    And on a dreary Tuesday morning, dozens of school children and health care advocates paused at Kennedy’s tombstone to commemorate the man who for decades made overhauling the nation’s health-care system his life’s mission. …”

    Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/36.....ngton_post

  43. 51

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    To the arschloch @ all over…

    Compromise YOUR ASS? There was no compromise idiot. This is a DUMMOCRAPTIC bill through and through feckless moron!

  44. 53

    Zotz spews:

    @48: Leaving aside his facts are wrong, e.g., the kids on insurance until they turn 27 is in effect as of 23 Sep 2010. See section 2301 of the bill.

  45. 54

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Okay Zotz, why not immediately? Why the 6 month wait? Someone could lose out.

    Enumerate them Zotz!

  46. 55

    YLB spews:

    51 – Plenty of Senate Republican ammendments snuck through in the sausage making process. But the true compromises were with the money people – the corporations..


  47. 57

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 47

    Yes, that’s my problem. I’m taking financial advice from someone with a 40 year track record of making money for his clients using their preferences as a guide.

    I’ve become a convert to your way of thinking. I really ought to be taking advice from people who not only can’t live on what they rape from the taxpayers, most of what they spend money on doesn’t work.

    I see the error of my ways. We should be a society which spends the next 40 years of GDP on the political whims of the day. Why should my grandkids (if ever they arrive) have a country to call their own. Heck, I’ll just start teaching my kids Chinese now and save the bother later.

  48. 58

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Really arschloch? From the health care summit Odumba called, Odumba rejected the Republican proposals. When Max Baucus wrote the bill they rejected Republican senate proposals by 60/40 votes! That’s why Scott Brown election to the Ted Kennedy senate seat was so damaging and why they resorted to reconciliation around the Byrd Ruling.

    So what are these proposals in the December bill arschloch?

  49. 59

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Can anyone show Puddy where the Rapture is in the Bible?

    This will be really interesting…

  50. 60

    GBS spews:

    46. Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Hello boys and girls…

    1) If HCR is so great why is Odumba’s bill forcing 180,000 Americans to die without health care until 2014? That’s around 127 people who will continue to die a day because they don’t have health insurance. Don’t trust Puddy on this… Ask the moronic checksez who recently brought the Harvard study here and was cheered on by correctnotright? Don’t believe me… ask the arschloch for the original URL date and time from his personal home backup of Goldy’s HA Libtardos! Where is the compassion for those 127 poor peeps who will die each day until this “law” kicks in? Why not start their health insurance now?

    You seriously cannot believe these words, can you?

  51. 61

    YLB spews:

    rejected the Republican proposals.

    Obama tried and they clung to stupid stuff that is known not to work..

    That ugly party is all about defeating Obama and NOT helping the American people. Obama more than compromised – with drug companies, doctors, hospitals and gave the insurance companies 30 million more customers.

    Sorry fiend – right wing bullshit could not carry the day.


  52. 62

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    GBS, checksez and correctnotright paraded the Harvard study where it’s “estimated” 45,000 Americans die due to lack of health coverage. So over 4 years thats 180,000 peeps who die without health coverage.

    Hey GBS, the study is from Harvard. Odumba is the smartest man ever as preznit cus HA Libtardos said he went to Harvard and is a Harvard educated lawyer. So it must be “true”.

    So GBS… that’s about 123 deaths/day (Puddy estimates that many less will die on Christmas or Easter or Odumba’s birthday so Puddy raised it to 127) and this is what checksez put forth and correctnotright jumped up and down in the same thread. Ask the arschloch for the original URLs GBS. Being a Navy Seal, you have huevos so be the first to ask the arschloch for the original links from his personal copy of Goldy’s HA Libtardo blog!

  53. 63

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Once again the dumb brick proves he’s a dumb brick… First the arschloch sed…

    Plenty of Senate Republican ammendments snuck through in the sausage making process.

    Really Puddy asked? Then the arschloch farts…

    Obama tried and they clung to stupid stuff that is known not to work..


  54. 65

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Busted again arschloch schmuck by your own words fool. Such a dumb brick!


  55. 66

    Michael spews:

    Dear Puddy,

    We may be a bunch of stupid communists, but we seem to be winning. How’s it feel to loose to a bunch of stupid communists?

  56. 67

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:


    We’ll see by November… Even CNN’s poll said 59% against OdumbaCare!

  57. 68

    proud leftist spews:

    Puddy @ 63
    You are utterly wrong. Many of Charles Grassley’s proposals of last summer, before he underwent testicle removal surgery, remain in the bill. The bill also has many provisions that Republicans proposed in response to Bill Clinton’s healthcare plan from 1993 and 1994. And, the bill has many similarities to the legislation Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts (his opposition to the federal healthcare bill exposes, yet again, the profound depth of his hypocrisy). This bill has many Republican roots. The Republican Party has now moved so far into the certifiably insane category that its members reject their own work. You, Puddy, are in that category. You also don’t seem to be very familiar with the truth.

  58. 69

    proud leftist spews:

    Well said. The volume of their shrieking reveals that even they seem aware that they have just taken a major asskicking. Man, I never thought this would feel so good.

  59. 70

    Michael spews:


    So opt out of SSI. The Gov’mnt has its very own form for you to do that.

    SSI has been upheld by a few different supreme courts.

  60. 71

    Broadway Joe spews:

    There is no refernce to Rapture in the Bible, we all know that. Hell, I’m not even a christian and I know that. It’s all wrapped up in the various forms of premillenialist end-times baloney that have come up since Biblical times. Personally, the only thing the Rapture means to me (aside from punchline material) was the movie where Mimi Rogers showed off her very nice rack for the first time:


  61. 72

    Michael spews:


    No need to wait, just look at who’s been winning the elections, who’s getting their agenda passed, who controls, the govenors houses. Look at who’s making money, it’s the Gooogles and the Apples of the world. Look who’s movies are tops at the box office.

  62. 73

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Charles Grassley Proud Leftist?

    You mean his “pull the plug on Grandma” is in the bill? Remember DUMMOCRAPTS accused Grassley of trying to undermine their health care reform efforts, crying like stuck pigs as he refused to debunk rumors that the DUMMOCRAPTIC health bills would create “death panels” empowered to decide whether the infirm live or die. You of course forgot this “fact” proud leftist.

    You mean no rationing of health care is in the bill? How can you add 32 Million to the rolls with no increase of doctors and nurses?

    You mean no government-run public option to compete with private insurance is in the bill? You leftists are still pushing this.

    You mean no requirement that employers provide health coverage and an insistence that malpractice lawsuits be curbed is in the bill? Where is the tort reform in the bill?

    Those were Grassley’s proposals proud leftist.

    Grassley tried for a bipartisan bill, but Odumba and Reid said they had health care in hand.

    Puddy remembers Grassley working with the DUMMOCRAPTS on SCHIP in 2007. Ask the arschloch for the original Puddy links on Grassley.

    Your move proud leftist.

  63. 74

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Broadway Joe got it right…

    There is no refernce to Rapture in the Bible

    Yet the leftist fools keep trying to make this as a Christian “fact”.

  64. 75

    Broadway Joe spews:

    It’s a fact to those who think it’s real. That would include the previous President, VP, SoS and a host of others in the theocon world. Why else do you see all these Xtian groups raising money to help Jews settle in Israel? Because in ther little weltanschauung, they figure that the more Jews there are in Israel (especially with the hard-right gov’t there basically picking fights with everyone), they’ll eventually either kill off all the Palestinians or drive them far enough away that they’ll feel safe and/or self-righteous enough to destroy the al-Aqsa mosque (third-holiest site in the Islamic world, where the Prophet Mohammed ascended to Heaven) and rebuild the original Jewish Temple. Which in Dispensational Premillenialism, signals the return of Jesus, who then kills off all the Jews and transports all those who have been ‘saved’ (Baptists only, natch) immediately to Heaven (there’s you’re Rapture for ya), and I change my name to Cal Worthington in a big cascading chain of silliness.

    IMHO, the only fools are the ones crazy enough to believe that tripe. And I’m not even a christian, so why would I bother with it other than to make fun of it?

  65. 76

    GBS spews:

    Puddy @ 62:

    You used 145 words to my “yes” or “no” question @ 60.

    Can you truncate your answer to yes or no?

  66. 77

    Real American spews:

    GBS, of course pudster will not answer your simple question.

    If he says “no” it negates his whole ludicrous post.

    If he says “yes”, then he would have to justify his support of the Republican position, which is to do nothing, thue resulting in tens of thousands of more deaths, year, after year, after year.

    Pudster cannot answer because either way it makes hm look like the empty headed, disingenuous hack we all know him to be.

  67. 79

    proud leftist spews:

    Puddy @ 73: “You mean no rationing of health care is in the bill? How can you add 32 Million to the rolls with no increase of doctors and nurses?”

    This argument is the sickest thing I am hearing from the rightwing with regard to the healthcare bill–we don’t have enough doctors and nurses already, so how can we give more people access to them? You claim to be Christian, Puddy, so how could you possibly go along with this stuff? What you are saying is that we should limit access to our healthcare system to those who can’t afford it, because those who can afford it need to be able to get access whenever they want it.

  68. 80

    Real American spews:

    @ 79, PL, are you saying Jesus didn’t ask for proof of income, and an insurance card before healing someone?

  69. 82

    proud leftist spews:

    RA @ 80
    He damned well did. Are you saying otherwise? Just ask Puddy. He’ll confirm that Christ laid not a hand on anyone without first inquiring, “Regence, or might it be Prevera, perchance?” Even Lazarus, who Jesus loved, didn’t get a pass. His sisters, Martha and Mary, who Jesus also loved, had to beg of Jesus, “but he’s our brother, your friend. Please, Lord, bring him back to life, even if he didn’t make the best choices in life, even if he never bought the health insurance he should have purchased.” Jesus caved to their imploring, as Jesus would.

  70. 83

    Michael spews:

    Hey Puddy,

    Ever wonder where that idea for an individual mandate came from?

    “The truth is this is a Republican idea,” said Linda Quick, president of the South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association. She said she first heard the concept of the “individual mandate” in a Miami speech in the early 1990s by Sen. John McCain, a conservative Republican from Arizona, to counter the “Hillarycare” the Clintons were proposing.
    McCain did not embrace the concept during his 2008 election campaign, but other leading Republicans did, including Tommy Thompson, secretary of Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush.
    Seeking to deradicalize the idea during a symposium in Orlando in September 2008, Thompson said, “Just like people are required to have car insurance, they could be required to have health insurance.”
    Among the other Republicans who had embraced the idea was Mitt Romney, who as governor of Massachusetts crafted a huge reform by requiring almost all citizens to have coverage.

    Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/201.....z0j4OaGBfl

    Heh, heh, heh.

  71. 84

    Michael spews:


    Hell, Jesus called me a commie and passed right by me when I told him I had Group Health. Then John The Baptist kneed me in the nuts!

  72. 87

    Real American spews:

    Given past performance, Puddy will wait a couple of days, when people have moved onto other posts, and he will then post a batshit crazy defense of himself, hoping no one will notice.

    It is insane scary, but it is the way of the Puddy.

  73. 88

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:


    Puddy is doing other things than living on HA Libtardos.

    … Puddy put forth the notion from the small minds of HA Libtardos the Harvard Study… You still don’t get it. After all this time on HA Libtardos and you think what Puddy thinks counts? It ain’t what Puddy believes. It’s what you libtardo leftists believe. If what Puddy thought counted, then some leftist fools would react accordingly. Hence checksez threw up the Harvard study and correctnotright seconded it. So many of your libtardo compatriots believe the Harvard study. Nuff SAID in Puddy’s book.

    Lots of words too.

  74. 89

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Surreal Amerikkkan,

    IGNORED as usual. You bring nuthin to the argument. Another dumb brick like ylb arschloch.



  75. 90

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:


    Heh heh heh…

    Puddy is on record on this blog of never being a fan of John McCain. Ask the fool with the left porn eye ylb arschloch for the posts.

    Heh heh heh…


  76. 91

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Proud Leftist farted above

    Many of Charles Grassley’s proposals of last summer

    later when Puddy placed some of Grassley’s comments Proud Leftist jumped on this…

    “You mean no rationing of health care is in the bill? How can you add 32 Million to the rolls with no increase of doctors and nurses?”

    So what is it Proud Leftist?

    Did they add Grassley’s concerns to the bill or not? You can’t change the subject like the arschloch. Stay on topic fool!

  77. 92

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Above Puddy said the amerikkkan is ignored. Well the amerikkkan called what checksez and correctnotright ludicrous. Puddy has to agree. They both are ludicrous for using the Harvard Death Study, regarding 45,000 a year dying without health care, but amerikkkan seems to have MISSED that factoid.


  78. 93

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    It’s amazing Proud Leftist, a Rapture believer, would use the Bible and Jesus to make simpleton points when on other occasions Proud Leftist can’t acknowledge Jesus’ sayings.

    Selective proof texting. It’s the modus operandi of leftist progressives.


  79. 95

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Proud Leftist farts

    What you are saying is that we should limit access to our healthcare system to those who can’t afford it

    Puddy sees Proud Leftist hasn’t read this health care bill. Otherwise this would have caught his attention long ago. It’s the poverty tax Proud Leftist.

    So in other words employers will be taxed to provide health care to poverty level employees. So if Proud Leftist is an employer with 50 or more FTEs and one of his employees is paid a poverty level salary he’ll get taxed… or would Proud leftist raise his salary to get him out of the poverty level so Proud leftist wouldn’t have to pay the extra tax?

    Puddy Poll – What Would Proud Leftist Do (WWPLD)
    [ ] Give a substantial raise to the poverty employee and not have to pay the additional tax. Butt, Proud Leftist’s overall wages now increase more than the tax paid.
    [ ] Pay the health care tax and the poverty level employee low salary
    [ ] Fire the poverty employee and hire someone not at the poverty level
    [ ] None of the above because Proud Leftist doesn’t understand the issue

  80. 96

    Real American spews:

    @ 88 – 95 “batshit crazy” as usual. But I am glad we kept Puddy too busy this morning to cause any real harm to others.

  81. 97

    Puddybud is Sad my friend died spews:

    Surreal Amerikkkan,

    Can’t answer the facts because it’s too hard for IT to fathom.