Government of the people

I just got back from the 37th LD Democrats monthly meeting, and I gotta say, I have absolutely no sympathy for those whiners who complain about politics and politicians being detached, inaccessible and elitist.

This being the “nominating convention,” the entire legislative delegation was present: State Sen. Adam Kline, and State Reps. Sharon Santos and Eric Pettigrew. But also speaking tonight — and available for one-on-one jawboning in the vestibule outside the meeting room — were King County Council President Bob Ferguson, State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders, and U.S. Rep. Adam Smith. (Apparently, a handful of 37th LD precincts extend into Rep. Smith’s 9th Congressional District. Who knew?)

You want a little face time with your elected officials? Show up at meetings like this. Otherwise, quit your whining.


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    sarge spews:

    Same with the 41st. Marcie Maxwell and Randy Gordon seem to have clones or body doubles running around. They are ubiquitous. I half expect to run into them when I go to the bathroom.

  2. 3

    notaboomer spews:

    goldy are u whining about “whiners” b/c there were more pols at the ld meeting than members or some other reason?

  3. 4


    Good on you for going.

    BUT, is this the REAL Dem party???

    How many folks showed up?

    Maybe the DL crew ought to make this a project and take over one or more leg. districts?

  4. 5

    ivan spews:

    SJ @ 4:

    You wouldn’t know the “real” Democratic Party if it jumped up and bit you on the ass.

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    Alki Postings spews:

    But BITCHING about politics, while not actually DOING anything is the great American past time. It’s fun to PRETEND these are some magical people we aren’t connected to or can’t possibly meet or impact, like they live in some distant magical land. Er, no…you can just go talk to them.

    Congress has a 21% approval rating and 90+% re-election rate. That says it ALL. People love to bitch and whine and bitch and whine about the “gov’ment”…but they keep re-electing THEIR wonderful representatives. Look there are plenty of things happening in all levels of government I disagree with, but you can WORK on that. Just whining about the magically evil “gov’ment” just makes you sound like an idiot.

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    “I have absolutely no sympathy for those whiners who complain about politics and politicians being detached, inaccessible and elitist.”

    Goldy, make up your mind. A couple of days ago you were trying to make the case that politicians, like Reagan Dunn with his large foothills estate, and Darcy Burner, with her waterfront estate, ARE elitist.

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    Krist Novoselic spews:

    Nice that Democrats are actually nominating candidates. That’s the paramount activity of a party. For example; book clubs read, bicycle clubs ride – parties nominate candidates.

  8. 11

    Matty spews:

    “You want a little face time with your elected officials?”

    Except…unless…you know…you aren’t a Democrat. If you’re not one then I guess you wait until they show up to a Republican meeting?

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    Tom Fitzpatrick spews:

    I was a Democratic PCO for 28 years in Seattle, rejoined the battle for ’08 here in the 32nd District. Never heard of non-Dems being kicked out of a district meeting. You can’t vote unless you’re a member (and a PCO for some things), but you are welcome to attend.

  10. 13

    Matty spews:

    @12 If it’s such a big tent…they why don’t they also go to the Republican meeting too? I’ve been a Republican PCO for a dozen years and never seen a partisan elected official attend an opposing party meeting. R to D or D to R.

    The point remains that Goldy’s assertion that a partisan event is somehow a public event with access is weak.