Hell hath no fury like a hairdo scorned

Man… and I thought the comment threads here on HA were a little nutty. Take a look at this gem from a comment thread over on (u)SP:

Who ARE you? Stephan may know, but I don’t. […] I want to know who you are. You are rude, ill mannered, and how dare you insult my perm? I have it done by the same person who does perms for a very well liked, very powerful and very well respected elected woman in the Republican Party.

Watch who you insult. With that in mind, I will make sure that this elected official is informed what you think of our hairdresser. She will definitely not like it. This could come back to bite you and seriously hurt your political career if you are who I think you are.

In addition, do understand that I am a professional business woman, and there is monetary value attached to libel.
Posted by: Ruth Gibbs on October 26, 2007 10:42 PM

Threatening a libel suit over an insulted perm… that’s either the work of a brilliant satirist, or a typical Republican candidate in an overwhelmingly Democratic district.


  1. 1

    headless lucy spews:

    In perusing her headshot, I would suspect a bad perm should be the least of her body-image concerns.

    She needs to do a spoon and forkectomy on her dominant hand. It’s a simple procedure, but it does take some willpower.

  2. 2



    Since you’re headless, Lucy, where do you get off commenting on the state of anyone’s hair care?

    And if you treated Charlie Brown with a bit more respect, maybe your headless state of being might end.

    The Piper

  3. 3

    sparky spews:

    The problem is, her hairstyle is about 20 years out of date. Poodle Perms were very popular in the late 70’s -early 80s. The chemicals in perms are really hard on your hair. Ms. Gibbs is not a bad looking woman– she could just benefit from updating her look, including the scarf. Why do they always wear scarves?

    and Piper..when one brings attention to one’s hair and one’s outrage at criticism on a blog, one opens oneself up for comment. One duz..

  4. 5

    headless lucy spews:

    re : You are the only person who has ever understood what I really meant by that name. Good for you, Piper!

  5. 8

    Tlazolteotl spews:

    Too bad more voters couldn’t see this comment. Providing that it was in fact made by Ruth Gibbs, I think it speaks volumes about her professionalism (read: lack of) and personal style in interpersonal dealings (read: petty, scorched-earth). Just goes to show that the scum rises to the top, at least in politics.

  6. 9

    Adam spews:

    if this is political debate – things have reached an all time low

    and war rages

    and hunger persists

    and too many babies die at birth

    and education seems in decline – oh, I guess that is obvious

    several friends are hair benders, where is the photo?

  7. 10

    Adam spews:

    did a google – she looks great – given what there is to work with

    this woman was never a beauty, and her hair is sparse and badly cut

    bad color to boot, too much red

    her politics are worse I bet – bet her cookies are famous and she likes to quilt

    lots of bets

  8. 11

    Mark1 spews:

    Nah, Lucy indeed has a head alright; it’s just crammed so far up her ass it just appears that she is lacking one.

  9. 13

    Darcy Christ Superstar spews:

    Yesterday I went back to the back-and-forth about anonymous blogging, and became convinced that some of us take ourselves too seriously. Mr. Goldstein, for example, uses the ridiculous HA to give him the illusion of being a player. I use Goldstein’s ridiculous HA to twist his little pink tail.

    The Scott uses HA to impart civility and to improve discourse, alas, futile exercises that give futility a bad name. Expenditures of mental effort and moral capital are unrewarded here. That’s why we’re here, wasting time while time is wasting us. Most of us know this a pointless, frivolous, and futile game; most of us like it like that.

  10. 14

    Alcina spews:

    Ruth Gibbs is Chair of the 11 LD GOP. She ran for St. Rep. in 2004 against Bob Haswgawa and she only got 34 percent of the vote. Having been in the same room with her on a couple of occasions at community meetings, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she actually is the person who posted this in the comments on SP. To say she’s a little prickly, would be an understatment.

  11. 16

    Ludicrus Maximus spews:

    The quality of our political leaders truly seems to be going down the toilet. This is the kind of thing I’d expect from some rube running for my condo owner’s association, not from someone running for the state legislature.

    If she’s so thin-skinned about something as petty as her hairdo, there’s no way she’ll survive the sharp-elbowed world of Olympia.

  12. 17

    Darcy Christ Superstar spews:

    More: Rabbi Goldstein gets to preen and pose here as a policy wonkette, despite saying or implying that he’s an Econ idiot, an assertion or implication that he proceeds to prove daily. Not that economic fluency leads axiomatically to useful policy analysis, but that useful analysis is unlikely without fluency or familiarity with economic axioms.

    Proof? Check the polar bear post, below, to see why Bjorn is a better guide than Weird Al Gore to the world we live in. Lomborg has the economic wisdom to understand the economic margin: How many millions or billions of dollars, who many resources, to you Goldycrats and Gorecrats want to divert from other uses to “save” a marginal fraction of a “drowning” polar bear?

    It’s a question that Goldstream PowerPoint prophets probably can’t understand, much less answer, so their sock puppets and poodles throw pies and tantrums. It’s what the Left does best.

  13. 19

    headless lucy spews:

    Piper, according to your fan, your writings are: “…futile exercises that give futility a bad name.”

    Is that what you are up to, Piper? Giving futility a bad name?

  14. 20

    Typo Dong Missile spews:

    ” … how many resources, do you Goldycrats …”

    Isn’t that special. Headlice Lucy swishing at the excellent Piper about futility.

  15. 21

    headless lucy spews:

    re 20 — The only one who calls me ‘head lice’ is Puddybud. Are you ‘reneging’ on your vow not to post on HA?

    A winger lying!!! How can that be?

  16. 23

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Let’s see. Stefan signed his name to the thread and 5 posts ahead of Miz Gibbs before she managed to misspell his name as “Stephan,” and Miz Gibbs is running for leg in a district that votes 3-to-1 Democratic in every local race.

    They don’t grow smart Republicans down in Renton’s weeds, do they?

  17. 24

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Apparently her plan to “improve transportation” is to “supplement public freeways with private toll roads.”

    I wonder where she’s going to get the right-of-way for these private toll roads?

  18. 25

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Maybe Miz Gibbs plans to dig a tunnel connecting Renton and Puyallup to relieve congestion on SR 167. Since tunnels go for $500 million a mile these days, I wonder how many private investors she’ll find for that venture?

    Let’s say they build a private toll road for $10 billion with 2 lanes in each direction. To keep congestion down and travel speeds up, let’s figure 1,000 cars an hour each way. That’s 48,000 cars a day. Since the average stock P/E is close to 20, let’s figure on getting a return that would pay it off in 20 years, to make it competitive with investing in stocks. $10 billion divided by 20 years divided by 365 days divided by 48,000 cars = $28.54 toll per trip to break even. Let’s make it $30 so we can pay the CEO a salary and pay a modest dividend to the shareholders.

    I wonder how many people will pay 30 bucks to use Miz Gibbs’ private toll road? I wonder how many investors will line up at her door to buy shares in this venture? I wonder how many 11th district voters will actually vote for this idiot with the 1950s hairdo?

  19. 28

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Not content with getting her clock cleaned in 2004 by running in a hopelessly Democratic district, she’s pulling a Richard Pope by tilting at the same windmill again.

    When you see someone bashing their head against a stone wall, you admire their persistence, but not their intelligence.

  20. 29

    grandgadfly spews:

    Ruth Gibbs is a rapacious right wing loon, or is she a legislator from Southwest Washington in a saucy dress?

    She is lobbing hand grenades in a glass house.

    Mean spirited and stupid get you that hairdoo.