Gone hikin’

It’s a beautiful day, and only a week before school starts, so my daughter and dog and I have gone hiking. Talk amongst yourselves.


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    SJ's Sockpuppet spews:

    (SJ Apocryphal New Service)

    Susan Hutchinson has anounced that of elected, she will ask former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickles to serve as her chief of staff.

    Mayor Nickels said, :I am honored by this generous offer and will enthusiastically support Susan as a candidate for County Executive.”

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    SJ's Sockpuppet spews:

    (SJ Apocryphal News Service)

    Investigators at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center will publish a paper in Nature anouncing thatthey have identified the “Radical Republican” gene.

    The study director, Dr. Michael Masochist, said that RR1 is actually a know gene, a major receptor of tetra hydro cannabinol. “our research suggests that RRS (radical Republican Syndrome) can be treated by Marinol, an oral form of Cannabis’ active ingredient, previoulsy used toi treat hunger disorders.

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    SJ's Sockpuppet spews:

    (SJ Apocryphal News Service, Dec 25, 2010)

    In a startling development, Mayor McGinn has announced that Tunnel Project will continue because of the discovery of a chest of Alaskan gold nuggets long buried under the waterfront.

    “This changes everything, the recently erected mayor said.” “Gold is a natural substance, the tunnel is good for our environment.”

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    Daddy Love spews:

    While Goldy’s gone, I’m gonna drink some of his liquor and pour water into the bottle to keep from being detected. What could go wrong?

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    SJ's Sockpuppet spews:

    4. News Bulletin
    (SJ Apocryphal News Service)

    43rd District Democrat Sues Susan Hutchinson

    Dr. Stephen Schwartz came down with food poisoning after eating a burger undercooked by the candidate for County Executive.

    Ms. Hutchinson claimed that cooking to a proper temperature was not a qualification to be County Executive. “Moreover, she understands that Dr. Schwartz is not even a Democrat.”

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    Daddy Love @4:

    While Goldy’s gone, I’m gonna drink some of his liquor and pour water into the bottle to keep from being detected. What could go wrong?

    Looks like SJ’s Sockpuppet got a head start on you.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    Ooh then, then, I’ll go to the library and post as Mr. Cynical and write Goldy a big apology. For everything.

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    Ken Hutcherson's Agent spews:

    Listen to Bigot Hutcherson on KIRO today at 2:05 on the Dori Monson show. Topic: Lutherans officially not gay-haters any more. Can’t have that!

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    Rujax! spews:

    That’s a pretty big group to be goin’ to hell now. Isn’t it gonna start getting crowded?

  10. 12

    Rujax! spews:

    Or maybe it’s only the gay ones that are going…or is it the gay ones AND the ones who let them in…

    …I get sooooooo confused.

  11. 13

    Rujax! spews:

    Just a question…does David Vitter’s hooker get a “pass” ’cause it was, well…David Vitter?

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    ArtFart spews:

    @10 Depends on exactly which Lutherans you’re talking about. There’s the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which in spite of its name is fairly left-leaning. That’s the outfit that recently made the announcement regarding gay clergy. At the other end of the spectrum there’s the Missouri Synod.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    And yet another OBAMA MISMANAGEMENT Error!!
    Great, “mistakenly” tell 1200 Gulf War Vets they have ALS. Excellent management skills.
    More coding and computer problems.
    Need Algore who invented the internet to come to the rescue!


    One screw up after another!
    Obama is in love with his voice and his look…but lacks the skill & character to be a leader.
    Instead, Obama is a chronic campaigner.

    I knew putting a KLOWN in charge would be one disaster after another.
    Fun to watch….sad for the country.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @4 I used to do that as a kid. I knew where the key to my parents’ root cellar was. I’d carefully pry the cap off a bottle of soda pop, take a couple swigs, then refill the bottle with water and crimp the cap back in place with pliers. For years my old man complained that all the soda pop he ever bought tasted like it was watered down.

    (pause … snicker)

    It was.

  15. 19

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I thought you claimed to be “open-minded”.
    Perhaps you meant “empty-headed”!!
    Obama is soooooooo weak on Security & Defense.
    The terrorist world is laughing at us!

  16. 21

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I see Obama is moving toward authorizing criminal prosecutions of Republican torturers. That should get the wingnuts excited …

  17. 24

    Rujax! spews:

    I think the cyniklown ought to put his hand in a wood chipper…or his head maybe.

    I suppose tho that if said dumbass ever linked to any real, objective news sites I might click through. I doubt seriously I’ll ever have to, or want to.

  18. 25

    Rujax! spews:

    The cyniklown (like his pal “lostinhisownasshole”) seems to spend lots of time examining the interior of his own rectum.

    Time to pull out and take a look around? Hmmmmmmm?

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Veterans have been short-changed at VA facilities for quite some time, due primarily to the Bush administration’s complete mis-management of the Iraq war. They didn’t see a problem in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for rent-a-soldiers (Blackwater), as long as the company they worked for and their owners are reliably right-wing Republican. But when it comes time to pay for the reasonably foreseeable consequences for U.S. soldiers in Iraq, such as long-term care for soldiers injured there, they don’t see it as being cost-effective.

    Yet Cynical likes to pretend that suddenly problems with the VA were caused by Obama, only eight months into a job fixing a multitude of problems it took George W. Bush and his crony’s years to create.

    Nobody’s buying that story, Cynical. You might as well be barking at the moon. (Come to think of it, were you in my neighborhood last night? I could swear I heard you barking out there….)

  20. 27

    Christopher Stefan spews:

    Yea we should nuke first and ask questions later! That’ll learn ‘em!

  21. 29

    SJ's Sockpuppet spews:

    Quarantine Cynical

    Can anyone tell me why we can not just quarantine this jerk? He never says anything interesting and if folks just ignored him the worst that would happen is that some semen might leak through while he masturbates.

  22. 30

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    25. Rujax! spews:

    The cyniklown (like his pal “lostinhisownasshole”) seems to spend lots of time examining the interior of his own rectum.

    Time to pull out and take a look around? Hmmmmmmm?

    Hey rujax…your in the Friggin’ Dictionary!!!

    id·i·ot (d-t)

    1. A foolish or stupid person.
    2. A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.

    You fit the definition perfectly-

  23. 31

    proud leftist spews:

    That is an excellent idea. Cynical’s ceaseless arrogance has become terribly tiresome. He never adds to the conversation, uses juvenile terms, and can never quit patting himself on the back. Unless he has a dog, I can’t believe anyone loves him.

  24. 32

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    SJ @ 29–
    Actually you fat f*ck…just because someone disagrees with you and your hero Obama means they “never say anything interesting”??
    Quarantine folks who disagree with Obama and challenge those in power.
    Sounds like a Commie tactic.
    Rethink wasting your time criticizing the person and enter into the debate…you fat f*ck!

  25. 34

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    proud leftist–
    You “Progressive” KLOWNS are sooooooooo angry things haven’t worked out as you promised and threatened…you can only resort to trying to silence opposing opinions.
    I suppose having only LEFTIST PINHEADED KLOWNS like you circle-jerking would be interesting to you??
    You are a sick bastard PL.

  26. 35

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @26 My favorite t-shirt has a picture of a box of Chinese take-out food and the blurb, “Where’s my dog?”

  27. 36

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @32 This is a liberal blog and it’s PRIVATE FUCKING PROPERTY! You’re a fucking GUEST here. If you don’t like the way it’s run, go elsewhere. You should kiss Goldy’s toes and suck his dick for letting you post here, you worthless goat-sodomizing blather mouth.

  28. 37


    From Mr. Cynical @ 32,

    Actually you fat f*ck…just because someone disagrees with you and your hero Obama means they “never say anything interesting”??

    Followed almost immediately by:

    Rethink wasting your time criticizing the person and enter into the debate…

    Oh…this is simply precious coming from Cynical. Definitely in need of a place in the Wingnut hall of hypocritical shame!

  29. 38

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Darryl did you actually read post #29??

    Your LEFTIST PINHEAD brethren are sooooooooo distraught at the lack of Progressivism coming out of the Democrats…you apparently feel the need to silence opposing viewpoints and merely circle-jerk.
    TOO DAMN FUNNY Darryl!!

    I thought you Libtards were soooooooo open-minded??
    Apparently you are losing your grip on tolerance and diversity.


  30. 40

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    The Dems will lose 15-25 seats to an incompetent Republican Party.
    What does that make the Dems??

  31. 41

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @34 Angry? We’re not angry at you pathetic Republicans. Do we think you should be held accountable for your lies, corruption, and incompetence? Yes, of course. Do we feel Republican warmongers and tortures should be prosecuted for their crimes against innocent human beings, like our government prosecuted the Nazis at Nuremburg? Certainly. But angry? No, we’re not angry at you pathetic Republicans. We want accountability and justice, that’s all. If anyone seeks revenge against you, it’ll likely be your goats.

  32. 42

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    39, 40 — Fox Noise is predicting a GOP pickup of 15 – 25 seats? IS THAT ALL??? Ha ha ha ha ha !!!

  33. 45

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The Difference Between Our Protesters And Theirs

    The 1960s protesters objected to being drafted and sent to Vietnam to be killed in a useless war.

    Today’s Republican protesters object to the guy down the street getting health care.

  34. 46

    Mike Damone has Cheap Trick tickets for sale spews:

    @45…so tell me, whats it like living in the simplistic world you seem to occupy?

    just curious….

  35. 47

    Mike Damone has Cheap Trick tickets for sale spews:

    @45….curious, what is it about objecting to getting drafted during vietnam, that made those on the left spit on the very same people who DID get drafted?

    not very logical in my book.

  36. 48

    SeattleJew's Sockpuppet spews:

    @32 Mr Cynical .. Darryl

    … fat f*ck . . . Sounds like a Commie tactic….you fat f*ck!

    looks like I figgered it out!

  37. 49

    SeattleJew's Sockpuppet spews:

    247 what utter Reprican Crap.

    I am a Vietnam vet and have NHEVER been spat on by the Dems despite having attended antiwar meetings as an opponent of the pro-Congers.

  38. 50

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    KLOWNS are a bit on the DEFENSIVE side these days…aren’t you?
    The Democrats like Pelosi start with the Brownshirt BS…then folks slap back and you start whining???
    Man up! Nut up!
    I think your defensiveness is the result of Obama being bitchslapped as a DEFICIT INCREASER when the DEFICIT has become much more important that Single Payer/Government Controlled Health Care.

    Here is evidence:

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 29% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -11. Today is the President’s fourth straight day with an Approval Index rating in negative double digits (see trends).

    This morning, both the White House and the Congressional Budget Office offered revised federal budget projections showing higher deficits than anticipated earlier this year. Voters say cutting the deficit should be the President’s most important priority. Health care reform ranks a distant second. At the same time, voters overwhelmingly say deficit reduction is the least likely of the President’s priorities to be achieved. Seventy-one percent (71%) of voters believe President Obama’s policies have driven up the deficit.

  39. 51

    Mark1 spews:

    Must be nice to have all that free time Goldy. Perhaps it’s high time you pursue an actual job/gainful employment….what a concept! :)

  40. 53

    Mark1 spews:

    Good one Cyn! As you know, many of the tens of regular posters here are in the same boat as our little disgruntled, habitually unemployed fanatic; little Davey Goldstein. I suppose I may listen to what they all have to say if they were actually contributing members of society, and not just gov’t cheese freeloaders. Like that’ll happen. :)

  41. 54

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    YLB wants us to believe he is “between jobs”.
    I had to school the fool that to be “between jobs” implies he ever actually had a job in the first place!! And that he is actively looking for a real job. It appears his job is to “freeload”!

    They are KLOWNS, aren’t they

  42. 55

    Mark1 spews:

    @54 Cyn:

    Good one! I’ve called YLB out on his B.S. on that topic many times, and of course no response. I guess the comfort of Momma’s basement, his keyboard, and internet porn is satisfying enough for him. :) KLOWNS they are! In my opinion, those that aren’t taxpayers and don’t work, don’t get to say how the gov’t and it’s spending goes. It’s hypocrisy at it’s finest! Gotta run….back to work for me.

  43. 56

    hnmt spews:

    How about giving the Discovery Institute an hour ot do science news?

    - from SJ the sockpuppet

    You and Darryl really need to meet Christianist Creationist knuckle-dragging drooler David Berlinski of Discovery Institute:

    David Berlinski was born to Jewish-German refugees from Nazi Germany … received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton University and was later a postdoctoral fellow in mathematics and molecular biology at Columbia University. He has taught philosophy, mathematics, and English at Stanford, Rutgers, the City University of New York, the University of Washington, the University of Puget Sound, San Jose State University, the University of Santa Clara, the University of San Francisco, and San Francisco State University.

    He has also taught mathematics at the Université de Paris. He has been a research fellow at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria and the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHES) in France. He currently lives in Paris.

    He has written works on systems analysis, the history of differential topology, theoretical biology, analytic philosophy, and the philosophy of mathematics. Berlinski is best known for his books on mathematics and the history of mathematics written for the general public. These include A Tour of the Calculus (1997) on calculus, The Advent of the Algorithm (2000) on algorithms, Newton’s Gift (2000) on Isaac Newton, and Infinite Ascent: A Short History of Mathematics (2005). Another book, The Secrets of the Vaulted Sky (2003), compares astrological and evolutionary accounts of human behavior.

  44. 58

    hnmt spews:

    Stephanie Miller this morning said her mother is living on Social Security. And Medicare. And Medicaid.

    Saintly Mrs. Bill Miller, wife of the GOP’s 1964 rad right VP candidate? On Medicaid? Just goes to show what happens to wrong-thinking rightwingers who don’t get their attitudes adjusted and get with Obama’s kinder gentler socialism. Medicaid is so 1960s. Obamacare is the future. It’s change we can believe in.

    Meanwhile, would it be presumptuous to ask Stephanie and her socialist sistas to dip into their wine budgets and send some to mum?

  45. 59

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    4. Daddy Love spews:
    While Goldy’s gone, I’m gonna drink some of his liquor and pour water into the bottle to keep from being detected. What could go wrong?

    Um, the bottle is already empty?

  46. 61

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    How about a little levity.
    This is why real men DON’T write Advice Columns

    Dear Walter,

    I hope you can help me here. The other day, I set off for work leaving my husband in the house watching the TV as usual. I hadn’t driven more than a mile down the road when the engine conked out and the car shuddered to a halt. I walked back home to get my husband’s help. When I got home I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was in our bedroom with the neighbour’s daughter. I am 32, my husband is 34, and the neighbor’s daughter is 22. We have been married for ten years.

    When I confronted him, he broke down and admitted that they had been having an affair for the past six months. I told him to stop or I would leave him. He was let go from his job six months ago and he says he has been feeling increasingly depressed and worthless. I love him very much, but ever since I gave him the ultimatum he has become increasingly distant. He won’t go to counseling and I’m afraid I can’t get through to him anymore.

    Can you please help?

    Sincerely, Sheila


    Dear Sheila:

    A car stalling after being driven a short distance can be caused by a variety of faults with the engine. Start by checking that there is no debris in the fuel line. If it is clear, check the vacuum pipes and hoses on the intake manifold and also check all grounding wires. If none of these approaches solves the problem, it could be that the fuel pump itself is faulty, causing low delivery pressure to the injectors.
    I hope this helps.


  47. 62

    correctnotright spews:

    @56: hnmt

    Is Berlilitsky the best you can do?
    The guy has NEVER published a scientific article on evolution….so he is no expert. What he is a professional crank:

    Berlinski’s radical and often wrong-headed skepticism represents an ascendant style in the popular debate over American science: Like the recent crop of global-warming skeptics, AIDS denialists, and biotech activists, Berlinski uses doubt as a weapon against the academy—he’s more concerned with what we don’t know than what we do. He uses uncertainty to challenge the scientific consensus; he points to the evidence that isn’t there and seeks out the things that can’t be proved. In its extreme and ideological form, this contrarian approach to science can turn into a form of paranoia—a state of permanent suspicion and outrage. But Berlinski is hardly a victim of the style. He’s merely its most methodical practitioner

    From the same wikipedia source you quoted….oooops, he is just another crank, so what?

    The discovery “institute” is a non-science advocacy group that embraces anyone who opposes evolution….the central theory of science. They love to poke at samll holes in the data….but the overwhelming scientific data shows that they are simply ignorant fools.

  48. 63

    correctnotright spews:

    @55: Mark, an unAmerican without a brain

    Really, all the people who have been laid off don’t get to vote?

    I guess the constitution is not something you have read much or care about.

    I think all the rich SOB’s that live off of mommy and daddy and vote republican should also be allowed to vote….because there is a principle our nation was founded on, called one person, one vote.

    But you republican hacks don’t really care about principles such as “the United States of America does not torture”. Instead, you are williing to lie, cheat and excuse the fiends who did torture people in our name.

    You are willing to support people who lied about America being in danger and used those lies to attack a country that never threatened us, Iraq.

    You also fail to recognize how we treat our own citizens…we are the only “civilized” country in the world without some kind of health care for our citizens.

    You are a bunch of losers with trite little sayings like “less government” that you use only when we are trying to help people…but not when we wasted 1 trillion on an unnecessary war in Iraq. So 1 trillion for Bush’s fantasy is fine, but health care for our own citizens…No.

    Yeah, I understand your pathetic values, you hypocrites.