Gay Conversion Therapy Ban Passed The WA House

And with a solid 94-4 majority. As I understand it, it would mean that people who practice that harmful garbage wouldn’t be able to hold a license to practice in the state.

It now goes on the the state Senate. Since it passed so overwhelmingly in the House, it will probably get through the Senate if it can get to the floor. There’s a committee hearing scheduled for the 20th, so you might want to let the members know that you don’t want this harmful practice done in the state.

I assume all of the Democrats and some of the Republicans on the committee would support it. Randi Becker is the chair of the committee, and so probably the person to push to make sure it gets a vote.

[Late Update] I should note that the bill only applies to children. I would hope that we could ban it for everyone, but this is still much better than the status quo.


  1. 1

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    If this passes, would it mean Republicans won’t be able to send their gender identity challenged kids to bible concentration camps anymore?

  2. 4

    SJ spews:

    What a crock.

    This legislation reminds me of the Shariya law banning conversation from Islam.

    By this logic we should ban ALL efforts to affect people’s behavior … from schizophrenia to membership in Scientology.

    Unless you believe being Gay is a gift of God, “gayness” is just one more variation in how humans and animals behave .. it is as biological as any other human behavior.

    There is no reason in Science, that this behavior should be more protected than Christianity, affection for cats, or an obsession with baseball.