“Go to the ballot in ’08”

That’s the message being sent by all of the citizens who signed petitions with Transportations Choices Coalition and Fuse Washington.

These petitions are being submitted during today’s Sound Transit Board meeting at 1:00pm.


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    doggie style spews:

    Gotta love those train FanBoiz: “OOOOOO trains . . . . hard and sleek and fast . . . . plunging down into the tunnel . . . . faster, faster!!!”

    Yup – that’s what we need. Trains and lots of ‘em. That’ll be great when it comes on line in a couple of decades. I wouldn’t ride them. But the owners of the commercial real estate near the stations would come out big winners in that deal. No fucking wonder Nickels is hot under the collar for a new ballot measure. Turd.

    You betcha, trains – that’s the ticket!

    Let’s make the most regressive tax regime facing people anywhere in America much worse for the elderly, the unemployed, and poor families.

    Fucking retards.