GOP caucus clips Roach

It’s common knowledge that state Sen. Pam Roach (R-Auburn) doesn’t exactly have a reputation for working and playing well with others, but Jesus… how disruptive do you have to be, to be too disruptive to fit in with the Party of No?

State Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, has been banned from the Senate Republican caucus after colleagues told her she has repeatedly mistreated staff and should get counseling to manage her anger.

A letter sent to Roach by Senate GOP leaders said an internal investigation had concluded “it would be best to physically separate you from the caucus staff and from other Republican Senators while we are working on the floor.”

Anger management counseling? I’m guessing that really pissed her off!

And I’m not sure you want to piss off Pam Roach. Well known for pulling a gun on an aide, and widely rumored to have been the tipster behind the Spokesman-Review’s sting of boy-trolling then-Mayor and former state Sen. Jim West, it’s no surprise that even her fellow Republicans are so afraid of their colleague that they’ve all but filed for a restraining order.

All of which is a welcome opportunity for a replay of Roach’s famous “Roses” speech.

Always brings tears to my eyes.

Oh, and coincidentally, I received an email today from Ron Weigelt, announcing his attention to challenge Roach for her 31st District seat. Don’t know anything about him, but he’d have to be awfully damn crazy to out-crazy Roach.


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Given her notoriety, I think mental competency tests should be ordered for every voter in her district.

  2. 2

    Don Ward spews:

    You should give 570 KVI host Peter Weissbach the credit when using his intellectual property, Goldy, since he (or his producer rather) were the ones who dubbed the “Empire March” over Roach’s Flowers rant.

  3. 3

    spyder spews:

    If ever there was anyone who was predestined for TeaPartydom, it is Roach; the perfect combination of anger, crazy, and wingnuttery.

  4. 4

    drool spews:

    I guess Weigelt is a Republican since I cannot see any party affiliation on his web site.

  5. 7

    Moritz spews:

    Here’s how you can tell a Republican’s anger management class is successful: they turn into a Democrat / human being.

    Why do you think HA trolls, teaba99ers and other assorted conservative creeps HATE anger management therapy so much?

  6. 8

    Moritz spews:

    The only reason Pam Roach clip survived her last election: the motorcycle mamma Dem who ran against her is just as egotistical, unbalanced and crazy.

    Did you know the highest rate of Prozac use is in Salt Lake City? Maybe Pam Roach should take a page from that handbook…

    Gotta love how Roach always employs the Far-Right victim’s complex defense. It’s as if there is a little bit of Hitler in every righty populist.

  7. 10

    proud leftist spews:

    I met Pam at a trial lawyer conference some years back. (Can you believe she would attend such a socialist event?) She was hanging out with Richard Sanders, now on the state’s Supreme Court bench. (I’d like to say that he is a free thinker. An actual libertarian, not just the kind of Republican who claims to be Libertarian because being Republican is out of style.) She’s nuts. Totally nuts. Thanks, Goldy, for replaying the Roses Diatribe. Always entertaining.

  8. 11


    Don @2,
    I had no idea the clip came from Weissbach or his producer. It was emailed to me a couple years ago.

    drool @9,
    Hat tip to drool, via email. But to be honest, one of several folks to send this my way, some of whom would prefer not to be identified.

  9. 14

    Daddy Love spews:

    When I read this, I didn’t think “disruptive.” To me, it’s more like how damn crazy do you have to get to be reckoned too crazy to be a Republican?

  10. 15

    proud leftist spews:

    I just don’t understand why our conservative friends like Puddy, Cynical, and lostinspace didn’t weigh in on this post. Surely, they must feel bad for Pammy, don’t they?