Goddamn Microsoft…

So I make a tiny change in my template today to facilitate an ad. It works in Safari. It works in Firefox. It works in Opera. So I didn’t bother launching Parallels to check it out in the latest version of IE for Windows.

Of course, IE chokes on it. And that’s why IE users couldn’t read HA for a couple hours today.

It was a coding error, sure (a missing closing tag), but still, IE can be such a temperamental little baby.

Speaking of goddamn Microsoft, Apple announced record non-holiday quarter revenue, profit and unit sales today for the second quarter in a row, despite the Great Recession. Looks like all those Microsoft ads touting how expensive Macs are, aren’t making much of a difference.

At the risk of setting off an even larger partisan tiff, I suppose you could say that a Mac is light rail, while a Windows PC is a smelly old bus.


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    ArtFart spews:

    We’re not installing IE8 on any machines where I work unless there’s a specific requirement (like a Web designer having to verify on it). Some of us have ugly memories of a major roll of IE resetting defaults on other applications and breaking things like print drivers.

    As for Apple, I’d be inclined to wonder whether their recent growth has been more in iPhones than in Macs.

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    IE 7 as well. That’s what I’m forced to use at work.

    I was wondering why I couldn’t see a thing other than the top banner ad and the “HA” logo.

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    christi s spews:


    Glad you are back. I could read you on firefox and on my blackberry, just not IE! Grrrr!

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    SJ spews:

    11Rising to the Bait

    Problem is when IE8 runs on an off brand OS with few users, there is not much need for MS to support the thing. I understand IE8 has even more problems on the new Cubano systems running Castrix.

    As for the simile, gimme a break!

    Macs are to light rail as Beamers are to Nissans.

    The Nissans run better, last longer and cost less. You can even get one gussied up and call it a G37 Infinti .. and still ay half of the Apple/Beamer price.

    Sure you can buy an Airbook or you can by a svelte, high tech Lenovo or Sony that ways less and has better HW. Does Apple even sell boxes with 1 Tera drive yet?

    BTW, when IS Apple gonna make a tablet or a netbook? I paid $200 for my Asus netboook. Wanna bet that when and if Apple catches up theirs will be made of artifical ivory with stainless steel accents and cost a grand?

    I admire the patriotism of folks willing to pay the Apple tax! I think this is an inspiration for Obama. We shouldf just tax macUsers and extra $200/year and pay for Healthcare!

    Macs are great for rich folks like Goldy.

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    Marvin Stamn spews:

    At the risk of setting off an even larger partisan tiff, I suppose you could say that a Mac is light rail, while a Windows PC is a smelly old bus.

    The world is coming to an end.
    Finally something goldy said I agree with.

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    Piper B spews:

    Goldy @3,

    Bummer, dude, you’re stuck with it then. Wonder if they fired the coders after they finished it (as they’ve done before), which would explain why they don’t plan to allow rounded rectangles in CSS till next decade.

    To be fair, though, it seems to be tough enough to render an error-free page; asking the browser to correctly render despite malformed code is a pretty tall order. (Crashing would not be an acceptable response though.)

    AF @4,

    Macs were up, iPods were down (except the iPod Touch), iPhones were way up (600% by some measures).

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    Broadway Joe spews:

    Funny, I have yet to have a problem with IE8. And I just didn’t like Safari. Maybe I’ll give Firefox a try, but I just don’t see what the beef is with IE8. And as long as AT&T forces you to pretty much double the cost of your cellphone plan for it, I’ll never buy an iPhone (or any smartphone) from them.

    But my wife the Tupperware consultant just came across a promotion with T-Mobile that might get me a good phone……

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    Gwen spews:

    Geez, c’mon…you didn’t check it and you made a tagging error, and that’s Microsoft’s fault?

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    Daddy Love spews:

    Write clean code, dude. Don’t expect browsers to ignore syntax and all standards to accommodate your laziness and errors. And I am not just speaking of IE. Using a closing tags is the way the markup is defined, not just some cruel joke that is being played on you.

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    Jane spews:

    @14 Write clean code, dude. Don’t expect browsers to ignore syntax and all standards to accommodate your laziness and errors.


    He’s right. Editors can validate the code, and you didn’t bother (1) to check your own code, and (b) check it by viewing it in IE. Browsers that correct for errors aren’t doing us any favors – they’re merely giving a pass to bad coding practices.

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    Piper Scott spews:


    Be wary of T-Mobile promotions. I’m still fighting with them to get two rebates on Blackberries. First they claimed I wasn’t eligible, then that I had purchased the phones at a non-qualifying retailer. Wrong on both counts

    And be doubly careful about using the damn thing near the Canadian or Mexican borders without first going through their stupid rigamarol or you will be charged roaming fees even if you don’t leave the USA.

    The Piper (The REAL Piper)

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    Mark1 spews:

    Wow! A pig just flew by my window! I agree with Goldy on something! MSN sucks. Internet Explorer is is worthless piece of shit.

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    Marvin Stamn spews:

    13. Gwen spews:
    Geez, c’mon…you didn’t check it and you made a tagging error, and that’s Microsoft’s fault?

    Typical liberal policy.
    Blame others.

  14. 19

    Piper B spews:

    Typical liberal policy: Promote personal accountability/responsibility. Guess we know which side Marvin’s on.

    Btw, all smartphones cost about $160-180/month over two years, regardless of manufacturer or phone company.

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    Seattle Jew, a true liberal spews:

    How to Buy a inNet Book NOW!

    1. Buy an Asus for less than $300. Choose the clamshel version in Ivory

    2. Go to eBAY to buy a bitten-fruit transfer/decal. The most elegant ones come from HongKong and are made of a chrome-like plastic.

    3. Go to LifeHacker to either DL a skin for XP that emulates the Mac interface or to find tools for installing MacOs.

    Watch the other Macistas drool that YOU are the first on your block. Be sure to explain that Apple invented the iNet genre and show them all things you can now do! I esp. recommend linking to WebAPPs.

    Total cost: less that $350
    Satisfaction: priceless

  16. 22

    Seattle Jew, a true liberal spews:

    BTW “a iNet is CORRECT grammar as the “i” i all Apple products is pronounced with a soft sibilant somewhere betwee and m and a y before the “eye.” as in mmmy-EYEBOOK

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    Piper B spews:

    @ 21:
    So long as you know what you’re getting. The majority of netbooks are returned because of either an unfamiliar interface (eg, Linux) or because they haven’t got the horsepower to be anything but a second computer for light use (email, browsing).

    Anybody who thinks they’re going to be editing video or making music or designing websites or laying out publications on a netbook is going to discover (again) that you get what you pay for. I can do all those things with the cheapest MacBook ($1K) and can carry it around to where I need it, too.

    I wouldn’t mind having a netbook (or especially an XO-1) but if I was making a living from my computer I sure wouldn’t put all my eggs in that one basket.

    (What does the BAY in eBAY stand for?)

  18. 24

    Seattle Jew, a true liberal spews:


    MOST people do not use their PCs for video editing or publication. A netbook can easily handle, esp using Google Apps. most correspondence (paper or email), spreadsheets, and even presentations.

    I owuld be happy to bet you a condescension dollar (signed humbly by the loser) that within 2 yrs Apple “reinvets” the netbook.

    I do, however, assume that as a conservative you oppose use of tax funds to purchase Macs rather than lower cost PCs?

  19. 25

    Piper B, an anarchist spews:


    Your objection is noted but merely repeats what is obvious in my statement. What you seem to be implying is that non-netbook PCs are completely overpowered for what most people do and thus not even worth their low low prices. This would seem to be borne out these days by the netbook segment growing while the PC one melts, as people vote with their wallets.

    You seem to have more condescension dollars than you know what to do with, and they seem to have as much value as your assumption that I’m a conservative, which is to say, not much. You did notice that I defended liberals (@19), didn’t you? Consider that a principled conservative is even rarer than a principled liberal.

    I’d surely hate to be you or anybody you loved, you seem like a type-A bundle of falsely-entitled resentment. In fact, you would probably fit in much better with Sarah Palin and her supporters, they seem to have the same attitude. Keep eBAYing at the moon, though, it’s good exercise.

    As it turns out Macs are a good investment for institutions in terms of total cost of ownership because the build quality of the hardware is generally high, the operating system doesn’t have as many security holes, and the Unix-based kernel allows use of lots of POSIX-compliant free software. I hear of computer labs where they need 25 support people for 100 PCs and 1 for 100 Macs, but that’s just anecdote, not data.

    Time to take the log out of your own eye, spud, and look up “illiberal”. With any luck there’ll be a picture of you next to it.

  20. 26

    Steve spews:

    @25 “your assumption that I’m a conservative”

    It seems likely that SJ was simply mistaken as we have do have a conservative “Piper” posting on this blog. As your posts are intelligent and utterly lacking in self-adulation, pompousity and preening, it was at least clear to me that you are not the other guy. I’m surprised SJ didn’t notice same.

  21. 27

    Piper B spews:


    Oh. If that is the case for SJ, it was certainly not my intention to confuse or bait him.

    Thanks for the info.

  22. 28

    Piper B spews:

    By “confuse or bait” I meant by appearing to be another poster in my initial comment that he responded to.

    My reply to his reply @25, however, is definitely intended to confuse and/or bait him, and only a hypocrite would deny it.

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    ArtFart spews:

    This “netbook” business seems more and more like a marketing ruse to prop up the failed concept of “Cloud Computing”. Sell a lot of small, dirt-cheap computers that can’t run anything on their own, and use it as a way to get people to accept “software as a service” i. e. renting what they otherwise could buy once or (in the case of Open Office and the like) install for free.

    The trouble is, nowadays it takes some careful engineering to build a computer that doesn’t have ample horsepower to run applications locally. If the CPU has the suds and there’s enough RAM and the display is quick enough to watch the streaming videos that Hollywood wants us to subscribe to…well, by golly, that’s more than adequate to run an editing tool. So they have to hobble the thing by restricting what the OS allows you to run, or limit the I/O (i. e. if there’s a USB port tweak it so you can’t plug in a DVD burner) or make the keyboard really awkward to use.

  24. 30

    I'm mad at stick shifts spews:

    I learned how to drive a Nissan with automatic transmission and then I get in a goddamn Honda with a friggin clutch.

    Honda is like a smelly bus. Nissan is light rail.

  25. 31


    ArtFart, so? For a lot of people, a netbook, a browser, and Google docs is all they need–all they use anyway. Even for people who need more, a netbook is a nice convenience–carrying a 15″ MacBook Pro on my back is remarkably like being a modern-day tinker.

    BTW, I believe you can run MacOS on some netbooks.

  26. 32

    Seattle Jew, a true liberal spews:

    @5b PiperB

    Oh oh111

    Sorry Piper .. I thought you were “our” piper.

    As for condescension dollars, I am pretty far ahead, but I only bet when I am fairly sure I am right. Of course that does make my losses VERY sincere.

    Back in the world of devout religion:

    At “free” or even at <$300, netbooks are far more than competitors for PCs. Frankly, my PRE does a lot of what my PC does as well and cuts down my need for the PC by a lot. The chance that Apple will not invent this market, as they have “invented” so many other things is small enough that I am happy to place a bet on the issue. In the meantime, for $200 I bought a little Asus and use it while I am studying to look up stuff in the web.

    As for businesses or government saving money by buying Macs, I think that is a more of a matter of faith than anything likely to lead to a useful discussion. I or you will say we have read this and give a weblink, the other guy will circle his boat and fire a new broadside, missing the masts. and do on and so on.

  27. 33

    Piper B spews:

    SJ @32:

    Apology accepted. You have a nice day.

    I’ll come up with another nym before posting again.