HA Calls WA Senate Race for Patty Murray

You heard it here first.

So, let me explain. Patty Murray is winning King County with about 62% of the vote, yet still represents a disproportionate number of the outstanding ballots to be counted. So even though she’ll go to bed tonight leading by only about 15,000 votes, her margin will surely grow as the ballots are counted over the coming days. Yeah, the media will try to spin drama out of this, but there really isn’t any. Patty wins.

Contrary to the numbers on the SOS website, King County Elections tells me that they have received about 675,000 ballots so far (114,000 arrived Wednesday morning). Which means that there are currently about 300,000 uncounted ballots on hand, with maybe as many as another 50,000 more yet to arrive. More here.


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    Tim F spews:

    Up 48K with 7 Eastern WA counties to count…I’m not calling this.

    Unless you can tell me there are a lot more King County votes to be counted.

  2. 3

    wisepunk spews:

    I love how the times has Rossi up 58 to 40. Suuuuuuuure. Must be only Benton County reporting in….

  3. 4

    slingshot spews:

    Based on this prediction, Dino supporters are fleeing his “victory” celebration in Bellevue.

  4. 8

    MikeBoyScout spews:

    Thanks Goldy.
    Maybe some of our trolls can let Helmet-Hair-Hamlet flip their foreclosed house?
    Hairstyling ain’t cheap guys. If you had women in your life, you’d know.

  5. 9

    Tim F spews:

    Murray lead down to 18,000….

    Please tell me that outstanding King County ballots are going to carry this…

  6. 11

    Mirror spews:

    Can’t be killed and has to be repeatedly knocked down! Now, maybe he will go back premanently to his job as the zombie in Forks!

  7. 12

    MarkS spews:


    68% of King County’s voters are for Murray so it should carry.

    Two more counts tonight at 10:30, Spokane and Snohomish County. Rossi is leading in Spokane County, slight behind in Snohomish. The race may tighten up a bit but I believe Murray will prevail.

  8. 13

    righton spews:

    Watching Dino speak; man, he’s much better on the stump than in his commercials. His speech at 920pm to a group of supporters was really good. Talked to a young guy named Justin who gave him a good luck 50 cent piece.

    We should all wish him well

  9. 14

    DugoutNut spews:

    Been a while, some of you may remember me. Nice to see Murray will win. I live in Texas now. Not by choice, but by my want to support my wife’s career.

    I feel like an island here. Surrounded by Conservatives. These people vote against things that are in their own best interest. It amazes me. All a politician has to say here is “It will raise taxes” or “Obama did it” and these sheople follow.

    My favorite part of voting here is that they have a box to click on the computer voting machine where you can vote a “Straight Democrat” ticket or “Straight Republican” ticket.

    You know which one I hit.

    I would have voted for a “Straight Republican” but all I could picture in my head was Larry Craig and figured there weren’t any Straight Republicans.

  10. 15

    My Left Foot spews:

    The post under the moniker, DugoutNut is mine. I forgot which site I was at and used a very old moniker.

    My apologies. Somebody tell the newbies I am not a sock puppet.

    Is Roger Rabbit still around?

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    jsa on beacon hill spews:


    Please tell me that outstanding King County ballots are going to carry this…

    1) Unfortunately, that’s where all the people live. The Republicans might want to remember that unless they want Washington to become a one-party state.

    2) There was a trial in front of a hand-picked “conservative” judge who was subsequently reelected unanimously in 2008. That judge, having heard the arguments, dismissed the case with prejudice. In plain English, that means not only did the Republicans lose the trial, the judge felt the court’s time was wasted and did not want them coming back.

    3) ROSSI LOST! Give it up already.

  12. 17

    One Down spews:

    So she’s carrying all the districts with the actual private for-profit industry (Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, Nintendo, PACCAR, Cray, Amazon.com, Drugstore.com, Nordstrom, Alaska Airlines, CostCo, Weyerhaeuser, and Russell Investments which just MOVED to anti-business for-profit hating liberal Seattle)…but Rossi is winning in the government supported government jobs areas of rural eastern Washington where a MUCH higher % of jobs are government jobs (tax payer funded prisons, tax payer funded military bases, tax payer subsidized argi-business). Interesting. If you follow the normal meme aren’t the Democrats anti-business? How come the home of all of these major industries is voting Democratic? Odd.

  13. 19

    One Down spews:

    I’ve lived through Republican Presidents since Nixon and Republican Congresses…nothing changes and government is NEVER smaller after their terms (not in my lifetime). So whatever. I’m just happy some of the Palin’esque totally unqualified lunatics lost like O’Donnell.

    So bottom line. Republicans had Congress AND the White House from 2000-2006. Government got MUCH bigger, MUCH more intrusive and powerful and spent MASSIVELY. But NOW, in an Ike and Tina moment, they SWEAR it’ll be different THIS time! LOL LOL. Yeah, until the special interests in their states start LINING up on their doorstep day one asking for this that and the other…and like ALL politicians they decide they’d like to keep their jobs so they start handing out favors (bridge to no-where…unless they get ‘caught’ and THEN cancel it like that project).

  14. 20


    Nothing will get out the vote more for Obama, and Dems in ’12 than watching Republicans drool all over themselves for 2 years. Talking crazy talk.

    Eventually the crazy will become / be seen as just crazy, and not “enthusiasm”. Especially when push comes to shove and some folks are expecting tax cuts to create jobs and reduce the deficit….

    Good luck with that one Boner. Keeping all them nut cases happy. I can see it now!

  15. 21

    Proud to be an Ass spews:

    Now that 1/3rd of the Legislature controls tax policy in this state, and we have a 3 billion dollar hole to fill….what are we gonna’ cut, Mr. Eyeman?

    Oh..and congrats Ms. Murray on your victory. Perhaps you could revisit your odd support for “repealing the death tax”. Thanks.

  16. 22

    One Down spews:

    Wow…another Tea Party wingnut goes down in horrible flames. Sharron Angle lost to FREAKING Harry Reid. In a state with 12+% unemployment and someone as unpopular as Reid, and he STILL won. I assumed he was gonna lose this. So the Democrats hold on to the Senate, AND keep their majority leader.

    Truly a half assed win night for the Republicans. Unlike during Clinton or Bush years, Congress didn’t switch both houses.

    Oh, and the Gov of California is a Democrat again.

  17. 25


    Up 48K with 7 Eastern WA counties to count…I’m not calling this.

    Unless you can tell me there are a lot more King County votes to be counted.

    Yawn. You gotta squeeze alot of livestock, snakes, and varmits out of that dirt to get one vote. People=Votes.

  18. 26

    Puddybud identifying useless Moonbat!s since 2005 and identifying rujax as an arschloch! spews:

    What will Odumba’s Teleprompter tell him to say tomorrow?

  19. 28

    slingshot spews:

    @22, 23 Sure, but Reid is a total pussy. We’ll need a true gunnery sargent now in the Senate running things. The fucking brownshirts in the House will start their impeachment/overturnment bullshit, so the leader in the Senate will need a big pair and a stiff spine…Reid has neither. I’m glad he won, but…..

  20. 30

    Deathfrogg spews:

    Rossi will declare victory and then file lawsuit after lawsuit claiming voting fraud, and have GOP operatives flown in from out of state to halt the vote count under threat of violence. He’ll refuse to concede and demand the Supreme Court decide the election.

    Thats how Fascists win. This tactic has worked in Ohio and in Florida.

    With the GOP holding the majority in the House, and a strong minority in the Senate, they will hand over the Social Security trust fund over to the bankers on Wall Street. They’ll sell off the national parks to Disney and the Timber and Mining companies. They’ll eliminate the FDA, the EPA, the FHA, the DoE, the SEC and the DoI.

    And Barry O will go along with this, because he wants to continue to be President, and if he shows any backbone at all they’ll trump up some phony batch of charges and keep his administration in litigation for the next two years.

    The goal of the modern GOP is to create in the United States what Germany, Spain and Italy failed to do during the 1930s. What they themselves tried to do during that period.

    I know a lot of jewish folks who are fully aware of the history of the mechanics of Fascism, and they’ve been watching this latest election cycle very closely. They know how it invariably ends.

    Farewell America, you had a good run, but in the end, you choked on your own vomit.

  21. 31

    Steve spews:

    Between me and my cat, there’s four more votes for Murray mailed in at the last minute today. heh- I wanted my cat to have a shot at sinking Rossi. And if I had remembered to register some dead people, by God, it’d be in the bag already. I promise that I won’t forget the dead in 2012.

  22. 33

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hans Zeiger Trails In Close Race

    Dawn Morrell – 15,078 – 50.55%
    Hans Zeiger – 14,751 – 49.45%

    9:27 PM
    Source: SOS website

  23. 34

    One Down spews:

    What a weakass showing for the Republicans. Was listening to Fox News go on and on about how this was the BIGGEST victory for the House in 50 years! CLEAR mandate from the people!

    Er, except it wasn’t even much of a victory. They didn’t take much of the Governorships they thought they would, they didn’t take the Senate (unlike the party changes under Clinton and Bush) and the House win is small actually. Not that impressive. What do I mean? Look at WHO controlled the House of Representatives and with HOW many members from Clinton on. This Republican victory tonight, not THAT impressive looking at the numbers historically. YES a switch, and they’ll have as big a majority as the Democrats did under Clinton (before that switch) YAWN!

    248 Republicans 112th 2011+

    255 Democrats 111th 2009+
    233 Democrats 110th 2007+
    232 Democrats 109th 2005+
    229 Republican 108th 2003+
    221 Republican 107th 2001+
    223 Republican 106th 1999+
    234 Republican 105th 1997+
    258 Democrats 104th 1995+

    P.S. I STILL can’t believe the Republicans couldn’t beat Harry Reid. MY GOD…he’s supposedly HATED so much with SUCH high disapproval ratings and a state in economic shambles…and he’s the Democrat leader of the Senate so a big “symbolic” target against Democrats in general. And he won pretty easily.

  24. 35

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @6 King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties happen to constitute 52% of the state’s population (and voters). The sagebrush counties are irrelevant.

  25. 37

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @26 What will you say tomorrow? The GOPers have the House. What will they do with it? The only thing I see coming out of this is Republicans trying to shut down government by refusing to pass a budget Obama can sign.

  26. 38

    One Down spews:

    @35 I see your confusion! See you forget, democracy and people don’t matter to Republicans. Doesn’t mater if more voters are simply on this side. They think elections should be won by who’s the most SPREAD OUT geographically. See eastern Washington is bigger in land size than Seattle, so it should count MORE! See! The fact that more actual people (citizens) vote Democratic in this state is meaningless to the Republicans. They want vote by land area, not people.

  27. 39

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    People want government to solve their economic worries. That isn’t going to happen. And now the GOP will own this economy going into 2012.

  28. 40

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 38

    Actually, they think 48% of the people in this state are entitled to have their interests represented too. Goofy, I know, from the point of view of progressives.

    The best thing for both sides would be for King, Pierce and southern Snohomish Counties to form their own communist cell….I mean, state. That way the sane part of the state (everywhere else) could have real representation in government for a change.

  29. 41


    @30 You got it all wrong. The corporations already own the government, the press, the message, and they control the brainwashing completely. Why do you think I paid more income tax than Exxon last year.

    Anyone that might even come close to standing up to corporate power gets crushed, with cash, like Feingold, and Grayson.

    The end of America. Why give $20 to some candidate when the Koch Brothers can spend a billion and note even miss it. Our “democracy” is history. Sorry to break it to you.

  30. 43

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Per the 10:30 PM SOS ballot dump, Murray is maintaining her lead over Rossi, 50.61% to 49.39%. The tally now stands at Murray 707,473 to Rossi 690,393 — a lead of 17,000+ votes. With King County usually last to report I don’t see how Rossi can pull ahead. He needed to be up a couple percentage points at this point to have a chance.

  31. 44

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Let’s see–
    So far 2 House Republican seats went Democrat…one was an open seat in Delaware and the other was some sleazeball crooked Republican that deserved to lose.

    Right now, the House is 230-163 Republican with 42 Seats undecided. One of the undecided is a shocker where Koster is slightly ahead of Larsen.
    If Koster wins, Washington State is 5-4 Republican. Amazing.
    Republicans crushed Dems in Governors races.
    Dems will keep the Senate for just 2 more years. With 23 out of 33 Senate Seats in 2012 being Democrat-held…it should almost certainly change to R-controlled.

  32. 45


    @40, as long as the folks you are referring to get subsidies from all of us “over here” it’s all good right?

    If California wasn’t subsidizing all them red states they would be a lot closer to balancing their budget.

  33. 46

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @34 I think the reason Reid won is because Nevada is more dependent on federal largesse than any other state. It’s not really an anti-government state. Federal spending feeds half the people living there.

  34. 47

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 41

    Great. Another paranoid delusional from the left. Really, you guys are embarassing yourselves. Those pills you got prescribed? They really will help you, if you take them.

  35. 48

    Richard Pope spews:

    Looks like a big defeat for Sarah Palin. Joe Miller is behind Lisa Write-In in Alaska. Palin’s wonderful Senate picks in Nevada and Delaware have gone down in flames. Had the establishment favorites gotten those nominations, we might be having a GOP Senate at this point. Maybe Republicans might still be crazy enough to nominate Palin in 2012, but Senators Reid, Coons and Murkowski will be there to show how crazy Palin’s choices are. Not to mention this year’s Governor’s race in Alaska — if Palin had been sane, she could be getting elected to a second term tonight, instead of being a loser and a quitter.

    It would be fun to see Palin drag the GOP down in 2012, but it is more in the national interest to see her star simply fade away.

  36. 49

    notaboomer spews:

    Dems will keep the Senate for just 2 more years. With 23 out of 33 Senate Seats in 2012 being Democrat-held…it should almost certainly change to R-controlled.

    obama and general petraeus will have sent you to the gulag by then and the republicans on the scotus will affirm. so enjoy your freedom and liberty while you can, mr. cynical.

  37. 50

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Let’s see, I said repeated Murray by 2-3 points.
    Right now Murray is ahead by 1.22% points….
    She will probably hang on and win by 2.

    And what did my fellow predictors say?

    107. Michael spews:
    @105, 106
    Murray was a shoe in for the primary. People weren’t very motivated to vote for her, where they were very motivated to vote for Didier. Murray will pull off a win by 8-12% this time around. Personally, I’m still inclined to think she’ll be closer to 12% than 8%.
    08/20/2010 at 3:55 pm

    108. Rujax! spews:
    “thejesus’ownbutthole…mr.cynical” forgets (surprising no one) that Washington voters do not like or trust the slimy real estate speculator the r’s have hitched their horse to.
    He just don’t wear well buddy…and Murray’s done too much for too many folks in this state.
    No go, joe…I say 12-15%.
    08/20/2010 at 4:29 pm

    110. Mr. Cynical spews:
    Michael Says Murray by 12 points.
    Rujax Says Murray by 12-15 points.
    I’ll copy your predictions and dredge them up election night.
    I say it will be too close to call Election Night…..
    Right now I lean toward Murray winning a squeaker (less than 1 point)
    08/20/2010 at 5:05 pm

    120. N in Seattle spews:
    Cynical @110:
    Copy mine too, schmuck.
    There are only two questions in the Murray-Rossi race:
    a) is Joel Connelly correct that this will be WA’s closest Senate race since Cantwell ousted Gorton in 2000?
    b) will Patty’s margin reach double-figures?
    I say yes and yes.

  38. 51

    notaboomer spews:

    It would be fun to see Palin drag the GOP down in 2012, but it is more in the national interest to see her star simply fade away.

    i think u mean in the republican interest, mr. pope-r-wash {fill in the office]

  39. 54

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 45

    Those ‘subsidies’ provide cheap electricity- to Seattle. They provide cheap food and wine- to Seattle. They provided a cheap source of employment in Moses Lake and Yakima once the fiber optic trunk line ran there- for Seattle. If the loony left is fine with paying the real price of production for these items, I’m sure the sensible side of the state is fine with forgoing subsidies.

    The meds, dude, you really need them. I checked out your website. Pure tinfoil hat stuff.

  40. 55

    Richard Pope spews:

    Roger Rabbit @ 46

    Harry Reid won because his opponent was a total whack job. A saner Republican could have probably won, although it would have been close.

  41. 57

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    I didn’t vote for Rossi, but I sure wish Patty Murray wasn’t re-elected. 18 years in the Senate is 6 years too long! We need term limits for these entrenched assholes. Key-Ryst, they’re harder to get rid of than fire ants!

  42. 58

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 48

    The most disappointing thing about this election cycle from a moderate Republican point of view is that Sharon Angle/Christine O’Donnel effect. With moderate sensible candidates the Senate would now be in Republican hands, as the House is.

    Oh well. The anger with Obama, Reid and Pelosi found an outlet, as it had to. Unfortunately Republican leadership didn’t account sufficiently for it, or give those who felt it a rational place to direct it.

  43. 59

    Richard Pope spews:

    notathinker @ 51

    You don’t really want to take a chance on Palin getting elected on the national ticket, do you?

  44. 60

    Michael spews:


    I updated that and down graded Murray’s win a couple time including this morning. But, what’s the fun with calling it 2% or 4% for Murray? Sure, you’re more liking to be right, but you’re also more likely to be boring.

  45. 61

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @40 That is the most hypocritical piece of shit you’ve ever posted, lost! For eight years, Republicans acted like the 50.1% of voters who did not elect George W. Bush didn’t exist. When Republicans have 1 more vote than Democrats in any legislative body, from a local town council to the U.S. House of Representatives, they disregard the desires and interests of Democratic voters with totality. Fuck you, lost. When Republicans are willing to rejoin the human race and participate in a representative democracy we’ll cut deals with them. As long as they act like the Khmer Rouge, fuck ‘em and the horses they rode in on.

  46. 62

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    54 “Those ’subsidies’ provide cheap electricity- to Seattle”

    Bullshit. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Seattle ratepayers subsidize eastern Washington farmers and orchardists who get cheap electricity and irrigation water, not the other way around. Seattle taxpayers also subsidize eastern Washington roads and schools. Get your fucking facts straight before stroking your dick.

  47. 63


    Can’t disagree with you. There’s simply no principled opposition to Obama right now. There are a number of things that he’s doing that I disagree with, but the electoral movements that stand in opposition to him are embarrassments.

  48. 64

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @54 (continued) It so happens that Seattle City Light gets the bulk of its electricity from Seattle City Light-owned dams in western Washington. So please explain how eastern Washington is providing cheap electricity to Seattle?

  49. 65

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    “I paid more in income tax last year than Citibank, Bank of America, GE, Exxon, and BP combined!”

    Do you actually know anything about financial and tax accounting, or are you just another one of those “make the evil corporations pay” assholes? If a company loses money for its operating year, then no corporate income tax is due. If a company uses all of the government-approved methods of reducing its tax liability, then it has served its shareholders well. Here’s a news flash: corporations don’t exist to pay taxes to ANY government: they exist to increase the wealth of their shareholders. If they make a profit, they pay a tax. It’s that simple. If the tax laws in-place allow them to show no profit, while following the rules, then no tax is paid.

    You obviously don’t understand much about business, All Facts.

  50. 66

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @58 So the tea party idiots are angry with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. So fucking what? We were angry with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the whole corrupt crew of Republican congressional page boy bangers. Anger plus $1.65 gets you a Grande coffee of the day at Starbucks. I don’t give a fuck if the tea party idiots are angry. They can suck my rabbit dick!

  51. 67

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    If they get angry enough, they can pick up guns and try to overthrow our elected government by force, and then I’ll have an excuse to kill ‘em legally.*

    * Just kidding! Ha ha ha! I’m mimicking wingnut extermination jokes.

  52. 68

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @65 “If a company loses money for its operating year, then no corporate income tax is due.”

    If you think that’s how it works you are truly a simpleton.

    Exxon lost money last year? Or the year before? I don’t fucking think so.

  53. 69

    Richard Pope spews:

    Roger Rabbit @ 66

    Christine O’Donnell could do a good job of that, but Mrs. Rabbit would probably be furious …

  54. 70

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @65 “Here’s a news flash: corporations don’t exist to pay taxes to ANY government: they exist to increase the wealth of their shareholders.”

    That’s right, but they’re also subordinate to the governments that create their right to exist. Corporations are not governments nor a power unto themselves, even though they try to act like it. Society has a right to tax them, regulate them, and direct their activities for the public good.

  55. 71

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Re 56

    Citizens United may have been wrongly decided (I’m not an attorney, but have read the decision in its entirety, not opinion pieces about it.) If so, it wasn’t on legal facts, but on a point of judicial discretion. I’ve read the decision in its entirety. This link is not the full decision, but the point of it. You can find the full decision on line as well, as I did. http://www.law.cornell.edu/sup.....05.ZS.html

    Meg Whitman spent a heck of a lot of money to buy the governers office in California, and won right? Well, not really. Point is, spending money does not mean the side advocated for will win. It’s just money, not a coup d’etat.

    As far as taxes go, I’ve often written that corporations doing business in the United States should pay taxes here. You get no argument from me on your point.

  56. 72

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    60. Michael spews:


    I updated that and down graded Murray’s win a couple time including this morning. But, what’s the fun with calling it 2% or 4% for Murray? Sure, you’re more liking to be right, but you’re also more likely to be boring.

    Hi Michael–
    Of course I enjoy being RIGHT (as opposed to LEFT). Like I said, Rossi lacked the necessary charisma to make up that 2 points. It really comes down to that…especially when you see the National trend. I mean the R’s are going to end up +65 seats. That is huge…beyond my expectations.

    2012 will be real tough for you guys.

  57. 74

    Politically Incorrect spews:


    Hey, they can also have no taxes due because of the fucking tax laws, you idiot!

    If a rich guy gets a tax credit for installing extra insulation in his attic, is that wrong? Corporate accountants use the available tax benefits to limit the corporation’s tax liability. If you got a problem with that, shithead, I suggest you write a letter to the head of the Ways and Means committee!

    Or would you rather prefer a simple, flat rate corporate and personal income tax?

  58. 77

    Politically Incorrect spews:


    “Society has a right to tax them, regulate them, and direct their activities for the public good.”

    So, rodent, you consider “society” to be the government?

  59. 79

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    Anybody know if Bill Gates, SR. is writing a check to the Department of Revenue to make up for the failure of I-1098? Hopefully all of you that supported I-1098 will be sending the Washington Department of Revenue a check in the next day or two. Put your money where your mouths are!

  60. 80

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Who is really F’d is California with Governor Moonbeam Brown. What a KLOWN that guy is.
    He is promising lots of free stuff…with no money to pay for it.
    Now the Feds will not bailout California.
    Watch businesses RUN to other states.
    Perhaps even Washington can pick some up.
    I’m listening to Jerry rambling now. Nonsensical.
    Watch this KLOWN

  61. 81

    notaboomer spews:

    You don’t really want to take a chance on Palin getting elected on the national ticket, do you?

    i’d love it, mr. pope. it would be like having you run. slam dunk.

  62. 82

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Needless to say, Mr. Cynical is rather pleased with tonight. It sets the stage for the real job in 2012…dump ImamObaMao, dump Gregoire, and dump the Dems out of the Senate.

  63. 83

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Well, off to bed.

    Congratulations to the winners tonight, D or R. Whether I agree with all of them or not, they were elected by people who must have felt them to be good choices. I wish all of them well.

  64. 85

    Richard Pope spews:

    76. Roger Rabbit spews:

    Pam Roach is coasting to easy re-election.

    It is nice to know that child molestation is several percent less popular than cigarette smoke …

  65. 86

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Palin will not run in 2012.
    She is happier and more powerful right where she is.

    What happened to the Dems in your home state of Pennsylvania?
    You didn’t help them much.
    Actually, you didn’t help anyone much.
    Income tax on rich guys–clobbered

    Murray–will likely pull it out.

    I used to think you had game Goldy.

    What happened to your game?

  66. 87

    busdrivermike spews:

    Republicants will have to write a budget. They will have to do more than bitch and moan.

    If they cannot deliver pain free change to America, the house leadership will have the shelf life of blowfish sushimi.

  67. 88

    busdrivermike spews:

    Not only will Palin run, dumbass cynical, but she already has Iowa in her pocket.


  68. 89


    incorrect @ 57

    I used to support term limits.

    It takes a long time to learn how things work. We should have professionals working for us. Not just random people with big wallets pulled off the street.

    Two things changed my mind.

    Sitting through (painful) hearings in Olympia. Bureaucrats and lobbyists eat inexperienced legislators for lunch.

    Endorsement meetings. Upstarts (such as myself) get clobbered by the arcana. And sound bites don’t work as well as deep familiarity.

    Cheers, Jason

  69. 90


    Hey Steve.

    Here’s incorrect @ 74

    If you got a problem with that, shithead…

    Your pet got off leash again. Here’s the bemused look.


    Cheers, Jason

  70. 92

    Republicorp spews:

    Bah! We at Republicorp have sunk a large investment into Dino to get him elected. Money, time, more money, the efforts of numerous think tanks and PACs. And to top it off, this is a bad year for the Dems. And he still can’t win. What a waste.

    “RepubliCorp | Buying Democracy, One Race at a Time”

  71. 93

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @77 “So, rodent, you consider “society” to be the government?”

    Do I really have to explain this to you? The essence of democracy is universal consent to society expressing its will through a government elected by a majority of us.

  72. 94

    Rujax! spews:

    When the American people get the full load of what the rethuglicans are ionna dump on em…they’re gonna run away…screaming.

    The best Congress money can buy. Yes sir.

    Gloat while you can assholes. THere’s trouble ahead for your brain-dead little cretins.

  73. 95

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I just heard KOMO’s Brian Johnson project that Rossi will lose and suggest that, after losing three statewide races, Rossi run for King of Eastern Washington. “He would be elected easily,” Johnson says. Amen to that! Eastern Washington, which has two-thirds of Washington’s land area but only a fifth of its population, can have him.

  74. 96

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Re #77 — Wingnuts like our troll friend P.I. don’t believe in government, or in concepts like “society” or “community” or “common good.” They’re for anarchy. They believe in the Genghis Khan model of distributing economic goods, women, and everything else. In other words, he who can take, gets. These guys are mired in the Twelfth Century, right alongside the Taliban. Fuck ‘em. They can bitch all they want about laws, regulations, and taxes — as long as they comply with them. If they don’t, we have jails for them.

  75. 97

    Richard Pope spews:

    Roger @ 95

    I thought it was 2/9, but that was the 2000 Census. 1/5 is probably right for 2010/

  76. 99

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Hans Zeiger Pulls Ahead

    As of 11:13 PM, Hans Zeiger leads Dawn Morrell, 16,775 to 16,589.

  77. 100

    Perfect Voter spews:

    In a couple of weeks, when all the election results are certified nationwide, somebody should add up all the votes for Republican congressional candidates and all the votes for the Democratic candidates.

    Something tells me the Republican margin will be much smaller than it seems right now.

  78. 101

    Voter in 98199 spews:

    Hope and pray the returns hold up…

    If so..thank you Washington for seeing right through that racist POS Republican…typical clueless GOP talking head, nothing but soundbites..no substance whatsoever.

  79. 102

    AR spews:

    Sorry to disturb your quality of life. Time to get a job and quit living off the working man!

  80. 103

    Puddybud identifying useless Moonbat!s since 2005 and identifying rujax as an arschloch! spews:

    Don’t you see how this works for Congressional Republicans in the house by not having the Senate?

    1) The House Republicans pass the whole Bush Tax cut.

    – Senate Democrats and Odumba have to go back to the Real Americans and tell the world well we have to veto your tax cut to invoke class warfare.

    2) The House Republicans repeal Crap and Tax.

    – Senate Democrats and Odumba have to go back to the Real Americans and tell the world well we have to veto that bill because we want to raise your utility rates ~$1700 a year.

    3) The House Republicans repeal the health care bill (hated by 58% of Real Americans).

    – Senate Democrats and Odumba have to go back to the Real Americans and tell the world well we have to veto this because they don’t like Real Americans.

    This works out great HA morons.

  81. 104

    Puddybud identifying useless Moonbat!s since 2005 and identifying rujax as an arschloch! spews:

    The real beauty of the 2010 vote is the governorships and the state legislatures lost by DUMBOCRATS. The redistricting controlled by conservatives in PA, Ohio and other states will be glorious for 2012 congressional campaigns.

    This is lost on the HA fools hanging from the rafters and howling at the moon!

  82. 105

    correctnotright spews:

    @103: Umm, maybe you should actually read the constitution because you are a complete idiot and don’t even understand how a bill is passed.

    If a measure passes the House but not the Senate – then it does not go to the President for a veto.

    What you DON’T understand about government pUddy, could fill a large book. You are even DUMBER than we thought.

  83. 106

    Liberal Scientist spews:

    What is this “real Americans” shit Puddy?

    I generally don’t respond to you – what you write here is never fodder for conversation or argument, just weird, weird ranting.
    But this construction you use, “real Americans” is more eliminationist shit, and I’m calling you on it.
    Who decides who’s a “real American”? What makes a “real American”? Do “real Americans” have more rights than the rest of us?
    When are you going to accept that we’re all in this together, and dividing and marginalizing and labeling your opponents “unAmerican” is dangerous and wrong.

    Cut the shit, Pud.

  84. 107

    correctnotright spews:

    Prediction: This will turn out better for Obama and Democrats in 2012 – now the republicans have to actually DO something – but the tea party fools will drag down the republicans and Boehner will flail.

    Especially since not a single republican could name a single budget cut they were willing to implement.

    Clinton also lost in his midterm elections and then came out even stronger in the next election.

    Who do the republicans have for President? Palin, Romney…hahaha they will lose big time and their negative tactics will backfire in the next election.

  85. 108

    correctnotright spews:

    @80: Sore loser

    Oh and Fiorini was better – she made no sense and could not BUY the election. She was CRUSHED.

  86. 110

    correctnotright spews:

    Looks like Rasmussen was WRONG again:

    They picked Rossi, Miller, Angle all republicans who are losing.

    And they did their usual of getting closer near the election and STILL screwed up.

    Rasmussen is a republican biased pollster.

  87. 111

    Daddy Love spews:

    1) The House Republicans pass the whole Bush Tax cut.
    3) The House Republicans repeal the health care bill (hated by 58% of Real Americans).

    As we know from this COngress, when the House passed hundreds of bills that the Senate never considered, this means exactly nothing.

    2) The House Republicans repeal Crap and Tax.

    You can’t “repeal” a bill that never passed the Senate nor was signed into law. Funny how we have to tell you this kid of simple shit.

  88. 112

    Dean Logan on Speed Dial spews:

    Forgot who used the Dean Logan line first, but I’m taking it. Fair use, and all that.

    Got the thrills going up my leg. Got the tingles. It’s 1994 once more.

    And it’s useful to remember that, only a few months into 1995, irrelevant has-been Bill Clinton was back in the saddle again. Dammit.

    But for now, thank God for Gridlock. God & Palin are alive and well. Goldy isn’t, even if King County does its little cheap tricks and saves Pepsodent Patty’s fat ass.

  89. 113

    Steve spews:

    @103 “the Real Americans”

    That would be Puddy, the Psycho-KLOWN and that guy who believes that FDR was responsible for 70 million war dead, was a traitor, and who should have been hung and burning in Hell.

    Uh-huh, the Real Americans. Got it.

  90. 114

    Darcy Christ Superstar spews:

    If only Goldycrats had found a fresh, clean, honest, overqualified candidate to take on Hairspray Dave, they’d have rolled back the Republican landslide and kept Granny as head of the House. If only Goldycrats had found Dumpling Darcy Burner to make the big run.

    Landslide. Brain-damaged Dave Reichert with almost 55%. A bigger margin than St. Obama’s in 2008. !Si Se Pueda!

    Time for braindead Goldy to hang up his jock.

  91. 117

    Fiorini spews:

    Fiorina, dickhead. Senator Fiorina. Just wain ’til Dean Logan and King County put her over the top.

  92. 119

    correctnotright spews:

    @118: And tell Rossi thanks for selling off your worthless foreclosed house, too.

    Three words – you would not be able to get them out – you are too dumb for that – and too juvenile.

  93. 120


    The dynamic tagteam of these comment threads forged over surf and turf at Scotts (!) in Edmonds must have nodded excitedly over a particular nasty tactic for the subsequent two years of trollery. From Nat Silver:

    Indeed, Rasmussen polls quite consistently turned out to overstate the standing of Republicans tonight. Of the roughly 100 polls released by Rasmussen or its subsidiary Pulse Opinion Research in the final 21 days of the campaign, roughly 70 to 75 percent overestimated the performance of Republican candidates, and on average they were biased against Democrats by 3 to 4 points.

    Every pollster is entitled to a bad cycle now and again — and Rasmussen has had some good cycles in the past. But their polling took a major downturn this year.

    Congrats to the KLOWN who has cited Rasmussen 700 times or more since 1/1/2009 and props to his unhinged dinner partner who rubbed Scotty Raz “record” in lefty leaning noses whenever the opportunity presented.

    The Raz is now on the record as the lapdog of Roger Ailes and the rest of the unhinged right wing noise machine.

  94. 122

    correctnotright spews:

    @117: Umm, she (FiorinA) is NOT the Senator – wake up and smell the coffee, fool! She lost and her money and Whitman’s money could not buy them the election.

    Rossi lost, too. You see, West coast voters can smell a rat and they can tell when attack ads are being paid for by corporate contirbutions. too bad they didn’t see thorugh that on the initiatives in Washington state, though.

  95. 123

    slingshot spews:

    Meanwhile, in Baghdad yesterday 60 people were killed and hundreds wounded by coordinated attacks in Shia and Suni neighborhoods. Al Qaida in Iraq claimed responsibility.

    There was no Al Qaida in Iraq until the US invasion. Bohner and McConnell had a big hand in that disaster. One of them is a ‘leader’ again.

  96. 124

    Again, 4 your reading pleasure w/ever-changing screen name spews:

    Fiorina, dickhead. Senator Fiorina. Just wai(t) ’til Dean Logan and King County put her over the top.

    Oh well. Irony-challenged correctnotbright isn’t very bright.

  97. 125

    correctnotright spews:

    @124 Umm, Brighter than you fool.
    so I have a typo and you can’t reason your way out of a paper bag…hmmm, who is not too bright?

    I have an open challenge to republican and tea party fools – find a single program that tea party idiots or republican liars claim they are going to cut to balance the budget and then try to come up with the money that they want to give to rich people making over 250K in tax cuts…

    Have not heard back yet from you bombastic fools.