HA Bible Study

Exodus 21:12
Death is the punishment for murder.

Exodus 21:22-25
Suppose a pregnant woman suffers a miscarriage as the result of an injury caused by someone who is fighting. If she isn’t badly hurt, the one who injured her must pay whatever fine her husband demands and the judges approve. But if she is seriously injured, the payment will be life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, cut for cut, and bruise for bruise.



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    Zotz sez: If you could reason with religious people, then there'd be no religious people. spews:

    Shorter gawd: I yam that I yam, now with brown sugar and marshmallows!

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    No Time for Fascists spews:

    Conservatives: We follow the letter of the bible, unless it’s inconvenient. IE Florida.

    Personally, I think there should be Mercy and circumstances should factor into the punishment as opposed to zero tolerance and mandatory sentencing.
    But if conservatives are going to say the bible must be followed when it comes to birth control and homosexuality, then they cannot then turn around and NOT follow this passage from the bible.

  3. 7

    RLL spews:

    Note: the infallable Old Testament, the words of Jesus, and infallable popes and other religious leaders were wrong until 1950 when it was infallably discovered that abortion was murder. Build more guillotines.

  4. 8

    God spews:

    Humans have short lives. This opportunity to learn should make humans better than I, a mere immortal.

    Yet, rather than learn, you seem to glean immortal words from thew scattered teachings of your own dead. You take these Jesuses and Muhamuds and Pauls and Joseph Smiths and .. from their words you wrought facts as firm, in your own minds, as My laws of quantum mechanics!

    The loss of cumulative wisdom baffles me.

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    jcricket spews:

    God, clearly you are under the influence of some kind of substance with your misspelling and grammatical errors.

    Have another drink and chill the fuck out.

  6. 10

    David C spews:

    Death means spiritual death. Death in your sins.
    Seems like so many jump to conclusions in their own context rather than trying to understand the context of the author. Context is king. If you have the Devil’s DNA and don’t care about eternal life…obviously you will ignore.
    Have you ever been upset when someone takes something you say out of context?
    Come on, all of us had this done to us at one time or another and it doesn’t feel good, does it.
    The Bible is no different.

  7. 11

    No Time for Fascists spews:

    @10. Are you saying the bible is not to be taken literally? Doesn’t that run counter to what many conservatives believe?

    Or are you saying a killer can kill with impunity and the only consequence is that they won’t go to heaven?

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    dorky dorkman spews:

    “I want to go to heaven for the weather and hell for the company.” Merv Griffin