Great political ad


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    BeerNotWar spews:

    The coffee one got me.

    Democrats need to do more for working class people to really trust them, though. Just throwing their hands up when the GOP threatens to filibuster unemployment extensions isn’t good enough.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    That’s a hoot. It’s a good way to get people to like him, and to amusingly make his point that he’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs. That’s the great thing that an incumbent can do. Patty Murray should have a slew of ads about what she’s done for WA all lined up.

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    proud leftist spews:

    YLB @ 3
    You just might be right. An Arizona gal who can mow down illegals as they cross the border probably should be in Congress. I don’t know how I missed that.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I can’t wait for the ads about Democrat Leader, AlGore, and his 11PM massage in his Hotel Room obsession.
    The guy gets a worthless Nobel Prize for fiction as his book is filled with non-factual & phoney science data as a basis.
    And now, the REAL AlGore comes to the forefront.

    What a fool Gore is…even if he didn’t try to sexually assault the woman levying the charges or others. More to come on this one.

    Let’s see now…
    If you were a Democrat running in a close contest, would you want Gore/ObaMao/Biden coming to campaign for you??
    What an ad that would be!

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    Gman spews:

    @ 2 – if you really want to twist a Republican’s nuts up all you have to do is put a bumper sticker on your car that says “I love guns” right next to your Gay Pride flag.

    Apparently if you like guns and advocate for them you’re an American Patriot.

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    Gman spews:

    Max you are so funny….disgustingly perverted but funny none the less. The more things you say, the more I feel that you are a homo yourself.

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    If you're not Dutch, then you're not much spews:


    AWWW GMAN, thanks for the compliment on being funny..I appreciate it. Laughter makes the world go ’round.

    The perverted and homo part? Well coming from someone who cant decide if he likes pussy or dick, I will have to take your analysis with a grain of salt.

    Hope you found that big dick to suck on that you were searching for about a week ago.

    thanks for caring though.

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    Gman spews:

    @15 – Wow, looks like we go ourselves a spy. I didn’t know you had such a keen interest. I am flattered. Or should I be worried?

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    If you're not Dutch, then you're not much spews:

    spy? no…… interest? only for purposes of mocking.

    you advertised it here on HA..ask YLBleeder to look it up for you in case you forgot.

    you shouldn’t be flattered or worried, just embarrassed and ashamed.

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    Gman spews:

    Go ahead YLB pull it up. I believe I was referring to you wanting to suck a big dick, but It might have come out wrong.

    I’m only ashamed of you for being a bigot. You should be embarrassed and ashamed. Oh, I forgot you are a conservative (Republican) and you are so self righteous and supreme and one of the non sinners.