by Lee, 12/23/2011, 10:36 PM

I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. My time to write here has certainly been limited and that will likely continue through 2012, but I still really enjoy the HA community and value the feedback I get whenever I do have time to share my thoughts (which I do more and more on Twitter these days).

The next year will be an exciting one for our family. We’re expecting a baby daughter at the end of April. It’ll be our second. Zach is almost 3 now and is still a major chick magnet (if, by chick, you mean old ladies at the grocery store). We’ll see how much he enjoys being a big brother. Being a dad has been a wonderful journey, and if there’s anything that I don’t mind keeping me from being able to blog more, it’s that.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for the new year!

9 Responses to “Happy Holidays!”

1. Steve spews:

A Merry Christmas to you Lee, and to all the folks here at HA.

2. YLB spews:

Congrats Lee.. It’s been a long while since my second came into the world so I’ve probably got this wrong:

2 times the kids, 3 times the work..

Someone correct me if it’s really 4 times..

No biggie. Just comes with the territory. Happy Holidays.

3. Rujax! spews:

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to you all!

I really enjoy our little community of crap fighters here…thank you all for being such great liberals and so damn smart!!

4. Lee spews:

2 times the kids, 3 times the work..

Someone correct me if it’s really 4 times..

I’ll let you know, but I’ve heard from several of my friends that it’s a little easier the second time because you’re more ready for it, but that older siblings can be a handful.

Merry Christmas!

5. czechsaaz spews:

whatever you believe, or what your plans are for the next few days, Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.

Or even asalaam alaikum.

6. Michael spews:

Merry Jul, Wrens Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, and whatever you might be celebrating everyone.

7. YLB spews:

4 – A “little” easier? Heh. They’re having a little fun with you.


8. Puddybud spews:

Merry Christmas to all the HA leftist loons!

9. Blue John spews:

Season’s Greetings,
Happy Hanukkah,
Happy Kwanza,
Happy Festivus,
Joyous Flying Spaghetti Monster day,
Merry Christmas!