Premature Ethiculation: House Ethics Chair Hastings won’t investigate DeLay; calls indictment a ‘vendetta’

Indicted Rep. Tom DeLay is once again getting his money’s worth from the man he installed as chairman of the House Ethics Committee. In an interview published today in The Yakima Herald, Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Pasco) responded to questions about DeLay’s indictment on conspiracy charges, by actually quoting the disgraced, former House Majority Leader:

“The majority leader has said this is a political vendetta […] if you look at Ronnie Earle’s background, he’s done these things.”


The normally low-profile Hastings’ — who has pocketed $5,930 of ARMPAC cash, and who has his own potential ethics problems — was best known for accomplishing little if anything in office… a track record of non-accomplishment and inaction that made him perfectly suited to chairing an Ethics Committee the GOP leadership would prefer remain marginalized by partisan bickering. All DeLay demanded in return for the plum assignment was absolute loyalty, and that’s exactly what Hastings plans to deliver.

Whatever the ethics panel does with DeLay, it will not pursue the same line of inquiry as the Texas district attorney, Hastings said.

“We don’t have the resources,” he said, adding that historically, panels have not tried to duplicate outside investigations.

As he has done consistently, Hastings declined to comment on anything the committee might be considering with regards to DeLay, citing House rules.

Yeah, that’s right… Hastings declined to comment on what the Committee might do in regards to DeLay… except to say that DeLay is a victim of a “political vendetta”, that Ronnie Earle has a history of blatant partisanship, and that the committee doesn’t plan to investigate the conspiracy charges.

Hey Doc… ever hear of the phrase “No comment”…?

What we have under Hastings and Republican control, is a House Ethics Committee that has totally abdicated it’s responsibility to monitor and regulate the ethics of House members. Given his prior statements, it is hard not to be cynical when Hastings tells the Herald:

“All of us are aware we have to do what is ethically right.”

The question is whether Hastings and his colleagues will actually do what they know to be ethically right? And Hastings’ answer to the Herald was apparently, “No.”

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  1. 1

    windie spews:

    I’m certain they’ll assidiously pursue any ethical violations by any Dems they find (and you can be quite sure they’re looking as hard as they can)

  2. 2

    Jimmy spews:

    Dangit Goldy, you stole my story. Ha! None the matter, there is plenty to talk about with Hastings. He is losing supporters over here in the 4th on this very issue and will either not run for re-election or be defeated over these very issues. He is about to get an earful.

  3. 4

    Richard Pope spews:

    Actually, Doc Hastings is 100% correct. The Texas Democrat Party and the Democrat National Committee have done the exact same thing — trading soft money for hard money — that DeLay and other members of his group (Texans for a Republican Majority) have been indicted by Ronnie Earle for doing.

    The major differences are (1) the Democrats have “laundered” millions of dollars this way, while DeLay’s group only “laundered” $190,000, and (2) DeLay and his folks are Republicans.

    You don’t see Ronnie Earle doing anything to prosecute the Texas Democrats for their massive money “laundering” scheme. My best opinion is that nothing done by either the Texas Democrats or DeLay’s group is illegal. There are no Texas laws which specifically prohibit trading soft money for hard money between different political organizations.

    In any event, Ronnie Earle is a hypocritical grandstanding partisan turd who should be flushed down the nearest toilet. He has either filed completely baseless charges against DeLay and other Republicans, or has completely ignored much larger crimes committed by the Texas Democrats.

  4. 5

    NoWonder spews:

    OK Hastings, shame on you for not starting an investigation that would have to pull in virtually every powerful House and senate member from BOTH parties. Just forget about the fact that the hard/soft money dances were all legal, and that the 527s took over where those dances left off. Go ahead, protect your cronies AND every prominant dem who uses PACs to spread the money…er..the word!

    And furthermore Hastings, you and your ilk have as much credibility regarding ethics as all the dems and other repubs who have been frantically revising trip expense reports in the last two months.

    Goldy needs to dig a lot deeper to find ethical violations regarding trip expenses and campaign finance schemes that dems do not use more frequently than repubs.

    The answer – through all the bums out, starting with the dems.

  5. 6

    headless lucy spews:

    How do we explain to our children that Republicans can lie, cheat , steal and kill without any legal consequences to themselves? And at the same time claim to be Godly people who occupy the moral high ground. I can see GWB with his thin, pursed cracker lips and narrowed , mean eyes being told by Jesus that he who is without sin can cast the first stone— and then picking up a rock and casting it! All these radical righties are like that.

  6. 7

    NoWonder spews:

    Richard Pope @ 4

    There you go again, Richard Pope. Puncturing Goldy’s entire post with readily available facts. Shame on you…..Not!

  7. 8

    Jimmy spews:

    That is crap pope and you know it. Always and consistenty leaving out the fact that Earle prosecuted more dems than anyone else.

    I don’t like the way PAC money gets into our process and that needs to be fixed on both sides.

    But at real issue is that Hastings will not open an investigation into Delay’s ethics charges. Top that off, he defends him with the same old talking points.

    The problem for Doc here is he is really at a crossroads. Us voters over here in his district don’t like this kind of politics that ignores and perpetuates the problems we have with lobby organizations and money laundering. And Hastings is center stage.

    My guess is the rest of the wingnuts consider him expendable over this (it has been reported that he really isn’t that bright of guy) and will be cannon fodder come 06.

  8. 10

    Puddybud spews:

    Hello everyone. These are charges against DeLay activity of 2002. The law Ron Earle is using became law in 2003. Whatever the two parties did in 2002 is irrelevant. It’s from 2003 forward. But why would that stop Goldy from going after his third hated man?

    Lucite: So we can say that Democrats lie, cheat, steal and kill without any legal consequences to themselves because it is inate in your makeup or because those moral and man-made laws do not pertain to you or your kind? Please clear that up. Looks like calling people useless racist names have no meaning to you. Also it’s sure amazing how you have cleaned up your written demeanor knowing that every keystroke is being trapped by the Seattle School District you racist.

  9. 11

    NoWonder spews:

    headless lucy @ 6

    ‘How do we explain to our children that Republicans can lie, cheat , steal and kill without any legal consequences to themselves?’

    If you are like the typical dems in power you can just say – It is only bad if the repubs do it. If it is done in the quest for left-wing objectives it is not considered bad, just “progressive’. Remember child, the end justifies the means.

  10. 13

    NoWonder spews:

    Jimmy @ 8

    ‘Always and consistenty leaving out the fact that Earle prosecuted more dems than anyone else.’

    Now you are guilty of leaving out the fact that Earle’s dem targets were conservative and his enemies in the political arena. Look it up, as these dems were targeted before the repubs got into power. The fights then were between conservative and liberals, nor dems and repubs.

    That is crap Jimmy and you know it.

    ‘Us voters over here in his district…’

    You must mean you and the other 10 liberals in eastern WA.

  11. 14

    proud leftist spews:

    Pope and NoWonder
    There are plenty of Republican county prosecutors to go after any Democrats in Texas who may have committed any campaign financing indiscretions. Your accusations of Democratic wrongdoing in Texas are the stuff of people who could give a rat’s ass about facts, but are content to offer strident opinions, nonetheless. DeLay’s biggest crime is boundless arrogance, arrogance so deep that he believes himself outside the law. Moreover, he is the face of partisan fanaticism. Two separate grand juries have indicted him for two separate crimes. Accordingly, Ronnie Earle’s motivations are beside the point. In any event, he is far too experienced a prosecutor to go after someone like DeLay unless he’s got the goods on him.

  12. 15

    NoWonder spews:

    headless lucy @ 12

    ‘They’re not facts. They’re baseless allegations.’

    No, what you are saying is baseless. Follow the link, or find one of the other 2 million links available that show the hard/soft money dance routines. You will have to only look at the hard-lefty sites to miss how much more of this is done by the dems.

  13. 16


    uh, the major difference is that DeLay used corporate money to fund texas candidates for office. THAT is illegal, Richard.

    If he was ignoring the ethical problems of Texas Democrats, what were all those indictments of Texas Democrats for? He indicted HIMSELF, for heaven’s sake.

    DeLay didn’t “trade hard money for soft money,” he intentionally thwarted election law by using corporate donations to fund Texas candidates. It’s illegal, which is why he was indicted.

  14. 17

    NoWonder spews:

    proud leftist @ 14

    ‘There are plenty of Republican county prosecutors to go after any Democrats in Texas who may have committed any campaign financing indiscretions.’

    Excellent point. As the dems have done much more of what the repubs are accused of, why has this not happened? Answer – It is not illegal. Very observant!

    ‘…but are content to offer strident opinions, nonetheless.’

    And you are doing what?

    ‘DeLay’s biggest crime is boundless arrogance..’

    Are you saying that arrogance should be or is a crime, and that Goldy should be indicted?

    ‘Moreover, he is the face of partisan fanaticism’

    Is this a crime also? Is it only illegal if the repubs break this law?

    ‘Accordingly, Ronnie Earle’s motivations are beside the point.’

    Where were you when Ken Starr was under fire? No need to answer.

    ‘In any event, he is far too experienced a prosecutor to go after someone like DeLay unless he’s got the goods on him.’

    Ditto on the Ken Satrr point. (Did I say Ditto?)

  15. 20

    righton spews: has some great stuff. Who writes their text?

    EMILY’s List-endorsed candidate, Dina Titus, is scaring off challengers in her primary for Nevada’s gubernatorial seat. Titus, running to be Nevada’s first female governor, has distinguished herself from her likely primary challenger and is seen as the one who can best take on the likely Republican candidate’s war chest”

  16. 21


    puddybud @ 15
    You might want to read The Houston Chronicle this morning.

    Two criminal defense and election law experts interviewed by the Chronicle said Earle’s original indictment of DeLay is likely to be upheld by the courts.

    University of Texas law Professor George Dix said he wasn’t sure why a new indictment was necessary because the Penal Code in 2002 made it a crime to conspire to commit any felony.

    Dix said it was a felony in 2002 to use corporate money to try to influence the outcome of an election.

    He said the fact the law was changed in 2003 to specifically include the election code under conspiracy should be irrelevant. “I don’t see the necessity for the 2003 law,” he said.

    ‘Belt and suspenders’
    Austin attorney Buck Wood, who represents losing Democratic candidates in a civil suit against corporations that contributed to TRMPAC, called the new charges a “belt and suspenders indictment. It means you don’t take any chances.”

    Wood agreed with Dix that the conspiracy charge already was covered by the penal code in 2002 but also noted that all nine members of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which would review any convictions, are Republicans.

    “With the Court of Criminal Appeals, it is probably not a bad idea to go ahead and have all your bases covered,” Wood said.

    Nice try, but it’s not good policy to determine facts by listening to the defendant’s lawyer. :)

  17. 22

    Jimmy spews:

    No Clue # 13,

    You forget that the majority of republican voters in eastern washington are moderate. Especially in the Tri-Cities. Hastings didn’t win his seat by promoting the Gingrich agenda. He did it because he was a fairly respected businessman and understood the Mid-Columbia economy. Unfortunatly he has been relatively ineffective but there have been no good candidates to challenge him so he essentially has been lucky. But his buddying up with the likes of the wingnuts, and especially not opening an investigation as ethics chair is going to leave him vulnerable to the moderate republican voters.

    So it is not the “10 liberal voters” over here that he has to worry about. It is his moderate base.

  18. 23

    NoWonder spews:

    Jimmy @ 22

    OK, you got me on the joke part of my comment – and you are probably right about the tri-cities being farther left than the rest of the east, what with so many government workers, etc.

  19. 25

    windie spews:

    You didn’t get the memo, jimmy!

    If you’re not all the way in Bush & Delay’s pocket, you’re not really conservative, not really a Republican, and if anything, a Spy.

    In the cult of loyalty they’ve formed, theres no room for people who ask questions.

    That being said, its always a relief to hear that there are still old-fashioned conservatives out there ;)

  20. 26

    IDGAF spews:

    One would think a potential felony by staffers for a top Democrat — a case being investigated by the U.S. attorney’s office in D.C. as well as the FBI — would at least get a paragraph of coverage somewhere between the grocery coupons and the obituaries.
    Can you imagine the media firestorm if staffers for, say, Frist, had used Barack Obama’s Social Security number to fraudulently obtain his credit report looking for stuff to derail his Senate campaign? Frist would have been before a media firing squad faster than you can say Bill Bennett.

    Oh yeah, that’s right! you all think the media is run, controlled and manipulated by the right.

  21. 27

    bill spews:

    Nowonder, righton, richard, et al.

    Lets play what if for a second. You are driving down the highway at around 70mph, passing traffic left and right. Three other drivers are keeping up with you. A cop pulls you over. How far do you think the defense ‘those other guys were speeding too’ will get you?

    For those of us who are not dems, saying ‘well the dems were doing it too is not a defense’. It does get me pissed at the dems too, but then what else is new. It does not excuse the behavior of one of the leaders of the house in a money laundering scheme and then trying to defend his actions by saying ‘well thats just a member of the other party’. Frankly I dont care about who is doing the prosecuting, if the allegations are true they are deeply disturbing and at this point must be answered.

  22. 28

    Richard Pope spews:

    Bill @ 26

    One major difference — driving on the highway (at least in King County) at 70 mph is clearly illegal. To be sure, a money fine (and higher insurance) only, no jail time, and certainly not a felony. So if I am caught doing this, I have definitely violated the law. (Different story in Doc Hastings district — most of I-90 and I-82 in eastern Washington is 70 mph, but then you wouldn’t be passing anyone at that speed there :)

    It is unclear, at best, whether what Tom DeLay and his group are accused of doing is illegal. Certainly a direct corporate contribution to a state legislature candidate is a felony under Texas law. A corporate contribution to a state PAC is not illegal in Texas. Texas law makes it a felony for a corporation to give money to a “political party” (apparently not further defined) within 60 days before a general election. The Texans for Republican Majority (TRM) PAC gave the corporate money (which they had received within 60 days before the 2002 general election) to the RNC. Would the Texas law barring corporations from giving money to a “political party” before an election also apply to a national (or out-of-state) political party (such as the RNC)? (How can Texas law apply outside the state like this? Could the GOP Texas legislature pass a law prohibiting all labor unions from making any political contributions whatsoever anywhere in the USA?) The RNC then gave an equal amount of money ($190,000) to GOP legislature candidates in Texas. This was apparently “hard money” that the RNC raised from individual donors. In the absence of the hard money/soft money trade, the RNC contributions to Texas candidates were unquestionably legal. Is a trade of soft money for hard money illegal under Texas election code? There is no specific section of the Texas election code which addresses this issue.

    Keep in mind that DeLay and company are charged with a felony. Criminal laws are strictly construed. If a criminal law can be reasonably subject to more than one interpretation, then the one most favorable to the defendant must be followed. The Texas election code sections can easily be interpreted in DeLay’s favor, since they do not specifically make the conduct he has been accused of illegal.

    Next, DeLay and company are not actually charged with violation the election code sections, but for conspiring to violate them and laundering money in violation of them. Money laundering and conspiracy require knowledge that criminal laws are violated and intent to violate these criminal laws. So the prosecutor has the additional burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that DeLay and company knew they were breaking the law and intended to break the law.

    The Democrats have done exactly the same thing that DeLay and company are accused of doing, and have done this longer and on a much bigger scale. If Ronnie Earle honestly believes his charges against DeLay have any merit, he should prosecute the Texas Democrat Party as well.

    The other difference with the speeding analogy. Let’s suppose the trooper sees five people going 70 mph, but only pulls me over. The other four people have to get away, since by now they are many miles away down the road, and there is no way to catch them or prosecute them. The “evidence” required to prove their speeding has vanished. As for the Texas Democrat Party, the evidence of their trades of hard money for soft money with the DNC still exists (just like DeLay’s evidence still exists), and Ronnie Earle could charge them also (if he wasn’t a hypocritical party hack).

  23. 29

    Jimmy spews:

    The trooper pulls you over, and you say “Hey man!!! how come you didn’t pull them over. They were speeding too”.

    Trooper replies, “I couldn’t catch them”.

    Something to chew on…..

  24. 30

    NoWonder spews:

    bill @ 26

    ‘How far do you think the defense ‘those other guys were speeding too’ will get you?’

    Hopefully not far at all. I would hope, though, that the Goldy types would not get into a feeding frenzy about only MY speeding.

    Also, if anyone is guilty of a crime, I say throw the book at them. What is being called a crime in the Delay case was being done by both parties every day. I am not defending any crime with “well the dems were doing it too”. I am just asking that if they did it too is it still a crime? And if it is a crime why are only the repubs guilty? And especially here at HA, how could Goldy pick something like hard/soft money “crimes” when the dems blow the repubs away at it. Is he running out of good material that does not tar his own people?

  25. 31

    windie spews:


    Real evidence is good. You can’t go around accusing people of crimes just ’cause you think they did em, and expect people to automatically believe you.

    Anyways, I dispute your basic statement. YOu’re not calling out Democratic (supposed) crimes out of fairness, but to lessen and distract from the crimes in question. You guys do it all the time, and you can’t expect anyone to just believe you’ve suddenly stopped.

  26. 33

    Puddybud spews:

    Torridjoe: The operative words in the Houston Chronicle article are “The money laundering indictments involved $190,000 in restricted corporate money that was sent to the Republican National State Elections Committee. The national committee returned $190,000 in donations from individuals to seven Texas House candidates.” This looks like making clean money looking dirty. Is that money laundering? If the money was from differing individuals where is the crime Torridjoe. This looks like a trumped up charge.

  27. 34

    NoWonder spews:

    windie @ 30

    ‘Real evidence is good.’

    Exactly, and the link Richard Pope provided is pretty good. In addition, there are thousands of reports and studies available that show the same thing.

    ‘YOu’re not calling out Democratic (supposed) crimes out of fairness, but to lessen and distract from the crimes in question.’

    No, I actually think most of the campaign finance laws are stupid and ineffective. The money will always work its way to the intended target, and these laws just make it less transparent when it does. The growth of 527s in the last cycle is a perfect example. Full disclosure of who gives and how much is the best spotlight, and all the wishes to get money out of the process is just a dream of idealists.

  28. 35

    bill spews:

    Nowonder, yes its a crime regardless of who does it. Hiding the origin of money is a crime. Yes they should all get thrown in prison irregardless of party. Course, as I have said before, all these damn traitors who put party ahead of country should be thrown in jail anyway.

    However, right now, right in front of us is someone who is one of the leaders of the nation who was actually indicted.

    Talking points not withstanding, you can not indict a ham sandwich, and the prosecuter does not get to decide if he has enough evidence. 12 independent people were convinced that there is enough evidence for a trial.

    It seems to me that the rule that applies to justices, that they should not only avoid imprepriety but the appearance of imprepriety should apply to congressmen and women. And before you ask, yes, that is for both dems and reps.

  29. 36

    NoWonder spews:

    bill @ 35

    OK, we can agree on the basics. I will wait to see how the Delay case progresses, yet continue shooting my arrows if I think there is flesh exposed.

    I never actually expect any “fair and balanced” blogging here at HA, and Goldy has every right to use tunnelvision in his rants.

  30. 37

    bill spews:

    Full disclosure of who gives and how much is the best spotlight, and all the wishes to get money out of the process is just a dream of idealists.

    Ok, so I am an idealist, still that is the way the law is currently written, why should I lower my expectactions to the point of accepting that all members of our government are corrupt and I shouldnt have a problem so long as the corruption is spread equally?

    Those responsible for enforcing the law are especially despicable when they break it.

  31. 38

    windie spews:


    I think we all agree on the basics.

    I just wish there were more people who would come on here and argue in good faith on the issues, instead of using rhetorical tricks and dissembling.

    The strength of this place, beyond Goldy’s firey prose, is the fact thats its always an open, free forum. Just so often the opportunity is wasted.

    Of course, what we really need is a rightwing blog thats as open as horsesass is. Unfortunately all the rightwing bloggers are really thinskinned and ban people who disagree.

    If I were to give you a bit of advice, nowonder, its quit trying to go balance balance balance on a lefty blog, and focus on the facts in front of us.

    IE: What do you think of Hastings statements, do you think Delay is guilty or innocent, Et Cetera.

    And then either start your own blog or get Stefan to unban everyone and not start the bans again. Thats what killed (u)SP.

    not that you have to listen to me of course, but I really want real debate on here rather than the crazy distractions and random flames we get all the time (from both sides).

  32. 39

    NoWonder spews:

    bill @ 37

    ‘Those responsible for enforcing the law are especially despicable when they break it.’

    OK, we agree. The ways the money gets to the eventual targets is usually legal, either through loopholes or by new and innovative mechanisms. When it is illegal it should be prosecuted. The point is that the same people who do not want the restrictions are writing the laws to restrict the money. Go figure.

    George Will wrote in a column last year that the US spends more on potato chips than elections. I think that kind of perspective goes a long way in thinking about reform.

  33. 40

    Thomas Trainwinder spews:

    The only embarassment is that there is a committee with the name “ethics” in it.

    Give me a break.

    Ethics hasn’t shown up in DC for decades…

  34. 41

    GBS spews:

    I have a question regarding the “money laundering” that DeLay is charged with.

    If it is proven in a court of law that Tom DeLay did in fact launder money through the Republican National Party, would that make the RNC a party to a felony?

    It would seem to me that without the express cooperation of the RNC the money laundering scheme wouldn’t work.

    Any thoughts?

  35. 42

    JDB spews:


    The minnow cannot survive if he has people pointing out all his mistakes. Of course, as you have pointed out, his site has died since he killed all dissent.

    But, since he has a tendency to erase my posts (and has yet to figure out that I’m smarter than him and can get around his blog when I want to), I thought I would pass on his latest mistake. He claims he found a voter who’s provisional counted even though there was an improper address. Only problem, Mapquest has no problems finding the address. As I posted on the minnow’s site:

    Mapquest had no problems finding the address:


    Posted by JDB at October 4, 2005 04:22 PM

  36. 43

    Puddybud spews:

    If you all are so happy about this on DeLay, why did Ron Earle have to get the second indictment? Because legal scholars other than those in the Houston Chronicle looked at the first one and said it was weak. So what does Earle do? Impanel a second grand jury and gets an indictment in one day. Looks like that ham sandwich is getting hot. Wow, how do you do that?

  37. 44

    Puddybud spews:

    JustDumbBozo: Thread hijacking? What about your good friend Krugman? Agree he’s a pathological liar? Or is that liar you?

    Have you all heard of the new Rocket Racing League? No joke here, but I could see that as great competition. Righties vs. Lefties.

  38. 46

    GBS spews:

    Puddybud @ 43

    What you are saying about getting an indictment in one day is simply not true.

    In the state of Texas a grand jury can only be impaneled for 6 months. DeLay’s lawyers have been throwing up roadblocks for 2 years trying to get these charges delayed (no pun intended) or dropped. The other grand jury did not see the evidence in one day and threw out a haphazard indictment.

  39. 47

    Richard Pope spews:

    JDB @ 42

    The Shark didn’t erase your posting on SP. He answered it.

    By the way, MapQuest will find plenty of non-existent addresses. Address discontinuities are not unusual in King County. For example, if you are in the University District, they have NE 45th St, NE 47th St, and then NE 50th St. You won’t find any 4600’s, 4800’s, or 4900’s on streets such as University Way NE, 15th Ave NE, or Brooklyn Ave NE. But MapQuest will “map” these non-existent addresses for you just fine.

    Don’t know what this has to do with Tom DeLay. Except that Ronnie Earle has about as much of a chance winning a conviction as a business has a chance of making a profit at 4969-1/2 University Way NE in Seattle :)

  40. 48

    GBS spews:

    The list of Republicans that have been arrested, indicted or under criminal investigation is longer than the list of Republicans in congress that served on active military duty.

  41. 49

    GBS spews:

    I predict that Tom DeLay will never hold a leadership position in the Republican Party ever again.

    If this hold true, i.e. DeLay not getting re-elected or abandoning his seat in congress, it means that God is punishing the Republicans for their evil doing.

  42. 50

    Ray spews:

    Delay is facing, from what I read, a potential life sentence over the money laundering charge. Ouch! Also keep in mind that the money laundering indictment only came after Delay shot his mouth off attacking the prosecutor in the press. There’s been some speculation that prior to the indictment Delay may have been engaged in plea discussions with the prosecutor (remember the statute of limitations waiver). The sequence of events might be explained by that. Imagine this, prosecutor compeltes investigation and threatens indictment, plea discussions take place, they fall apart, the prosecutor brings the first indictment to increase pressure, Delay reacts by attacking, prosecutor ramps up pressure even more by bringing second indictment with far more serious consequencies – anything could happen now. Keep in mind that these indictments come after a multi-year investigation where numerous individuals and corporations have been indicteed. The prosecutor’s conduct is not focused solely on Mr. Delay.

  43. 51

    Commander Ogg spews:

    The bug man managed to do the impossible, violate the campaign laws of Texas. Why is this amazing? Texas has no campaign laws. Any one can give as much money to any candidate without restrictions. The only rule, pass early in the 20th centaury during one of those infrequent reform periods, is that no corporation can give money directly to a campaign.

    The indictment claims DeLay’s political committee, Texans for a Republican Majority, accepted corporate contributions and then sent $190,000 to the Republican National Committee with a list of seven Texas state House candidates that should receive contributions. The committee then allegedly issued checks to the candidates for a total of $190,000. In effect, he cheated.

    Now the 11th Commandment must be strictly observed in this situation. The question remains, did Tom break it?

  44. 52

    righton spews:

    Still not quite like Jim Wright and his books, or Tom Foley and his rolls of stamps…

    Oh this is so much fun…

  45. 53

    Puddybud spews:

    GBS and Ray, legal pundits were criticizing Earle’s first indictment as legal loopiness. Earle impanels a second GJ and gets the other indictment. Amazing. That’s all I am saying.

  46. 54

    Janet S spews:

    I’m trying to figure out why Hastings would launch an investigation before DeLay is actually found guilty. Shouldn’t we wait to see if he is convicted of a crime first?

  47. 55

    fire_one spews:

    I don’t understand how someone can so wholeheartedly RAPE the intent of the laws on the books, use the money thus gained to CORRUPT his fellow legislators and push forth the POLICE STATE agenda of this administration, and still not be subject to being shot for TREASON….

  48. 56

    fire_one spews:

    I find it hard to believe that one can RAPE the intent of the laws on the books, use the money thus raised to CORRUPT his fellow legislators, use the votes thus gained to push forward the POLICE STATE legislation of this administration, and still not be eligible for the DEATH PENALTY…

  49. 59

    headless lucy spews:

    re 15: Then indict the Dems. that are guilty. Y’all spent 70 million dollars on a blowjob, and you’re dropping the ball on the money angle? You’re either lying or stupid.

  50. 60

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    I find it hard to believe that one can RAPE the intent of the laws on the books, use the money thus raised to CORRUPT his fellow legislators, use the votes thus gained to push forward the POLICE STATE legislation of this administration, and still not be eligible for the DEATH PENALTY… -Comment by fire_one— 10/4/05 @ 7:39 pm

    I don’t either, and yet there she is … sitting senator from New York.

  51. 63

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    …are we not accepting new posts? -Comment by fire_one— 10/4/05 @ 7:40 pm

    the damned cheap ASS filter i sprobably clogged because they are all out drinking liberally/

  52. 66

    Puddybud spews:

    ProudAss, I wondered if Goldy performs a join of certain words to the poster. R@pe & socia@list gets through for libs while our posts are delayed so their effect is affected!!!

  53. 67

    Curtis Love spews:

    Richard Pope
    I believe you are incorrect. Texas law prohibits a corp from contributing to “a political party” (no distinction between local and national levels) within 60 days of the election. They did, and Delay helped them try to cover their tracks. That’s the money laundering. Looking forward to the convction.

    Text of “laundering” indictment

  54. 68

    Michael spews:

    @42 Mapquest had no problems finding the address:

    Mapquest also had no problems finding 1314 9/32 19th Ave Seattle, WA US. I think you misunderstand how Mapquest works.

  55. 69

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    It seems Mr Earle had to go grand jury shopping until he found one he liked!

    It will be another case of premature/mispalced liberal glee falling apart with time and truth… oh wait… it already is.

  56. 70

    GBS spews:

    Puddybud @ 53

    There were 6 grand juries impaneled in Tom DeLay’s case. Not because Earle is on a witch hunt, ala Ken Starr. Rather, the GJ can only be impaneled for 6 months uner Texas State law.

    DeLay’s lawyers have been throwing up roadblocks from day one to delay the charges or have them dropped. The wheels of justice may turn slow, but they do turn. And, DeLay, if guilty, will pay for his crimes. If he’s innocent, then he’ll go a free man. At this moment in life, I consider him innocent until a jury convicts him or he confesses.

  57. 71

    Ray spews:

    Delay admits to having “mispoken” to the grand jury. On Rush’s show 10/4 :


    I can’t really talk about specifics of that interview because it’s under grand jury secrecy and, unlike Ronnie Earle, I’m going to adhere to that agreement, but suffice it to say, I misspoke one sentence — one sentence — and they have based all of this on one sentence, and that basically, they think that before the check was cut and sent to the Republican National Committee, I approved that check, which is totally false. I didn’t know that this went on ’til well after it had happened.

    Does this strike you as a logical explanation? First, Delay says the indictment is baseless – now he says its a misunderstanding? IMHO Delay’s tail spin begins on Friday and he cops a plea before the end of the year.

    BTW – how’s Rush’s criminal case going? Will he still be able to broadcast from prison, or will we get a bit of peace and quite on the airways for a while.

  58. 72

    GBS spews:

    Ray @ 71

    If Rush ends up in prison he’s going to be passed around the cell block like a cheap bottle of whiskey around the campfire.

    That ought to get Ms Chickenhawk’s (aka Mr. Cynical) fantasies flowing. He loves the bestiality, homo talk big time.

  59. 74

    GBS spews:

    @ 73

    The document you linked to is patently false. There is a glaring error in the document that substantiates that it is a false document.

    Can you spot the error?

  60. 75


    puddy, multiple places:
    Can you NAME or CITE these “legal pundits?” So far we have two noninvolved parties who say the law is fine, and…Tom DeLay’s lawyers on the other side. Who are the legal pundits of which you speak?

    Ray @ 71
    DeLay is making crap up about “grand jury secrecy.” A witness is free to declare what they told a grand jury at any time. If you are NOT the witness, you are bound to secrecy–but the witness himself can hold a press conference as soon as he leaves the courtroom, and tell all.

  61. 76

    Puddybud spews:

    Torridjoe: I am in Atlanta. I saw an interview yesterday on TV while in my hotel. I didn’t have pen and paper in hand saying, “Torridjoe will ask for legal punditry references. I better write these down!”

    Regarding the GJ Testimony: I saw where Ron Earle had a one-on-one interview with Tom DeLay. Was he properly deposed with a hand on the Bible? Was it a casual interview? We’ll see when this goes to trial.

    Did you all know this about Ron Earle? He played a gotcha game with Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, bringing criminal charges against her. In Hutchinson’s case, though, all charges ended up being dismissed or dropped, and Earle was foiled in his attempt to get her.

    I think this is kind of strange: “Mark Birnbaum, a self-described producer, director, writer, cameraman and editor, has been wearing the Michael Moore cap. Astoundingly, the Peabody Award winner’s Web site says that the “new documentary work-in-progress was screened as the closing feature at this year’s Dallas Video Festival.”

    The DeLay piece even has a title. It’s called “The Big Buy” and is described as “Raymond Chandler meets Willie Nelson on the corner of Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.”

    The film’s plot, according to Birnbaum, involves “maverick Austin DA Ronnie Earle’s investigation into what really happened when corporate money joined forces with relentless political ambitions to help swing the pivotal 2002 Texas elections, cementing Republican control from Austin to Washington D.C.”

    Already making a movie about this? Strange!

  62. 77

    Puddybud spews:

    GBS: I see you took special time to waste pixels on Rush and being someone’s butt buddy and then project it on Cynical. Strange? You bet!

  63. 78

    GBS spews:


    Have you really read Ms. Chickenhawks posts and how often they refer to something sexual? In particular; homoerotica.

    Strange? Not really, given his Cowardice’s track record!

  64. 79

    Puddybud spews:

    More digging. Ron Earle in May told a Democratic Fundraiser in May

    From the Houston Chronicle… “Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, who denies partisan motives… was the featured speaker last week at a Democratic fund-raiser where he spoke directly about the congressman.

    “This case is not just about Tom DeLay. If it isn’t this Tom DeLay, it’ll be another one, just like one bully replaces the one before,” Earle said. I’m the guy who is going to bring down Tom Delay.” He says this before the GJ brings back a verdict to indict? Yeah it’s not political Torridjoe.

    Also look at who is a friend of Ron Earle.

    Notable Contributors
    Ronnie Earle

    Tommy Jacks, former pres., Texas Trial Lawyers Assn., $5,000
    Lee Walker and Jennifer Vickers, Capital Metro Board chair, $5,000
    Ross Garber, former Vignette chief, $5,000
    Jack Martin, Public Strategies owner, $5,000
    Jan Lindelow, Tivoli Systems chief, $3,000
    Robin Rather and David Murray, tech business owner and guitarist, $2,000 Dan Rather’s Daughter
    Roy Spence, GSD&M chief, $2,000
    Dick Brown, developer lobbyist, $1,000

    I found this too on the Internet: “Dan Rather himself raised money in 2001 for the Travis County, Texas, Democratic Party, at the request of his daughter. His daughter, Robin, is a Democratic Party activist and contributor. She lives in Texas. She has contributed to Kerry for president, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

    This is the 3rd GJ. #1 said no, #2 was misled and then he impanels a 3rd on moneylaundering. I thought money laundering was the use of dirty money trying to make it clean. The Texas laws prohibit corporate contributions for state election fundraising, however it does not prohibit corporate contributions to national PACs which in tern give that corporate money to the National GOP, and then receive equal value private funds to invest in state election fundraising.

  65. 81

    Puddybud spews:

    You see GBS, I follow the Ron Earle Story.

    The above contributions list are from: I hit the button too fast.

    I remember this too. – Can you imagine the husband of the killed rookie officer who through Earle’s screwup watched his wife’s killer get off with a light sentence?

    Ya see Torridjoe, ya force me to go there.

    Guys, the Travis County Democrat Party was the organization that faxed the forged memos to Dan Rather’s 60 Minutes Wednesday hit piece on GWB and the TANG. Some more on Travis County:

  66. 82

    Puddybud spews:

    Windie: Are you upset that I am finding stuff out that Goldy can fathom how to dig or chooses to ignore? It all is coming together. I think Dan Rather is trying through his daughter to strike back. All I am doing is untieing the Gordian Knot called Travis County Politics!!!

    Ya know when I get some free time I may create a conservative political blog site in the NW. At least I dig the Internet instead of putting up innuendo from other blog sites!

  67. 83

    Puddybud spews:

    “As combatants, the two are opposites: Mr. Earle, the product of a progressive, laid-back community where bumper stickers urge residents to “Keep Austin Weird”” – Isn’t that what animal hind parts lefties are doing to Seattle: – Keep Seattle Weird?

    What about Ron Earle the NY Times guest editorial columnist? Forgot this too?

  68. 85


    so the playbook came from DeLay’s office today, Puddy? Ignore the fact that DeLay has been indicted on illegal shit that he’s now changing his story on (from “untrue” to “misquoted”), and begin attacking the prosecuter for some unknown reason–since he did not return any indictments against DeLay?

    You’ve spent a whole bunch of time coming up with nothing. Movie? Who cares? Speaking engagement? Who cares? I wish I had the first clue what Dan Rather had to do with anything. What does any of it have to do with the strength of the charges put up by the citizens of Texas?

  69. 86

    Puddybud spews:

    What play book? Where I am working this week, I have no access to the day’s stuff except at breaks and lunch. I can’t receive emails at all.

    I thought money laundering was the acquisition and use of dirty money trying to make it clean. The Texas laws prohibit corporate contributions for state election fundraising, however it does not prohibit corporate contributions to national PACs which in turn give that corporate money to the National GOP, and then receive equal value private funds to invest in state election fundraising. If the money was leagally gained where is the problem? Ron Earle hates DeLay and is after him. Can you tell me Torridjoe where is the laundering?

    Try reading from this web site:

  70. 87

    Puddybud spews:

    Citizens of Texas? Travis County is one of the more liberal counties in Texas, with most of the local judges and countywide officials Democrats.

  71. 89

    Axl-Rod spews:

    haha Delay’s going down – say bye-bye Pubes.

    the whining on the right is getting verrrrryyy feeble.

    I was just watching the Bush-dolt speaking on tv (sound off).

    and as he’s flapping the message line says “Bush Support at 37%”

    haha it’s like watching someone take a shit on his head LIVE !

  72. 90

    windie spews:

    at least TJ knew what I meant.

    Bizzare conspiracy theories about Rather striking back at Delay for… whatever is pretty good stuff, I’ll admit. But its also tin-hat stuff.

  73. 91


    Puddy @ 86
    evidence exists showing that DeLay and his conspirators deliberately sought to route corporate money back to Texas candidates. They wrote out a letter detailing which candidate would get which money. Maybe the corporations didn’t know where their money would end up (yeah, right), but clearly DeLay and his cronies did. And that would be illegal.

  74. 92

    Puddybud spews:

    Hmmm…? If you send the money up and it’s cleanly gotten, and then you ask for donations in kind, I want to see where that is law breaking. If that’s the case Torridjoe, I would want a judge’s ruling before I cause jump like most of you here on animal hind parts. If a judge says so, I’ll concede my point. But until then he’s innocent until proven guilty. Yet all of you gleefully are convicting him before a trial. I guess thats the LEFTIST PINHEAD way nowadays.