I’d like to amend Tim

On Wednesday I reported that Tim Eyman had failed to report a $20,000 donation to his personal compensation PAC “Help Us Help Ourselves.” [Show me the money: $20,000 missing from Eyman PAC!]

Well what do you know… the very next day he files an amended report revealing a $20,000 pledge on July 31. (Somebody’s been reading my blog.)

Problem is, Timmy first wrote about this alleged $20,000 donation in a July 23 fundraising email to supporters, that clearly stated “Yesterday, one of our supporters donated $20,000.”

So… is this July 31 “pledge” one and the same as the claimed July 22 “donation”? Unless the PDC performs a proper investigation, we’ll never know for sure, because Tim has made a habit (and a healthy living) obfuscating his public disclosure reports.

The one thing I know for sure is that I smell another amended report coming up.