If a tree falls in the forest…


It’s not like any real news was made at yesterday’s big press conference at Sound Transit’s Link Operations and Maintenance facility, though you’d think a public gathering featuring our Mayor, Governor, US Senator and US Secretary of Transportation might be news enough to make it into our city’s only remaining daily.

Apparently not.  Not even a mention in a measly blog post. Not even an ironic jab at say, Gov. Gregoire, for talking almost entirely about highway spending while standing before a backdrop of spanking new trains. Huh.

Obviously, the purpose of media events like this—and I’m assuming Sec. Ray LaHood is holding them around the nation—is to show the public that stimulus dollars are actually being put to work building infrastructure and creating good paying jobs. You know, like the 75,000 jobs here in WA state that Gov. Gregoire claims these federal dollars have already helped create or save.

And that’s an important message to get out, especially as some of are nation’s leading economists are beginning to make the argument for another round of stimulus spending… an argument that will fall on deaf ears if the public doesn’t believe that the first round of spending has actually accomplished something. And if papers like the Seattle Times fail/refuse to pass on this message… well… if a tree falls in the forest, and all that.


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    John425 spews:

    Jeez, Goldy, maybe the Times forgot to turn it’s Bullshit Detector off when a Democrat was speaking. Accidents do happen, you know.

  2. 3

    GBS spews:

    The reason the Seattle Times ignores the public’s interest is because you guys pay attention to the Seattle Times.

    You want Blethen to stop yammering about Death Taxes?

    You want local coverage about important issues?

    You want a paper the reflects the majority view of its constituents?

    Stop subscribing to the DAMN paper and tell them WHY!!!

    Until you guys openly call for a boycott of the paper and actually follow through with it, you’re just whining.

    You’ll never be a winner if you’re a whiner, wiener.

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    GBS spews:

    On the other hand, how was the coverage of the vaunted “4th of July TEABAGGING” event?

    You know, that one that brought out 10’s and 10’s of people across the nation. The event that was really going to propel the Republican message that was going to resonate with all the people regardless of party affiliation.

    Whaa whaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    mark spews:

    6 Ooooppppsss, hahahahahahahahahahahjahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha. Kinda got quiet didn’t it. Good job Mr Troll.

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    Bluecollarworker spews:

    Be nice to see an audit of how many jobs actually have been created and in what industries and where.