Going After The Right Person

I like Darcy Burner, but unlike a lot of bloggers, I’m willing to wait and see who gets through the primary. I don’t live in the district so I don’t have to choose. And a lot of the candidates have done good things. Still, I’m encouraged by things like this in my email box.

I’ve heard Republicans lie. I’ve heard Fox News manipulate the truth. I’ve heard plenty of outrageous things. John Koster proved that through either ignorance or willful rejection of reality, Republicans can still shock me.

In an interview that will air on Sunday on King5, a question was asked about Congress addressing marriage equality. I answered that not only should we repeal DOMA, but we should go further and provide all married couples with all of the Federal benefits of marriage.

I was stunned by what followed.

John Koster jumped right in with an outrageous statement.

“…there is no Federal Defense of Marriage Act…”

Yes, of course on one level, it’s another fundraising appeal. Still I’m glad the heat is directed to Koster, and not the other Democrats.

Now look, I love primaries and I have no problem with them getting a bit rough and tumble (there are important issues at play). But these are the sort of things I love most about primaries. Even if Rudderman wins, all of Darcy Burner’s supporters (who bother to open their email, and read it) will have seen this. And if any media (beyond HA) mention it, even better.


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    Koster is confused. He thinks DADT is the same thing as DOMA.

    Not that that’s a surprise … they both have something to do with teh gayz, and he feels no need to delve any deeper into the issues.

    The guy is a teahadist, with views very different from the vast majority of the voters in WA-01. That’s what every single Democrat running in the CD need to mention, whenever possible.

    PS. Ruderman, not Rudderman.

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    Michael spews:

    The Salt Lake Tribune and the Mormon Church are also way out of touch on Teh gays

    Group offers help to Mormons whose spouses are gay
    Support available for those in “mixed-orientation marriages.”

    Hmm… I wonder if there’s anyone else that’s running for office that’s out of touch on this issue…

    But, getting back to the subject, yes it is great seeing the Democrats in the race stick together and put pressure on Koster.

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    the abortion rate is among gays?

    Close to zero but a little higher. Lesbians are subject to rape or changing their minds about becoming pregnant.

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    who run Bartertown? spews:

    Will Darcy Duncecap learn that 3 strikes and yer out!

    What a fucking clown she is.

  5. 9

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @8 She’s a hell of a lot smarter than you are, and I hope she wins just so you have to suck on it for two years. And because she hugs rabbit. Have you ever hugged a rabbit? No, I didn’t think so. Try hugging me and see what happens.

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    who run Bartertown? spews:

    Try hugging me and see what happens.

    06/25/2012 AT 9:35 PM

    Ya, its called rabies.

    tell that clown darcy to stay in DC..

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    Politically Incorrect - who has been banned over at soundpolitics.com spews:

    Darcy Burner is very popular with the usual suspects. Didn’t she run against Dave Reichart (SP?) a couple of times?

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    Politically Incorrect - who has been banned over at soundpolitics.com spews:

    “I’ve heard Fox News manipulate the truth.”

    Here’s a news flash for you: ALL news media today distort the truth, be they MSNBC, CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, RT-TV, the BBC – whatever. There is no “journalism” in television journalism these days. It’s all advocacy support for competing political views.

    Note to the TV news folks: Just tell me the news, the whole news and nothing but the news, and keep your fucking political agendas to yourselves!

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    Carl ..

    1. You are not a voter in the 1st .. though you are a great worker.

    2. Darcy is not a candidate in the seventh .. though she would be a good spokesperson for you.

    3. I like Rudderman as well, but what do you have to say about Hughes?

    4. OK, OK .. Koster is a Reprican. The more he signs onto the TP choo choo, the better chances a non-Darcy has. Darcy, however, seems to be campaigning for YOUR vote.

    Back to number 1.

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    to @8:

    Will Krazy Koster learn that 3 strikes and yer out!

    What a fucking clown he is.

    to @11:

    John Koster is very popular with the usual suspects. Didn’t he run against Rick Larsen (SP?) a couple of times?

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    rhp6033 spews:

    # 12: The problem is, even the decision of what is news, and what is not news is a judgement call, subject to the political bias, intentional or otherwise. I did a paper on this once as an undergraduate, comparing news media coverage of the same event by different newspapers. It was rather eye-opening to a naive college sophomore.