Gregoire wants better tsunami alert system

When a June 14 earthquake off of California set off tsunami warnings up and down the coast, the sirens in Ocean Shores WA remained silent due to a faulty phone line.

Gov. Christine Gregoire on Monday announced a plan to ensure that coastal residents have enough time to get to higher ground.

Gregoire said much of the work will be done in coordination with federal plans for tsunami preparedness, but she also said that she will seek federal funding and money from the Legislature next year to install additional alert broadcasting systems along the coast.

This isn’t really much of a news story, but I was just curious to see how the righty trolls would turn this entirely nonpartisan, uncontroversial act of responsible governance into some kind of vicious attack on Gregoire. Have at it.


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    Thomas spews:

    love it…lets put together a blue ribbon panel….blah…blah…blah…..what the starving children in Mari don’t rate a post, and Queen Christine next pet “project to hide behind” is oh tre chic….boooorrrrring

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    Food for Thought spews:

    Hey, I have two cups and a string! I’ll sell them cheap.

    Now all we have to do is get two Union workers to hold them, pay them ‘prevailing wage’ for Union cupholders and build a mass transit system to get them to and from work.

    Then we can have an initiative to remove one of the cups. Nearby property holders can also complain that the union guys are an eyesore and require that ‘1% for art’ be budgeted in to get them better clothes.

  3. 3

    righton spews:

    I’ll take the bait; we also should have tornado and hurrican alert systems. Or at least expand her (make work) system to cover Tsunamis on Lake Chelan, the Columbia river, Moses Lake, etc.

    How many people have died in Wash state from a Tsunami in the last 100 years?

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    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Gregoire wants better tsunami alert system
    by Goldy, 08/09/2005, 9:32 AM

    No, the illegitmate queen wants relevance… and her name in the news.

  5. 5

    Goldy spews:

    Righton… how many people died from terrorists flying airplanes into skyscrapers prior to 9/11?

  6. 6

    Jon spews:

    Well, I hope whatever monies are spent on this also include continuing funding for operation/maintenance, otherwise you’ll have this great system that doesn’t work (which is what happened with this last warning).

    Operation/maintenance/replacement is usually an afterthought…

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    Brent spews:

    How are the tectonic plates that join in the Pacific (Juan De Fuca plate, North American Plate, etc) similar/different than those that met off the coast of Indonesia? I know the Juan De Fuca and North American Plate converge in a subduction zone, where the Juan De Fuca plate sinks beneath the North American Plate, which also leads to the volcanic activity we have when the JDF plate hits the earth’s mantle.

    Perhaps that could shed some light on how legitimate of a threat tsunamis are in our neck of the world.

    From this perspective, how do our earthquakes differ than those in Indonesia and surrounding areas?

  8. 9

    righton spews:

    Goldy, i though you didn’t like those rural areas that didn’t provide their proportional contribution to our taxes (getting free ride i think was your point)

    What’s up, this different?

    And regarding your point, this like 9/11…ah…man that’s a stretch…. are you thus saying we ought to cordon off all 8 story buildings? (whatever that OK City building was that also got blown up).

  9. 10

    righton spews:

    She should enact a “stolen election” alert system…more likely to ring than this thing…

  10. 11

    YellowDog spews:

    The coastline of Washington state is susceptible to both locally generated and distantly generated tsunamis. A subduction zone earthquake off the coast of Washington could generate a tsunami very rapidly (basically the massive earth-shaking would be the only warning possible of a tsunami), while an event (seismic, volcanic, or submarine landslide) elsewhere in the Pacific could also generate a tsunami that hits Washington but with a longer lead time. Apparently portions of Washington were affected by the 1964 tsunami that killed a dozen or so (I think) people in Crescent City, California. There are also sand deposits that have been interpreted as tsunami deposits, which indicates that tsunamis have hit the coast multiple times over the last few thousand years. I think the major areas susceptible to tsunamis are in the southwest, around Grays Harbor.

  11. 12

    Chuck spews:

    You are lucky to get any phone service in Ocean Shores, and the phone company doesnt care!

  12. 15

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Queen Christine will find that it’s safe to come out strongly against Tsunami’s and Forest Fire’s. It’s unsafe to come out for a massive tax increase a few weeks after you said you wouldn’t…especially when the projects it claims to fund are intentionally low-balled to get them started.
    I think we will find Queen Christine to boldly come out against child abuse, abusing women and for the 1st Amendment!!
    Wow—isn’t Gregoire impressive!!

  13. 17

    pbj spews:

    Goldy @ 5,

    Righton… how many people died from terrorists flying airplanes into skyscrapers prior to 9/11?

    What the HELL does that have to do with a tsunami warning system? Here is one for you: How many Navy ships have been nearly sunk by terrorists since Clinton left office?

  14. 19

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    Is it an “act of responsible governance”. Who knows? Where does it fit in the big list of priorities? Also, can we afford it, or did we squander taxpayer money foolishly on civic trash like stadiums and choo choos? Is it “responsible” to spend money randomly even though it might feel good?

    Governor Gregoire should take an example from Governor Locke where he set priorities that lived within taxpayer tolerance to pay.

    So to answer your question Goldy, I would say “No” this is not an act of responsible government. It’s just a random feel good act.

  15. 21

    Donnageddon spews:

    righton… no recorded deaths from tsunami’s in Washington state. Should we wait for it to happen before we get a reliable system up and running?

    This is just the way GWB thought when the Aug 6th Presidential Brief said “Bin Laden Determined to Attack inside the US”

    GWB: How many American’s has Bin Laden killed? Might as well ignore this.

  16. 22

    Goldy spews:

    pbj @18,

    Get the fuck off my blog if you can’t stand to be inconvenienced by a spam filter that erroneously holds maybe a dozen posts a day, but successfully blocks hundreds. Yes HUNDREDS! My blog is targeted with HUNDREDS of spam comments a day… on a bad day, over 500!

    And as far as I’m concerned, you’re comments are worse than spam, so if you don’t like it here, get the hell out! I mean it… scram… get out… fuck off!

  17. 23

    righton spews:

    donna; get some new material; goldy said same.

    How come its off topic and onto bush…next you’ll find link to rove, hitler, john birch, etc

  18. 24

    righton spews:

    goldy, wonder if you caught Bernard Goldberg, on the book channel over the weekend. He waxed eloquently in the exploding use of the “f” word….used to be scarcely used, now its common, and vulgar, low class.

  19. 25

    Jon spews:

    Oh oh… Donnageddon @ 21: “no recorded deaths from tsunami’s in Washington state. Should we wait for it to happen before we get a reliable system up and running?”

    Holy moley, I agree with you! I was concerned about this troubling development, but the rest of your comment put me at ease. :)

  20. 26

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    Goldy @ 22 – I’ve posted stuff that had no profanity, no name calling, no names of people, no links, nothing that was the least bit offensive (even though it was contrary to the left point of view), but the filter blocked it.

    Can you give some more specific hints as to things to avoid to make sure posts get through the filters?

  21. 27

    Goldy spews:

    righton @24,

    I could give a flying fuck what a dumb fuck like Bernard Goldberg has to say about the use of the word “fuck.” It’s a word. And I’ll fucking use it as I fucking see fit.

  22. 28

    Donnageddon spews:

    Goldy @ 22 it is hilarious how the right wing trolls seem to think they have some entitlement to post unfettered on YOUR blog!

    They are being censored! Oh My! pbj it is Goldy’s personal Blog and if he wanted to, he could have an avatar of a clown picking at his ass to the left of everyone of your posts you idiot!

    Feel privelaged you are even allowed here you horsesass.

    and BTW, Goldy, thanks for the forum!

  23. 29

    righton spews:

    Goldy, keep using it. Just helps to build the growing divide between the parties. Yeah, and I know Cheney said, it, that’s wrong too.

  24. 30

    Heath spews:

    This is insanity.

    Goldy, having a public posting board has got to go. Your experiment has shown that horsesass is being overrun by rabid idiots. Nobody with two brain cells to rub together would pick a bone with this plan.

    My guess is that most of the slobbering fools who post their wrong-wing views here are women-haters, and insecure to have a woman governor.

    I say: start requiring accounts, and start banning idiots like pbj and righton/wrongman.


  25. 31

    righton spews:

    We’ve had more blizzards than Tsunamis..when do we get the neighborhood sirens when a blizzard is about to hit…?

  26. 32

    Donnageddon spews:

    righton @ 31

    Do you even dress yourself in the morning? That is the stupidest post I have seen since the last one RUFUS posted.

  27. 33

    Mark spews:

    MTR @ 26

    Avoid anything that refers to the “Far Far Left” — ideas that “Uncle Joe” might support. Goldy apparently has no control over the filter, but he’s using one that happily lets Lefties call Righties bad names, but holds comments (or temporarily bans posters) if you call out a Far Lefty for his/her true nature.

  28. 35

    Donnageddon spews:

    Mark @ 33, I know things like facts always befuddle the right wing minded animal, but if you paid even a slight amount of attention, you would know that I, Roger Rabbit, and other Left Wingers have their posts held up as well.

    It is simply a matter of choosing the wrong word at the wrong time. The filter grabs it, and later when Goldy checks the held posts, it gets released.

    Frustrating? yes. A small inconvienience not worth spreading conspiracy theories over? Absolutely.

    Oh, and FUCK YOU!

  29. 36

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Do I sense that the LEFTIST PINHEADS are melting down???
    This is predictable. LEFTIST PINHEADS claim to desire free speech, they feign being threatened by the Patriot Act….yet are quick & determined to silence opposition. It’s actually quite hilarious!!!

  30. 37

    JDB spews:

    Ah, Mr. Cynical, further proof that being a conservative means you are a victim.

    Yep, they are all out to get you. It is amazing that you have been allowed around for so long.

  31. 39

    The Dude spews:

    Hey, this is just a make work project for the unions, man. Fraudoire, having being elected without a single person voting for her (I have proof, I read it at Sharansky’s web site), is now paying off the unions and the state workers. There will probably be 100 people per alert station, all getting fat government checks.

    Well it won’t work. It’s my money. Those LEFTIST SOCIALISTS MUGWUMPS will feel our rath as we pass an initiaitve that will make the roads so bad that even with the warning, they won’t be able to leave the coast. Heck, I don’t think anyone actually lives on the coast. They are probably just fraudlent voters casting votes for Gregoire, not real people. If they were real people, they could just shoot the tsunami when it came with their guns.

  32. 40

    christmasghost spews:

    goldy…i think she has a good idea. a good idea is a good idea even if it comes from someone you may not agree with. recognizing this is how work actually gets done.
    remember when that used to happen?
    as far as holding comments due to spam…boy, do i understand! i get over 300 a day too….wow, some people have no life at all.
    now to be the conservative i am, i am going to bait the people on here that call ANYONE a troll just because they don’t agree with them……name one thing that bush has done that has been good for the country. and there are alot of them…so no cheating…..

  33. 43

    thomas spews:

    well good lord why not have a heavy rain early warning system, or a mud slide early warning system, or “warning” how about a “warning” system that warns you when gratuitous profanity is on the way…can’t you see the fucking potential! The jobs, the taxes , the legacy oh my….

  34. 45

    Donnageddon spews:

    Mark @ 42 It’s just a word, it can’t hurt you, and won’t destroy your fragile little mind.

  35. 46

    Calvus spews:

    Oh this post list was a scream! LOL!

    “A Democrat is just a Republican that hasn’t been mugged yet.”

  36. 47

    Heath spews:

    Mr. Cynical,

    We’re not ‘melting down.’ The problem is that your posts, and those of many others, are junk worse than spam. Look at the stupid comparison of ‘blizzard warning’ to ‘tsunami warning.’ That’s just lame and not worth reading. We already have weather forecasts, we don’t have earthquake forecasts.

    If people from the right have worthwhile comments, those are fine. But lies and stupidity are just making this whole board useless and stupid. Which, I think, is what you pansies want — you don’t have an argument with spine, so you throw spitballs.

  37. 48

    Mark spews:

    Donna @ 35: “know that I, Roger Rabbit, and other Left Wingers have their posts held up as well.”

    Freudian slip, Donna? Or just poor grammar?

    FYI… I did a quick little test in an older thread and was(n’t) surprised to find that it allowed a comment with “f**cist” and “N*zi,” but immediately held one with “S***alist.”

    And Goldy DOES have the ability to control his spam filtering — at least according to the WordPress s/w site.

  38. 49

    JC Bob spews:

    Goldy @ 22

    Why is it impossible for liberals to hold a conversation without profanity or personal attack?

  39. 51

    righton spews:

    heath or whatever

    give me a break. You ignore
    a) limited populace
    b) no record of death from these

    I’d agree its a good idea if it was a legit threat. At some point though you gotta say the cost/benefit ain’t there. Plenty of places we don’t spend to the max (e.g. you could force all private planes to have those special parachutes, force actual testing of phamaceuticals for 20 years on humans, etc)…no we make value judgments.

    OK, real threat of Rainier blowing; how come i don’t have an ash alert gizmo in my neighborhood?

  40. 52

    Heath spews:


    You are a dumb ass. What was the historical record of deaths from Tsunamis in Indonesia prior to the 24 Dec 2004 Tsunami?

    You DO have a Rainier alert system. There are thousands and thousands of real-time seismometers on Rainier. Another dishonest/stupid point from you, easily dismissed. Do you get drunk before you post, or what?

    Your argument is about as smart as:

    Q: “Why do you have a banana in your ear?”
    A: “To keep the elephants away.”
    Q: “What elephants?”
    A: “See! It works!”

    I also wonder if you dress yourself and if you post just to hear your skull rattle.

  41. 53

    Jon spews:

    righton: “b) no record of death from these”

    Yes, and how many people, say in Thailand, died because of tsunamis prior to December 26.

    We only have 150 years or so of recorded history here in this state; that’s a millisecond in geologic time. Go read this article that details the mega quake that hit here around 1700. From the article:

    “If you thought yesterday’s giant quake and tsunami seemed a far-distant threat, think again.

    The fury that nature just released along the southern coast of Asia, killing thousands of people, is strikingly similar to what happened along the Washington coast 300 years ago.

    And it’s just a matter of time before it happens here again, said Brian Atwater, a U.S. Geological Survey geologist based at the University of Washington.”

    A warning system that works is a no-brainer, and, by the way, is a lahar warning system for Mt. Rainer, and not to mention the myriad of other sensors on the mountain when it wakes up.

  42. 55

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Heath @ 47–
    So are you going to be the self-appointed arbiter of what each of us can say?? The World According to Heath…now there is a scary thought. You LEFTIST PINHEADS all deserve each other. Now I see you want “information-only…no comment posts”. I’ll bet you are one of those oh so concerned and oh so self-righteous about the Patriot Act.
    This is Goldy’s Blog. He sets the rules. Goldy has prided himself on encouraging a good battle and having a sense of humor. You are obviously a fragile SOB who wasn’t breast-fed long enough!

  43. 56

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    So you get an earthquake forecast and you are standing on the AWV. You have 2 minutes to decide what to do. Will you stand there and go down with the ship and become a martyr? Or will you run like a sonofabitch??

  44. 57

    righton spews:

    Yeah, if i lived on a flat coast, i’d worry about a Tsunami. I’m guessing (not a Forks to Hoquiam expert) that the topography only allows a few spots to get nailed AND we have no proof. Yeah, if it was downtown Seattle (risk adjusted baby) i’d be more sympathetic to the idea.

    Yeah, Orting has warning systems cuz the mud flow might hit it. But you guys are ignoring any “cost benefit”. There is NO system to alert local asthmatics when the volcano is about to blow (until it does)… so if you wanna protect everything, how about an ash alert and masks that drop down automatically….

    yeah, and same for Blizzard alerts.

    What is going on, Jim Forman running the emergency services for the state…Danger, Tsunami every 150 million years…!!

    oh, this is good

  45. 58

    Curtis Love spews:

    Just started reading, and glad to be here.

    “No recorded deaths from tsunami” is kind of a hoot, considering that we have only about 150+ years of records. Both Red and Blue coastal states are preparing some kind of warning system since the Indonesia quake (I think Alaska is kinda interested). It’s not tremendously expensive, and could be mighty handy.

    If you want a boondoggle, I just watched Kyra “I love Georgie” Phillips on CNN the other day fawning over a commander at NORAD about how they’re protecting us from terrorism (the commander claimed that they were), while studiously NOT asking him why we are spending billions a year on their anti-Russian-bomber mission and how that protects us from four guys in a hotel room in Manhattan.

    I’m just saying…

  46. 59

    JC Bob spews:


    Inviting “righty trolls” to post on your blog and then spam block their posts.

    BTW, Goldy, did or do you work for the Seattle Times. Should I take it as a badge of honor that I am spam blocked at the Seattle Times? Imagine, I should have the gaul to complain about the LTE editor re-writing my letter without asking me if their editing was OK.

  47. 60

    ConservativeFirst spews:

    From the P-I:

    “Gregoire said much of the work will be done in coordination with federal plans for tsunami preparedness, but she also said that she will seek federal funding and money from the Legislature next year to install additional alert broadcasting systems along the coast.”

    Would people in Iowa consider this pork? I’m sure they have adequate tsunami warning systems there.

  48. 61

    Mr. Natural spews:

    Who the hell is “righton” and who the hell cares what he says? I live at the beach, and I would APPRECIATE a running start! so FUCK YOU righton!

  49. 62

    JC Bob spews:

    I wonder if Fraudiore ever thought of suggesting that everyone living in low laying area of the coast or Straits should own a NOAA weather alert radio and have it set to alert for their county. But then I am assuming that NOAA would broadcast tsunami warnings.

    Of course, that would not do because it would not duplicate an existing federal program nor would it add more state employees.

  50. 63

    JC Bob spews:

    Mr. Natural @ 61

    If you can afford to live on the beach, you can afford to own a top of the line NOAA weather alert radio.

    By the way, what beach do you live on? If it is not on the coast or on the straits, your concerns should be about ZERO. And, if the tsunami is generated by a local subduction zone quake, you will not have enought time to react. If you live on the coast, strong shaking should by your tsunami warning.

  51. 64

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Mr. Natural is Roger Rabbit aka Harry Poon/Don/Alan/thatPrick/Priscilla/93 other identities. He figures if he is in a discussion with himself that he might actually win an argument someday!
    He also wants to make HorsesAss look like there are lots of people participating when in reality there are only 8 of us.

  52. 65

    Heath spews:

    Mr. Cynical @55 –

    No, I’m a self-appointed arbiter of who here is a dumb ass, such as yourself.

    But it really is getting to be a pain wading through all of the dishonest bullshit you, righton, and the other dipshits are spewing. Most of you are more than stupid; you’re liars.

    You need to go home and question how you can stand for a society based on selfish dishonesty and schemes like yours.

  53. 66

    Dr. E spews:


    Sure, that’s great in principle, if everyone happened to be at home in ear’s range of the radio when it went off. If you’re down on the beach (as were thousands in Thailand 8 months ago), you wouldn’t hear the radio alert. You might, however, hear a loudspeaker alarm.

  54. 67

    righton spews:

    How many people is this “system” supposed to help anyhow? 1000 people, or 1 million? Are the numbers rigged to count summer populace vs smaller winter populace

    Likely run by Sound Transit cousins or alumns…

    I’d like a neighborhood siren for natural gas leaks….how come i can’t get one of those (too)?

  55. 68

    Puddybud spews:

    This thread is the funniest one to date. Being from the east coast (NY), I would like to see monies spent on many new
    ‘lert systems. We need more ‘lerts.

    Cynical, keep up the great work! I’m busting a gut here in Texas tonight laughing!!!

    Goldy, this is a great forum. I would think returning home from an east coast vacation you’d be more mellow. I came back from mine last week and I wuz chillin’, until the stoopid delay at Newark Airport! Stopped by Long Island, NYC, Philly, WA DC, Williamsport, VA and Hilton Head. Saw some beach too, got me a tan.

    You all better mark this date down as mostly I agree with the guvnor that this could be a good thing if correctly implemented. Yes it could be a union payoff, but the Pacific Rim(job) is updating their warning and ‘lert systems for future tsunamis. I believe there will be a big one here someday, so let’s be prepared. Even if it does hit the coast and the SAN Juan’s there are some nice people who live there. Heck, there may be some nice horse loving people from Seattle who may need an early warning system!

    I have been close to some of those tsunami places in my travels. That’s why I harangued the likes of Don*****Don, Loocy and others earlier this year who are tight with their $$$ giving to charity. Me and de wife gave big $$$$ to Tsunami relief efforts in December. So before you lefties start the ignorant rants, just how much did you contribute to tsunami relief efforts? That’s why Righton and Cynical’s comments are so funny to me.

  56. 70

    Puddybud spews:

    Marks, mispelling werds may get around da filtur. Ya never know about socielist activities!!!

  57. 71

    Dr. E spews:

    Und könnte man auch alles in einer Fremdsprache schreiben, dann kommt alles durch den Filter, ja?

    Sorry, off topic.

  58. 72

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    “schemes like yours”
    Precisely what “schemes” are you referring to heath???
    I am oh so curious. You are probably just spewing once again…but please heath DO TELL.
    You do realize heathdumbass that a “scheme” is a plan of things to do. A “scheme” is a good thing. The problem you LEFTIST PINHEADS have is that you have no fucking scheme!!! All you have is venomous rhetoric…hardly a scheme heathdumbass.
    Next time you try to minimize or marginalize someone by saying they have a “scheme”, you might want to reconsider the word. Do you know what a dictionary is heathdumbass?? How about a Thesaurus?? I didn’t think so.
    Heath gives LEFTIST PINHEADS a bad name!

  59. 73

    DamnageD spews:

    The irony of the matter is that we DO have a decent tsunami alert system; it just ran into its “single point failure”…one bad land line. So it would seem to me (as a person who manages Disaster recovery) that unless the system is truly that poorly built, simply institute some basic redundancy. Why would that take an act of Legislature? It wouldn’t seem like the folks who manage that system are over burdened. And I wonder to what extent she wants to “expand” this system? Anybody that’s been up and down the WA coast KNOWS there’s not much in the way of towns that aren’t already built into that network.

    And for those folks that seem to think this warning system is un-necessary, I bet the people that survived the disaster in Indonesia would STRONGLY disagree with that train-o-thought.

  60. 74

    Puddybud spews:

    DamnageD: When the post is released you will witness my agreement with this system. Can ya believe that? It should come in at 68, unless Goldy implements my suggestion below.

    Goldy when the filter system holds up a word for further analysis, may I suggest that you post it at the next free number instead of inserting it when received? I know you’s a busy man, and the validated post will be read vs. it being buried 20 or so posts back. It would be good for all of us here. Just a suggestion. I await the snide remarks to the suggestion!

  61. 75

    Puddybud spews:

    Dr E. Going off topic: Ja können sie. Und Ein könnte am besten von den Linkshändern mit Müllphrasen und Wörtern verwirren, die keinen Sinn machen würden, was auch immer. Sind Sie von deutscher Erbschaft? Einige von meinen Vorfahren sind.

  62. 77

    Chuck spews:

    How to prevent dying from a tsunami: Dont live in or stay around a costal area. There is your tsunami warning, no charge! Any other state programs you need a cheap fix on, Ill be available.

  63. 78

    Donnageddon spews:

    chuck, by all means stay! Just don’t whine about the spam filter, and concoct asinine conspiracy theories.

    Or complain when an honerable progressive says “Fuck You!” to you.

    Remember: You are the Troll. Act that way.

  64. 79

    Donnageddon spews:

    chuck @ 76, Kinda like them red staters that get flooded out every year with no flood insurance. They get Federal Money to rebuild on the same spot and then spend the rest of the year complaining about paying taxes.

  65. 80

    enough_of_this_bullshit spews:

    chrissy isn’t at fault for this one.

    She at fault for a lot of other things….but not this one.

    and don at 79…kinda like those idiots in carnation that do the same thing. gee aren’t those people from that BLUE county.

  66. 81

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    We need an inland warning system, too, in case there’s a flood of elephant poo.

  67. 82

    Donnageddon spews:

    @ 79 I don’t know it for a fact, but I would be willing to bet Carnation is a red city.

  68. 83

    Puddybud spews:

    Don*****don, kind of like California and WA State and those not having or affording earthquake insurance. They got Federal money to rebuild. Kind of like Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois during the midwest floods with no flood insurance. They got Federal money to rebuild. Kind of like fruit and crop losses from cold weather in California. They got Federal money to replant. Kind of like crop losses due to bug infestations in California. They got Federal money to replant. And you are a Donk Moby Troll MoonBat. And you do write that way! Don’t forget that! We on the right still like you in that special way though.

  69. 85

    Chuck spews:

    Like I said, you libs are onesided knuckledraggers that only want one side of an issue. Hell you may as well control the press, oh that is right you already do!

  70. 86


    A tsunami wiping out a couple thousand people would be good news for the donks. What better way to expand your voter base. .

  71. 87

    Gary spews:

    Just another example of Queen Gregoire pretending to be a governor. Notice how it always involves wasting a ton of our tax money. Remember the “drought emergency” that was followed by 5 months of rain?

  72. 88

    Left Behind by the New Democratic Party spews:


    Donnageddon @ 21:

    This is just the way GWB thought when the Aug 6th Presidential Brief said “Bin Laden Determined to Attack inside the US”

    GWB: How many American’s has Bin Laden killed? Might as well ignore this.

    Ironic you mention this today when THIS little story came out:

    Congressman: U.S. Intel Knew 9 / 11 Plotters
    Published: August 10, 2005

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Sept. 11 commission will investigate a claim that U.S. defense intelligence officials identified ringleader Mohammed Atta and three other hijackers as a likely part of an al-Qaida cell more than a year before the hijackings but didn’t forward the information to law enforcement.
    Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa. and vice chairman of the House Armed Services and Homeland Security committees, said Tuesday the men were identified in 1999 by a classified military intelligence unit known as ”Able Danger.” If true, that’s an earlier link to al-Qaida than any previously disclosed intelligence about Atta.

    This is the first two paragraphsof the story located here:(you need to register for free)

    Long story short: Evidently a military intelligence unit deduced that five of the 9/11 terrorists were part of an Al Queda cell operating in the U.S. When did they discover this? The summer of 2000. They wanted to report it to law enforcement authorities, but ultimately couldn’t.

    I do not know about the rest of you, but this is an outrage that goes beyond Democrat or Republican. It makes me angry as an American who has finally had enough of the F.U.B.A.R. situation going on with all the agencies that are supposed to protect us, but are too self-important to actually WORK together. This artical was also in the Seattle P.I., and I believe it should be made more public. Sad that a story of The East Indian families here too the front page, and this was regulated to the second page, but hey, what should I expect any more? A relevation about 9/11 is discovered, and since nobody can blame Bush for it, it gets hidden. Some things should not be politicized, this being one of them.


  73. 89

    Left Behind by the New Democratic Party spews:


    My mistake, I should have said 4 terrorists instead of 5. It’s just that this makes me furious.


  74. 90

    Left Behind by the New Democratic Party spews:

    Hello AGAIN.

    I found another link you do not have to register for to read the story:

    I get angrier the more I find out about this. This isn’t an issue of who knew first: Bill or George, but rather the revealing of a beaurocratic nightmare of ‘Brazil’-like proportions. When I think that 9/11 could very likely have been avoided…

    I am going to get offline now, turn off my computer, and watch “Iron Chef” episodes till I no longer see red. Good night.


  75. 91

    Puddybud spews:

    Lfft_Behind@88_90: Donk Moby Troll MoonBats will not answer you LB. They are intellectually dishonest PC people. Watch to see if someone will admit the Clinton Administration screwed this up being PC!!!!

  76. 92

    Puddybud spews:

    So Moonbat Donk Moby Trolls regarding the article from Left Behind: What did Clinton know and when did he know it? What did Richard Clarke know and when did he know it? What did Al Gorebasm know and when did he know it? Looks like a 5+ year coverup to me by the lefty dummocraps.

  77. 93

    SailOffshore spews:

    I particularly like the comments of those who make the arguement that a tsunami warning system is stupid because tsunamis haven’t killed anyone in Washington in 100 years.

    It’s worth pointing out that tsnuamis hadn’t killed anyone in Banda Aceh in the 100 years prior to December 24, 2004 either.

    We know incredibly distructive tsunamis occur in the Pacific NW, as have incredibly distructive volcano blasts and lahars. Damage from any one of these events can be measured in the billions of dollars and possibily hundreds of thousands of lives. Not spending the paltry millions on these systems is foolish.

  78. 95

    righton spews:


    Come on, how do you kill hundreds of thousands of lives when you don’t have that many people living in the path of this tsunami?

    Do you apply any cost benefit test to these gov’t spend ideas?

    Maybe society would be better off if the residents had to pay some $50 per year fee to fund this? I think one of your like minded big spending bro’s has suggested we put tolls on the new roads, so as to make users pay.

    Why not then make these guys pay? Or else give me my ash and snowfall and meteor falling down alert system…

  79. 96

    Gary spews:

    sailoffshore: Yes there is a remote chance of a tsunami damaging the beach front residences at ocean shores. Do you really think that a few minutes warning would make a difference?
    A tsunami from hours away would have little force by the time it reached shore. A tsunami generated by the Juan De Fuca subduction zone would hit the shore before anyone could respond to the warning. Either way, the system would not save lives or property.

  80. 97

    Heath spews:

    Mr. Cynical –

    The kind of ‘scheme’ I am referring to is the plan your side has to win arguments through lies. Look above, at righton, and how he has turned out to be an expert seismologist. Maybe you tools from the right don’t get in a group for your brainwashings, and don’t realize you’re part of a scheme — nevertheless, you are. You are just more mouthpieces for the lies your side requires in order to keep going.


  81. 98

    righton spews:

    heath; ok, i’ll hang back for experts like Christine to advise..

    Not sure what lies we are telling; saying we haven’t seen a cost/benefit analysis of this, and suspect its feel good spending versus smart spending…

    And not sure who’s telling us what to be mouthpiece on; i mean, Karl Rove and Chris Vance don’t even know where Hoquiam or Forks is.

    But if you want to be an expert go read on the diff between long distance waves (say from mid pacific quake) and then local tsunamis. Former takes plenty of time, so radio or cheap system might do, while latter if it happens will wash away folks before a siren could even sound.

    So what good will it do?

    Ouch, logic hurts.

  82. 100

    righton spews:

    Ok, i’ll accepts either facts or logic; you offer neither

    facts: is cost/benefit of doing this Tsunami thing better than doing nothing?
    logic: will it even be capable of giving adequate warning
    history too; we just had a false alarm…what’s up w/ that?

  83. 101

    Donnageddon spews:

    Logic? from a troll advocating blizzard alarm systems.

    righton, you just don’t get it. You have no credibility.

  84. 102

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    So Moonbat Donk Moby Trolls regarding the article from Left Behind: What did Clinton know and when did he know it? What did Richard Clarke know and when did he know it? What did Al Gorebasm know and when did he know it? Looks like a 5+ year coverup to me by the lefty dummocraps. -Comment by Puddybud— 8/10/05 @ 6:06 am

    Let’s also not forget Sandy the Sock Burgler – what EXACTLY were those papers he took/destroyed??

  85. 103

    Heath spews:


    According to my seismologist friends from Caltech, you’re wrong about Tsunamis. “Tsunami” means “Harbor Wave” because the energy of the wave is focused by harbors and in harbors. The distance doesn’t matter as much as the shape of the ocean floor that the wave crosses. It’s possible that an earthquake in Asia could cause no damage there and swamp us here. Unlikely, maybe, but not impossible.

    Consider Sri Lanka on last 24 Dec. They were 3 hours wave-time away from the epicenter. Three hours’ warning would have been a lot, especially compared to zero.

    One error you keep perpetuating is that the benefactors of Tsunami warning here in Washington would be penninsula residents only. In fact, a Tsunami could affect the Seattle waterfront if it came from a certain direction.

    I don’t suggest that Governor Gregoire is claiming to be an expert in Tsunamis. She’s a good administrator, and I don’t doubt she has consulted experts.

    So far, you have suggested that we should first implement:
    – Blizzard warning, which most people call ‘weather satellites’
    – Rainier eruption warning, which we already have
    – Neighborhood gas-leak warning, which is exactly what the smelly additive is for.

    In other words, you seem capable of recognizing other objective hazards, but you are kind of clueless in terms of comparing them to Tsunamis or understanding how measures have already been taken to protect people.

  86. 104

    Heath spews:

    Righton –

    And not sure who’s telling us what to be mouthpiece on; i mean, Karl Rove and Chris Vance don’t even know where Hoquiam or Forks is.

    I agree with you, but I’m surprised to see a rethug write this. You really agree Chris Vance doesn’t know his way around the penninsula?

  87. 105

    righton spews:


    2 types;
    a) long distance w/ 3 hrs warning
    b) close in harbor ones; with no warning

    Nothing in proposal addresses a system on Elliott Bay, nor on the Great Salt Lake, nor on Lake Union for that matter.

    I guess you took me literally on blizzards, ash, gas leaks etc. Yipes, you guys don’t even get satire…

  88. 106

    Heath spews:

    Righton –

    You can hide behind ‘satire’, but don’t blame us for confusing it with your much more apparent stupidity.

    As for your ‘2 types’ — which one was the 24 Dec Tsunami? Was it close-in, or far away? Depends on where you are asking about, obviously. So you’re silly to say there are two types.

    Are you a geologist or seismologist? Or a civil engineer or urban planner?

    As for what the system is intended to protect against — obviously the point is to detect incoming Tsunamis before they get to Elliot Bay, or Lake Union.

    For your reference, the Great Salt Lake is not connected to an ocean. It is in Utah, east of the Rocky Mountains.

    Regardless of your understanding of what a warning system does or generally what’s-what; let’s get back to your comments about Chris Vance.

    Do you really think Chris Vance is as much of a moron as we think he is? Because suddenly you would seem intelligent, righton.


  89. 107

    righton spews:

    Heath, man this is fun…

    You really worried about Lake Union; I think whether the inland lake is in Utah or in Seattle, it ain’t gonna suffer a tsunami..

    And where’s that Elliott bay one coming from? Bainbridge? Maybe jumping over the Olympics? Airborne tsunami?

    Ever hear of civil engineers designing against 100 yr storms? This sucker is like a 100,000 year event (happens every 100,000 years)

    Golly you guys lighten up my day

  90. 108

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    That is funny stuff my friend.
    heath is your typical LEFTIST PINHEAD…probably one of them thar ECOLOGISTS trained at Evergreen College without the benefit of a single hard science course.
    These Evergreen-trained LEFTIST PINHEADS love to argue using the junk-science theories some activist who got his PHD at MatchboxCover University pumped into his alleged brain.
    heath–give it a rest. Tsunamis are unlikely to jump over the Olympic Mountains…and if they do, all the LEFTIST PINHEADS in Seattle will be Kaput!! already anyway because Seattle is built on JELLO, a liquefaction zone that will melt and bury you long before the tsunami hits.

  91. 109

    Heath spews:

    Actually, Mr. Cynical, I studied engineering at the same school that is the headquarters for the USGS. Let’s see if you can track that school down on the web. Here’s a hint, it’s not Evergreen. Here’s another, it also runs a Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    As for Elliot Bay, Tsunamis means ‘harbor wave’, not ‘coastal wave’. Yes, Elliot Bay could be affected by a Tsunami; there’s no doubt about it.

    So, where did you go to school, guys? Did you have a USGS center at your school? Was your adviser a world-renowned geologist? I wouldn’t have brought up my superior education, Mr. Cynical, but you’re the one throwing stones in a glass house.

  92. 110

    righton spews:

    Too funny heathcote…

    If you are some rocks for jocks geo dude, how’d you decide Lake Union was at risk?

  93. 111

    Heath spews:

    I never said I was a geologist, I said I know geologists. I’m not a geologist.

    And are you some kind of idiot? Lake Union is at sea level. Tsunamis go miles inland and are dozens of feet high. Do you think the Montlake area is that far above sea level?

    Have you ever even been to Seattle?

    Your problem is that you’re wrong and you know it.

  94. 112

    Heath spews:

    Furthermore, righton, you are continuously whining ‘cost/benefit.’ That could be a rational argument.

    So, what is the cost? Do you know?

  95. 113

    Heath spews:

    Furthermore, I don’t particularly think Lake Union is the biggest thing to worry about.

    More of a worry would be damage to the naval nuclear weapons operations in Bangor, don’t you think?

    All I’m saying is that you comparing Elliot Bay and Lake Union to the Great Salt Lake is more of your continuing dishonest argument style.

  96. 114

    Heath spews:

    Here’s a map:

    It’s for a projected 5 meter (about 15 feet) Tsunami. Notice that, no, it doesn’t affect Lk. Union; yes, it does affect Elliot Bay. It looks like Harbor Island would be destroyed, as well as most of the Seattle waterfront.

    And that’s for a 15-foot Tsunami. It appears they think that’s a likely size for a locally-generated Tsunami.

  97. 115

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Perhaps the USGS you are referring to is the:
    Uneducated Society of Godawful Socialists!!!

  98. 116

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    So heath…
    Is it true that you actually Blog while sitting in a little rubber dinghy???…just in case the Big One hits???
    A dingy blogging while in a dinghy. Sounds about right!

  99. 117

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You said you “studied” engineering. Do you actually have an engineering degree?

  100. 118

    Heath spews:

    No, I studied engineering and applied science for a BS, not an engineering degree. As I’m sure you are aware, an engineering degree is a post-graduate degree.

  101. 119

    Heath spews:

    Look, Cynical, don’t imply that I’m some pansy who lives in fear of a Tsunami. You always resort to name-calling and 2nd-grade tactics once you start to lose, which is after the 1st post.

    I just think, hey, ‘is there any real reason we should not have a Tsunami warning system?’

    If the answer was, ‘yeah, it is prohibitively expensive,’ that would make sense.

    But you and your slobbering gang seem to think the reason not to have it is, ‘that woman governor wants it.’

    I think your problems with the idea are irrational hatred for a woman being in charge of the state you live in.

  102. 120

    righton spews:

    Heath baby;
    Lake Union is 30 feet above sea level; that’s why your boat has to go through the Locks.

    Rolling on the floor laughing…

  103. 121

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Wow! Now those who disagree with you & Gregoire are guilty of “irrational hatred for a woman being in charge”.
    1) NOBODY is in charge. That’s the fucking problem. Screwing around with a Tsunami warning system is a great “deflection” from the transportation dilemma…but it doesn’t solve the problems. Gregoire should be front & center…trying to build support for a fair & reasonable transportation improvement progam. Instead, she screws around with this.
    2) Only a desperate LEFTIST PINHEAD would take fair criticism and twist it into “woman hating”. Real bright heath. The LEFTIST PINHEADS are the Party of the Perpetually Offended. If someone disagrees with any of you A$$holes, they must be a sexist, racist homophobe. Give it a rest heath. Rise above it PINHEAD!

  104. 123

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Watch this—
    You now say that you “studied engineering and applied science for a BS”. Did you get your BS? Or is your BS actually in BS???
    Be very specific about your education and degree. You, heath, have made it an issue. You seem to be pulling a CLINTON on us!

  105. 124

    Heath spews:

    righton –

    You kick ass for proving my point! Lk. Union is 30 ft (about 10 meters) above sea level. Ok, we all agree to that.

    Quoting now from:

    When the tsunami enters the shoaling water of coastlines in its path, the velocity of its waves diminishes and the wave height increases. It is in these shallow waters that a large tsunami can crest to heights exceeding 100 feet (30 m) and strike with devastating force.

    That is 3x the level of Lk. Union. How do you think the locks are going to survive?

    Once more, are you concerned about the lack of warning for the nuclear submarine base. You know, the one where they load nuclear warheads into submarines?

    Again, though, you are continuing your disingenuity. If the purpose of a Tsunami warning system was to protect Lk. Union, as opposed to warn people on the shoreline, your distracting tactics would have some basis to them. The truth is, you are just madly trying to change the subject because you are wrong.

    Mr. Cynical –

    I figure you must have personality weakness that make you such a madman. You haven’t given one single, rational reason to oppose fixing the already-existing and broken Tsunami warning system. What’s your point?

    I admit I’m struggling to find a reason to ascribe to you, but that is because you are apparently without reason.

    You’re the pinhead, Cynical. Make a sane post, and I’ll stop trying to figure out why you’re so angry at the world.

    As for who’s in charge, Gregoire’s the governor, whether you want to accept it or not. Denial is a powerful force, it can drive even weak people like you.

  106. 125

    Heath spews:

    Cynical- Yes, I meant what I implied about having a BS. No, I’m not going to help you stalk me, thanks.

    Why don’t you tell me all about yourself? What college did you go to, when did you graduate, what’s your real name? *phhhpt* As if either of us would go for that.

    More disingenuity.

  107. 126

    Heath spews:

    Also, Cynical, let’s be clear — you started it when you asserted that all progressives are Evergreen-“graduated” pinheads. No, we aren’t.

    Seattle is the nation’s most-educated city, with 51% of residents holding 4-year degrees. We’re also heavily left-leaning.

    Why do you suppose education and progressive politics are positively correlated? Could it be that more educated people tend to avoid your side?

  108. 127

    Heath spews:


    You keep saying that fixing the existing Tsunami warning system is too expensive.

    How much is it going to cost?

    So far, I’ve been really happy with your fact-checking, so I want you to get back to me on this.

  109. 128

    righton spews:

    Heath baby; keep it coming;

    Ok, so we’re all at risk; man, a 100 foot Tsunami can nail and devastate most of the west.

    Turns corners and runs down Hood Canal

    Winds its way into Elliott bay, up the ship canal, breaches the locks. Is Medina and Kirkland at risk? Hoover dam since water goes up the Sea of Cortez up the Colorado river, breaching dams en route?

    Sound like the Viaduct and tunnel ideas just doubled in price, if now they have to be Tsunami proof. Need to rig it also with Tsunami ejector safety pods..

  110. 129

    righton spews:

    Heath; its simple

    Warn those at risk, don’t scare those not at risk.

    And don’t gold plate it, don’t spend a billion for 100 people (oops, using the Sounder train economics by mistake)

  111. 130

    Heath spews:

    Will you get off it? If there were a 30m wave, it wouldn’t need to follow the ship canal.

    Did you look at the damage map for a 3m wave? Does it make any sense to you, can you make head or tail out of it? It’s a map, I thought it would be easy to understand.

  112. 131

    Heath spews:

    righton –

    Where did you get the number “billion for 100 people”.

    A billion dollars???? Holy crap! You’re right!

    Oh wait. You were making stuff up again. Nevermind.

    Have you looked up the actual proposed cost, yet?

  113. 132

    Heath spews:

    Here’s why you want to change the subject to where people got their degrees and/or Tsunamis in Lk. Union:

    – You have no idea how much repairing the existing system will cost.
    – You have no response to the point that PACSUBCOM in Bangor would benefit from the warnings.
    – You don’t know how many people live on Islands in the Sound and on the coast of the penninsula.
    – You’re wrong.

  114. 133

    righton spews:


    billion was exaggeration of Sounder; i have no idea what Tsunami thing costs

    I thought water and floods like to follow lowest point. You mean the Tsunami climbs over Denny regrade (a big hill) or over Queen Anne hill?? I think not, if you are right, it goes right up the ship canal.

    But you are wrong; there’s no Tsunami going to whomp onto the shores of Lake Union, or Medina, or Coulon beach in Renton, or up the snake river, or up the Missouri…

    And back to reality; a tsunami hitting low lying Indian ocean locales was not absurd, just unexpected. This hypothetical is absurd

  115. 134

    Heath spews:

    i have no idea what Tsunami thing costs

    That’s what I thought. So why did you make a cost/benefit argument.

    This hypothetical is absurd

    Yes. Let’s drop it. Worrying about a 30m wave, which would swamp all of the areas we’ve argued about is actually kind of pointless – even given 3 hours’ warning, where are all of us going to escape to?

    Let’s get back to what is actually at stake: Repairs to the existing warning system, and the damage a Tsunami would do to the coastline.

    How many people live on the coastline? How many military bases would be affected? Would the entire wing of E-9s at Whidbey be destroyed on the ground?

    I want to get back to your cost/benefit argument. That, at least, started out rational.

  116. 135

    righton spews:


    then stop alarming us by including Puget Sound.

    Whenever heavyweight Dems peddle something like this, and try to scare the crap out of us, i’m cynical. Don’t need to see the cost to know its inflated. I also didn’t need to see the soundtransit or monorail forecasts to know they were inflated.

    I still can’t tell if its beachouses at risk, or what. I saw the FEMA stuff for the coast, appears to be low lying beachfront, not Gig Harbor and Tacoma

  117. 137

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    So, if you are oh so proud that Seattle is so highly educated, Progressive and left-leaning….if you have all this communal brain-power and LEFTIST politics on you side, riddle me this heath….

  118. 138

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Poor heath…he must be so scared by his own BS that he cannot sleep at night. I’ll bet heath SLEEPS in his little rubber dinghy too….you know, just in case.
    heath==the Dingy in the Dinghy.
    These LEFTIST PINHEADS actually feel they can somehow bulletproof themselves against God’s Wrath. Lord, forgive them for they know not what the do!

  119. 139

    Heath spews:


    Because we’ve grown very rapidly and haven’t had the money to build new highways? And now that the gas tax is being


    Um, what huge fiscal mess are you talking about?

    Otherwise, could it be that we pay 110% more in taxes than the average county, but receive only 21% more than average in expenditures? Care to give us our money back?


    For this, you will want to refer to last month’s issue of the Futurist. When there was a 95% tax bracket, the gap between rich and poor shrank. When the maximum tax bracket was repealed, the gap began to widen again. Sort of just like you would expect, unless you are a whacko with delusions of the 95% bracket ever applying to you.

  120. 140

    righton spews:

    Love having heath here…

    Guess Lake Union swamped you.

    Your last point is way off; he asked about wages vs expenses, not about rich vs poor. And of course quoting Futurist always leads to guffaws on this end.

    How we doing on Ron Sims’ relatives double voting? Ya’ll ignoring that?

  121. 141

    Heath spews:

    And of course quoting Futurist always leads to guffaws on this end.

    Quoting anything that’s not Fox always ends up in denial on your end.

    Nevermind the fact that the Futurist article (which you haven’t bothered to read) has historical data to back up the claims.

    Your problem is that you aren’t interested in facts, you’re interested in being a slobbering follower of Rush Limbaugh.

    When are you going to get back to me on the supposedly exhorbitant price-tag for Gregoire’s plan to upgrade the Tsunami system. I know if you looked that up, you’d have to learn a fact, so maybe I am blowing against the wind with you.

  122. 142

    righton spews:

    I can’t tell the cost (tried) and since I’m not its proponent, its not my job to do that. Gregoire, or Feds ought to explain it. Instead they just laud its benefits. Gotta wait for some blogger or critic to uncover the excesses.

    Gotta love the insult game here; I think you were the 30 foot wall of waves cresting over queen anne hill guy…..time to back off.

    I ain’t looking up futurist cuz i could care less in this blog about the income gap. you and cynical can argue that one out.

  123. 144

    Donnageddon spews:

    PuddyBud on the other hand is easy to stalk. He leaves a trail of animal cookies and urine wherever he goes.

  124. 145

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    At least Puddy leaves a trail….
    unlike you who merely shits himself and wanders around hoping no one notices!

  125. 149

    Gary spews:

    It is really too bad that Seattle is not at risk for a tsunami. It would wipe out a bunch of leftist pinheads, winos, panhandlers, pimps, assorted felons and other laaches on society.

  126. 150

    Donnageddon spews:

    Dr. E, @ 146, my German is a bit rusty, but I think you meant:

    Mutter der rightons näht Drahtseilbahnen zu den Hochzeit Kleidern. Niemand weiß warum.

  127. 151

    Donnageddon spews:

    Gary @ 149 !! Now you are talking like a true Neo-Con! Glad you finally let go of the internal filter and spoke your little mind!

  128. 153

    Donnageddon spews:

    Gary, no worries, you Neo-Cons invented Hate-Speech.

    We libs are just pikers when it comes to it.


  129. 155

    antidote spews:

    Speaking of tsunami, did you see that a chunk of eastern Washington is being swamped … by a huge wildfire? And the folks fighting it are coming to you courtesy of the taxpayers in Seattle.

    Should those of us on the progressive, economically vibrant side of the mountains refuse to pay to save the homes of our fellow citizens on the dry, depressed side just because they disagree with us politically? No, of course not. We’re all in this together. We take decisions as a state together for the common good.

    You: (Place thank you very much here)
    Us: Don’t mention it; just pay it forward.

  130. 156

    righton spews:


    Is Progressive a slur or something to brag about?

    Where does the wine/cheese/bread/meat/potatoes come from anyhow? Not from Ballard, or even Kent…

  131. 157

    antidote spews:

    Uh, the milk comes from the cows a couple blocks away in a Seattle suburb. The rest of that stuff comes from Chile, France, Japan, England and even a little bit from Eastern Washington.

  132. 158

    righton spews:


    maybe if you go to PCC; but all the corn, wheat, grapes, etc they grow goes somewhare

    ya’ll are so high and might cuz you live in ballard

  133. 159

    righton spews:

    anti anything

    REally, you mean they grow all those grapes and nobody drinks the wine, nobody eats the wheat, nobody eats the potatos? Or do you mean they stupdily ship them to Chile while we import Chilean food.

    Ya’ll are arrogant; those farm folk grow and sell products; i doubt they mooch at the gov’t trough like Seattle folks do. Show me some honest stats showing they get a free ride, and you fremont types pay the bills. Come on, folks in Fremont and Cap Hill barely have paying jobs

  134. 160

    not afraid to read... spews:

    Right now the federal proposal for a US tsunami warning system (S 50 and HR 1674) that covers both coasts is asking for less than $40 million dollars. The maintenance and continuing costs to monitor the system is estimated to be between $100-300K per year. This system would be integrated with the EAS system that is already in place. That $40 million will put a system of sensors in place that will be able to not only tell when a tsunami is approaching, but also when one isn’t. If a large earthquake occurs and we have no sensors to indicate if a wave is or isn’t coming, coastal communities from CA to AK and HI have to decide whether to evacuation with no hard info. If HI has to call an evacuation, it costs the state around $30-40 million dollars (sorry, I don’t have the numbers for WA). So, if this system helps ONE state avoid ONE false evacuation, it has paid for itself. They’re planning on having the system set up to cover ALL coastal states.

    If a destructive tsunami hit the long beach penninsula on a summer weekend, it’s very possible that in that one area, nearly 100,000 people could be involved. That’s unlikely, but considering the fact that there is solid geological evidence on Washington’s coast of catastrophic tsunamis as recently as about 300 years ago, saying this system is planning for a 100,000 year event only shows your willingness to speak without informing yourself.

    Oh, and just so you willfully ignorant folks can more easily write off an informed comment- I graduated from Evergreen with a BS. Feel free to flame me and disregard the above information before you do any research on your own…

  135. 161

    Righton spews:

    Hey not afraid

    a) why do you guys spend so much time bragging about college? If I had your credentials I sure wouldn’t mention them

    b) You really think the Feds can deploy a national system and only cost $100k per year

  136. 162

    not afraid to read spews:

    I wasn’t bragging about my degree, I was actually being self-depreciating, though I’m not ashamed of the education I received. Regardless, this isn’t the playground so lets stick to the issue at hand.

    If you bothered to READ anything about the legislation I mentioned, you’d find out that the $100-$300K figure is actually feasible. The detection/warning network isn’t that complicated, and it piggybacks on existing infrastructure. Even if maintenance ends up costing an order of magnitude more = $1-3 million a year, that’s still a steal when you consider the pork being doled out to this administration’s supporters every day that in no way benefits or protects any of us (unless we’re stockholders).

  137. 163

    righton spews:

    not afraid

    I’d rather argue whether its good or bad, not that its one of the less wasteful things.

    You said it would cost $100 to 300k; now its more. I’ll bet a) they don’t know, and b) its way more than 100k, and way more than 10x that. After they hire monitoring people, redundant systems, etc, etc, call it 10’s of millions.

    Point me to their proof of the value of this thing. Just saying a tsunami is bad is obvious, but what’s not obvious is how much to spend, to benefit how many people, and with what odds of ever needing it.

    Ever hear of cities designing the sewers, even homes, against 100 year storms? Or maybe you’d prefer your house to be built at 100x cost to last against some 1/10000 years type of event. That’s the parallel here

  138. 164

    not afraid to read spews:

    I never said it would cost more, what I said is that if it was to even cost 10X more, it would still be a deal. It’s hard to prove the value of human lives, and that’s where the value of this comes from, the ability to save lives.

    Like I’ve said, much of the technology involved in the system is piggybacking on existing infrastructure. The emergency alert system (EAS) is already in place and used for a host of disaster related notifications, there are already monitoring centers in HI and AK.

    As far as the recurrence of these events, the best scientists working on this issue estimate that in our area catastrophic, tsunami generating events happen once every 300-500 years. The last one they know of happened in January 1700 (if I remember right). Care to do the math to figure if there’s a reasonable chance that another will happen in the next two generations?

    Stop trying to say this is a 100,000 year event, that’s closer to the recurrence interval for ice ages…

  139. 165

    righton spews:

    Literate one;

    I have a bridge to sell you if you think this operates for $100 to $300k per year.

  140. 166

    not afraid to read spews:

    Thanks for the offer champ. Care to let me know what facts you know about this topic and your informed estimate of the proposed costs of this program?

    Until you can show me that you have something to offer other than uninformed attacks, I’m out.

  141. 168

    Puddybud spews:

    Cynical, don*****don forgets that even if I leave a trail, I do clean up after myself. But again don*****don is projecting like most LEFTIST PINHEADS.

    Afraid to Read: Thanks for clueing us in on your college education. Isn’t your school one of those who hates the military and military recruiters? I still await headlice loocy’s college explanation.