How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Reading Slog’s account of Sen. Maria Cantwell’s supposed conversion on healthcare reform, it’s like deja vu all over again regarding perhaps the most enigmatic member of Washington state’s congressional delegation. First Cantwell was under attack for not taking a forceful position on the public option and other reforms, and now she’s being praised for her sudden burst of leadership.

And the conclusion?

And the bottom line for those, like Moon, who were raising a ruckus over Cantwell’s apparent wavering on the public option: the pressure worked.

Yeah, well, maybe. But this sort of scenario has played out so many times over the past few years, you’ve gotta wonder if what frequent critics consider to be her “apparent wavering,” really isn’t just an artifact of Cantwell’s methodical, deliberate and relatively effective legislative style? I mean, keeping up the political pressure doesn’t hurt, but the raft of amendments Cantwell has offered to the Baucus bill suggest that she’s been neck deep in the details for quite some time, and an active participant in the thorny, behind-closed-doors negotiations within the Senate Finance Committee.

So could it be that the type of public podium-rattling many of us progressives demand, just isn’t a good fit to Cantwell’s wonkish personality, or to the brand of quiet, insider leadership she seems to prefer? And do we make a mistake by assuming she’s less progressive than she really is?

In fact, Cantwell’s reputation as a bit of a pro-business centrist seems to be distorted by a genuine streak of pro-business centrism that fails to extend itself to nearly any other issue. Indeed when examining her voting record, you may be surprised to learn that Cantwell proves just as progressive as her more high-profile colleague, Sen. Patty Murray, and the presumably progressive stalwart Rep. Jay Inslee.  And on healthcare issues? Cantwell ranks the most progressive of the three, scoring an impressive 98.54% over her lifetime in office.

So did Cantwell cave to constituent pressure by coming out strong for the public option in the end, or did she hold steady in the face of mounting criticism from the left, by refusing to publicly say anything that might jeopardize her private negotiations?

I don’t know. But knowing how stubborn Cantwell can be, and her lack of passion for retail politics, I don’t think it’s safe to assume the former.


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    you will be told the truth spews:

    she’s not out in front leading on public option.

    there’s a thousand right winers leading the other way.

    and btw what behind the scenes negotiations are you talking about? presumed ones?

    there’s not one GOP finance member who’s for any Baucus bill.

    Do you think that UK France Australia Canada et al. got their good health care systems with moderate centrist pro business legislators working quietyly and wonkishly behind the scenes to carefully craft super smart legislation and get behind the scenes negotiations in favor of good health care systems?

    Has it ever been enacted without a fight and without a large and noisy social movement?

    She’s had all year to decide things like public option. she’s been silent.

    When does silence lead social change?

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    ArtFart spews:

    “Has it ever been enacted without a fight and without a large and noisy social movement?”

    Uh….do they ever do anything “large and noisy” in Canada? Other than hockey, that is.

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    FWIW, I think the Iraq War pressure “stuck”. Maria’s been pretty damn good for quite some time now.

    She didn’t need to be prodded on healthcare … she’s been there for a while. If anything, she just needed to tighten her rhetoric on the issue. Whether that was a staff decision or “pressure” from the outside is an open question. (It could have been both.)

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    Chris Stefan spews:

    Maria’s a pretty cagey operator. Remember she threw a huge wrench in Sen. Ted Stevens efforts to allow drilling in ANWR, while in the minority, and a freshman no less. For an encore she blocked his efforts to permit supertankers on Puget Sound which he tried to push through as revenge.

    She’s hip deep in just about any bill touching on energy in the Senate and will play a huge role in shaping any bill on carbon emissions.

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    SJ Trollpatrol spews:


    I am also impressed that MC has, for the first time since the deaths of Magnuson and Jackson, appeared on campus and is talking with folks here in Seattle about healthcare.

    That is a big step to the good and consistent with Goldy’s POV on her. It certainly does not mean that Sen. Cantwell is deaf to the broader community but it does mean she is amenable to learning and listening to folks with real opposed to simplistic poltical .. information.

    Good news.

  6. 7

    SJ Trollpatrol spews:

    A lot of this fight now is being played out by folks like MC who actually are bsuiness like and really need facts.

    The other side, unfortunately for the nation, seems lacking in people of her caliber. It si more frightening than hopeful to listen to pundits of the right attmept to seriously discuss obamacare as if it had anything to do with death panels, immigrants, etc. They are wasting precious and expensiveness congressional resources that should be spent of real issues.

    My Bubby had a word for this crew .. “Pfehhhh.”

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    Winston's doorknob spews:

    re 8: Congressperson Michelle Bachmann doesn’t fit the premise these guys (and gals, by golly!!) are working with.

    Money must be a huge variable as well. Sounds like politically correct Social Darwinism to me.

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    jacksmith spews:

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    “[…] examining her voting record […]”

    The voting records of Senators don’t give much information. Thanks to the customs of the House of Lords Senate most of the deals are made behind closed doors, and many votes are made for appearance. If you want to know what a Senator cares about, look at the issues they return to and support in committee. And, given that, there is some hope in Cantwell. But, who knows?

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    SJ Trollpatrol spews:

    My bigger concern for Sen Cantwell … as well as a number of the other locals .. is that they seem not do very well at maintaining local ties. Sen Murry is a wonderful exception to that rule but until recently Cantwell seemed to me to think she was hired to be a Senator but not esp. a Senator from here.

    I do not mean just pork issues. I mean that she needs to use her constituency for expertise and knowledge. NOT being involved in healthcare makes no effin sense when your state has as its thrid largest industry the UW S of M.

  11. 13

    John425 spews:

    Inslee is a fucking liar. He e-mailed me his position on HR3200 and was adamant that illegals weren’t covered. Then, in committee, the cocksucker voted to delete any citizenship verification necessary to weed them out of the healthcare insurance program.

  12. 14

    X'ad spews:

    12. John425 spews:

    Inslee is a fucking liar. He e-mailed me his position on HR3200 and was adamant that illegals weren’t covered. Then, in committee, the cocksucker voted to delete any citizenship verification necessary to weed them out of the healthcare insurance program.

    Isn’t John 4:25 a gospel reference? My, you and Cynical and Puddy surely do represent your religion well. Can I show this to children in the neighborhood and tell them that a committed Christian wrote it?

  13. 15

    headless spews:

    re 13: John:425 lets himself get really steamed about things. He’s like Don Rickles without the humor or intelligence.

    Just the steam.

    He’s like Lewis Black only with a laser focus on stoopid.

  14. 17

    Puddybud is shocked SHOCKED spews:

    Maybe it’s an area code X’ad. 425 is all around except in Seattle which is 206.

    Butt, Puddy is shocked SHOCKED that another HA libtardo cares about the Bible. Don’t care what headless and his 31 voices think.

  15. 18

    X'ad spews:

    Well, if you look up the citation, it IS interesting. And kinda relevant to ALL this. But I hadn’t realized the area code, you may be correct.

  16. 19


    and yet nobody dares respond to John425’s post about how Inslee, and the rest of the freak liberals, LIED about illegal aliens getting covered….

    Just like ACORN, you all choose to ignore the lying and crookery from your own camp.

    party first, nation second….

  17. 20


    YLB @ 19

    I personally didn’t respond because it’s a) off topic and b) nonsensical.

    Per John425’s comment, Inslee said the BILL didn’t fund healthcare for “illegal immigrants”. From John425’s telling, we don’t know Inslee’s position either way.

    Here we are again. In today’s episode, where John425 imagines words that were not spoken, and you concoct motives that don’t exist, rational people would call your actions “make believe”.

    Kind of like those soccer players faking getting fouled. And just as convincing. All part of the kabuki dance.



  18. 21

    John425 spews:

    It’s the area code, dickheads. There is a great big area code world outside your tiny little La-la land.

  19. 22

    chicagoexpat spews:

    I have little doubt that Cantwell will show her true colors. that is, against real healthcare reform.

    After voting “for” a public option that Obama is letting go down in flames, she’ll the turn around and vote for any piece of crap bill that simply has the word “reform” in it.

    I mean, the Democrats are hardly going to turn their backs on the mega bucks the insurance companies want to throw at them, ehhhh?