Gov. Spitzer will resign has resigned

I don’t care what party you’re with, anyone who spends 80 grand on high priced hookers shouldn’t be a governor anymore.

UPDATE [–Goldy]:

I’m not so sure I agree with Will. If patronizing a prostitute were suddenly a disqualification for office, we’d have an awful lot of high profile resignations to report today. And if marital infidelity were made a disqualification, Washington D.C. would become a virtual ghost town. I myself have never been unfaithful, and I don’t have much sympathy for people who have, but it seems to me to be the human condition rather than a peculiar of flaw of folks like Spitzer.

On the bright side, Spitzer will always be remembered for delivering to New Yorkers their first black governor, Gov. David Paterson:



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    GBS spews:

    This guy is a piece of shit scumbag hypocrit. I hope he does time in prison.

    At least he had modicum of honor to resign his post.

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    Someguy in Seattle spews:


    Hopefully this guy wife publicly announces her divorce papaers later today.

    What a scumbag

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    Errrr ahhh

    You seem obsessed with sex. What I see is that Spitzer purchased the services of a highly talented professional who makes her living by sex.

    The amount of money sounds consistent with what I am told a geisha might cost in Japan. Woulf this be OK ifr the lady were a geisha?

    Suppose instead Spitzer belonged to some gourmet society that ate only the rarest of foods? How abot a truffle cakes with gold foil wrapped 100 year old figs cooked in the last bottle of the greatest vintage of the 1900s. Would THAT be OK?

    I happen to be very lucky and in love with my wife, bit I also know people with opne marriages. Would this also go away if Ms. S had been in the know?

    What ticks me off about y’all is the sanctimonious attitude. Moreover, while Will is generally consistent in his class attitudes, e.g. he would let the “rich” suffer by not protecting their interests when the 520 is rebuilt, I get the impression that piper is fully tolerant of the excesses of Paul Allen as long as they are legal,

    Actually, there is an interesting comparison here. Paul Allen with his awesome wealth, owns yachts, planes, teams, etc. He does not take advatage o his postion to be the sort of philanthropist Bill G is.

    When Allan spends 300 million on his next yacht is that OK?

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    Sorry…Spitzer got elected based upon his rep as a crusader against the very activity he now engages in. In addition, as NY’s Gov, he’s the chief law enforcement officer in the state, and he’s obliged more than any other to follow both the letter and spirit of the law.

    Maybe buying the services of a geisha is legal in Japan – I wouldn’t know and care not to find out – but buying the services of a prostitute is still a crime in most parts of the US. Parsing shoulda, coulda, wouldas in Eliot’s favor doesn’t get the job done.

    Interesting that the commentary from Democrats on this issue – save uber-left apologists who never see scum behavior they can’t either rationalize away or attribute to a vast right-wing conspiracy – hasn’t been kind to him. Apparently, not even his own people like him. He’s characterized as mean, thinking his don’t stink, and an all around nasty guy.

    Instead of excusing his behavior, consider how it impacts his wife and three DAUGHTERS! How do you think it sits with DAUGHTERS to hear that their father has patronized hookers for as long as 10-years? Spending, as Will noted, some $80K on them? How do you think that must make them feel as young women? To see their mother humiliated in this fashion?

    Time for some tar and feathers…

    The Piper

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Just out of curiousity, where is Rep. Sen. Vitter’s resignation? Wasn’t he accused of the same thing? Aren’t the Feds interested in prosecuting him, also? If not, why not?

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    rhp6033 spews:

    It looks like right wing talk-radio host Laura Ingram is about to lose her Wisonconsin affiliates. She launched a verbal barrage at Brett Farve for shedding tears at his retirement press conference, calling him “a girl”.

    Of course, this is the same host who blamed our troops, not Rumsfield or the Pentagon, for problems in Iraq.

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    Undercover Brother spews:

    i do not agree that this is a crime….did he use state money or resources?? i have not heard that yet.

    it is unfortunate that this looks like a witch hunt and the wire went down as soon as they had Elliot on it…what of the others??

    do you think we will learn their names if they are not Donkey leaning folk???

    i can agree that he brought this upon himself by trying to take those out close to Rudi for all those years…i guess the lesson learned is if you are going to toss stones you better not live in a glass home eh??

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    Mark1 spews:

    Regardless of his whiney-liberal party affiliation, the poor sap didn’t do much more than occurs everyday all over this country. Big deal.

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    7. No

    It is a misdemeanor to be a John, like speeding only less serious.

    Some laws are just silly. Many states have sodomy laws. (or did have) .. so should Dan Savage be careful when he travels?

    Same thing for marijuana. That sia gainst the law too for no obvious reason.

    In our state, it is ILLEGAL to bring booze or wine in w/o paying a state tax. Next time you have dinner at my house be careful!

    Prostitution ought to be a RIGHT.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    I think Spitzer should resign (apparantly he did this morning). I think the Democrats should set a high standard for ethical behavior.

    I also think Spitzer was targeted for political purposes, and that should be investigated also. This “leak” from the F.B.I. or justice department, about an ongoing investigation, is rather convenient for Bush & Co., and has Karl Rove written all over it. I’m not buying the story that this whole investigation originated because the bank reported suspicious cash transactions. This guy was very wealthy, a few thousand dollars in cash withdrawals at a time (well below the $10,000 limit for reporting to the I.R.S.) is probably nothing significant for this bank, or these types of wealthy people. The potential use of government law enforcement agencies to investigate and target political opponants is a far more serious crime, one that threatens the foundations of our democracy, than whether or not the N.Y. governor spent an hour or two with a call girl and paid cash to do so.

    And while we are at it, where is the moral outrage by the Republicans that Vitter is still in office? And how come he is not the subject of an F.B.I. and I.R.S. probe into how he paid for his hookers?

    At least Spitzer appears to have used his own money – unlike Gulianni, who used various NYC government accounts to pay for his mistresses’ travels. Where is the F.B.I. investigation into that government curruptions scandal?

    (sounds of crickets chirping).

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    @9 Piper

    I have no idea what the moral rules are in the Spitzer family. They are Jews so while they may acept living ina Christian society, they may or may not feel YOUR laws are moral. Certainly, our tradition includes concubinage and mutiple spouses so I am nto sure how they feel.

    BTW Spitzer never prosecuted a Joh or Ho. He prosecuted the criminal rings that ONLY exist because this business is illegal. This is no more important than buying some MJ or placing a bet.

    As for his wife, you are being a sexist. She may be humiliated. OTOH, maybe she knows about this. Maybe Eliot is doing it because they have a poor live life and he needs ot fulfill this eed another way. Hell maybe she is payoing this bill. None of that is MY business.

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    @15 rhp6033 says:

    I think Spitzer should resign (apparantly he did this morning). I think the Democrats should set a high standard for ethical behavior.

    I also think Spitzer was targeted for political purposes, and that should be investigated also


  13. 18



    FYI…I’m on record calling for him to resign.

    However, comparing the facts of each case there are some legal distinctions both in the nature of the offense and the status of the offender.

    Spitzer’s situation involves allegations of possible financial impropriety, the crossing of state lines, and a whole host of other stuff. Vitter’s activity was both local (in D.C.) and some years back (statute of limitations had apparently expired).

    Also, Spitzer, as a Governor, contrasts with Vitter’s status as a legislator. May not sound like much, but it puts Spitzer in an entirely different ballpark.

    The Piper

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    I certainly agreee in re Spitzer. As to the Lt Givernor, I really do not care if he is black or not. Unless HRC wins, we may finally be able to look at people for their abilities not their genitalia or melanin. I am more impressed that he is blind than that he is black!

    Gosh what ohe is an …ay ay atheist?

    I wuld be more impressed if I knew mre about him. Who s he?

  15. 20



    I certainly agreee in re Spitzer. As to the Lt Givernor, I really do not care if he is black or not. Unless HRC wins, we may finally be able to look at people for their abilities not their genitalia or melanin. I am more impressed that he is blind than that he is black!

    Gosh what if he is an …ay ay atheist?

    I might be more impressed if I knew more about him. Who is he?

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    Hannah spews:

    Prostitution should be made legal!!! Tax it, monitor it, license it!

    BUT it currently is not and IF there was made up companies with money floating in/out then that should be looked into. Not whether or not he was screwing around, who cares?

  17. 22

    busdrivermike spews:

    So, paying for sex with money gets you threatened with impeachment.

    But having sex with a lobbyist, then rewarding her client with government favors makes you…..qualified to be president?

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    correctnotright spews:

    Spitzer is gone.
    Here is the latest in republican corruption:
    If the Philidaelphia housing offical won’t go along with a republican scheme – retaliate! Officals at HUD e-mailing on how to go after Carl Green, who actually does the right thing and takes the moral high road. Note to Puddy – check out how the Bush WH operates:

  19. 24

    michael spews:

    Spitzer did the right thing. Now we need to convince a couple of Republicans in congress to follow his lead.

  20. 26



    The law is the law…Claiming it’s not legitimate because of some cultural consideration doesn’t diminish the fact that the law is the law.

    Besides, if you look at the pics and video of Spitzer’s wife, there’s no question that she’s disgusted, humiliated, feels betrayed (she was), and is thoroughly embarrassed.

    He knew his actions were illegal because as attorney general he prosecuted prostitution rings and money laundering schemes.

    Consider also, who out there is calling for him to remain on the job? Who is willing to excuse the behavior? Who shrugs their shoulders to say, “No big deal.” Only those on the far left.

    Sure, prostitution isn’t often prosecuted. But for the governor of one of the nation’s largest states to get caught up in it not because of it per se, but because he swung at the tar baby of a routine money laundering investigation says that he has to go.

    Yet the apologists see the shadow of another conspiracy.

    Will at least takes this on face value while many of the HA Happy Hooligans can’t bring themselves to see themselves as anything other than persecuted political prisoners and victims. Why not try this on for size: Eliot Spitzer is a putz, got his hand caught in the nookie jar (I coined that phrase yesterday or day before, BTW), violated his oath of office and his personal pledge to be honest and ethical, and, for the good of the people of NY, ought to go.

    Even he admits his wrongdoing! Must everything be politicized?

    The Piper

  21. 28

    YLB spews:

    A very disappointing end to a rising star’s career. I’ve heard that Spitzer was a loner and didn’t have too many friends.

    So maybe despite his considerable accomplishments, he wasn’t really cut out for politics.

    Eighty grand for sex? I mean, it boggles the mind.

    Note to Stupes: an african-american is now governor of the Empire State. If the Dems were as racist as you so stupidly claim, Spitzer would still have his job.


  22. 29

    correctnotright spews:

    Here is a quote from a NC democrat – just for Puddy:

    “I have no doubt that Obama will win my home state. Remember that NC Dems nominated African Amercian Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt twice against Jesse Helms (he also gave him a tougher fight than anyone else). Lots of colleges, fairly well-educated population. Almost all racists here have already become Republicans.

    I look forward to taking my kids to hear him speak.”

    Posted by NC State Dem

    that is my expereince also – the real racists I know have become republican and the numbers don’t lie. African Americans are voting democratic in record numbers this year. The false hypothesis that a few bad democrats taint the entire democratic party – sorry. Most of the racists are in the republican party and have found a nice comfortable home there.

  23. 30


    @26 Piper

    Yes I know the law is the law. So? This has very little to do with the law. There is no law against dressing in drag or collecting porn. If it turned out theta John McM did either of these he would be forced to resign too.

    My concern is that such silliness means that we Americans lose the services of very talented people.

  24. 31

    ArtFart spews:

    Seems Spitzer wrote a piece that ran in the WaPost last month that may have irritated the Bush administration a bit. He points out that BushCo used an obscure Federal agency that’s supposed to help assure the banks stay solvent, invoking an even more obscure 19th-century law to nullify any state laws against predatory lending practices. This has allowed the illusion of prosperity to be maintained while money gets poured down the rathole of Smirky’s War.

  25. 32



    I also feel that this obsession with sex in this country comes at the expense of a more rational attention paid to
    competence, business ethics, charity, service etc.

    I am far more offended by GWB’s willful avoidance of his duty in Vietnam than a rich guy buying an experience I can nto afford.

    This is NOT a dem/rep issue. Both sides perserate when sex becomes an issue. Your own party has gone nuts because you have a Senator who plays footsy. I just do not give damn what Larry Craig put into his orfices.

    If there is anything to be learned, it is what should be the imprtnace of hypocrisy. Maybe we should make that a crime?

  26. 33

    John425 spews:

    Leave it to the “progressive” Democrats to hire $4000 hookers. Larry Craig was after a freebie in the men’s room.

    Funny how high-minded HorsesAss gets when it is one of their own. Saving the vitriol for conservatives, eh? Hypocrites!

  27. 34

    cmiklich spews:

    Wasn’t Spitzer a DEMOCRAT?

    Like in from the “DEMOCRAT PARTY”? Can’t find that anywhere on ABC, NBC and barely mentioned on CBS!

    Whatta P.O.S. Jail for life for his hypocrisy wouldn’t be enough!

    F***in’ DEMOCRATS!!!

  28. 35

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    Eliot Spitzer was a rich guy that had a taste for expensive pussy, and he could afford it. Being the son of a rich New York real estate developer, he had enough money to burn a wet dog.

    I could care less about his gettin’ a little strange on the side. He should suffer for his hypocrisy. He ruined careers of good people in the financial world for his own political gain. Money was not what he wanted: he wanted power. A Yale-educated arrogant lawyer, he was planning to get elected to ever-higher office on the backs of good people. It’s a good thinh he was caught and is now in disgrace. It’s well-deserved.

  29. 36

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Spitzer (D-Accused) resigns while Craig (R-Convicted) continues to stink up the Senate — does anyone see the incongruity here? Where are the Republican calls for Craig’s recall or impeachment? This whole thing reeks of hypocrisy; in fact, it reeks of setup, entrapment, scheming, and Rovian dirty politics. I feel the big story has yet to be uncovered … I think Spitzer — the country’s most effective prosecutor of corporate crooks — was targeted by Big Business and their wholly owned subsidiary, the Crooks and Liars Party — and was lured in. This resignation is a travesty, but not for the reason you think, Will; Spitzer should have told the Republican hit squad to go to hell; Democrats should have closed ranks behind him, and fought like hell. Fucking a prostitute has nothing to do with the duties of New York’s governor; it’s the kind of “offense” that voters, not media or internet vigilantes, should rule on. This is a political matter, not a criminal matter, that should have been dealt with by New York’s voters when Spitzer ran for re-election. By caving in, Spitzer (and you) played right into the GOP’s nefarious and scheming hands.

  30. 37

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Bush took over 1,000 FBI agents off domestic crime, and all over the country bank robberies, car thieves, identity thieves, and white collar criminals are running riot; yet the FBI has time and resources to stake out a brothel in D.C.? Something isn’t right about this. It has political hit job written all over it.

  31. 38

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I wonder how long the Republicans have been stalking Spitzer, and how many millions of dollars of our tax money they spent to get something on him?

  32. 39

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    This misdemeanor was brought to you by the folks who spent $70 million of your money to impeach a Democratic president for lying about private consensual sex. These same folks have shredded the Constitution, brought war and death to millions of innocent people, looted the Treasury, on and on … and nothing ever happens to them.

    Did any of you wonder where the media frenzy came from? They were fed information about an ongoing investigatin from internal FBI sources in violation of FBI policies, that’s where. Is anyone’s head going to roll for this? After this circus, it it possible for any objective and fair-minded person to still believe the U.S. media — all of it — isn’t a subsidiary of the Republican noise machine?

  33. 40

    My Left Foot spews:


    I agree, gulp, with Piper. The victims here are the children and the wife. Tar and feathers would be too good, but castration seems appropriate. As does divorce and the much larger half of the marital assets. He has no room to argue. I say take him to the cleaners and be gone with him.

  34. 42

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Notice again the difference between how Dems handle sex scandals and how the fools on the right handle this stuff. Where is Senator Vitter’s resignation for essentially the same conduct? Why is Senator Larry (wide-stance) Craig trying to hold on to his seat after promising to resign – having been found guilty of a crime?

    And again the double standard – the GOP calls for the resignation of Spitzer but encourages its members to hold on.

    Hypocrites – Hypocrites – Hypocrites

  35. 43

    Richard Pope spews:

    For better or worse, Vitter and Craig only committed misdemeanors. Craig was convicted of his crime, and the statute of limitations elapsed on Vitter’s crimes. There is no legal mechanism to recall a Senator from office, and the level of misconduct insufficient to expel them from office under impeachment or expulsion provisions.

    Spitzer, on the other hand, would be accused of not only the misdemeanor of patronizing a prostitute, but the felony of transporting someone accross state lines for purposes of prostitution. And apparently there is the possibility of federal felony prosecution for money laundering, based on the way he shifted money around to conceal transactions and avoid reporting requirements.

    But a lot depends on the person involved. Craig and Vitter chose to hang onto office, and will get to serve the rest of their terms. DeLay, Foley, and Spitzer, on the other hand, all resigned from office before their terms expired. Each person chose to stay or resign, perhaps largely based on what they perceived to be in their own best interests.

  36. 44

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Richard – Spitzer has not been charged with any crime – yet the GOP still called for his resignation.

    And there is ALWAYS a possibility of federal charges against any GOP member once we get the Dems back in complete control. All of the stuff they’ve been hiding will be uncovered.

  37. 45

    GBS spews:

    @ 42:

    What an enigma; on the one hand I do have to defend the Republicans on the Larry Craig incident because they did call for his resignation, Senators, Congressmen, Idaho’s Governor and his constituents. His was a crime involving homosexuality.

    But, Senator Vitter was involved with prostitution with a female so silence from the “moral majority.” I suppose that’s because it was a crime involving heterosexual relationships.

    A pattern is emerging here though, when Mayor Jim West was caught up in a sex scandal, a “gay” sex scandal the Right called for his resignation also. In fact, I think they recalled the mayor.

    So the lesson to learn about Republican sex scandals is: hetero sex scandals OK, Gay sex scandals = the Apocalypse.

    OK, Got it.

  38. 46

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    In Spitzer’s pathetic press conference with his deer-in-the-headlights wife, he all but admitted guilt.
    He also informed key staffers & others what happened.
    If he wasn’t guilty, why did he resign??

    And Rog–
    Fer cryin’ out loud my friend…do you really think the Spitzer case is only about pokin’ a ho’??
    If that was all it was, certainly Spitzer would not have resigned today.
    Got a feeling this will entertain us for months to come.
    Too bad for Hillary.
    Folks are reminded to view her as being as pathetic as Spitzer’s wife…..and nothing she has to say will supercede the Spitzer headline (except of course Geraldine Ferraro’s mud-wrestling with Racist allegations!)

    Spitzer is pathetic, arrogant and disappointing.
    As far as the new Governor is concerned…he has walked into a real mess. There are more “Clients” on the list and more digging to be done on accounting for time, money & other legal issues.
    I don’t know much about Governor Paterson…but I wish him well. Not an easy task ahead.

  39. 47

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Wow, so much to discuss and so little time.

    Starting with Clueless Idiot.

    Do you remember how the donkey treated H Carl McCall for the 2006 donkey governor nomination? Puddy does. Puddy’s big brother sent info to Puddy cuz Puddy’s big brother worked for H Carl. If the donkey racist attitudes had been in check, he’d be NY State governor and Eliot Ness Spitzer would still be state prostitutor. Instead, H Carl was attacked by the Cuomo machine, it backfired on Andrew Cuomo and Spitzer slid in, literally.

    So God is good. He has Eliot choose a black man cuz God knows the end from the beginning. So a black man is now going to be NY governor and the donkey can’t stop it.

    Waaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa. I love it.

    So who’s the idiot once you learn the facts Clueless Idiot?

  40. 48

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Next Vitter and Craig’s resignation.

    You all like to villify Karl Rove. He called for both to resign AGAIN last Monday. Of course you Moonbat!s were drinking the Kos kool-aid so you missed it.

    Puddy called for their resignations but your heads were hungover from being drunk on a drunken libtards night.

  41. 49

    ArtFart spews:

    44 “Spitzer has not been charged with any crime – yet the GOP still called for his resignation.”

    In fact, the Publicans in the New York legislature were already preparing articles of impeachment.

  42. 50

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Cynical – the point is that whether or not he admitted his crime – the GOP doesn’t call on its sex offenders to resign but they sure expect the Dems to resign – that’s called a double standard.

    Where’s your call for Vitter to resign? How about Craig? Where’s your party’s outrage at their actions?

  43. 51

    ArtFart spews:

    “After this circus, it it possible for any objective and fair-minded person to still believe the U.S. media — all of it — isn’t a subsidiary of the Republican noise machine?”

    Nope, but rhp6033’s pickup-drivin’ neighbors are no doubt eating it all up.

    You’d also better believe they’ll be drooling all over whatever the Department of Political Intimidation…er, the “justice” department trots out concerning either Obama, Clinton or if necessary, both, sometime around mid-October.

  44. 52

    ArtFart spews:

    “He ruined careers of good people in the financial world for his own political gain.”

    Yeah, right. Some of the same folks who are continuing to vacuum out all our pockets since they got out of the Joint.

  45. 53

    The Spritzer Will Rise Again ... spews:

    … and will seek medical attention if the rise lasts longer than four hours.

    (But will he stop chucking his soggy rubbers on the lawn of Stately Goldstein Manor?)

  46. 55

    ArtFart spews:

    54 Uh-huh….by most accounts, the op-ed section of the WSJ has always had a rightward slant about on a par with the National Review, although their news department has maintained a fair degree of objectivity. No doubt their new owner Mr. Murdoch will take steps to “correct” the latter situation.

  47. 56

    Spritzed spews:

    NPR’s Morning Sedition, not part of the half-vast right-wing conspiracy, provides an edited script of this morning’s report here:

    Left out is the cool codicil to this morning’s story: Although reporting requirements of the Patriot Act may have contributed to Spritzer’s bank ratting out his shuffling of dirty laundry, the main impetus for NY banks reporting weird NY bank transactions came from … Attorney General Eliot Spritzer.

    Groove on the irony: It’s just like Clinton being almost undone by Clinton’s support for tough sexual-harassment regs and by his reinstating of the authority of special prosecutors.

  48. 57

    Spritzed spews:

    55: Assuming you can pry Mr. Murdoch away from his Hillary fundraisers. And away from his NY Post’s endorsement of Obama.

  49. 58

    Spritzed Again, Dammit spews:

    “For better or worse, Vitter and Craig only committed misdemeanors.” That would be ‘for worse,’ Your Holiness.

    And count me among the right-wing tools who want them to resign. Yesterday.

  50. 59

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Hey FartArt, I’m sure the WaPo is part of the vast right wing news conspiracy

    Waaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa haaa

    “But state officials said the governor may have left himself vulnerable by paying for the prostitute’s transportation to Washington — a possible federal crime under the Mann Act — as well as possibly using state funds for trips to meet with prostitutes and making his police guards complicit in the behavior.”

    “The criminal investigation into Spitzer began when North Fork Bank notified the Treasury Department’s financial crimes network about suspicious activity in one of the governor’s personal accounts, another source familiar with the case said.

    Spitzer, whose father presides over a Manhattan real estate empire, holds certificates of deposit at North Fork, as well as a bond portfolio and mutual funds at other financial institutions, according to his financial disclosure reports.

    In this case, the bank’s report was triggered by Spitzer’s attempt to structure a $10,000 cash transaction into three parts, according to a senior law enforcement official familiar with the evidence. When investigators looked more closely at the transactions, they learned that the recipients were apparent shell companies associated with the Emperors Club.

    Investigators have identified at least eight instances in which Spitzer used the Emperors Club over the past several years, this official said, adding that they are still examining records to determine the scope of his activity.”

    Fair use and copyleft to WaPo.

    PuddyStudy: Isn’t this the type of crime Atty Gen’l Spitzer used to investigate? Just the fax ma’am; just the fax.

  51. 60

    ArtFart spews:

    56 Ah….the NPR story mentions that the G-men got the goods on Spitzer via…..a wiretap.

    I wonder if they were disappointed that he was only arranging to get laid, rather than “calling al Queda”.

  52. 61

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    Craig & Vitter (SP?) should also get thrown out of office, too. No freebies for crony-capitalist Republicans who can’t control their purient interests!

    Throw all the pervs out! Especially those Catholic priests that can’t keep their hands off of the altar boys!

  53. 63

    Spritzed spews:

    And don’t forget the illegal campaign loan that trickled down from Spitzer pere to Spitzer fils. When called on it, the young stud said that what mattered was that he won.

  54. 64

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    I can’t wait until we have the White House and can start our own multi-million dollar investigations into GOP corruption – it will make Vitter, Craig, DeLay, et al. seem like rookies.

  55. 65

    The Clinton/Flynt Administration spews:

    You had the White House and abused your position of trust and power to stockpile 900+ raw and unredacted FBI files of GOP enemies. Bill called it “a bureaucratic SNAFU.”

    What did you call it? Democrats-as-usual?

  56. 66

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Smilin’ Eliot was Gregoire’s fundraising headliner.
    Huge event…that most LEFTISTS could not afford to attend.
    I’ll bet they were bosom buddies.
    Here is the link:

    I like this line the best:
    “Spitzer called Gregoire “honorable, smart and decent” as well as fearless and dogged when she latches onto an issue.”

    Did she ever latch onto Eliot’s “issue”???

  57. 68

    YLB spews:

    47 – That’s politics moron! NOT RACISM!

    When a black politician can’t muster the support, you’re the first to cry racism.

    It doesn’t seem to be hurting Obama.

    Keep race baiting Stupes – it’s going to work out great for you through November!

  58. 69

    YLB spews:

    Stupes’ arguments:

    Racist! Racist! Racist! and

    It’s all Bill Clinton’s fault and

    I’m scared of Hillary, Rosie and Code Pink.

    That’s all anyone needs to know about this loser.

  59. 71

    PU spews:


  60. 73

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Clueless Idiot:

    Wouldn’t know the truth if it was rammed down his throat. Chupa Bicho mi amigo?

  61. 74

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:


    We on the right will no longer be answering Vitter and Craig questions. Clueless Idiot who seems to speak for all of you said that would be giving orders. So in the spirit of not giving orders we won’t be taking them from y’all.

    Thanks for playing…

  62. 75


    Puddy is right.

    There is only one answer. Candydates should be required to either have a sex change operation or castration.

    That would solve this persistent issue.

  63. 79

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    PU I can’t go out into traffic because I am too busy fucking your fat ugly wife in the ass.

  64. 81

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    That’s not Puddy’s’s your overused blow-up doll of Ann Coulter you KLOWN.