I, Anonymous

One week before the July 2 deadline, our petition elves tell us that only one initiative campaign is confident they’ve collected the 200,000 signatures required: the Grange’s I-872 (top-two primary.)

Reports are that Tim Eyman’s I-892 (Slots for Tots) is struggling to gather enough signatures. Tim’s I-864 (cruelly vindictive tax cuts) however, is not… much in the same way the motionless rat outside my back door has ceased its struggle with my cat.

Tim’s latest email to supporters hints at the fragile state of both campaigns. After months of focusing his emails exclusively on I-864, Tim recently started speaking of both initiatives in the same breath, apparently laying the ground to claim a partial victory if only I-892 qualifies. (“We’re batting .500!”)

Today’s email doesn’t even mention the initiatives by name, characterizing them as a single effort.

More interesting is how he suddenly attempts to shift “credit” for these initiatives to his supporters: “We’re really counting on you…” “You can make this happen…”

“You are the leaders of this effort and you will ensure the success of our property tax reduction initiatives.”

The logical conclusion of which is, if the initiatives fail, it’s “your” fault.

Talk about a captain jumping a sinking ship. Yeah, nothing says “leadership” like denying you’re the leader once things go bad.

And one final comment. Tim also writes:

“The pace of donations and signatures has increased dramatically since the privacy shattering phone calls, deceptive radio ads, anonymous mailers,
and public employee unions’ thuggish tactics began a few weeks ago.”

Okay, forget the fact that he’s lying about donations increasing dramatically; as pointed out previously (“Free campaign advice to Tim Eyman“) they’ve been remarkably flat throughout the campaign.

And I don’t even want to get into the phone calls and radio campaign. (Norm Maleng informing voters that most signature gatherers are paid, is not exactly what I call “deceptive.”)

What offends me is his mention of “anonymous mailers.”

I’m on his email list, and there have been three mailings from opponents. One of them was from Jennifer McCausland, and the other two were from me! Each email came from valid email accounts, clearly identified the senders, and included contact information.

Tim can say a lot of things about me, but one thing I am not, is “anonymous.”


  1. 1

    K Lewis spews:

    Confused–is I864 near death or not. I do not understand your comment. I will send beer money if I 864 dies–if it does not die I am out of a job.

  2. 4

    Jon Johnson spews:

    I892 WILL ALSO DIE OUT AT THE POLLS IN NOVEMBER! I do not believe that the people of the great state of Washington want to see more gambling in their state. Getting it on the ballot is one thing, getting it into law is much different..My regards Goldy and good job with your posts, always on the ball and up to date.