Hell to pay

Just a couple more hours left in the Daily Kos “Hell to Pay” fundraiser for Darcy Burner, and they’ve raised over $18,000 $20,565.  Huh.  That’s great.  But it’s still less than the $25,000 Al Franken raised last week.  So if you haven’t yet given to the campaign (or you haven’t yet given all you plan to give), now’s a great time to give so that Darcy can air more effective ads like this:



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    Change in Time spews:

    I sent $50.00 Darcy’s way tonight. I don’t live in the eighth, but DAMN, she is an inspiration! You mean a congressperson who represents the PEOPLE? I really like the sound of that!

  2. 2

    YLB spews:

    I worked a registration table today at a place with a moderate to busy amount of foot traffic. The Obama campaign has signed up over 1000 people to vote at this one location.

    I met people who just literally moved to WA State today as well as assisted with name and address changes.

    Multiply this kind of activity by many, many people inspired by Barack Obama’s message of change and progress up and down Western Washington.

    Sorry Wingnuts. This State’s electoral votes are going to Barack Obama!

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    The Real Puddybud spews:

    Hey Goldy, why not contact Charles B. Rangel and ask if AIG done spent any of that $10,000,000 he received as AIG donations in July 2007 for the Charles B. Rangel Center.

    I guess old Chucky can help Darcy Rangel-in some of Dem donations!

  4. 5

    Jerry spews:

    Darcy is working hard.

    She is so cool and has so much to offer.

    I have not in her district, but sending 10.00.

    Hope it helps.

    She need a better hair cut, and some better looking business suits.

  5. 6

    kirk91 spews:

    Didn’t you hear her house burned down and she had to go to Value Village? Anyhow, she still has a ‘cool’, geek shirt so we know she will represent ‘us’.

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    SeattleJew spews:

    The SJ crew chipped in too.

    If anyone here needs a reason:

    The House Minortty Repricans

    Thyese guys are getting worse, not better. Their leadership has consolidated under the Dobson wing. They are no longer true Republicans, they are now the part of the radical religious right, Americas Own.

    Where does Reichert stand in al this? Unlike Goldy, I have a lot of respect for moderate Republicans. Reichert may be one. But as long as he adds clout to the power of the America’s Own to fuck up Congress, I will not vote for anyone calling himself a Republican,

    Look at it this way .. someone should ask Reichert whether he condones the behaviour of his part in re the scandals at the Air Force Academy, the fucked up immingration policies, the gurring of the NIH, taxing the poor to supprt the rich, healthcare .. and oh yeh, Palin.

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    Mark1 spews:


    I saw her at Starbuck’s serving coffee. She is qualified to do that. Nice apron. The only problem was she kept getting mesmerized with curiousity at the shiney quarters people left her on the tables.

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    MrRcguy spews:

    Silly, silly, silly. Darcy is a total lightweight. Listening to her try to mold her lack of experience to situational questions is really painful. It’s a lot like watching Palin trying to answer questions. There is just nothing in either of their backgrounds that qualifies them to be seeking these positions. Yet. Not that they can’t be, just that currently it is very obvious that neither of them are.

    It is so obvious watching Burner’s commercials that she has nothing at all to offer this level of position. Maybe if she took the time to get some local experience she might be able to run for this position after a couple of cycles.

    Oh well. You all keep trying to find a reason she should be there instead of Reichert. You have to feel funny though, trying to build her up while we all know that she has the same problem we are bashing Palin on.

    @1: You don’t know what she’ll do. Represent the people? How? She has no experience at this level. It’s like taking a B level volleyball player and tossing them into an Open level competition. Ouch 25 – 0 trouncing every time. You really want that? She hasn’t even managed any kind of entity really. Nothing that has this much pressure or even remotely affects this many people.

    @2: Vote for Darcy because of Barack? Wow. Just Wow. How silly is that.

  9. 10

    rla spews:


    Two things.

    1) Dave Reichert does nearly nothing for the district. He’s down at the bottom of the list in nearly every power survey available. I once told a push polling young republican who came to my door that I’d vote for a rotten avocado before I’d vote for Dino Rossi because the state would get more out of and be way better off with the avocado. Same applies here. I’d support anybody with decent intentions and intelligence over Reichert, even another republican.

    2) Yes she has no experience. She has large caucus to support her. She has a great congressional delegation from Washington to work with. And she’s only got two years. If she makes mistakes they will be entirely limited by the fact that she’s one of 435. Palin is a different story. I’m very afraid someone with so little experience will be given the same power as Cheney has today, which is unprecedented in our history. Policy making ability, appointment oversight, hiring vetos for executive offices, energy policy, and the head of the table at the NSC. Even giving someone with her level of experience the tie breaking power in the Senate would be way more powerful than 1 of 435 with a support system that the people of this state voted for. Who will support Palin? Nobody we vote for, and whomever the party decides need to be her keepers. I am WAY less comfortable with this than I am with replacing an ineffectual congressmen…