Happy birthDay blatherWatch

Today is blatherWatch‘s first blogoversary, and well… I feel somewhat ashamed. Michael Hood had asked me for a testimonial to join the many others he’s posted online, and well… I just plain forgot.

I may actually be blatherWatch’s most loyal reader, having “discovered” it on it’s 2nd day of life… after Michael sent me an email fishing for a link in my blogroll. I’ve been a regular reader ever since, not just because I’m fascinated by his subject matter, but because it happens to be one of best written and most entertaining blogs out there.

I also feel a touch of pride over blatherWatch’s success, and not just because of my early efforts to kick traffic its way. Looking back at our first email exchange, I see that I not only enthusiastically welcomed Michael’s efforts, I also discovered that I made a tiny contribution to blatherWatch’s unique personality:

I’ve actually imagined just such a blog, and would be happy to offer you my tagline: “Listening to talk radio, so you don’t have to.” Or something like that.

And the rest is history. Thanks Michael, for a great first year, for unselfishly taking this extraordinary burden upon yourself… and for giving that tagline a better home than I ever could have.


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    DT spews:

    Jeez, where did all these nasty comments come from? Quite a bunch of cheerleaders you have in the GOP community, Goldy. I also love to read Blatherwatch. It’s my second favorite blog. Congratulations to both of you!

    David from homesteadbook.com

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    Oink spews:

    dj says “Here is an idea. Go get one of those wire-type coat hangers and bend it straight. Then proceede to shove it up your ass. In and out and in and out. Then surf over to http://www.EyesCrossedAndDrool.....ndPain.org
    Ohh…and be careful not to stain the carpet….
    Comment by dj— 2/20/06 @ 10:51 pm

    Undoubtedly you speak from firsthanger….errrrr firsthand experience dj. When will you try and pursue a real life?

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    Goldy is a pompous ass spews:

    As usual, Goldy can’t even manage to give praise without a little commercial for himself. When are you dolts going to get it, this blog is nothing more than Goldy’s personal ego masturbation.

  4. 5

    BOB from BOEING spews:

    dj — your suggestion is very violent and not mentally healthy. I used to read your posts, they have degenerated to ranting.

    Curious why you think that is OK. I don’t mind saying fuck, but violence crosses into my own head space.

    The righties have gotten to you it seems. Too bad.

  5. 6

    BOB from BOEING spews:

    This radio blog is just fine, I guess – some people have a lot of spare time. Right wing talk radio has been the same scipt for 15 years. So one would listen to the same crap over and over and over – then suggest something is better because it has been reported, blogged about, to people who don’t like it eonough to listen to it themselves.

    Gee whiz –Mommie is proud. Daddy too. One candle, and Goldy will post on Court Decisions.

    There is a food kitchen at the Union Gospel Mission that needs help. And it is hip to help. Can have the radio on and blog about what eaters think of the droning and moaning talkers. And I tell you for sure, give a shit, will be the soft side of the profane.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:


    I give a shit too! Take your constipation to somewhere else. Hey — I know!!! Go shit on Stefan’s pathetic little blog — a little fertilizer would improve it.

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    Jimmy Cattes spews:

    This thread is just what I need on a Holiday late night. And Jim West is here posting.

    Jim, call me I am so sorry. Your name is cleared now, get in he US Senate race, quick. We need an Eastern Washington voice, Mc Gavick is nothing. Call me, please.


  8. 9

    Another TJ spews:

    Congrats Michael. Listening to that stuff is difficult for people who breathe with their mouths closed. All I can say is better you than me. Keep up the good work.

  9. 10

    Tree Frog Farmer spews:

    Congrats, Michael. Like the blog. Unfortunately here, we have an ‘idiot’s jamboree’ on the comment threads.

  10. 12

    Ken Mehlman spews:

    West, you loser! RUFUS and Oink are MY punks! They are off limits!

    You committed the ultimate sin for a Republican – you got caught! There is only one consequence for Republicans who gets caught – THEIR PAST IS ERASED AND THEY ARE TRANSFORMED INTO A LIBERAL!

  11. 14

    Jim West spews:

    Oink! We had such a great time at Mr. Cynical’s horse stable in Enuclaw. I need to see you again!

    Please bring RUFUS. I can’t get enough new punks.

  12. 15

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    Man. It must take some kind of constitution to listen to that shit all the time. Hey, look, oink! I give a shit!!!

    Consider the site bookmarked, Goldy. Thanks.

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    [JCH] spews:

    Robert Mugabe’s birthday party is at REV AA’s house. Don’t “axe” what’s in the African meatballs!

  14. 17

    [JCH] spews:

    ” ‘Massification’ — the tendency of liberal institutions, in the nocturnal twilight of Marxist collectivism, to insist on memorials to classes of people, not individuals.” [Blacks, gays, “progressives”, socialists, etc]

  15. 18

    [JCH] spews:

    Moscow – A cold spell exceptional even for Russia deepened on Thursday with temperatures in the capital dropping, more people freezing to death on the streets, pipes bursting and several villages being left without heat.The mercury dropped to -31 Celsius, or -24 Fahrenheit, overnight in Moscow and the usually bustling city ground to a slower pace as car starters froze, elevators broke down and buses stopped working. [This looks like a great week for the Moscow “Global Warming” Conference. Note that the Democrats and libs prefer to meet in Kapalua, Maui, in June or July]

  16. 19

    [JCH] spews:

    It’s Robert Mugabe’s birthday today, too!! How exciting for you libs to celebrate all these “progressives” birthdays!