How low can you go?

[NWPT42] This morning I received a phone call from Detective Melinda Wilson, of the Seattle Police Department’s Internet Crimes unit, investigating allegations that I have repeatedly made “online requests” to “engage in sex with minors.” Apparently, one or two individuals have anonymously made three separate complaints to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s (NCMEC) CyberTipline.

I cannot tell you how deeply disappointed I was to receive that call.

But of course, I’ll try.

I understand that I piss people off, and have come to terms with the fact that if I am to continue to honestly, openly and passionately express my views, I am going to attract the occasional threatening phone call or antisemitic email. And since my lack of anonymity makes me an easy target, I am aware that there is always a risk, however slight, that some rhetorically hopped-up right wing wacko — unable to effectively combat my words with his words — may resort to a deadlier weapon.

But this… this is beyond the pale.

There are few crimes more heinous or despicable than molesting children. But it is not the false accusation that offends me most, but rather, that precious resources have been diverted from investigating real crimes against real children… all so that my anonymous accusers could enjoy some sort of petty, political retribution against me for having the gall to speak my mind. In their mad rush to crush dissent, these conscienceless, cowardly brownshirts were even willing to exploit the exploitation of children, making themselves accomplices to the worst sorts of sexual predators.

You want to fuck with me…? Use a little imagination! There are plenty of ways to do it without harming innocent children in the process. But this shameless harassment not only shows how little my accusers care for the lives of innocents — and how much they truly hate democracy, hate free speech, and hate America — it is also a sad illustration of how fat and lazy some righties have grown on their spoon-fed media diet of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

What the fuck were they thinking? … “I don’t like what this guy writes on his blog, so I’ll just accuse him of being a pederast. After all, he’s a dirty, immoral liberal… everybody will believe it.”

[Deep breath.]

Before I continue, I should take a moment to reassure my friends (and respectful enemies) that I am not under any criminal investigation, so I should suffer no repercussions from this incident beyond this morning’s disturbing phone call. The police have a responsibility to follow up on all such allegations — as they should — and I appreciate how informative and supportive Det. Wilson was in explaining the circumstances. I was relieved to learn that the NCMEC actually receives very few fraudulent complaints, and these, like mine, tend to clearly stand out as such. I did not ask Det. Wilson whether she would investigate my accusers for criminally making a false complaint — in truth, I’d prefer the police use their limited resources to investigate the types of crimes of which I was accused.

I do not know if these accusations were the work of one or two isolated wackos, or the dirty trick of one of the right-wing organizations I frequently skewer. But either way, we should not lightly dismiss this incident, as I think it is representative of the growing mass hysteria emanating from some on the hard right’s angry fringe. Listen to talk radio, or read the posts on the right-wing blogs, or even in the liberally moderated comment threads here, and you’ll see that there is no crime, no moral outrage of which some on the right believe their opponents are not capable. This demonization of “the other” not only provides the justification for attacks such as I have suffered, but I fear it also represents a kind of mass projection that gives us a disturbing glimpse into what these people are capable of themselves.

Still, I suppose I should be flattered by the attention… or even grateful. For while the likes of Michele Malkin and Matt Rosenberg apparently feel the need to manufacture outrage over alleged left-wing conspiracies, my accusers have obligingly provided an example of how low some on the right are willing to go to punish those who dare to disagree with them.

I suppose there’s a reason the right-wing blogs are so intolerant of anonymous trolls… if they don’t know who you are, they can’t get you.


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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    This is sad. Let me be the first to express my condolences.
    However, how can you be so sure it’s some “right-wing whacko”??
    LEFTISTS have been known to justify the end with any means.
    You are jumping to conclusions…but I can understand the emotional reaction based on the circumstances.
    Frankly, I don’t know what you can do about it. It apparently is a sad part of standing up for what you believe in. Trust me on this Goldy…I know.

  2. 2


    What a low blow! It disgusts me that ANYBODY could sink that low. It’s funny how the right likes to preach to us about moral values…come on, I dare you righties to defend this.

  3. 3


    Cynical, you don’t know much about the left, do you?

    There’s one major thing that really divides the right and life in a personal, cultural way: people on the left tend to more compassionate toward others. We’re just in battle mode less often. We believe in equal rights for all.

    No one who shares Goldy’s political views would ever do that kind of thing to him. It’s despicable. It could only be someone on the right, who is frustrated by not being able to express his or her hate for people of different political viewpoints, that would do something like this.

  4. 5


    Actually, life wasn’t a bad word to put there. The left does believe strongly in life. The right says it believes in life, but we know it’s only the beginning and the end they profess to care about.

  5. 6

    Demographa spews:

    I’m a “righty” and I’d like to make a comment. Please don’t be so quick to blame this appararent dirty trick on the right wing without evidence. I can think of many reasons why the “lefties” would do this to you, Goldy, and why they would want to shut you up. Do you really not grasp how bad you make the left look? If political discourse in King County is in the gutter, you are the one, more than anyone else, who has dragged it there.

  6. 7

    All tools here and yet there are still screws loose spews:

    I don’t care for your views, but you are right this is unacceptable. Honestly if you are going to attack a guy attack him where it hurts worse, attack his ego. Everyone know Goldy has enough of an ego to fill Qwest stadium, so why not poke it with a stick every so often.

  7. 8


    Wow, only six comments and already my jaw has dropped.

    I knew the right was clueless as to how the left thinks, but this really seals the deal.

    NO ONE on the left would do this. And personally, I resent the thinly-veiled undertone of “someone thinks you deserve this”. Unbelievable.

  8. 9

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    “NO ONE on the Left would do this.”
    How about Dan Rather, Jim McDermott, Jesse Jackson and the other chronic liars who could care less about anyone but themselves…and would do anything.

    Goldy may choose to try and milk some sympathy here. I will take him at his word that he actually received this phone call and news. Goldy is telling us they cannot trace the sources of these complaints?? I doubt Goldy is the first person to be falsely accused of this and worse. DSHS gets these types of false complaints all the time. So do Police Depts.

    I suppose the LEFTISTS can waste time & energy blaming the Right for this….but to what end. When you find out who did it Goldy…let us know, OK??

  9. 10


    Unbelievable! Two comments by right wingnuts and both wish to suggest that Goldy was the victim of liberals wanting to shut him up. After reading Goldy’s account of the matter, the last thing I would have expected would be that response. Just goes to show how we all see in others the projections of our own making.

  10. 11

    marks spews:


    I am reminded of Charles Krauthammer’s characterization of right vs left:

    “To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.”

    This action is infinitely worse than the computer viruses I get every day in my e-mail from some loon (or several loons) looking to get back at me for some perceived threat they cannot address through debate. Whether by an evil conservative or stupid lefty, it is wrong.

    Mount Olympus Hiker,

    Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups, but my assumption is that you are correct to assume it comes from the right. In my case above, I have to wonder which group I pissed off…

  11. 12

    chardonnay spews:

    I do agree with you on this one Goldy. Crimes against children are the worst in the world. Those that commit them should be put away for life and casterated. False complaints do take time away from investigating real crimes.
    it’s probably some mixed up soul that read your blog one day and didn’t understand “this language of conflict.” Afterall Goldy you post some very profane words. Remember the thread where you said you were having sex with several elected Republican men? Perhaps your childish rant was percieved as a cry for help.

  12. 13

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    LEFTIST PINHEAD mentality–
    Seek pity whenever possible.
    Blame the Right for everything bad.
    Deflect from important issues.
    Create boogiemen whenever possible.
    Demonize the opposition.
    Accuse them of underhandedness.

    So who do you think did this Goldy?
    Go ahead and blame one of us.
    Frankly, it’s hard to believe they can’t track all incoming phone calls if that’s how it came in.
    Did she tell you how the complaints were received?
    How would she know it was one or two individuals making three seperate complaints?

  13. 14

    WingersSuck spews:

    Classic tactics of the extremist right. Intolerant, ignorant, utterly despicable. How typical of them to project this on the other side.

    The sad part is – is that once you think they’ve gone as low as they can go – they find a way to go even lower.

    Keep speaking the truth, Goldy. Thanks for all you’ve done.

    We’ve got your back.

  14. 15

    All tools here and yet there are still screws loose spews:

    Point is rather than blaming sides, let us all agree that this behaviour will not be tolerated from either side of the aisle a ns let’s at least be united in that.

  15. 16

    Rae spews:

    I agree that this is a disgusting accusation to have made. However, rather than assume it was right or left wing whackos, and IMHO, there are some of both, I would suggest that this smacks of bored teenagers who decided to play a very sick trick.

  16. 17

    Another TJ spews:


    Wow, only six comments and already my jaw has dropped.

    I knew the right was clueless as to how the left thinks, but this really seals the deal.

    I too am disappointed by the comments of some in this thread. I know they do not accurately represent the large number of good people on the right, but they are infuriating nonetheless.

    It has become difficult to even read the comment threads because of the trolls, let alone participate in a constructive dialogue. It’s too bad, as that seems to be their goal. I hope they discover morality soon.

    NO ONE on the left would do this.

    I must disagree. I would be shocked if anyone on the left would do this particular act to Goldy, but I’m under no illusions about the distribution of assholes across the political spectrum. Both the left and the right have good people and lunatics. It is the failure of some to condemn such behavior and the suggestion that Goldy brought it upon himself that I find disturbing.

    Finally, to those on the right who have responsibly repudiated these actions, thank you. I hope when something like this happens to someone on the right (and it will), I and my fellow Democrats and lefties will respond appropriately too. Wrong is wrong, and this is clearly wrong.

  17. 18

    headless lucy spews:

    You are exactly right(Goldy) about everything you’ve spoken of in your posting here—-including the part about anonymity. I will keep on driving right wing bloggers crazy with my postings because I know that occasionally you can really damage one of them when they fall into their final drool-dribbling fit of apoplexy!

  18. 19

    Jeff B. spews:


    Whoever did this is a real coward. It’s really sad that someone would make a false claim like this most likely because they don’t like what you have to say. And I can understand that this would make you upset enough to make a bold post such as this one.

    However, I don’t believe that justifies you as automatically assuming it was a right wing wacko, or even bringing politics in to the matter. It could easily be just someone who disagrees with your views on a particular subject such as homosexual rights, or abortion, but is otherwsie apolitical. Or just someone who has a serious and real psychological problem. Or it could be someone who was under the influence of drugs and very impaired judgment.

    I believe most of the commenters here agree with you on some issues and not on others, so its really quite a stereotype to assume that everyone falls completely into the description of left or right.

    Hopefully, the NCMEC has some way of tracing the ISP that the tip came from, or otherwise will pass this off to some cyber crime investigation unit so they can bring this person to justice.

    And not that this event would cause you to lower your intensity, but don’t let it, our system of government is well when the debates run hot.

  19. 20

    Pissed at the projectors spews:

    Holy Fuck! My sympathies to Goldy, this act is despicable.

    Mr Cynical, I commend you on your newfound conception of unreasonable accusation on the basis of little information, and hope that you will find it in your blackened life-hating anti-Christian heart to extend that consideration to others that you may (o the horror!) disagree with. Otherwise I hope the doctors will eventually get that thing stuck up your ass out before it eats the rest of your shriveled soul.

    And why hasn’t our wine-flavored friend spoken up yet? Perhaps it’s hiding somewhere…

  20. 21

    spyder spews:

    “We need to execute people in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too. Otherwise, they will turn out to be outright traitors.”
    Yep that sure summarizes the left’s perspective on how to behave towards one another and those on the reckless flatulent right. Oh wait, i forgot who wrote that: Ann Coulter something.

    Is it logical and rational to surmise that the person, or persons, who engaged in the intentional subversive attack on Goldy to have been associated with the likes of Coulter?? Absolutely. The rhetoric and bile that spews out from their blogsites and other attack points is filled with suggestions of taking such actions. To suggest, as some have above, that accepting this probable causality is inappropriate because liberals have behaved in some way like this, ignores the specific intents of the volumes of conservative rhetoric demonizing, threatening, and intimidating the left. Coulter would not be a best selling author if her constituency did not believe in what she spouts.

    The better question is whether it is likely that the person, or persons, engaged in this false allegation, actually post here or are simply associated to a minor degree with those who do? I would think that there are hundreds of enraged conservatives out there willing to do this, knowing that this site exists, knowing Goldy from his radio appearances, etc. And i would really like to believe that none of the regular posters of conservative commentaries here have been complicitous in this.

  21. 22

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    The LEFTIST PINHEADS sure are riled up tonite.
    They love to be offended…they are “perpetually offended”.
    Taking an alleged incident like this with few details and running with it is typical of the LEFTISTS.

    About 4 people care about this.

  22. 23

    christmasghost spews:

    Goldy….I am so so sorry that some complete jerks did this to you. It goes SO BEYOND WRONG that I am speechless.
    I think that we can look to either the FAR right OR the FAR left….and i mean FAR… people in either one of these groups wouldn’t know moderation or fairness if it jumped up and bit them in the ass.
    This is not just an attack on you it’s an attack on free speech and I don’t think people should be focusing on what party these people are from….as no matter what party we belong to we ALL know these idiots. And they have an independant agenda….they are control freaks/trolls that want to shut you up.
    Don’t let them no matter what.
    I seldom agree with things you say, as I doubt you agree with me, BUT we are on the same page when it comes to whoever did this.
    Everybody…stop focusing on parties for cripes sake…..these jerks are jerks…..and they need to go to jail.

  23. 24

    are all trolls this blind? spews:

    Mr Cynical, that is about 4 more people than give a sh*t about you and your ilk.

  24. 25

    GS spews:

    Well Goldy you have my sympathy on this, and I believe there are too many wacko’s on the Left and on the Right. No side has a monopoly of weirdo’s! Keep up the work!

  25. 26

    Diggindude spews:

    hmmm, now who was it that was sending false accusations to the cops a couple weeks ago……………
    I remember, does anyone else?

  26. 28

    JCH spews:

    For once Goldy is right on…….Right or left, that shot was cheap and out of bounds. Shake it off, Goldy. You are a commie lib socialist POS, but NOONE deserves BS like that. Best regards, JCH

  27. 32

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Oh well…….
    If you want a real Huenneken’s deposition.
    What a pinhead!
    Take a quick peek starting on page 88.

    Oh…you can find in @
    That’s where all the recent developments are found…
    as opposed to here, where you jokers speculate about bullshit!

  28. 33

    Ken Lake spews:

    Cynical, you don’t know much about the left, do you?

    There’s one major thing that really divides the right and life in a personal, cultural way: people on the left tend to more compassionate toward others. We’re just in battle mode less often. We believe in equal rights for all.

    No one who shares Goldy’s political views would ever do that kind of thing to him. It’s despicable. It could only be someone on the right, who is frustrated by not being able to express his or her hate for people of different political viewpoints, that would do something like this.
    Mount Olympus Hiker— 4/29/05 @ 3:52 pm
    Mr Olympus Hiker you are very naive, I seen things you wouldn’t belive done in the name of political correctness by the far far left. I do not belive in makeing false accusation it is unforgiving no matter who makes them.

  29. 34

    Scott spews:

    Well it could be that someone will take this incident and fight fire with fire. There are plenty of right wing blogs out there with people who are great big targets at the helm.

    I am no longer amazed by the traitors and cowards on the right. In a perfect world, they’d come out of hiding and face the light of day. But then again, that would take courage; a trait that no right winger I have ever encountered can muster.

    It’d be a shame if someone pulled a similar trick on the right. Sure it would. Of course many of the fools posting to those right wing blogs really ARE child rapists so perhaps the call would turn into an arrest!

  30. 35

    Alan spews:

    marks @ 11

    Krauthammer, a right-wing columnist, demonstrates in this quote how little he understands the left or for that matter the right. He got it backwards. Conservatives think liberals are evil; liberals think conservatives are stupid.

  31. 36

    Alan spews:

    Goldy, I don’t think any of your resident trolls would do such a thing. More likely a Freeper hopped up on alcohol and anger — a passerby who stumbled on to your web site, didn’t like what he saw, and decided to fuck with you.

  32. 37

    Unkl Witz spews:


    Despite the fact my own ventures into the world of blogging are far more modest than yours, I have also been accused of sexual deviancy and being a threat to children. I must admit it has caused my to think seriously about availing myself to this type of free speech.

    Ever since Newt Gingrich espoused the principle of demonizing the political opposition, this type of tactic has grown in acceptance. All is fair in love, war, and poliitics; I guess.

    My heartfelt congrats to the right for soundly scoring a new low in political discourse.

  33. 39

    Alan spews:

    Unkl Witz @ 37

    It’s an outrage! The only thing we accused them of was sexual deviancy and being a threat to goats. And we didn’t report them to the police, either. At least I didn’t — I figure the goats can take care of themselves.

  34. 40

    zapporo spews:


    This is wrong. Totally wrong. No excuses. I hope that the guilty are brought to justice. This is an issue that crosses the political divide. No one deserves this.

  35. 41

    chardonnay spews:

    A Freeper hopped up on alcohol and anger
    like our resident alan/don/cybil?

    give it a rest.

  36. 42



    I’m very sorry to hear this has happened to you. Your assumption that it’s a rightwinger is reasonably fair and probably accurate.

    A few years ago I had a heated exchange in an email loop with a rightwinger. At that time I used my full real name and didn’t sweat it. The guy not only threatened to come after me personally…he threatened my children. He obtained my address through very little searching. He also attempted to hack my computer. I ended up talking to the police.

    It was an incident that frightened me to my core. It’s also why I don’t use my full name anymore.

    These people are doing this to scare you. Don’t let them.

  37. 43

    marks spews:

    Scott @34

    It’d be a shame if someone pulled a similar trick on the right. Sure it would. Of course many of the fools posting to those right wing blogs really ARE child rapists so perhaps the call would turn into an arrest!

    While I normally find the [demo]goguery humorous when presented in a pointed and pertinent way, this is just a bit too much for me. Such ridiculousness is the same crap that Goldy had to deal with, and nobody should be put through it. It is criminal and wrong.

  38. 44

    torridjoe spews:

    I gotta say that while it’s illogical that a lefty would have done this to Goldy, to say that NO ONE on the left is capable of this is pretty stupid. Whoever this person is, they are WHACKO. Their politics are entirely irrelevant. It’s just as plausible for them to be crazy left, as crazy right.

    Eddie Izzard, one of my very favorite comedians, makes this point in a funny way in reference to transvestites (he is one). He was saying that when people found out Hoover was one, people nodded their heads and said, “well that explains it.” BS, says Izzard–he was just a CRAZY transvestite.

    Anyway, it’s nice to see all of Goldy’s arch enemies express what appears to be honest concern and dismay. Good show.

  39. 46

    christmasghostpast spews:

    chardonnay said @ A Freeper hopped up on alcohol and anger
    like our resident alan/don/cybil? You just gave a perfect description of Rush/Bush Inc.

  40. 49

    Rush spews:

    46: I told you to stay out of my trash.

    Goldy: I am truly sorry for what you experienced this morning. Please do not let some crazy interfere with free speech.

  41. 50

    All tools here and yet there are still screws loose spews:


  42. 52

    Diggindude spews:

    I had someone accuse me of sending threatening emails, last week, and then they said they turned them in to the police.
    Luckily, i save all the emails I get for a while, and when i showed this person, they quit their lying.
    I think what they were going to try, was editing an email i had returned to them to make it look like it came from me, but said something other than what the original had.

  43. 54

    Another TJ spews:


    It’d be a shame if someone pulled a similar trick on the right.

    It would. And I hope anyone contemplating such a thing comes to his or her senses.


    Can’t we discuss Huenneken’s Deposition now?

    Get your own blog.

  44. 55

    Goldy spews:

    Hmmm… I’m not sure what I expected from this comment thread, but I’m a touch surprised by the “blame the victim” crap and the absurd “how dare you automatically blame a righty” bullshit.

    Whatever. You guys have to live with yourselves.

    Chardonnay @12…
    please tell me you are not a rape counselor.

    Cynical @13…
    It never crossed my mind to blame one of my regulars… even the really, really hateful ones. I assume it is some nutcase fringe righty, totally unhinged by their sense of anger and impotence. Especially the impotence.

    Jeff B @19…
    Three anonymous complaints were made via an online form on the NCMEC website, and two of the IPs were tracked back to a university campus. The detective didn’t give me any more information than that. Due to the university IPs, the anonymous nature, and the fact that the accusations did not include an specific examples of what I allegedly did, the authorities immediately suspected that these were fraudulent claims.

    I would also like to make it clear to everyone that it would be a mistake to view this episode of harassment in isolation. While nothing quite like this has happened before, I am a frequent target of hate mail, phone threats, and various technical and economic attacks. There have been concerted efforts to disrupt access to my website, some of which have been successful. Let’s just say that the other side isn’t playing fair, and leave it at that.

    Spyder @21,
    Coulter’s rhetoric is eventually going to get somebody killed, if it hasn’t already.

    Cynical @22,
    “Alleged incident.” Fuck you.

    Zapporo @40,
    Thanks for your comments. That was kind of the sentiment I guess I was hoping to get, even from the people who vehemently disagree with my politics.

  45. 56

    christmasghostpast spews:

    Rush @ 49 I would never go near your trash. I an definitely to cautious to be around used syringes and condoms

  46. 57

    robbed spews:

    26/29/30 diggindude: while others use this post to express rightful concern for Goldy being falsely accused, you instead protest that you were “falsely” accused for like the 50th time. Goldy protested ONCE. you do over and over. thou protests your “innocence” WAY too much.

    on the king5 forum, we know you as a lazy scumbag that has sucked off unemployment for months while posting trash ALL day. with several names including a fitting one: dumdum. but your unfair and unwarranted charges to christmasghost here this evening are a new low…even for you.

    I am sorry Goldy, that someone has made false charges and interfered with your life and your proper use of blogging and free speech. you do us an interesting and informative public service. I hope you will choose to continue.

  47. 58

    Alan spews:

    Carla @ 42

    Not all of them are doing it to scare you. A few really mean it, and will actually do it.

  48. 61

    Diggindude spews:

    rob, you are a liar here, as you are on king5.
    I never said anyones name, but thanks for mentioning it for me.
    cg DID make false accusations, and tried to alter emails and said they were sent to police.
    this is all I know about it.
    perhaps you know more?
    maybe the reason you continue to protect cg, is you were involved?
    that wouldnt surprise me.

  49. 62

    chardonnay spews:

    oh alan/don/cybil
    PA leeeese, how pathetic for you to start a fear campaign. you lefty’s live such paranoid lives. you don’t think this shit happens to alot of peolple that put themselves in the public eye?
    like Goldy said, a college campus. some pledge is laughing his ass off right now.

  50. 63

    Diggindude spews:

    it wasnt such a joke, when cg was claiming it.
    Or was it?
    ya, thats what i thought.

  51. 64

    chardonnay spews:

    Alan @ 60
    digindude aka dumdum, LOL it’s not what you think you perv. he is a fellow pat buchanan supporter.

  52. 66

    chardonnay spews:

    off topic sorta but…
    per the Olympian Kerry is comning to town.

    The Democratic National Committee sent out a nationwide request for help Thursday on behalf of Washington state Democrats, who face mounting legal costs in defending the election of Gov. Christine Gregoire.

  53. 67

    robbed spews:

    52/61: more protests by diggindude: “I’m Innocent !! you must believe me!!”

    telling us the name was a holiday was so disguised. who would ever guess.

    you better stop your protests or everyone on this blog will also wonder why you protest your innocence so much. you need to just stick with your unemployment ripoff gig. it may be improper. but at least it isn’t illegal.

  54. 68

    christmasghostpast spews:

    that’s our retired hooker, good job at keeping up with the pace stale whiner. That news was out and talked about here 5 days ago. Oh, I get it, just got up from another ‘all weeker’ looking for love. Struck out again….lmao

  55. 69

    Diggindude spews:

    Funny how i only mentioned it, because you guys are trying to pull the same crap on goldy.
    If I was protesting about it too much, wouldnt I have told everyone while it was going on for 2 weeks?
    cg even said she turned my email address into the state police, and then told me she had friends on the state police, that would take care of it.
    that doesnt sound too honest to me rob, and you going along with it, and supporting it, just makes you an accomplice.

  56. 70

    robbed spews:

    63 and 69: more diggindude protests re his innocence.

    sure makes a person wonder. he has done this on king5 for weeks. it is what he does rather than work.

  57. 71

    Diggindude spews:

    you can try to hide it all you want rob, but all the accusations are there.
    You helped make it happen.
    I dont really care, because i had my ass covered, as does goldy here.
    That doesn’t change the fact that you guys tried to get someone in trouble through false accusations.
    lie all you want rob, you always do.

  58. 72

    robbed spews:

    71 diggin / dumdum: I had nothing to do with any of it. I just see you still claiming false accusations OVER and OVER. I wonder about people that claim their innocence so many, many MANY times. I thot that was OJ’s style? all I know is what the accusation was and how you claimed now another 8 times tonite that you are innocent. you brought it up this evening and never even had a concern for Goldy. only to try to make someone else look bad. you have only succeeded in making others wonder why you even brought it up, let alone protest for weeks on king5 and now 8 times on here tonite.

    I repeat: thou protests too much….

  59. 73

    dj spews:

    Goldy, I am sorry to hear about this attack—it is totally outrageous.

    Nearly as outrageous are posts by a few extremely fucked-up assholes implying “it’s kind-of your own fault.” After all you have done for them! These heartless assholes are perennial guests here, interact with you regularly, take up your time, rely on you for their entertainment, education, opinions and argument fodder, and piggyback on your intellectual property to disseminate their own opinions and rubbish. These assholes are apparently too twisted and bitter to understand that someone has done violence to you, Goldy.

    Hang tough, man, and take heart in knowing that many of us deeply appreciate all that you do for us, and will not forget that we are privileged to be your guests here.

  60. 74

    Diggindude spews:

    the only reason rob, is that you keep asking me why.
    I brought it up ONCE, because it happened.
    All the other times its been mentioned, is because you are trying to deny it happened.
    I will not bring it up again, if you’ll stop denying it happened.
    I felt bad about what happened to goldy, and even though what someone was doing to him was much worse, i thought i would share a somewhat similar thing, that coincedentally, just happened to originate right here on this blog, from you know who.
    Now i think thats somewhat relevant to goldy’s situation, given the similarities.
    I can see rob, you’re trying to do the same thing you did before, protecting the perpetrator, and attack the victim, but others can see it now too, its not just your little group over there, backing each other up.
    Are you going to make me reply to this again, or are you going to just shut the fuck up about it?

  61. 75

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Who the f*** said to Goldy “it’s kind of your own fault?”
    No one shitforbrains!
    This is exactly why PINHEADED LEFTISTS like yourself are such losers. You make the truth unrecognizable.
    Who told Goldy “it’s kind of your own fault” dumbass?

  62. 77

    robbed spews:

    74 diggin: now YOU are a victim ?? that is rich. you have brought it up time and again. you can reply all you want with your profane “victim” routine. let’s see: you, an unemployed loser, were being stalked by a woman who lives far from you. right. some victim. the businesses that pay into the unemployment fund to support your laziness are victims. not you.

  63. 78

    Diggindude spews:

    like this protection rant, and attack the victim thing you got goin on rob.
    you’re one twisted sister.
    I see why you 3 fit together so well.

  64. 79

    robbed spews:

    78: yes, I was brought up to protect women, not to threaten them. you have tried to shout down the women at king5 often. but they don’t play the “victim” gig, like you do, weenie. along with all the times you got fired: it was always someone’s fault. poor diggin /dumdum / christmasghostpast and who know how many other names. all of “them” victims, too, I suppose?

  65. 80

    chardonnay spews:

    settle down boy. you going for a heart attack? you are really twisting things. nothing happen to you. stop lying.

  66. 81

    Diggindude spews:

    Goldy’s stalker could be a woman also, which might explain your vigorous rant.
    I know you like to throw this unemployment thing around rob, it seems to be your weapon of choice, but all people that work construction in eastern washington, have layoffs in between jobs.

  67. 82

    zip spews:

    HEY! Rob and dd: NOBODY CARES!

    Goldy, Terrible to hear what happened to you; it’s a low blow by some jerk. The whole argument over whether it is more likely that a right wing nut or a lefty nut would stoop this low is pretty lame. Both sides have a wide variety of thinkers and non-thinkers, good and bad people.

  68. 83

    Diggindude spews:

    oh here we go, the gangs all here to help with the denials.
    Dont bother, its all written in posts, so all can read it.
    Denying it, just proves what liars you are.

  69. 86

    Jon spews:

    Man, you stop reading for a few hours and all heck breaks loose!

    Goldy, I truly am appalled that this has happened, and I second zapporo’s comments @ 40, this is so terribly, terribly wrong.

    Although I haven’t heard of other bloggers being accused of such crimes, certainly the hate email and harrassment seems to be universal for the popular bloggers of both sides. I can’t understand why somebody who disagrees with you just can’t post a comment saying so (and why) and leave it at that. I, like most of the others here, hope that whoever did this is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    I certainly don’t agree with you much lately, but you have every right to say what you want without harrassment, period.

  70. 87

    DamnageD spews:


    For fuck sake people, stand up for the man that has graciously taken years of his life and dedicated it to creating this fourm so you all can point fingers/blame at each other like spoiled siblings. Now I know i’ve not been much better, but right away the shit starts flying at each other instead of supporting the issue at hand.

    All Tools @ 15 said it best, even if you truly dont agree with Goldys views, and even if the love here is as dead as last years spawned out salmon, we should stand behind the man (AND PRINCIPLE) that allows this to exist. IMO, any and all folks who frequent these pages should at least, for one friggen moment, stand together against these true extremists, and let them know this garbage behavior is not what tolorate.

    Then throw all the shit ya want….

    The ability to disagree vocally, openly and without fear of harm is one of the cornerstones of the great country. SHAME ON THE COWARD, I would bet the crime they reported is one they are more likely to commit themself.


  71. 88

    Jon spews:

    DamnageD:“The ability to disagree vocally, openly and without fear of harm is one of the cornerstones of the great country. SHAME ON THE COWARD, I would bet the crime they reported is one they are more likely to commit themself.


    For what’s its worth, AGREED!!

  72. 89

    pauldaniel spews:


    That anyone would do this is discusting! However, don’t you see what you’ve done by mentioning Rush Limgaugh and Fox News. You have smeared them in the same way you’ve been smeared! Come on. Rush Limbaugh and Fox News din’t have anything to do with this kind of CRAP!!! The fact is we don’t know who did this to you. I wish we did. But please don’t, in your anger, go spewing slanderous accusations against others who have had nothing to do with it and thus becomming as bad as the idiots who started the whole thing.


  73. 90

    Bill spews:

    C’mon people, remember what Oliver North said about his radio audience — “at least if they’re listening to my show they aren’t making bombs.”

    Goldy, you are to be commended for providing a diversionary sandbox for the resident trolls. And I don’t f’ing care if you or the evil sumbitch who did this are left, right, christian, satanist, left-handed or right-handed — false accusations like this are anti-American and the act of someone whose moral values (or lack thereof) would be outclassed by a slime mold. Simply insane and evil, and anybody who tries to blame the subject of this libel for someone elses’ actions is probably thisclose to being a sociopath.

  74. 91

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    LEFTIST anger & outrage! Refreshing as always.
    If you can’t be totally pissed off and accuse those who disagree with you of something underhanded and outrageous….well life ain’t hardly worth living, is it Bill!
    Goldy jumped to conclusions and smeared the Right with no proof.

  75. 92

    christmasghost spews:

    digger/dumdum/cgp…….whatever your name is RIGHT now. not only did i get threatening emails but they were weeks ago[you should lay off the pipe man] and now that you have lied yet again about this i have no doubt anymore who did it.i claimed i knew people in the state police? are you serious? do you ever tell the truth?
    if i am stalking you, a claim you only made after i called you on the emails, then why are YOU the one that keeps copying my name and harping on my blog?
    get real man…in case you didn’t notice this thread was about what happened to goldy….not your delusions that intelligent, educated women would be after you. god, that whole prospect is just too funny for words.
    do you think you could actually think about someone else for five minutes and realize that goldy had a problem here?
    what the police did tell me was that whoever did it would keep taking credit for it in some way…..and here you are.

  76. 93

    Diggindude spews:

    Denial, cg, more denial. the rest of your group, already posted all their denial.
    Thanks for adding your denial, also. Its all in your posts at king5, so I dont have to tell anyone, they can go read it themselves.
    Then you can try to deny it to everyone else, ok?

  77. 94

    Diggindude spews:

    And by the way, i did acknowledge the viscious attack on goldy, and how i related, as i had recently felt a similar one from you.
    play innocent now all you want, your words are in print.
    Also, the words about your friends in the state police.
    I know you were just trying to intimidate me.
    you are very good at it. like you practice.

  78. 96

    christmasghost spews:

    dude…….yes, my words are in print. isn’t that your problem?everything you say is a lie…you can’t even keep your many different names straight, and what one sock puppet said to the other as recently as a few days ago.
    but, like i said…this was about goldy……funny but weren’t YOU the one that kept saying robbed was a pedophile, that women were all out to get you/play you, that you hated gays[you used another word i won’t bother with]. dude, you are the one with some serious issues and maybe you should get them straightened out before you start talking.
    let me guess…you are the guy that visits someone in the hospital who is really sick and all you do is tell them about the time you had a splinter in your finger.
    this happened to goldy….not you. the world has not revolved around you since you were 3….it seems everyone but you has figured that out.
    enough said…waste of time.
    once again goldy, my sympathies for what happened to you. who ever did it should be arrested.

  79. 98

    Alan spews:

    chards @ 66

    So what? The R’s are raising money too. According to a recent Times story, the D’s owe their lawyers 500K, the R’s owe their lawyers over 300K. Both need money for the lawsuit.

  80. 99

    Alan spews:

    Seems very obvious and simple, whoever did this is trying to shut down Goldy’s blog. Now who would that be? Which partisan group in this country can’t tolerate dissent or debate? Hmmmmm …

  81. 100

    zip spews:


    “Obvious and simple” to you is twisted and paranoid as seen through your partisan lens. And the answer to your question is: NARAL, WEA, Gay Rights groups, etc.

  82. 101

    Diggindude spews:

    but cg, unlike you, all the things i said to anyone, were to them and them alone.
    Unlike you, who chose to threaten me with sending your friends who were state police to my house. Over emails, you made up.
    face it, you got caught in a lie, and you also got caught, trying to threaten me with sending the cops.
    I was done with this last night, but you seem to think you can make your lies and threats go away by continuing to talk about them, fine.
    do me a favor though, go threaten someone else this time.
    Ever since you pulled the fake email thing on me, i keep track of everything you say.
    I was told to by my isp, after i told them what you were trying to do.

  83. 102

    mickh spews:

    I’m the father of four grown children and grandfather of two. Reading about these charges made anonymously makes me sick.
    I agree with your statement “There are few crimes more heinous or despicable than molesting children” but these folks have in my mind committed a crime that is very close indeed. And they did it in the darkest of shadows because they knew they would not be exposed – anonymously. This is beyond words.

    I would love to help in anyway I can, to encourage you to press this. I’m sure others would too. Keep us posted if we can help.

    This is NOT a left or right issue it is what this country is all about as stated in the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  84. 103

    christmasghost spews:

    Diggindude…are you serious? everything you just said were total lies.
    I have a good reputation that I can be proud of….you are an idiot, and all the lies you could come up with in a million years would not affect that….as who is really listening to you anyway?
    Funny though….out of everyone on here you are the only one with a long history of threatening people AND calling them pedophiles. Maybe Goldy should be looking in your direction….what someone did to him would be about your speed.After all you have a HISTORY, don’t you?
    Now stop wasting mine, and everyone else’s time. I am done with you.

  85. 104

    Diggindude spews:

    If you’re done, why do you keep bringing it up?
    I have NO history of threats, but you DO!
    You admitted it, you posted it, and you bragged about how you KNEW I sent you threatening e-mails, and were going to send the police to my house, right up until i showed you that i saved all the e-mails YOU had actually sent to me, and shot your little stalker scheme down. I NEVER sent you an e-mail, i answered some of the many you sent to me, thats all. I posted one time on your lame website, and you have followed me around with accusations ever since.
    maybe this is the reason you only have 5 posts a month over there, because you try to intimidate anyone that posts there.
    everyone one here knows you,char,and rob, are wackjobs, its no stretch to see you turning people in for things that didn’t really happen.
    The same shit you were doing to me, you are now doing to another f guy over on king5. whats it like to be a stalker?
    just fuck off, and mind your own problems, and i’ll do the same. nobody here or anywhere, wants to listen to this bullshit.
    I did nothing to you, but you threatened me. I dont care if you’re a man, a woman, or a billy goat, when you threaten someone, you take on the responsibility of that threat.
    you own it.
    If you hadn’t threatened me with the phoney email, police thing in the first place, this wouldn’t be a problem.
    stick it up your ass.

  86. 105

    Goldy spews:

    Cynical @91,

    Jumped to conclusions? So who do think is the likely cuprit? … The SEIU? … The League of Woman Voters? Christine Gregoire?

    Only in your sick world do you expect to be knifed in the back by your friends.

    Alan @99,

    Absolutely. This was an attempt to shut me down. If the authorities had believed the allegations enough to warrant a criminal investigation (or wanted to believe them hard enough) my computer would have been seized along with all of my backups, my web host would have been subpoenaed, and they might even have gotten a temporary injunction against me, banning me from using the Internet. Knock my blog offline for even a couple months, and the traffic will go elsewhere.

  87. 106

    mickh spews:

    Gordy, you said “This was an attempt to shut me down.” And went on to say the price of such action, which is pretty high.

    It’s still not clear what the police are going to do. And what charges you are going to bring. To me this is filing a false police report. Hell Martha Stewart spent 5 month in jail for telling a lie. Why should these guys get off.

    My god if they had been successful (be it only temporary) what does that say about any Blogger or web site owner for that mater.

    I’m hoping you will pursue this… you’ll find you have a lot of support

    On a lighter note…how about christmasghos and Diggindud take it outside. Your both are showing your age or is it your IQ?

  88. 108

    Moderate Guy spews:

    I hate to speculate, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think that a group of supporters of a certain man who sells ________ “for a living” may have a vested interest in shutting you down. The readers here are smart; you’ll fill in the blank.

  89. 110

    chardonnay spews:

    You give GORDY ‘s website way to much credit. The GOP/Rossi people certainly are not worried about this nonsense hurting them. Geez, dream on.

  90. 111

    msc spews:

    I agree with several other folks here, it is good to see the majority call it what it is: wrong. And an attack on free speech. Noting that, I am making out a check to HorsesAss. Keep up the fight Goldy.

    As for identifying the cowardly creep(s), we can’t, unless the police are able to. However, given the experience of rightwing violence in America, the vitriolic nature of talk radio and the rightwing authors like Coulter, it is easy to believe it was someone on the right. Just as it is disturbing that so few righties are willing to disassociate themselves from the far right that has taken over in America, it is easy to believe too many are willing to do anything.

    If you are on the right, and you don’t denounce your fringe, you’re a part of them. You can’t have a free ride.

  91. 112

    mntleo2 spews:

    This is just plain ridiculous to accuse someone for a crime when they simply do not like what is being said here. Sometimes I wonder about the mental stability of people who continually go to sites where they are not welcome, not liked, and do not belong there. The 15 seconds I have spent on Free Republic made me sick and so I just avoid freeper sites. HELLO?

    I mean homophobic people like the closeted Drudge who are continually appearing in places like FAUX news, etc., and who are at the very least hypocritical and at the most looking downright shoddy as actual journalists. These are the kind of people who delighted in a heterosexual blow job, but have few problems with a fake journalist male prostitute who is the “favorite” of the president. These are people ignoring a man engaged in illegal activities just wandering around the White House coming (pun intended) and going at will without so much as a question. Doesn’t this alone look like just a bunch of idiotic freepers who are one issue hate-idiots, who never saw a day of service to their country in their lives and who would fall on their knees to kiss the ground walked upon ~ and whatever else they were asked to kiss that some wingnut presents to them?

    Come on Freepers, why don’t you just crawl into the hole your people like to live in and inhale the crap they spew and leave Goldy and the rest of us alone?

    Cat in Seattle

  92. 113

    Ken Lake spews:

    I’m very sorry to hear this has happened to you. Your assumption that it’s a rightwinger is reasonably fair and probably accurate.

    A few years ago I had a heated exchange in an email loop with a rightwinger. At that time I used my full real name and didn’t sweat it. The guy not only threatened to come after me personally…he threatened my children. He obtained my address through very little searching. He also attempted to hack my computer. I ended up talking to the police.

    It was an incident that frightened me to my core. It’s also why I don’t use my full name anymore.

    These people are doing this to scare you. Don’t let them.

    Comment by carla— 4/29/05 @ 7:43 pm

    Carla you are great not to hide behind some unknow name, but I have experence the same thing from the left wing. That’s the price you pay expressing what you belive in and I’m willing to pay that price since I’m in the military serving your country.

  93. 114

    G Davis spews:

    I’m really sorry to hear of this Goldy…let us know if there’s any way to help, will ya?

    Is there anyone on the left extremes that equals Malkin Coulter Savage?

  94. 117

    prr spews:

    I have to say Goldy.

    I don’t agree with your views and find a lot of what you say hateful. You seem to relish having the ability to write very damaging things about some fine individuals who have ambitions on contributing to society.

    Daily you spout off baseless accustaions and character assininations on many people.

    So rather than say, “oh, that’s terrible, how can I help”, I have to admit. It sounds like your own actions are partly to blame for this mess.

    There are a lot of freaks out there. (Christ, a cottage industry in this state is serial killing) and you as a self promoting public )wanna-be ) figure in this state should be aware of the risks of taking the standpoints that you do.

  95. 118

    Steve Zemke spews:

    It’s sad that some people resort to such dispicable tactics to try to stop you and your blog. That is what we might have expected in a dictatorship in Russia under Stalin where people did not have the conviction that their ideas alone can persuade people but had to use terror and brutal tactics to keep in power. Anonymous accusations sent people to Siberia. People lived in fear unable to voice even their opinions.
    While one might think anonymous tip lines might result in more crimes being reported, there is also the problem as shown by what happened to Goldy, that they can be abused and used by cowards and other people maliciously. I’m sure false reporting is a crime but one needs to catch the person.
    It’s not surprising however considering the amount of garbage, expressed hatred and foul language that get used in blogs and other propaganda like material. The quote attributed to Ann Coulter is a prime example of excessive vitriole and expressed urging of violence.
    Where is a sense of civility and reasoned discussion? Or is the major purpose of people posting and responding on blogs only a form of entertainment where you can say anything you want anonymously without taking any responsibility for your words. I’m sure that if people responding to blogs had to own up and use their real names we would see a more rational and civil dialogue on things that matter rather than a lot of childlike back and forth bickering and name calling. The danger in anonymous words is like the danger of a crowd gone out of control. There is a loss of responsibility for your actions. Rather than trying to come together to solve problems facing our communities, our state, our country and the world, what passes as dialogue seems more to be to divide.
    Anonymous postings are just like responding to an anonymous enemy. In Vietnam it was the gooks, in Iraq it is the terrorists. It is easy to spew out words like machine gun fire or drop bombs from the air as long as people stay anonymous. Try putting a name or a face next time to the person you are responding to with your comments. It takes more courage and hard work to try to respond to the humanity in each of us than just chatter away without thinking. How much of what you say would you really feel comfortable in saying in person if you knew the other person was you husband, mother, child, neighbor, co-worker, aunt, or person shopping in the same grocery store you shop in?

  96. 119

    G Davis spews:

    zip @ 115 Ken Lake @ 116…anarchists all…do any have the national ear?

    prr @ 117…would you say the same thing to vundrekind Stephen should someone stoop to this leel of lowness with him?

    Steve Zemke @ 118…nicely said.