Happy 10th Blogiversary to Me!

Ten years ago today I published my first blog post, and HA is celebrating with a long overdue facelift: Bigger, cleaner, mobile responsive, and easier on my aging eyes. (Oh no! Changes! Complain in the comment thread if you want—I’m still making tweaks, and I’m eager to consider your feedback before mostly ignoring it.)

As for HA’s bilious innards, well, that’s sure as hell not changing. Re-reading that introductory post, it’s kinda funny how I managed to get the original vision for HA so remarkably right, while at the same time being so totally clueless as to how blogging would come to dominate my life. At the start, I told myself that blogging would be a good exercise in forcing myself to write every day. Writing three, four, sometimes five posts a day was never in my plans.

Anyway, I don’t feel like getting sentimental, and I certainly don’t want to put too much thought into the next ten weeks of HA, let alone the the next ten years. For the moment, I’m back writing here part-time while making a living taking on contract and freelance work. Thank you to everybody in the HA community (except for some of the vilest trolls) for this amazingly weird and gratifying decade. I appreciate being appreciated. Though of course, I also appreciate money.


  1. 1

    Mark Centz spews:

    Congrats! TaxSanity tho, no anniversary post? No sign of that David guy on the front page, while Goldy’s muddy footprints have been seen elsewhere on the web, and it looks like a still respectable and even lonelier site. Perhaps this return to yesteryear path you’ve taken ought to include a few steps along those wonky trails.
    And no birthday PUDDYing for your guests? What kind of a party is this? Roast troll is my favorite.

  2. 2


    Happy 10 years! I’ll get used to this new format somehow..

    Trolls? What are those? The trolls have fled small blogs like this one for the most part. They spew the worst hate in the comments sections of newspapers or more establishment political web sites like “The Hill”.

    Here at HA we have a couple of old regular trolls left and they aren’t that regular.

    Mission accomplished!

  3. 3

    seatackled spews:

    Congratulations, Goldy! Your blog needs pictures of your dog. Or if she doesn’t consent to mascotry, then some cat pix.

  4. 4

    sally spews:

    This is much easier to read — however, what’s with the whole column of whitespace on the right? Maybe that’s my browser or something — I’m definitely low-tech. And probably stupid also: I tried to wipe that coffee stain off my monitor.

  5. 5


    @4 Not sure why you’d have an empty column to the right. Have you tried resizing your window to see what happens? Can you send me a screen shot?

  6. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    New format: Ugh!!! Was this format designed for theater-sized screens? Looks like it. MUCH less content per screen scroll. How can this possibly be easier on an old rabbit’s fading eyesight? And what’s with the gray text I can hardly see? I liked the old format much better.

  7. 11

    Tom spews:

    Looks way better. Could be further improved by removing the word ‘ass’ from the blog’s title and ‘poop’ from its tag line.

    But that’s just me.

    Congrats, Goldy. Looking forward to 10 more years.

  8. 12

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @11 “Could be further improved by removing the word ‘ass’ from the blog’s title and ‘poop’ from its tag line.”

    This is a joke, right?

  9. 13

    sally spews:

    OK, I see what the white space is now. Not at all bothersome.

    Congratulations, Goldy, which I should have said to begin with. I hope you continue to write on this blog, AND get a fulltime, well-paying job, AND be a great father AND take care of your garden and house. So basically about 100 hrs/wk, but you can do that.

  10. 14

    Chris Stefan spews:

    Godly, could you get rid of that stupid floating footer ad that appears on every page? It is giving my tablet fits and just looks like shit.