I just rode light rail. (In Seattle)


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    One Life to Live spews:

    Waiting for chorus of idiots who will chime in with…
    It’s too expensive.
    It doesn’t move enough people.
    It doesn’t go enough places (one line).
    Same thing that was complained about 40 years ago (only more so now). And the exact, precise thing said about the ‘first’ line of every system (Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, DC, St. Louis, etc, etc). Get over it. It’s the way EVERY rail system started.

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    One Life to Live spews:

    LOL….thanks! ;-)

    I wish we could build an entire infrastructure….all highways, bridges, rail…all at once magically, but it’s never happened in the history of the world. Seattle didn’t “plop” down in 15 days with 20 skyscrapers and a network of highways…it took 100 years. It would be nice to have this magic “all done at once” system some folks want…but it’s totally impossible.

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    StalkerGoldy spews:

    @3 Steve:

    Like taking you to a goat farm like you’re so obsessed about? I think thats a felony in this state now BTW. Be careful.

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    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    Other signs it is getting closer to completion, and start-up. Metro is soliciting input on route re-alignment, and the 39 might get absorbed into a new route 50. I think that might actually be a good idea myself. The old 50, that was cut in the wake of I-695 by the way, ran from Columbia City to West Seattle Junction. I always suspected the 39 might be drastically altered when Light Rail comes, to maximize potential, and the proposed routing of this new route 50 serves 2 LINK stations, passes within a block of another, and then loops down 1st Ave back to Spokane Street to use the Low Level Bridge, it would also replace Route 35-Harbor Island(An peak-only route, by the way, with selected trips).



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    Steve spews:

    @4 It’s certainly a difficult mess to deal with, One Life. Driving the I-5 corridor is a nightmare. I certainly support the Sounder trains that run on existing tracks. I’m not so certain that light-rail is the answer.

    @5 Just how many screen names do you have, Pudz? After a Republican fucked that poor goat to death in Florida, they did pass their own felony law. Our state? I don’t really know. I do know that Republicans came from as far away as Wyoming to take a shot at that horse in Enumclaw. Funny as hell, the horse avenged the goat by fucking a Republican to death! Hilarious! Need a link?

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    Max spews:

    The map on page 12 answer’s steve’s critique @3


    Note to steve: a bus is NOT a large taxi cab.

    The more light rail service deployed on jammed corridors = the more efficient and reliable local bus service you get in your neighborhood.

    This stuff isn’t too difficult to figure out.

    steve @7: Sounder runs on BNSF’s tracks. Which means only a limited amount of service can ever run on that line. Light rail will operate 20 hours per day, every 4-15 minutes.

    Find a real argument, please.

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    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    These are some of the longest LRVs in the industry, I believe. Vancouver is going to try out a Bombardier Flexity on the Downtown Historic Railway during the Olympics, to be temporarily called the Olympic Line. Bombardier tried to sell it to Toronto, but their ego and the fact that the specs of the contract favored them(as they had a plant in Ontario), led to bidders pulling out, a potential David vs. Goliath struggle, and eventually a re-bid. The particular vehicle to be used in Vancouver, is around 32-34 meters long, or around 105ft. I was thinking, when I first read this, was that it Vancouver accepting the offer was a consolation prize being given to Bombardier, for not winning the Canada Line, the newest ART(Advanced Rapid Transit) aka SkyTrain line. Ironically the first lines were built by a company acquired by Bombardier.


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    mark spews:

    What happened Goldy, your volkswagen bus
    choked off after you poured french fry grease in the tank? You should ask before you do shit like that, ok!

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Goldy is into the “alternative” transportation mechanisms…like foot scooters.
    Goldy long ago lost all sense of pride…begging for donations does that.

    Hence, one foot on the scooter and one foot beating the sidewalk to propel himself.
    Big floppy Size 22 Shoes, Yellow yarn hair, squuze-horn, red bulb nose…you get the picture.

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    Steve spews:

    @8 I was joking with One Life to Live.

    Disclosure point, I am a consultant to Sound Transit on matters that pertain to their facilities, including stations. They give me money so I love them. That aside, my opinion is that, if you want to ride a slow train to Seattle, if you have 16 billion and counting to spend, if you have time to kill sitting in gridlocked traffic until it’s built, if you’re happy with investing 18th century technology and 19th century transportation schemes, if you hate buses, then the light rail plan is a great idea.

    The reason Forward Thrust, which was heavily promoted by the downtown Greater Seattle interests, lost 40 years ago was because all tracks led, naturally, to downtown Seattle.

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    gs spews:

    I’ll pocket the 18 Billion (closer to 100 Billion with the interest) And Join Sim’s plan to add more busses.

    They are not only quicker to get out, cheaper to reroute as needed, and one holy hell of a lot cheaper, they would actually have a chance of getting voted in in this economic downturn.

    Prop 1 is nothing less than what we voted out in our last election, taxes that never ever end, long after 2038, unless the Sound transit board gets tired of their fat paychecks, except there are no roads in this prop.

    The road Prop is so special that Gregoire won’t even disclose it’s cost and plan until after the election.

    Hopefully she will be in no position to show anyone anything except the path to her moving van.

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    Scotia48 spews:

    Dear Steve,

    Sounds like you don’t like anything but a horse! (Iffin I had my druthers that would be MY MODE OF TRANSPORT)

    Every bit of transportation has problems. Since I live in Olympia, I’d like either light rail or a express bus to Sea-Tac and Seattle. Can’t get it easily, currently. Nobody thinks it is an option. Why not? I really don’t want to get on a bus to Tacoma and then get on some other transport to Sea-Tac or Seattle.

    Why is my only option Amtrack and a stay overnight?

    Oh, it’s late..be back tomorrow.

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    Herbert spews:

    I rode it too.

    It wasn’t that great.

    Plus, it isn’t near my house and it doesn’t go anywhere I need to go.

    It’ll be great for the dumb fucks from out of town who need to relocate to Seattle and buy one of the pricey new condos going up at MLK and Othello. THAT’LL be a great place to live . . ..

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    Steve spews:

    @15 I once worked for IBM at the R&D facility outside of Boulder, lived in the countryside between Longmont and Lyons, and actually considered riding a horse to work just for kicks.

    I’ve used Seattle’s bus system off and on since the 1950’s. I fully supported my late friend Elmer E. van Ness and his successful efforts to restore Seattle’s electric trolley system in the late 1970’s. I did not support Forward Thrust in 1969 and 1970 because of the “all tracks lead to Seattle” argument against it. Today’s plan is somewhat improved but I believe it still has too many flaws and it is waaaay too expensive. I find that I can’t support this plan either. I think they need to go back to the drawing boards and, in the meanwhile, improve regional bus service, add more open freeway lanes, and perhaps extend the existing trains.

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    Marvin Stamn spews:

    3. Steve spews:
    It’s too expensive. It doesn’t move enough people. It doesn’t go to enough places.

    And we all know where you want to go, anyplace that has goats.
    You forgot to add that they don’t allow you to take your goat on the light rail with you.

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    Marvin Stamn spews:

    8. Max spews:
    The map on page 12 answer’s steve’s critique @3
    This stuff isn’t too difficult to figure out.

    It is for steve.
    His thoughts focus on goats.