Google broadband initiative an opportunity for Seattle?

Apparently unwilling to wait for U.S. cable and phone companies to catch up with the rest of the world in providing ultra-high-speed Internet access, Google just announced plans to build an experimental fiber network, delivering speeds up to 1 gigabit per second to as many as 500,000 homes. From now until March 26 they will be accepting RFI‘s from government officials interested in participating in the project… and Seattle would have to be absolutely crazy not to make a concerted effort to throw its hat into the ring.

Really. First mayor or council member to come out enthusiastically in support of this, I’m buying a beer.

But of course we can’t rely on our elected officials to do this all on their lonesome. Let’s start brainstorming about how to make the most compelling proposal to Google, and how to organize promoting it. You’d think even the trolls could get on board with this, as it’s one of those public/private things that kinda trumps politics.

UPDATE: Pasco kicks Seattle’s ass
I got an email from Matthew Watkins, Mayor Pro-Tem of Pasco, that he started working on his online application the minute he saw the news on Slashdot, about an hour before I posted. So since I didn’t specifically specify a Seattle mayor or council member, I suppose I owe Watkins a beer. But I’ll still buy a beer for the first Seattle mayor or council member to take the lead.

I mean, come on… do we really want to cede the future to Pasco?


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    manoftruth spews:

    You’d think even the trolls could get on board with this, as it’s one of those public/private things that kinda trumps politics.

    lol….whenever you’re for anything it has to be either socialist, antichristian, anticapitalism or antiamerican…so i’m automatically against it.

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    manohate @1,

    Well, given that unproductive attitude, and the fact that you’re trolling from the Boston area, we’ll just delete an further comments by you in this thread as off topic.

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    YLB spews:

    1 gigabit? Yeah that’s faster than FIOS or anything Comcast offers..

    However, I’d like to know if the system is architected to easily scale to even greater bandwidth..

    The potential and promise of fiber is immense.. Should have replaced cable and twisted pairs long ago.

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    Eldon Leuning spews:

    A good place to start would be to call/contact/pressure our own County Council rep to start IMMEDIATELY to pursue this.

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    Smartypants spews:

    Yes, please! I live just outside the city limits, but anything that helps break the Comcast monopoly is most welcome, particularly if it comes with massive bandwidth.

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    There’s almost no limit to how much data you can pump over fiber. However, 1 Gbps is all you’re going to get at home for the foreseeable future. Their exists 10 Gbps Ethernet, but I’ve never seen it sold for home use. Consumer routers and ehternet tops out at 1 Gbps. 10 Gbps also really needs Cat 6 or Cat 6a cables. Most people only have Cat 5 installed.

    I also can’t see any use for a higher speed connection in the near future. How is one going to saturate a 1 Gbps link? A Blu-ray movie with 8 channels of uncompressed audio and in 3D comes in at a max bit rate of 40 Mbps. That means on a 1 Gbps connection you could stream 25 movies concurrently. A 1 Gbps connection can move data faster than your hard drive can write it to disc. Even if your hard disc were to be able to sustain that kind of transfer rate, you’d fill up a Terrabyte in a few hours.

    The only reason you’d be worried about scaling it up is if you were running some sort of server farm on the connection.

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    delbert spews:

    I admire the plan. I have doubts about the competence of our elected officials to find their ass with both hands and a flashlight, much less write an innovative, winning grant proposal.

    I would suggest bypassing the city/county entirely, if possible, and creating a Seattle Broadband Co-Op/NGO.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 I work like a Republican, pay taxes like a Republican, play the stock market like a Republican, and criticize light rail like a Republican, so even you should be able to love a rabbit like me. =:-D<

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Well, I don’t know enough about this technie stuff to comment, so I won’t. All I know is my string to the telephone pole can’t carry a lot of data all at once and it’s hard to hear the data in the tin can attached to the string. Anything to avoid Comcast …

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    Michael spews:


    Tacoma has a city owned fiber optic network, Click, which is run by Tacoma Public Utilities. Mayor Mike proposed to do something similar in Seattle while running for mayor.

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    Perfect Voter spews:

    Sure would be nice to see a great big Google project like this, right here in the heart of Microsoftville.

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    YLB spews:

    A 1 Gbps connection can move data faster than your hard drive can write it to disc.

    The solid state hard drives are coming Andrew.

    Who knows? Fiber may be laid down on motherboards one day.

    The FIOS and Comcast systems don’t seem all that future-proofed. Off the top of my head, Comcast seems better architected. All they did was move the fiber closer to neighborhoods. Verizon made a huge bet on PON’s satisfying customer’s needs for the indefinite future.

    The Google system should be better engineered. They have some bright people working there.

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    eric spews:

    I’d be willing to chip in on a pitcher of beer for any council member or the mayor if they actual submit a proposal to Google. Sadly I don’t anticipate actually having to pony up for that pitcher, since none of our “leaders” seems capable of responding rapidly, or decisively on anything, including when someone offers to give you something for free.
    Most Seattle residents don’t realize that they’ve already paid for many many miles of fiber cable that sits below our streets. And the saddest part is that its sat largely unused for the past decade because the City cannot figure out how to partner with anyone to utilize it. If you want super high speed internet, you’ll probably have to move to Pasco, or some other city that can do more than just endlessly discuss every issue into oblivion.

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    The fastest current solid state disk drives still only have a sustained write of 220 MBps, so your internet connection would technically not be faster; but they’d be pretty close. Solid State really doesn’t have that great of a write advantage over spinning platters, it’s the read advantage where they kick ass. Also considering a 1TB SSD costs around 4 grand (and could be filled up in 3 hours at that speed), I don’t think we really should concern ourselves with them yet. We’re probably going to end up with most PC’s having an applications partition on an SSD, but most of your storage is going to stay on platters for quite a while

    I’d wager that a 1 Gbps connection is going to be fast enough for 99% of the people for my lifetime. Streaming video is the most data heavy activity people do online, and if you can easily stream a different blu-ray quality feed to every room to your house; what else do you need?

  15. 19

    Michael spews:


    It doesn’t make much sense for Google to start in one of the high tech capitols in the world that has the money and know how to do it themselves.

  16. 22

    Michael spews:


    Yeah, good point. But, it would be nice to see them work to expand into area’s like Mona’s.

  17. 24

    YLB spews:

    I’d wager that a 1 Gbps connection is going to be fast enough for 99% of the people for my lifetime.

    I wonder how many people said 10000 transistors on single chip would be enough for their lifetimes?

    People found uses for cheap transistors. They’ll find uses for cheap bandwidth. You mention old fashioned 2-D high def video – a technology that was developed in what? The eighties? How about those 3-d thingies, those holographs, those virtual reality apps?

    How much bandwidth will they need??

    It’s the old George Gilder meme of using new abundances to compensate for current scarcities.

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    ArtFart spews:

    Here in Seattle, where we regularly do stuff over and over and study it to death, a huge mess of fiber was laid under the downtown streets during the late ’90s and early ’00s…and then abandoned.

    As ComCrap and some other providers have so amply demonstrated, no matter what medium goes the “last mile” to your home or business, it’s not much good without adequate infrastructure–routers, switches, servers and redundant ultra-broadband connections to the “backbone”.

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    Hometown Spun spews:

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch about it. Remember, Google has rarely completed any of it’s little pet projects (they’ve had dozens). And fiber is great, but only has ANY meaning if Google takes the wire into your house. From your browser, the ‘internets’ speed is dependent on the weakest link in the chain. Just having a fast backbone is nice, but if the wire to your neighborhood is bad, or if the wire IN your house is bad, or if your PC is particularly slow, or if the web site you’re trying to pull from is slow at their end…it won’t matter.

    It’s nice, I give them credit for playing with this as another pet project, but come on, Google isn’t going to wire the country, backbone to your desktop. Surely not for free…LOL

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    righton spews:

    Do you “fear of the patriot act” guys really want Google to have all your internet traffic running on their wires, through their routers? I don’t care what they say, at some point we’ll all wake up to hear they were in bed w/ the Feds, or a foreign gov’t or something. I’m amazed you all are paranoid over Bush but completely clueless on something like this

  21. 28

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Actually, that’s a valid point. And if this was one of the telecom companies that had gotten into bed with the Bush Administration over warrantless wiretapping and other illegal means of surveillance (which hasn’t really gone away with the change in government, either) that was behind this, I think everybody would be screaming about exactly what you’re talking about. But this isn’t a telecom provider. And while I’m sure that a lot of investigating into Google’s reasons for this project will occur, and considering that Google is feuding with the Chinese government (a far more dangerous lot than any American government, ya think?) over a variety of issues, I’m willing to give Google the benefit of the doubt.

    For the moment.

  22. 29


    Well, Seattle has a plan indevelopment to deliver fiber to homes.

    If you read Glenn Fleishman’s story at Publicola, and track back to his earlier linked stories on this, you will see that we could do this without Google, and it would cost a lot less than what people are paying for phone and Internet.

    Seattle does have a Chief Technology Officer working on this, Greg Nickels hired him.
    Buy Greg Nickels a beer.

  23. 31

    delbert spews:


    Sadly the first thing that struck me about Seattle’s CTO was this line:

    “Schrier—an active blogger and Twitter user—doesn’t know whether he’ll have a job when a new mayor comes into office, but he had just celebrated his 25th year in city service when I spoke to him this week.”

    25 years in city service…

    The man is either Sisyphus and burnt out or just another bureaucrat. Either way, his department isn’t leading this charge.

  24. 33

    righton spews:

    Go ahead guys, do your email on google, your phone calls on google, your cell phone on google, your search habits on google.

    just like investing, diversify how/where your information gets handled.

  25. 34


    @31, he had just been appointed to the newly created position not long before that story had been written.
    I don’t know if he’s had the job for a year, and the muni fiber idea had been studied before he got that job.

    What he had done before that, for how long, and how well is something I don’t know.

    McGinn did agree with Nickels on this idea, and had mentioned it a few time during his campaign, on of the few things I agree with McGinn on.

  26. 35

    YLB spews:

    33 – I don’t but e-mail is an amazingly un-private form of communication. Overwhelmingly most people including wingnuts don’t bother to encrypt their messages to people. Same for voip and everything else..

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s google or comcast, bing, what have you..

  27. 36



    40 Mbps gets you an HD Stream in 3D with 8 channels of uncompressed audio in better than CD quality. 3D video in that resolution (1080p) is already so good that you can’t perceive increases at viewing distances that make sense (If you had a wall size 15″ screen and sat a few feet away, you could benifit from higher res, but we’re not doing this). A 1 Gbps gets you 25 concurrent streams in this resolution. That’s more than enough to completely surround you with video. You could have a video room or glasses that completely surround you.

    Interactive 3D and holographic applications actually require LESS bandwidth than what we currently provide. What they require is immense processing power. You currently need render farms to render the video. It’s going to be decades before you have that kind of processing power at home. Of course, you could have offline render farms that transmit their output over the line to you; but I can’t see any way that their output wouldn’t fit in a pipe that big. Even so, we’re still talking decades before this is even feasible.

    There are limits to the amount of data you would ever need to store and transfer. This depends on the format that your data is in. With text, if you can store everything that has ever been written and download any book in less than a second; you’ve reached the limit of what you need for text. With audio, if you can download any album in uncompressed audio in less than a second; you’ve hit your limit. A 1 Gbps more than satisfies both of these.

    This isn’t the quite the holy grail of speeds for video. A 1Gbps would still require 15-20 minutes to download a blu-ray quality movie. However, you don’t need to download the whole thing to start playing. Like I said, you can stream 25 movies concurrently, so you could watch any movie instantly.

    There are simply limits to how much data a person can consume. Our eyes, ears, and brains only work so fast and can only perceive certain levels of quality. We can only watch/read/listen to so much stuff at one time. We live in an interesting time when we’ve started to hit those limits. The populace has decided that CD quality audio is good enough (with the popularity of iTunes I’d argue that most people don’t even need CD quality). The attempts to introduce higher quality audio have failed. Blu-ray can provide the highest quality 2D and 3D video that we can perceive. Even so, many people say that DVD is good enough. Digital cameras have pretty much maxed out the number of pixels they need to match film.

    The problem will not be getting and accessing data with speeds this high. The problem is processing and searching through the data, licensing rights to it, and accessing when away from your high speed connection.

  28. 37

    Chris Stefan spews:

    As far as I know most of the fiber put in under Seattle in the late 90’s and early 00’s was privately funded. To the best of my knowledge none of it has been abandoned either. True the company that currently owns it may not be the one who paid to put it in, but once you’ve moved the dirt you can put the conduit and fiber to good use, especially if you bought it for pennies on the dollar.

    The competition among local-area fiber providers is pretty fierce so you don’t pay much for 1 Gbps loops between downtown buildings or up to Fischer Plaza.

  29. 38


    Chris Stefan,

    You’re are right, it hasn’t been abandoned. Google probably owns it. Google spent a lot of money buying up all the dark fiber that had been laid in the late 90’s for pennies on the dollar. That’s what’s going to allow them to do this.

  30. 39

    YLB spews:

    36 – Andrew, Andrew.. Again you sidestep my point. Anytime something falls in price or has the immense potential to fall in price, like transistors, like energy, like bandwidth – people find a way to use that new abundance to deal with intractable scarcities – the ultimate scarcities being human lifespan and the speed of light..

    I’d wager there’s creative ways of using that cheap abundant bandwidth that you or I haven’t thought of.

    A far seeing organization will realize that and plan accordingly. Hopefully that will be Google. It certainly doesn’t look like it’s Verizon.

    You keep mentioning limits. I’m always wondering about how we can break through those mostly self-imposed barriers.. Fiber, DWDM is one way. Analog semiconductor technology is another way to skip over painting oneself into a corner with digitization. Adoption of the Thorium-U233 fuel cycle will bring cheap joules to the entire world. Innovative fusion energy approaches (not ugh ITER) will enable human beings to live among the stars. I shudder to imagine that human consciousness will one day be planted in a robust self-repairing radiation-proof machine but who knows that may be in the offing as well.

    Think outside the box my man! It’s fun!

  31. 40



    You’re now talking decades if not centuries in the future. I will freely admit that as soon as our brains can be jacked directly into the internet, 1 Gbps won’t be fast enough. But I would argue that the broadband connection speeds is the least of the engineering hurdles to cross when it comes to that.

    If a fiber connection is truly running all the way to your home in this implementation, it’s probably moot though. There is basically no limit to how much data you can pump over a fiber length. You’re only limited by your DWDM and your O/E conversion. If you send out a “modem” that combines the de-mux and the O/E conversion in one box, you can upgrade just buy swapping out that piece.

    However, I still say that 1 Gbps is good enough for at least the next decade. As long as we continue to process data with our 5 senses, there is a limit to how much data we can consume. We’re also running into the speed limits on how fast transistors can operate on silicon. You may have noticed that the clock speeds of processors really haven’t changed in quite sometime. We’re throwing more cores at the problem instead of speeding things up. That helps, but not as much as you might think (writing good multi-threaded code is fucking hard). There are things out there that could really boost the speed (quantum computers and optical computers), but they’re still more theoretical than something to look forward to.

    From my perspective it almost seems that high end super fast computing has been abandoned in the consumer space. Other than PC gamers, consumers are more than happy with the speeds of their machines. What they want is all that processing power on their portable devices. So all the R&D has been on making cheaper, faster, and energy efficient processors that will work in phones and portable computers.

    I very well could be wrong. But I don’t think so. I argued that SACD and DVD-A would fail (even though I wanted them to succeed) because we’d reached the good enough stage. I think the lack of SACD and DVD-A discs at Easy Street prove I was right. I’m a huge adopter of blu-ray, and I want it to succeed; but I have a feeling that DVD and streaming “HD” (to even call it HD is a joke) is good enough for most people. And that’s where I feel we’re at right now. All our data as reached the good enough stage. What people want is to access that good enough data without wires on their portable devices. That’s where the real breakthroughs need to happen. Once wireless processing power and bandwidth reach the kind of wired speed I have now, people might start thinking about how to feed a 1 Gbps wired pipe.

  32. 42

    Blue John spews:

    Wasn’t there a famous quot saying we won’t ever need more more than a 245 K hard drive?
    Give us that capacity, and we will find a way to use it in 10 years.

  33. 43


    people might start thinking about how to feed a 1 Gbps wired pipe.

    One way is to get over the consumer hangup. Early broadband systems were oriented towards consumption. Lots of bandwidth in the consuming direction only a fraction in the other direction. Vendors were hostile. If anything they wanted customers to pay a lot more for sending out stuff.

    Make it symmetrical! People want the dumbest pipe possible for the maximum freedom. Ok charge more for that to cover vendor costs but for pete’s sake give the people what they want.

  34. 44



    Being a programmer myself, I know a lot about multi-threaded code. Some things are easy to do multi-threaded. If I want to parse a text, I can easily break the text into chunks and work on them separately. However, lets say I want to run a filter on an image. You would think that you could break up the image into chunks and work on them separately. However, what if chunk B needs the output of chunk A? This is where you run into problems. Identifying which bits of code can be run concurrently is often very hard. Defining rules that will work 100% of the time is even harder. There are certain things just don’t scale well.

    Quantum computing maybe closer than I think, but that would still put it 20+ years away. Right now we are limited to one or two qubit computers in a lab and even they require superconductors to run. Maybe room temperature superconductors are closer than I think, but I doubt it.

  35. 45


    44 – Rich Hickey, the developer of Clojure worked on fingerprint analysis. Been writing multi-threaded for many years as well. In one talk he pointed out how he’d try to write C# or Java in a functional manner to get the thread-safe or thread-friendly benefits.

    Very difficult – both to write and especially for others to read and follow. So he took some time off and created Clojure.

    It’s an incredible achievement.

  36. 46



    The famous line (it’s apocryphal) was that 640k should be enough for anyone. It was never said, and would have been stupid at the time. An ASCI text file of a novel can be over 640k.

    But saying that you will find a way to use capacity is not true in the way you think it is. We’ve had the capacity to send higher quality audio out on our current pipes and on discs for over 10 years. No one currently cares. There is no market for SACD or DVD-A. No one is downloading FLAC or other loss-less audio. In fact people are content to have GONE BACKWARDS. An AAC file from Apple is in poorer quality, and takes less bandwidth to transfer than the same file on a CD. So, yes people figured out how to fill our greater bandwidth with things like FLAC and SACD. The problem is, no one cared. Once you reach good enough, no one ever does.


    Even if it is a symmetrical connection, 1 Gbps is still a huge pipe. I could have a camera attached to my head and stream my entire life out for all to watch, and still have room to stream the lives of 24 others back to me (probably with room to spare to surf the web and download a few files).

  37. 47



    From what I’ve seen Clojure is just another functional programming language like Lisp. They are great for many tasks but there are things they just suck at as well.

  38. 48


    47 – Lisps tend to suck for the lack of industry traction. Clojure was built atop the JVM which achieved big time industry traction and has some of the most advanced tech out there like hotspot optimization and generational garbage collection. So I think it will succeed due to that very shrewd choice.

    I like functional languages because they get us closer to mathematical foundations which I believe will improve software quality over time. They also are a good fit for the emerging multi-core reality. Shrinking transistor sizes and plunging transistor prices distracted the industry big time from those mathematical origins.

  39. 49

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Ahhh Puddy sees the porn eye arschloch@48 went back to the link. Puddy knew the arschloch is still the arschloch! He’s so Pavlov driven! Such a small mind is manipulated so easily.


    Andrew, Puddy wonders how Google will transmit the data and what protocol configurations they plan to implement? In CO Puddy has a buddy who has 10Gig Ethernet in his house. His provider can open the pipe to his house as needed. His switch cost him $70,000. It’s an interesting configuration.

  40. 50

    Kyle spews:

    I sent out a personal proposal for Seattle yesterday. I basically wrote two paragraphs explaining how Seattle is dependent on the internet because of how geographically displaced it is. So due to the high concentration of tweeters, bloggers, and such, building here would be the most efficient way to generate good press through social media outlets.

    I doubt that they’d listen to me, but I had fun writing it.

  41. 51


    right wing fiend @ 49

    went back to the link.

    I do what I want when I want..

    You have a legacy here. You can’t escape it. That’s REALITY.

    If you wish to remain here to pollute these threads with your ugly name calling and your right wing bullshit, everyone here will be informed of your legacy. There’ll be no lying, no making shit up. There’s no need for that.

    Just as we expose the lies, the bankruptcy and utter batshit insanity of the right wing here daily, so shall you reap what you have sown.

    Count on it..

  42. 52


    @37, there is public fiber in Seattle for municipal use right now.
    The libraries in Seattle are all wired and wifi

    I would rather have the library be the source to manage this, as it is the only government agency I can think of that actually defends my right to privacy and to information.

  43. 54

    Gordon spews:

    @24 YLB

    Very well said. I think people fail to recognize the utility of cheap bandwidth when they think in old terms. Of course our current average consumer systems and hardware isn’t setup to handle 1Gbps. But I could imagine some creative use of that bandwidth. For example Cryptography. What about sending massive keys and datasets over the pipe. The idea being move the problem from a computational one to a bandwidth problem. I am sure other uses could be dreamed up.

    Also, I think it is helpful to think in terms of the bandwidth inside a physical system (RAM, System Bus, etc). When the network is the computer I don’t think there is such as thing as too much bandwidth.

  44. 55


    Gordon @54,

    One thing a 1Gbps connection does is make the inevitability of cloud computing even more inevitable. You know, why should I even bother with local storage when reliable remote storage can be accessed faster than my hard drive can read or write?

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    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:


    Name calling Pot meet Kettle in the mirror moron. Bring it fool. The ugliest of the ugly here is you arschloch. You twist and turn as Pavlov moves you too. Predictable moron!

    Puddy been dealing in this technology since 2000. So arschloch what are the real transmission speeds, framing schemes and bit error rates for the protocol? How would Ethernet be delivered arschloch? This should be a laughable answer from the arschloch. Puddy bets the arschloch visits Google to shop and compare information.

    Our house has external high quality fiber connectivity ready with internal an CWDM ( from a large networking company) set up ready to go. Not that expensive. Puddy wonders will they use a different lambda per neighborhood or street. Right now 30 mbit guaranteed baseline from Comcast. Puddy been dealing in 4 and 8 Gbits/sec in one protocol for years and 10 Gbit for two years. Glad to see Google offering higher connectivity. Puddy wonders if Ray Stephenson of Everett answered the bid on the project.

    See ya arschloch.

  46. 58

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Hey arschloch,

    For those who KNOW the technology, those are simple technical questions. So much for your BANKRUPT mind on technology!

  47. 60


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  52. 65

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  53. 66

    Gordon spews:

    @55 Goldy

    Agreed. And moreover, I suspect it will be demonstrated over time that massively optimized datacenters can more effectively manage storage at a better bytes per watt ratio than in the home.

    But in the end network locality still matters. The closer the server is to me physically the more likely I can access it faster. But a true 1Gbps connection would be something awesome to witness.

    I also find it interesting that wired hardline speeds are improving dramatically just as ubiquitous mobile broadband is becoming increasingly important in the average consumer’s life. A 10 Mbps connection over wireless to an iPhone or iPad would be awe inspiring as well.

  54. 67


    65 – We will indeed bring it.. “It” is stored right here in the comment threads – a legacy of batshit insanity that will have progressives splitting their sides and maybe even wingnuts shaking their heads at the most idiotic, ego-inflated buffoon of these comment threads:


  55. 68

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    We will indeed bring it

    Who is with you Sybil? How many multiple personalities do you possess.



    So who’s working with the arschloch?




  56. 69

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Goes to show the HA world the arschloch lives in the past because he fears the present and he’s afraid of the future.

    So monomaniacal. Now why would a leftist name you that arschloch? Because you are a singular fool. A pathological obsession with one idea – HATE. In your case it’s hate 24×7. Keep running from the questions above. Bwaaaaak Bwaaaaak Bwaaaaak. You proved how useless you are today.

  57. 70


    68 – Lame.. Fiend can’t handle common usage.. It’s no wonder – he hates this country and everyone in it – even those who strokes his bloated ego.

    69 – How do you go on about that ONE time a guy called me something.. It’s as pathetic and ridiculous as when you characterized Lee’s condemnation of SJ as an “intellectual disagreement” or something stupid like that.

    I’m not going to be distracted by any blather about SONET or OC-192 with you.. The only laser focus is going to be on your miserable behavior here.

    You CAN’T escape it.

  58. 71

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Miserable behaviour@70…

    It’s you who hates monomaniacally 24×7. That is your miserable legacy here. That and being the dumbest brick ever seen on a blog. So glad you are a progressive libtardo, backing a cheating husband when his wife has cancer. You can surely pick those preznit candidates.

    We is common usage? No it’s I fool. Well maybe for an arschloch. You look at your ASS in the mirror and say “we”. Or is it wheeeee? We implies plurality. Well we all have seen how your “mind” works since you “arrived in 2004… and it’s a terrible thing.

    Who talked about SONET or OC-192. That has nothing to do with the questions Puddy asked above.

    What a useless piece of biomass.


  59. 72

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:


    While Puddy applauds your take on the cloud and localized computing, Puddy isn’t looking forward to having a 10mbit radio next to his ear or his lap until someone proves it’s safe. Puddy worries what the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and dielectric heating rate of body tissue and the microwave radiation effects for a 10mbit radio in a compact sized device. Ever notice how much warmer your laptop gets when you use your wireless network card in an airport location?

    Maybe it was an old technology cell phone held too long to ylb arschloch’s head that caused him to go monomaniacal. Maybe he’s a hidden wireless node?

  60. 73


    backing a cheating husband when his wife has cancer.

    I voted for Obama for President idiot. I voted for Obama as the nominee of the Democratic Party.

    I’m proud I voted for Obama – despite his apparent shortcomings.

    I vote for YOU as the most ugly moron that has ever haunted these comment threads. And that’s after MTR, Typical Nazi and ProudAss and few other raging nutcases..

    Yeah you’ve sunk THAT low..

    It’s too funny you keep gibbering that I have “nothing” when all you do is refer people about the database.. Oh I’ve got something and it’s something you fear – it’s your silly mania being crystallized for all to see and laugh at and shake their heads at…

    Such a loon…

  61. 75

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    You backed John Deadwards fool. Why you running away from your previous clueless wondermoron self? It’s your legacy backing a wife cheater when she has cancer…

    Link #1″Sideline the billionaire, support the REAL Dem – John Edwards, the man with the most dangerous message to the beltway crowd – take the power from the corrupt corporate elites and give it back to the people where it belongs.

    Link #2″That leaves a HUGE opening for a candidate who is speaking the truth about what it will take for the people to take back this country and that candidate is John Edwards.

    Piper called your comedy immediately in the same thread.

    “John Edwards is a divisive candidate running on a class envy platform that pits one group of Americans against another; he’s the personification of a divider, not a uniter.”

    “At least Obama appeals to people as someone who comes across as genuine…shallow in terms of experience and out to lunch in terms of positions on issues, but genuine.”


    More From Piper “Edwards reminds me of Huey Long, the Louisiana Kingfisher, who made presidential noises back in the 30’s. He’s also reminiscent in his style and divisive patronizing of George Wallace. Both candidates stirred angry passions, and both candidates suffered as a result.

    And it looks like Edwards and his pals in the SEIU are playing fast and loose with certain election rules, per what David Postman has on his blog.

    Given the “character” of both of them, why does this not surprise me???”


    To all Washington State Progressives who have considered John Edwards:

    Please stick with John Edwards and caucus for him on February 9 because

    1) He could still win it.

    Need to see moron ylb moron? Run Forrest Run

    Bwaaaaaaaaaaak Bwaaaaaaaaaaak Bwaaaaaaaaaaak Bwaaaaaaaaaaak

  62. 76

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Gosh Pavlov Puddy has you by the short hairs (those around your eyes fool) and you don’t even know it. You’re so panicked

    It ain’t ATM either fool. Still can’t answer the three questions above.

    Yes, my Ancestral Peeps are from Nigeria and Ghana. Well hung and good looking.

    What a fool! You think your attacks have an effect. Puddy is having so much fun with “we ylb arschloch”. MONOMANIACAL HATE 24X7.

  63. 77


    75 – shrug… I voted for Obama for President. I voted for Obama as the nominee of the Party..

    I gave Edwards the benefit of the doubt on the affair just like wingnuts gave Bush the benefit of the doubt on his going back on the bottle.

    Both Edwards’ affair and the chimp face’s drinking were reported by the Enquirer.

    Nice explosion there above fool. What a monumental waste of energy..

    to detract from 73.. YOU FAIL!

  64. 78


    Yes, my Ancestral Peeps are from Nigeria and Ghana. Well hung and good looking.

    Oh I thought your ancestors came from Europe!

    Yeah you keep telling YOURSELF that. Mirror, mirror on the wall..

    Or is it MWS on the wall? At least the vain Queen indulged her vanity behind closed doors.


    What a miserable fiend…

  65. 79

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    ylb arschloch,

    SHRUG? That’s it? You were SCREAMING John DEADWARDS all over this blog fool!

    QUEENS? You now picking on the libtardo gay folks here. What a mindless fool you are “we ylb arschloch”.

    I have many countries in my family tree fool. Some from Europe and some from Africa. Go back on your 150+ megabyte backup of Goldy’s HA blog and look it up moron. That was a real treat when Pavlov got you to admit you have this blog as an ARCHIVE on your home system.




    YES YOU CAN’T RUN AWAY FROM JOHN DEADWARDS. Wife cheater…. Philanderer… Maker of out-of-wedlock babies… Your hero… The man of Two Americas… The man of progressive thought… The man of class warfare… It’s all in the HA records fool. YOUR LEGACY!

    Still can’t answer the three questions above either!

  66. 80


    79 – Not trying to fiend. Just setting the record straight.. It’s all a distraction anyway –

    from your miserable lunatic ravings here..

    Go back on your 150+ megabyte backup

    Wait a minute fool.. Didn’t you say it was gigabyte?? Didn’t you say I was filling up hard drives.. Now you’re buying my claim..

    More proof of how your paranoia, your mental illness inflates reality into a grotesque funhouse mirror that you view through your warped eyeballs.

    Thanks for playing.. Have a great day..

  67. 81

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Ahhh yes “we ylb arachloch”,

    Puddy set the record straight for all HA Libtardos to view. You were hot and heavy for a wife cheater. No wonder you post that Republican pervert site all the time. It’s RIGHT UP YOUR ARSCHLOCH… ummm alley… No wonder you attack Newt Gingrich so much. It’s a mental thing with you. Yet you haven’t shown anything mental ever on this blog. No wonder you placed your left eye on HA Libtardos. It’s the Left Eye of Porn and Wife Cheaters.

    Still trying to come back with nuthin. Puddy guessed gigabytes. You admitted it was 150 megabytes to Puddy using Pavlov tricks. You tried to distrack everyone with that web site. Puddy proved your fecklessness when Puddy placed the link showing there were missing dates from

    Another of your smelly turds left here.

    Puddy has no paranoia moron. You are a sheep and Puddy is your shepherd. Puddy smacking you with his shepherd’s horn crook stick.

    What a moron.

    You R the missing link. Goodbye.

  68. 83


    distrack[sic] everyone with that

    You said it was “”.. So hilarious.. I showed everyone how stupid you are.. You’re so addled by your fear and paranoia..

    You keep going on and on ..zzzzzZzzzz… about Edwards when you supported Obama at that time.. Look at all the ugly names you call him now..

    You’re too silly. Goodbye indeed..

  69. 84

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    “we ylb arschloch”…

    Steve came on the blog and said he was hurting… Puddy immediately wrote condolences… You “we ylb arschloch” kept going on and on and on continuing in your hate filled rants like daddy love and zotz did. HATE 24X7.

    HATE 24X7
    It consumes you.
    It powers you.
    It is you.

    Such a sad person you are “we ylb arschloch”. Stay the course of an atheist… Jesus is coming again.

  70. 85


    84 – And like the fanatical right wing asshole you are, you tried to divide us.. Tried to divide Steve AGAINST me. You fiend.

    I pointed it out immediately. You call me a hater – I’m just pointing out the truth about the failure and ugliness of the right wing – the running dogs of the greed class in this country.

    I’ve got nothing against rich people. Lots of them like Warren Buffet are wonderful people.. They’re very generous, they do a lot for their communities. They don’t gripe about their taxes. Hell I’ve seen some rich people actually complain THEY NEVER NEEDED their stupid dividend or capital gains tax cuts.

    Greedy, hateful people – given all the damage they’ve done to this country, it’s only natural to have a gripe or two. And to those like you who worship them – I shake my head..

    You can’t hide much longer fool. The least of the services I can provide is to share a few chuckles at a loon like yourself’s expense.

  71. 87


    QUEENS? You now picking on the libtardo gay folks here. What a mindless fool you are “we ylb arschloch”.

    This is too funny.. Either you’re making shit up or again you’ve proven you can’t freaking read.

    I said “Queen” “her vanity” – common usage.. I was referring to the old kid’s story – as if it takes a genius to figure that out. Hint: you’re no genius.

    And you’re the moron who’s always calling progressives gay and linking to pictures of gays making out. Don’t worry. That’s in the archives too. We’ll be exploring that insanity soon enough.

    You’re so full of hate it’s not funny.

  72. 88

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    84 – And like the fanatical right wing asshole you are, you tried to divide us.. Tried to divide Steve AGAINST me. You fiend.

    Nope you dope “we ylb arschloch”… You did it yourself. Check it out. You keep everything on this blog at home fool! Steve wrote about his misery. Immediately Puddy responded with a prayer for Steve… You ON THE OTHER HAND kept jackboot goosestepping with your continual useless and feckless empty commentary…

    YOU KEPT UP THE STANDARD 24X7 HATRED. YOUR OWN HATEFUL WORDS ARE IN YOUR MULTI-MEGABYTE ARCHIVE MORON! It was after Steve responded to Puddy about how HA Libtardos displayed no compassion for his plight did you respond fool!

    Nuff Said Sucka!


  73. 90

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Please LORD! I beseech thee.

    You think Jesus is listening to someone who openly rejects him “we ylb arschloch”?

    What a whackamole!

  74. 91

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Why couldn’t you just offer your condolences and leave anyone else out of it?

    That’s easy “we ylb arschloch”.

    Puddy showed the world the mind of a progressive HA Libtardo. There is no compassion. No empathy. We who think right have those qualities fool! Qualities you don’t have EVER!

    And sadly Steve agreed with Puddy! An indictment on your kind “we ylb arschloch”. KABLAMMMMMMMMO!

  75. 92


    You think Jesus is listening to someone

    Jesus was sent here to redeem mankind fool..

    Hmmm.. You have a different interpretation it seems. Maybe some souls are more redeemable than others?

    I wonder why??? Oh yeah. Such is the way of the right wing..

    I just did you a favor. I asked Jesus to beam you up. What gratitude!

  76. 94

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Once again “we ylb arschloch” forgets that Catholic skuuling he gots when he was a weeeee tadpole…

    Matt 10:32-33 Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

    Since you deny Jesus before men your redemption has been canceled fool!

  77. 95

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    Yes “we ylb arschloch” your lies are big and bright on this blog. A regular snore bore.

  78. 96


    94 – And since you worship the false teachings of money and greed, when Jesus comes –

    man are you going to be in for a rude shock! He says it in the Sermon on the Mount.

    But I still want Jesus to beam you up moron. We’ll then be rid of your stupid ass – for a while at least. Hopefully for longer.

  79. 97


    forgets that Catholic skuuling he gots

    LMAO!!! The private religious schooling that makes ME superior to YOU.

    According to your stupid peeps like Proud Ass and Doofus who just made recent appearances here..

    Too funny…

  80. 98

    Puddybud is Sad for Steve's Loss spews:

    You superior “we ylb arschloch”?

    Sorry dude, dumb bricks are used for walls. Sermon on the Mount? What? You don’t believe Him so what are you babbling about now?