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    SJ News spews:

    SJ News spews:

    (SJ News, Peoples Republic of Utah Bureau, April 2065)

    Beck, The Movie

    Ging Hua Films announces that their SONY/Paramount division has purchased the film rights to the biography of the assassinated Great Leader. Prophet Hiram Kaching of the Church of latter Day Saints and Kim il Jung III, President of the People’s Christian Republic of the Koreas, reassured the MormansRChristians community that Ging Hua would be respectful of the life and beliefs of the Great Leader.

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    masaba spews:

    Your post inspired me to watch the entire video of I Have a Dream on youtube.

    If you read the signs people are carrying at the beginning of the video, they say things like:
    ‘End Police Brutality Now.’
    ‘Jobs for All Now.’
    ‘First Class Citizenship Now.’

    The crowd is extremely multi-cultural, and the people are walking arm in arm.

    I am willing to guess that the crowd for Glen Beck’s speech will look…different. First off, I am willing to bet that at least 20% of the signs will be grammatically incorrect.

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    correctnotright spews:

    It is time for democrats to start attacking the vacant, idea-less, racist rhetoric of the ignorant tea party fools.

    Take the recent Seattle times “editorial” by a tea party mom. It was full of catch phrases and simple minded slogans (remniscent of 1984) but failed to articulate a single reson for her views other than she was not as well off as before and her husbands job was sketchy.

    When you actually ask tea partiers what they would do to “bring back America” you find out that they have NO answers and that they oppose things like money for education coming from closing loopholes on companies that outsource.

    Yup – they want America back but they want it to just magically appear. They want a clean environment but want us to trust BP and others to police themselves (because they believe in “small” government).

    In other words, the tea party idiots have no clue and contradict themselves and most of their “policies” would make things worse – such as giving millionaires tax breaks they don’t need.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    I just read this letter published in one of my old home-town newspapers (now in internet-only format):

    “Congratulations to the city of East Ridge which is blessed to have a leader who didn’t attend college. Of all the over-rated combines in this country is that of a college degree. I often thank the Lord, that in His Good Providence, I was spared of being indoctrinated into the jaded philosophies of Darwin, Freud and Marx which are the requirements for going on into higher learning.

    Of course, when I graduated from Central High School, if you applied yourself, you had the equivalent of four years of college and one only had to go into some special traffic of a profession, such as a lawyer or doctor, to need the few months of extra training to gain your desire. Of course, we had prayer and Bible reading then.

    …I once attended graduation ceremonies at UT where the graduates were admonished to go out and raise taxes for the school. No wonder they hate Tea Parties….”

    Source: East Ridge Is Blessed To Have A Leader Without A College Degree

    All I could say was… Wow. I’m close to being speachless. By the time I was toward the end of the letter, it wasn’t surprising to me that the letter writer revealed their Tea Party leanings.

    Now, I know a lot of fine people who don’t have college degrees. But none of them would consider the lack of a college degree to be an assett in public service. And I’m sure they don’t consider high school to be the equivilent of a college degree, and they wouldn’t trust their lives to a doctor or lawyer who only took a “few months” after high school to learn their professions.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Actually, it looks like even Glen Beck doesn’t believe in Glen Beck….

    “In a 2010 interview in Forbes, Beck asserted that his business was not political, but is an entertainment company: “I could give a flying crap about the political process,” continuing on to say that Mercury Radio Arts, his production company, is “an entertainment company”.[1] In a follow-up story, Beck said, while explaining why Tyler Perry is his hero, “[Perry] has the luxury of not doing the political stuff, which is really where I want to be as a company. I just happen to believe the Republic is on fire and it wouldn’t be as effective if I had Pluto come out with a cartoon fire hose to put it out.”

    Wikipedia: Glen Beck

    He’s found a way to seperate the fools who listen to him from their dollars, to the tune of some 23 million dollars a year. He’s an actor/entertainer, and politics just happens to be his stage. If he could make the same amount of money as a progressive he might have done so, but it seems that the progressives are smarter than that.

    One of Newt Gingrich’s friends once claimed that Newt was a conservative Republican because it provided opportunities at the time. If the political environment had been different, his friend claimed, Gingrich would have been a liberal progressive.

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    proud leftist spews:

    I think one of the scarier aspects of the Teabagger movement is the anti-intellectualism that lies at its heart. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is not something that should be worshipped and exalted as a political asset. Nonetheless, that is what we are seeing from these troglodytes.

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    John425 spews:

    proudleftist decries the right as “anti-intellectuals” yet fails to mention the absurd position that “leftists” now find themselves in, with over 70% of the electorate thinking them incompetent.
    Anti-intellectualism has a bad habit of turning around and biting you elitists on the ass.

    Goldy-Marie-Antoinette, take note.

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    proud leftist spews:

    There is a huge difference between anti-intellectualism and elitism. But, I would not expect you to recognize that. The triumph of anti-intellectualism in this country would render us a Third World nation in no time. Good luck in your endeavor to stifle knowledge, independent thinking, and scientific inquiry.

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    Maybe the tea-hadists should take the name that most aptly describes their political viewpoint and political direction.

    In their antiintellectualism, xenophobia, and simplistic cluelessness, would they even be aware that they were parroting a 160 year old title and “philosophy”?

    And who will be their Millard Fillmore?

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    slingshot spews:

    The GI bill, inacted after dubdub II sent an unprecedented number of young folks to colleges and universities, and unleashed the torrent of intellectualism that propelled this nation to it’s post-war explosion.

    And then Reagan was elected.

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    masaba spews:


    Don’t worry, slingshot, according to John425 @9, all of those college educated WWII vets were filthy ‘elitists’. They should have been bitten in the ass for trying to better themselves and improve this nation by getting those educations!

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    manoftruth spews:

    at least 20% of the signs will be grammatically incorrect.

    you’re right, ylb. they’ll probably say things like “corpseman”, when they really mean “corpsman”. how amazingly stupid.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    By the way, a prominent Japanese politician yesterday was quoted as saying that Americans were “simple minded”.

    At first I was offended, thinking it was one of the Japanese who was a remnant of Japanese isolationists who believed in the superiority of all things Japanese.

    But then I read more about him, and realized he had lots of contacts with Americans on a high governmental and business level. Then I remembered who’s making the news these days from the wingnut sphere: Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity, etc.

    I decided that maybe he’s right.

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    manoftruth spews:

    rujax, i’m sure you’re right. its not like a college professor, just as an example, would ever be dumb enough to say “corpseman” when they really mean “corpsman”. correct?

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    working so I can pay for everyone else spews:


    That Jap should remember that it was those “simple minded” Americans that gave his country an ass whooping that will be remembered for all time….

    perhaps he needs a little reminder….

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    Rujax! spews:

    19. manoftruth spews:

    rujax, i’m sure you’re right. its not like a college professor, just as an example, would ever be dumb enough to say “corpseman” when they really mean “corpsman”. correct?

    08/26/2010 at 3:25 pm

    I know shit-for-brains here is just DYING to tell us who the “college professor” is who added an “e” where it didn’t belong.

    So go ahead little guy…I’ll bite, who was it?

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    manoftruth spews:

    I know shit-for-brains here is just DYING to tell us who the “college professor” is who added an “e” where it didn’t belong.

    oh rujax, you’re hilarious. it’s no big deal that he added an e. ok, so lets forget it was the cc in chief. lets talk about adding an e. you liberal morons went bonkers when dan quayle added an e to potato. oh you guys are just priceless.

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    concerned american spews:

    I love glenn beck!!!! he believes in a beter america where you can prosper if you work hard, thats right work! Not in a lazy everything should be handed to me because im a lazy uneducated minority