Herbert Hoover Eyman wants more money

And here we thought risky loans were not acceptable anymore. Guess the right wing initiative business is the last frontier for multi-level demagoguery.

For only $19.95 plus postage you get the amazing Jobs-B-Gone Package and if you act now Sugar Daddy will see you get a full set of Ultra-Sharp Political Advertising, guaranteed to slice, dice and purée fact into little teeny bits.

As seen in your local newspaper! Act now!


  1. 1

    Mean Neighbor Lady spews:

    I think that we should sponsor an initiative that limits the number of initiatives has been frat rats are allowed to pursue.

  2. 2

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    So Eyman’s supporters don’t have e-mail and he needs money to contact them by snail mail to raise more money. Figures. I’ve always suspected they don’t have electricity in those trailer parks.

  3. 3

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Eyman takes money from $9-an-hour security guards and parking lot attendants, and gives it to $450-an-hour attorneys working for a Bellevue law firm. I mention that just so you know.

  4. 4

    seabos84 spews:

    isn’t this ponzi scheme timmy?

    … well, actually, as I think about it …

    in a ponzi scheme you need new chumps to pay off the first chumps so the first chumps help you get newer chumps …

    timmy ain’t got a dime? from his earlier escapades, so, he’s gotta keep hustling.

    maybe it is Under-Th-Bridge Timmy ? the guys you give a buck to, and when they get to 2 dollars they quit panhandling and drink it up?


  5. 5

    correctnotright spews:

    @2: Eyeman has some rich buddies and the rest of his supporters probably can’t read the snail mail or the E-mail.

    The people of this state have wised up to eyeman and his pathetic initiatives. He is losing more now and most of his initiatives have been dedclared unconstitutional. thje main beneficiaries of his largess have been the lawyers.

  6. 6

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Less noticed amidst Eyman’s sturm und drang is another initiative filed on Monday.

    Linda Cox, of Chelan, is taking another run at enacting a Jarvis-Gann clone in Washington. Cox’s scheme would roll back property assessments to 2005 levels and then virtually freeze them there, with valuation increases limited to 1% a year, until the property is sold. Assessments of inherited properties would be frozen at their value when they were inherited.

    This type of tax-limiting scheme results in the owners of identical side-by-side properties paying vastly different taxes, and screws young families badly, who tend to be the new purchasers who get socked with exponentially higher assessments and taxes while their tenured neighbors get to skate. It also produces market distortions by discouraging property sales and encouraging creative tax-dodging schemes that effectively transfer possession of properties without changing the names on the title.

    The last time a POS like this made it onto Washington’s ballot, our state’s voters were wise enough to see through it, and it was soundly defeated. Hopefully, this one won’t get the 241,000 signatures required to make it onto the ballot.

    (Source: Seattle Times)

  7. 7

    ArtFart spews:

    Comparing Timmie to Herbert Hoover is an insult to the latter.

    Hoover worked for 20 years as an engineer. Tim, it seems, can’t balance his own checkbook.

  8. 8


    Now, now, now, ArtFart.

    Of course Eyman can balance his checkbook. All he has to do is ask Mike Dunmire for another check.

    What does Dunmire get out of their “relationship”?

  9. 9

    HappyHeathen spews:

    Someplace I read that Eyman paid $2 a signature. Does that mean if someone signs one of those petitions with a fictitious name and address he still pays the $2? Just thinking here how that would be dishonest. Yep, that is what I was thinking.

  10. 10

    mark spews:

    @9 Sounds like he’s merely competing with Acorn. Don’t they give you a bag of crack if
    you get on the bus and vote 9 times for the
    great one?

  11. 11

    mark spews:

    @9 Sounds like he’s merely competing with Acorn. Don’t they give you a bag of crack if
    you get on the bus and vote 9 times for the
    great one?

  12. 12

    Some Guy In Lakewood spews:

    Just wondering, if Eyeman’s initiative was to pass , does that mean we couldn’t pay UW’s new defensive coordinator $2.1 million?

  13. 13

    rhp6033 spews:

    Art @ 7: Yep, you are absolutely right about Hoover.

    Hoover actually could have been a pretty fair President in normal times. He pushed through quite a few big-water projects (mostly dams for flood-water control) even before he became President, despite objections from other Republicans that such projects should be financed locally, or privatly owned. He organized efforts to feed the refugees of Europe after both WWI and WWII, and to assist those displaced by the Mississippi flooding of the 1920’s. He was an accomplished engineer and had traveled widely.

    He largly inherited the Great Depression, who’s seeds were sown in the previous Republican administrations’ hands-off approach to business and financial regulation. He wasn’t indifferent to the suffering of the average Americans. But the old formula of tax cuts to stimulate the economy doesn’t work when nobody’s working. Hoover couldn’t solve the Depression problem because (a) he didn’t have the vision of the scope of the government programs necessary to solve such a really big problem, and (b) even if he did have the vision, his Republican base of supporters never would have allowed him to implement it.

    Eyeman, on the other hand, is perfectly willing to make a buck by making life miserable for most of us (as long as it benefits his handful of wealthy supporters), and lie about it in the process.

  14. 14

    rhp6033 spews:

    Mark @ 11: Nope. Acorn screens it’s registrations and identifies suspectec problems. But in many states it is illegal for them not to submit a suspect voter registration, and must submit it anyway, even though at the same time it submits to the registar the reason why it thinks it should be rejected.

    Actually, this type of law makes sense – otherwise people soliciting voter registrations could then just dump them in the trash, leaving the voter to think he had already registered, and likely to find out otherwise only when it’s too late to attempt to register again.

    Eyeman, on the other hand, agressively fought all attempts to do a quality check on initiative registrations. He didn’t want his signature gatherers to be required to identify themselves. He argued that false initiative signatures “weren’t proven to be a problem”, and then argued that the state couldn’t even check to see if they were a problem.

  15. 15

    Bob Gogerty spews:

    Eyman has such a simple job for money and glory.

    He has to have folks that hate him, and then convince his followers that they hate Tim, because they hate them. He’s just their leader, who stands up for them.

    He’s not the problem, he just picks his enemies well.

    The worst scenario is to have big government, fighting Tim to the death, and pretending to be doing this for the protection of the citizens. Works every time but not for those being fought over.

  16. 16

    alex spews:

    @6: And yet it’s apparently perfectly all right for me and my neighbor to make the same amount of income and yet pay vastly different federal income taxes because some life style choices are subsidized by the tax system and others are not. Own vs. rent? Tax bonus. Own an outsized mortgage you can’t afford? Major tax bonus. Have lots of kids? Mega tax bonus.

  17. 17

    WatchmanOnTheWall spews:

    So Alex get a job, find a wife, buy a house that will be acceptable to raise kids in. Pay property taxes,Have kids, Buy insurance on a family plan.Buy the groceries it takes to feed the kids and wife,Buy a car for the family to travel in and do all the upkeep on all of it. then you can pay the same amount of taxes your neighbor does.Sounds easy right.