If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again

It’s time for disappointed Rossi supporters to put this election behind them, and start looking towards the future. Apparently, that’s what Dino Rossi is doing:

Rossi '08

(Thanks to Andrew at Permanent Defense who discovered this with me while we were on the phone.)


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    Bob from Boeing spews:

    I commented earlier in the day on this — he is taking all the money that is coming in, R’s have been asking for money, about 350,000. has flowed….post somewhere last week.

    He is not going away folks, he is the best they have at the moment.

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    Jenny spews:

    Looks like Rossi supporters can have hope after all. If you’re a Rossifarian, I guess you’re praying 2008 comes very quickly.

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    WesternFlyer spews:

    This is just a way for Rossi to pay his mounting legal bills to Davis Wright Tremaine. I don’t view it as capitulation. He is gearing up for a bitter contest.

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    Richard Pope spews:

    Goldy — Rossi had to do this under the law, in order to accept any of the checks his supporters have been sending him after November 30, 2004. Gregoire will have to do the same thing soon, or she will have to return any checks that are postmarked after November 30. Filing a C-1 form with the PDC does not obligate the person to actually make an attempt to run for the office in question in the future. Nor does it require any sort of filing fee — that is paid to the Secretary of State a few months before the election. As far as asking for money, the overwhelming majority of the recount expenses (for both sides) have been coming from the respective state party organizations. They are no contribution limits when giving money to a state party for those sort of expenses.

  5. 8

    Bob from Boeing spews:

    Got my answer about Sam- taking a vacation, will do it, state wide certifiction when he returns.

    bj – He has not signed on as candidate yet, no filing fee. Just good compliance with bad ass Public Disclosure laws in this state, MUST file if you are taking in money for political purposes. And he is taking all the R’s money that come in to help with the recount. Rossi does follow he $$$$ well, or so goes the story of his past.

  6. 9

    Bob from Boeing spews:

    Hope he continues to use Babbleing Brook, his attorney was horrible in the Supremes appeal. Thought one justice was going to reach down and slap him- well, several did verbal slaps…..babble, babble, almost incoherent.

  7. 10

    John Slyfield spews:

    Sam Reed deserves a vacation, and he must be frustrated to say the least. Round three is over.

  8. 11

    WesternFlyer spews:

    I actually think Harry Korrell of Davis Wright Tremain did an okay job on the second appeal. He had a difficult proposition (that counties should not be allowed to fix their mistakes under the safety valve) to argue against.

    Dino’s attorney in the first action before the Supreme Court, the writ of mandamus, was Mark Braden of Baker & Hosteler. He was for DC and arrogant and obnoxious. A complete jerk. (During the second argument, he was the bearded gentleman who kept wagging his head when anyone said anything he did nnot agree with.) What a bufoon that Braden is. Send him back to the other Washington.

    Braden’s claim to fame was helping George Bush to shut down the vote count in 2000 in Florida. Well, now, he is fighting to keep the count going. . . .

  9. 12

    WesternFlyer spews:

    Horrors. Sound Politics is about ready to concede.

    “Next Time, Dino?

    The whole thing smells funny and tastes real crappy, but there is no proof of fraud, or of enough disenfranchised R voters to reverse the latest numbers. If that assertion is wrong, let WA R operatives and/or lawyers go forth post-haste and overturn the latest results. But the final recount – or yes, call it a “value-added” re-canvassing, for that’s what it turned out to be – apparently puts the deeply-uninspired and uninspiring Democratic Party hack Christine Gregoire into the WA Gov’s office.

    Like many, including Independents and even some Gregoire Democrats, I have found the WA D’s “Keep Counting ‘Till We Win” approach off-putting and grasping in the extreme. But whaddaya expect, really, given the razor-thin margins all along? And what now is Rossi’s campaign reduced to? Same thing, unless class, restraint and the long view take hold.

    I believe that in the end, a defeated Dino Rossi would come back even stronger, perhaps to challenge and beat U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell in ’06. If a whole lot of uncounted military votes are out there now, fine, count ‘em, if at all possible. But post-11/2 postmarks aren’t gonna be worth jack, are they now?

    Moreover, extended legal challenges will ill-become WA Rs. The second recount was legal, and the State Supreme Court upheld the counting of King County ballots that supposedly were improperly not counted beforehand. Republicans and their supporters (and I was a Rossi supporter from early on) should be careful not to come across as shrill and unsubstantiated in their claims. Suspicions, however well-founded, do not equal wrongdoing. Prove malfeasance in court, very soon, or – respectfully – please shut up and move on.

    Kinda like we what we say to the nutcake conspiracy theorists still bellyaching about the Ohio ’04 presidential count, no?

    Anyway, Gregoire’s victory will prove Pyrrhic for WA Dems, if it holds.”

    Dino should fight on! He can overturn this so-called 130-vote deficit. “Go forth, post-haste.”

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    Bob from Boeing spews:

    Western F- I know he had a non case, but he just seemed so inarticuate. And you must admit three of the Justices pinned his ears, one several times, sparks in her eyes.—“Do you mean we should allow the counties to disenfranchise voters because of administrative inconvience?”- great line.

    Sam Reed’s fellow improved big time between the two cases. Some passion, certitude, I am the expert here. War monument quote nice touch. Better suit as well.

  11. 14

    WesternFlyer spews:

    Fine. He also flubbed the question from Justice Chambers that under his view counties could not correct the situation if they found out that the ballot was from 10 dead people. Still, he had a tough, tough argument. And now, how is Davis Wright Tremaine going to get paid for his work? Remember, it appear that Dino Rossi is launching a spirited contest of the election. More expense.

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    Josef spews:

    Comment by Richard Pope— 12/23/04 @ 8:41 pm

    Good point. But it should be 2-0-0-5. This is a joke, I just know it.

  13. 16

    Goldy spews:

    Don’t get me wrong here guys, I’m not implying anything by posting Rossi’s ’08 C1 form… I know the PDC the rules. I’m just having a little fun.

  14. 17

    Josef spews:

    Comment by Goldy— 12/23/04 @ 9:33 pm

    Okay, so is it real? And if it’s dated 8 December, then maybe this is as Richard Pope posted?

    I’m trying to get ahold of somebody w/ the Rossifarian campaign to see what’s going on…

  15. 18

    Jenny spews:

    Yes, Josef, it’s real. Look it up on the PDC’s website.

    It does not imply that Dino is for certain running for 2008. But it does open the door to speculation. Perhaps he decided that if he lost, he’d pursue a 2008 run, and if he won, he’d run for reelection.

    However, Richard Pope is no doubt correct. Just remember…Rossi could have said any office for any year it’s up for reelection, but he didn’t. He said “Governor in 2008″.

    There are those who say he’ll run for Senate in 2006. Say Josef….who would you support in a Rossi vs. Cantwell contest? I just know you’d be heartbroken….

  16. 19

    Goldy spews:

    Yes Josef, the C1 form is real. All it really shows is that Rossi created a committee for the purpose of raising money, and/or transferring leftover funds from his old committee.

    But I thought it was amusing to post it anyway.

  17. 20

    Richard Pope spews:

    PDC laws and rules have a lot of technicalities in them. If Rossi has leftover money as of 11/30/2004 from his 2004 campaign, he can use it to pay off expenses of that campaign, return it to some of his donors (perish the thought!), give it to the state GOP, give it to charity (some candidates actually do), or give it to the state treasury (not even a Democrat would do that!). He might even be able to use the leftover 2004 money directly for post-11/30/04 expenses — the law is very unclear on that. Or he can transfer the leftover 2004 money to the 2008 “campaign”. However, to accept contributions made after 11/30/2004, Rossi had to file a candidate form for the 2008 election. If Rossi had filed a form for “Senate” (granted, federal rules are quite different) or some other state office, then he could not accept contributions people intended for “Governor”, nor could he spend the funds for some other office on “Governor” related stuff.

  18. 21

    jcricket spews:

    Dan Satterberg – another classy Republican (in the Times), speaking about allegations of voter fraud.

    The canvassing board’s only Republican member agreed. Dan Satterberg, chief of staff for Republican King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng, said the county election system has problems, but said, “I do not have any concerns about fraud. I think the people in charge here are very professional.”

    And from the auditors:

    Most auditors statewide have decided not to reconsider ballots, said Corky Mattingly, Yakima County’s auditor and president of the Washington State Association of County Auditors.

    The auditors agree with Republican Secretary of State Sam Reed, Mattingly said, that state law prohibits counties from recanvassing after their results have been certified.

    Rossi and Vance are now fighting Christine’s (soon-to-be-statewide) certified win, the SOS, KC canvassing board (including Dan Satterberg) the auditors and the State Supreme Court. And all the Republican talk of “this election should be over yesterday” is really hurting them right now with people in the middle (who are ready for it to be over).

    Same reason I’m not all that interested in the Ohio recount. Sure, it could highlight the need for election reform (good), but the presidential election is over. My guy lost. On to the next battle.

  19. 22

    Jim King spews:

    So what’s with you guys? I go enjoy holiday spirits for a few hours, and you get yourselves all tangled up in knots.

    This story- ACCURATELY presented- was twenty hours plus old when Goldy posted it- Ken Vogel had it in today’s News Tribune- WITH the proper explanation (as laid out by Mr. Pope). See http://www.thenewstribune.com/.....6734c.html

    So, while INACCURATELY posting fun, you MISSED really being able to get in jokes at the expense of the unpaid (never-to-be-paid) victory bonuses…

    Come on, Goldy and the rest of you- I expect better…

  20. 23

    Goldy spews:

    Jim… I understood fully what I was posting, and did not imply anything. I was just poking a little fun at the Rossi camp.

    Now what’s worse… posting Rossi’s PC form without comment, and letting people infer what they want, knowing that my well-informed commentators would correct any misimpression? Or Snark’s mad hattery over the mysterious “Precinct 1823″ (that has now taken on a life of its own on talk radio) when the explanation was so damn obvious? (Hint: at what address do the homeless register?)

    But it’s good to see you back here. I thought you had abandoned us for more red climes.

  21. 25

    Jim King spews:

    Goldy- I was poking fun at you…

    And it IS the holidays- you won’t see much of me here over the weekend- the only reason you see this post is I was woken by an update call regarding a certain jack russell terrier pup I spent much of yesterday travelling to Monroe and back to retrieve…

    SOME of your vistors DO have other lives… :)

    But “Precinct 1823″- wasn’t that an X-Files episode? Or was it The Outer Limits?

  22. 26

    Jim King spews:

    And Josef- I doubt you will have to choose between Maria and Dino- Dino values his family too much to run for an office that has him spending all his time on the red-eyes…

    I anticipate that it will be Dino for Governor in 2008, with a stronger state party (after Vance is dumped) and having had four years of a very effective shadow government dogging Christine’s every misstep. The Locke budget proposal is already being dismantled- by Democrats- for the smoke and mirrors that it is; his global warming initiative is already creating dissension in the environmental community as some discover it would preclude EVER getting rid of the dams on the Snake; the state is about to be presented with a tens of millions of dollars bill by the federal government, demanding reimbursement of ALL federal dollars wasted on the Hood Canal graving dock site; and all these turds that Locke thought he was leaving in Dino’s pocket now become Christine’s and the Democrats exclusive headaches…

    Be careful what you wish for…

  23. 27

    bj spews:

    So what’s Dino going to do for four years to stay in the public limelight and still be viable by the time 2008 rolls around? He’s going to have to do something in the meantime, rather than just run on the fact that he’s the guy who almost pulled it off last time (ref.: Al Gore). More likely he’ll be seen as the sore loser who dragged this thing on through the courts with laughable evidence.

    And Chris will have had four years to mend her image and perhaps even win some grudging respect…

  24. 29

    Goldy spews:

    And it IS the holidays- you won’t see much of me here over the weekend- the only reason you see this post is I was woken by an update call regarding a certain jack russell terrier pup I spent much of yesterday travelling to Monroe and back to retrieve…

    Jim… I had a Jack Russell growing up. Great dogs… very cute. But how should I say this kindly… um… a lot of “personality.”

  25. 30

    jcricket spews:

    I wouldn’t count the Republicans or Rossi out in 2008, but we already knew that. It’s not like we can win this election and just rest on our laurels. Time to use our complete control of the state to enact our platform. Don’t over-reach, like the Repubs in congress/white house are trying to do, but start pressing our arguments forward using every office we hold.

  26. 31

    Chuck spews:

    I dont see how we can go farther before my sons vote is counted, he cast his ballot on time in person at the polling place, produced his ID and everything….

  27. 32

    Jim King spews:

    But jcricket- WHICH platform? The dissonance in Democratic positions is ramping up. Which campaign promise does Christine break first- no new taxes? Give the GOP 1994 in this state all over again.

    Or do we bust the public pension system? Locke and state and local public employees say yes. Helen Sommers says no. If you don’t bust it, and threaten the state credit rating, you watch ALL of the state employee payraise (plus more) disappear into union dues, health care cost increases, and pension cost increases…

    Run for reelection on THAT, Democrats…

    Every time the Democrats have gotten full control of the state these past eighteen years, they’ve lost it at the next election. Maybe there’s a reason…

  28. 33

    Jim King spews:

    Goldy- this one has a definite zen attitude- very centered…

    Of course, I’ve already nicknamed him Dogzilla… Real name being Nui Koa… Maybe’s he’s zenned because of the Biog Island thing…