I like Jon Talton

I’m increasingly becoming a big fan of Seattle Times financial writer Jon Talton, who once again calls bullshit on his colleagues’ lazy and/or biased coverage:

Most Americans don’t get out much, so light rail is exotic, strange, even threatening (especially to a mythmaking minority of anti-transit fetishists and to the oil industry). The media, which are curiously incurious about the hidden costs and damage caused by freeways, will scrutinize every bump and burp of light rail.

For example, three non fatal collisions with light rail trains since testing started have garnered huge headlines, while how many people have died on our region’s roads during the same time period with nobody questioning the inherent safety of our roads and highways?


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    headless spews:

    I’ve noticed the same thing about Talton. He often contradicts the editorial writers on his own paper (e.g., dunning the editorialists who are blaming unions for Boeing’s inept business management and simultaneously pointing out that S. Carolinians are ignorant bumpkins compared to our workforce).

    But even I have to admit, when it comes to whitling corncob pipes, S. Caro;ina has us beat by a long shot!

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    Ekim spews:

    The good news is that modern light rail has succeeded in every city in which it has been built. Seattle will have to work really, really hard to mess it up.

    Sue H. could fuck it up.

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    LaborGoon spews:

    Plus Jon Talton has been a rare voice of reason among the mainstream newspaper writers when it comes to the blame-labor perspective on whether Boeing will stay.

    He’s a breath of fresh air at the Times. And therefore, he’s destined to become a punching bag among certain folks.

    So make sure you let him know when he writes something that appeals to you. Writers like Jon tend to hear most from the angry folks who disagree and are inspired to send off a Nastygram. That can get kind of depressing.

    Positive feedback matters.

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    Whistling at the Weather spews:

    re 3 — I will. But do you think he’ll take a comment from a whistler person seriously?

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    Michael spews:

    Jon is the adult on the Seattle Times news staff. I have written to thank him for his thoughtful perspective. He has replied that mine was one of the few non-nasty responses he got.

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    Right Stuff spews:

    If there were Metro Bus or Sound Transit Bus fatalities, then there would certainly be coverage. “freeways” don’t cause accidents. Gov’t owned and operated Trains, especially new trains in test phase that have accidents and involve fatalities is big news…

    Another Rail Apologist.

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    Whistling at the Weather spews:

    re 7 — What about train fatalities on private trains that run on public ‘government’ land. Are the accidents caused by the land??

    You have a sick and twisted view of the world.

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    Crusader spews:

    Actually light rail is a boondoggle where trillions of dollars go to die. Even Roger Rabbit is opposed to the boondoggle – that tells me loads.

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    correctnotright spews:

    Yeah Crusader…it must be a boondoggle becuase every major city in Europe and Notrh america has rail….the reason our rail costs so much is the naysayers have stopped it for so long.

    Back in the 70’s they argued that I-5 would never be full – so rail was not needed. Yup, the trogolodytes won the day back then and they sure were prescient.

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    Haywood Jablome spews:

    hey goldy, comparing the fatalities of auto accidents during the same time period as the three accidents on the light rail system is asinine – but not totally unexpected from the droolers on the left.

    Answer me this smart guy: How many people did the automobile system move during that time period, and how many did the light rail system move? idiot.

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    Gabe spews:

    Right wingnuts and trolls: complain all you want. Since none of you have the balls to ever venture into the city, you will never experience the “horror” that is light rail. And, you didn’t pay for it. Because you live in some dull cul de sac, or the sticks.

    Meanwhile, the CARnage will continue. How many pedestrians nailed this week alone by hicksville Jablome hit-and-run drivers? Was it 4?

    Jon Talton is obviously from somewhere else. He should enjoy the Roger Rabbit – Ghengis Rove political circus here.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re far left or far right. If you’re a defeated, broken middle aged white guy with an axe to grind: light rail provides the axe.

  12. 13

    Haywood Jablome spews:

    Gabe must be one of those limp wrists who wants to raise kids in some 30 story condo tower in downtown….may as well be child abuse to raise a kid in that POS city.

    BTW Gabe Kaplain, I was in the cesspool of Seattle twice on Friday alone for meetings….I had to shower each time I left to get the stench off.

    you bet, I will take my 3 acres, 5000sf home, and 1200sf shop “in the sticks” anytime over your overpriced POS 900sf condo tower in Belltown…say hi to the drug dealers for me….have fun raising kids in the Seattle school district..HAHAHAHHAHHA

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    Gabe spews:

    Yeah, Haywood, if you DIDN’T brag about your silly lifestyle, I would imagine you were a happy man. The fact you have to TELL US how fortunate you are….indicates you ain’t so happy at all.

  14. 15

    Haywood Jablome spews:

    @14 – who the fuck are you? Some dippy wannabe Psych major dropout from the UW?

    your the one who decided to talk smack about where others live – now you cant take the heat? hahahahah, dumbass.

    go visit a bathhouse, im sure your “partner” is there waiting for you……

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    Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:


    Since none of you have the balls to ever venture into the city, you will never experience the “horror” that is light rail.

    Hey Turdball, Puddy and friends were at the Bite of Seattle Yesterday, The Seattle Waterfront and later Qwest Field. If you read anything yesterday you’d know Puddy saw some Anti-Israel libtardos there.

    Butt being the moron leftist libtardo pinhead you are, keep making stupid generalizaions.