Gone Hikin’

Talk amongst yourselves.


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    rhp6033 spews:

    This week, in reference to the previous Seattle Times column about blogger’s potential liability, we discussed a bit about the pros and cons of libel law.

    Which brings about the question posed by Kathy Ireland’s recent article.

    Is it libel for a blog or video posted on a blog to represent someone as a Republican, when they are not?

    It seems someone posted a video purporting to claim that Republican women were “hotter” than Democratic women. In the video, Kathy Ireland (the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model) is shown in a bathing suit shot and labelled as a Republican, whereas varius pictures of Democratic women politicans (taken in unflattering circumstances) are posted to the tune of “Who let the Dogs Out”.

    Kathy Ireland, who doesn’t advertise her political beliefs and says that they don’t “fit into a box”, was outraged enough to speak out about the negitivity to which such campaigns descend.

    Opinion: A New Low for Our Nation’s Politics

    But getting back to the central question: Is a false accusation that a person is a Republican libel?

    Roger Rabbit, get out your Black’s Dictionary!

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    TJ spews:

    WOW! As an infrequent visitor to this site of Libtardation, it appears Mr. Goldstein still isn’t employed if he’s out hiking in the middle of the day on a Friday. He wasn’t a contributing member of society a couple months ago either. I’m just curious how long he has been unemployed to date. Just asking….

    Why would you lefty clowns listen to someone like this again? Didn’t the Seattle Times also reject his application some time ago or something as well? That certainly would explain his incessant obsession with them, now wouldn’t it?

    Perhaps McDonalds would consider his resume….

    Thanks again for all the laughs people, you truly are entertaining!

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    Michael spews:

    The Times should hire Ireland, she writes a better op-ed piece than than anyone on their editorial board does.

    My sister met Kathy Ireland once (sis works in radio- did an interview), said she was a really nice and down to earth person.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    TJ: I’m guessing that Goldy makes considerably more money off his website than you do yours (if you have one).

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    joel @4,

    You pegged it. Our favorite hike, though it’s way too crowded to do on a weekend. We’ve yet to attempt Big Si.

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    TJ @2,

    You’re right. I set a very bad example for my daughter by taking her hiking on one of the last days of summer vacation.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You call Little Si a hike??
    How many Grizzly Bears did you see Goldy?
    How much dog shit did you have to tromp thru?
    How many water bottles did you see on the side of the trail?

    That ain’t hiking Goldy.
    it’s more like a stroll.

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    Michael spews:


    I’ve been fully employed for the last 15 years and haven’t worked a single Friday. It’s called working 4 10’s. Actually for part of that I was working 3 12’s. I doubt I’d ever go back to 9-5.

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    lostinaseaofblue spews:


    Regardless of your odious poitics, I hope you and your daughter enjoyed your day together.

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    Mark1 spews:

    @12 YLB Arschloch:

    Your provided link appears to be another “TJ” dumbass. Guess your little H.A. Happy Hooligan database is flawed after all. One is “TJ” the other appears as “tj”. Looks like two different posters to me.

    And Goldy @7:

    Sure the hike is commendable, fun, and quality time, but you do if fact set a pathetic example by your chronic unemployment for her, yes.

    Teacher on career day: “And what does your Dad do for a living?” Answer: “He is a political muckraker that hasn’t had a real job in forever, so he begs for money on his website under the guise of a “fund drive.” But my Grandma flies us back and forth to Philly several times a year!” (Teacher rolls eyes and frowns….)

    Have a good weekend all!

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    @14 Heh. And it looks like you are “TJ” – thought as much.

    Thanks for the entertainment, you lipton Didier fan you!

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    Mark1 spews:

    Sorry Arschloch, I am not. I use one screename only, I always have, unlike you. Have Goldy check the I.P. addresses if you are that overly concerned about it, and if his program allows for that capability. I was just making a casual observation over the difference in the two “TJs”. If your stupid little database is flawed, then that’s on you. Isn’t your working wife limiting your time on this site or something? Why spend it all in one shot? Get a job already douche bag, then you may speak with at least a shred of dignity and pride. Good luck!

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    if you are that overly concerned about it,

    Pffft. Not.. Why would I?

    mylaptop:~$ b hacols ‘-f=c -c=body:phrase~”smelly twat” -o=handle:strasc -V=handle -u’
    | handle |
    | Mark1 |
    1 row in set

    You’re one of kind lipton – a nasty kind.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Mark 1 said:

    “Teacher on career day: “And what does your Dad do for a living?” Answer: “He is a political muckraker that hasn’t had a real job in forever, so he begs for money on his website under the guise of a “fund drive.” …blockquote>

    Actually, your description pretty much sums up any number of political aspirants running under the Tea Party lable. Or for that matter, most politicians and pundits.

    The work process is pretty much the same, no matter how you label it, which side you are on, or how much money you make.

    Of course, Goldy doesn’t have the backing behind him that Fox News provided, so it might take a tad longer than the fifteen years Glen Beck bounced around the airwaves (and ideologies and religions) before getting his “big gig”. And Goldy is further hampered by having to use actual rational discourse, rather than simply pulling assertions out of his nether-regions and pronouncing them as “well-known facts”. That’s because his audience is of greater intelligence, by several orders of magnitude, than Beck’s audience – with the exception of the trolls, of course.